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Louise Erdrich: Metis Novelist. (b.

On August 25, 2014, Louise Erdrich was announced as the winner of the a!ton
Literar! "eace "ri#e$s distinguished achie%e&ent award. 'he a!ton (ri#es are &eant to
recogni#e )iterature*s (ower to foster (eace, socia) +ustice and g)oba) understanding, and
the distinguished achie%e&ent award is gi%en for bod! of wor,. 'he award is ca))ed the
-ichard .. /o)broo,e istinguished Achie%e&ent Award for the )ate 0.1. di()o&at who
bro,ered the 1995 a!ton (eace accords on 2osnia. a!ton Literar! "eace "ri#e
organi#ers announced the award first to 'he Associated "ress.
3ichif4.hi((ewa (oet and no%e)ist Louise Erdrich has roots at the 'urt)e 3ountain
3ichif4.hi((ewa -eser%ation in 5orth a,ota where she is a band &e&ber. 1he was
born in Litt)e 6a))s, 3innesota and grew u( at 7ah(eton, 5orth a,ota where her (arents
both taught at the 7ah(eton 8ndian 1choo). 1he is the granddaughter of "atric, 9ourneau
for&er .hair&an of the 'urt)e 3ountain 'riba) .ounci).
New York Times bestse))ing author Louise Erdrich, was a "u)it#er4"ri#e fina)ist for
The Plague of Doves. Louise is the author of nu&erous no%e)s, inc)uding the 5ationa)
2oo, .ritics .irc)e Award winning Love Medicine. 'his no%e) was the first of a series of
no%e)s in which Erdrich de(icts conte&(orar! 3ichif and .hi((ewa 8ndian A&erican
and 3idwestern )ife. 8t is set in 5orth a,ota in the %icinit! of the 'urt)e 3ountain
-eser%ation. A)ong with her no%e)s, The Beet Queen, Tracks, and The Bingo Palace, this
series is ,nown as the 5orth a,ota :uartet. 1ections of this no%e) had wide (rior
e;(osure in &aga#ines such as The Atlantic Monthl, !hicago Maga"ine, #enon
$eview, Mississi%%i &alle $eview and The North American $eview.
1he has (ub)ished (oetr!, chi)dren$s boo,s, and a &e&oir of ear)! &otherhood, The
Blue'a(s Dance. /er short fiction has won the 5ationa) 3aga#ine Award and is inc)uded
in the O. /enr! and 2est A&erica .o))ections. 1he )i%es in 3innesota with her chi)dren,
who he)( her run and inde(endent boo,store ca))ed the 2irchbar,. /er no%e), The Last
$e%ort on the Miracles at Little No )orse (5ew <or,= /ar(er.o))ins "ub)ishers, 2001),
continues the saga of the characters first introduced to the reader in the 5orth a,ota
:uartet. The Last $e%ort on the Miracles at Little No )orse was a fina)ist for the
5ationa) 2oo, Award. /er no%e), The Plague of Doves won the Anisfie)d47o)f 2oo,
Award and was a fina)ist for the "u)it#er "ri#e (2009). The $ound )ouse (2012) won the
National Book Award for fiction.
"atric, 3oses 9ourneau was born in 1904, the son of >ose(h 9ourneau (?ish,i4&un4eshiw) and E)i#a
3cLeod. >ose(h was a 2and counci)or in the 1@@0s. /is grandfather, >ose(h 9ornan (&arried to >udith
e)or&e) signed the O)d .rossing 'reat! with the "e&bina and -ed La,e 2ands of .hi((ewa 8ndians.
"atric, was 'riba) .hair&an of the 'urt)e 3ountain 2and between 1954 and 195@, when he had to resign
because of i)) hea)th. /e is author of a boo, on the histor! of the 'urt)e 3ountain 2and.
'he Louise Erdrich reading )ist=
Love Medicine (19@4)
*acklight (19@4)
The Beet Queen (19@A)
Tracks (19@@)
Ba%tism of Desire (19@9)
The !rown of !olum+us Bwith 3ichae) orrisC (1991)
The Bingo Palace (1994)
The Blue *a(s Dance, A Birthear (1995)
-randmother.s Pigeon (199A)
Tales of Burning Love (199D)
The Antelo%e /ife (199@)
The Birch+ark )ouse (1999)
The Last $e%ort on the Miracles at Little No )orse (2001)
The $ange 0ternal (2002)
Books and 1slands in 2'i+we !ountr (200E)
The Master Butchers 3inging !lu+ (200E)
2riginal 4ire, 3elected and New Poems (200E)
4our 3ouls (2004)
The Painted Drum (2005)
The -ame of 3ilence (2005)
The Porcu%ine Year (200@)
The Plague of Doves (200@)
The $ed !onverti+le, !ollected and New 3tories 56789:;;8 (2009)
3hadow Tag (2010)
The $ound )ouse (2012)

.o&(i)ed b! Lawrence 2ar,we))
.oordinator of 3etis /eritage and /istor! -esearch
Louis -ie) 8nstitute