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Good Morning my fellow students and teachers! I am Jekyll Chen.

One of the
international students representative. Today, I am here to share some personal observations
and examples,I am going to share with you today about some of the challenges that are faced
by members of our multicultural community. It is also are the problem I faced and I think it is
something have to be stop and changed. I guess you may already know what i am talking
about, right? Its racism.
Now, you cant judge a book by its cover. It is very difficult to know what nationality they
are base on how they look. For me, i cant tell who is American, or Australian, Or British or even
west european for that matter. I mean you all look the same to me. Is this what you say about
Asians? Black hair, small eyes, yellow skin, were all the same, right? You might not know this,
but as a Chinese person, and given our strained relationship with Japan based on our history,
this stirs a rage in me. As a example of relation between China and Japan, Let me mention the
Senkaku / Diaoyu island event. These are islands claimed by both Japan and China as their
own but currently under Japanese ownership support by the USA. These islands are on prim oil
and fishing grounds. As recent as 2013, China has behave in a war like way by claiming air
space over the islands. It is just like a fuse, just need a small spark will lead to war. Regardless
of this feud, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean,Chinese. We are all different and people should be
much more sensitive towards a persons nationality. I mean, it is part of who they are and where
they belong.I guess in many ways, you could say that a persons nationality makes up a part of
their identity
Furthermore, racial stereotyping is a problem across all nationality; and Asians are not
exempt from that. Who here thinks that Asian kid in your class is better than you in maths? Who
here thinks that Asian kids are all musical geniuses? Who here sees an Asian driver and gets
out of the way? racial stereotypes are not base on truth, yet people treat them as truth. It is
hurtful and oppressive when used to denigrate another person. We cant use some peoples
extreme examples to label them. So, if people think it is fine. Is it alright I call all the people who
is aggressive, Aussie? I think most people will disagree with this comment. In South African
apartheid. It is ludicrous the way skin colour can determine where you live, what school you go
to even which public toilet you can use.
This is a example of when peoples racism can escalate to seriously harmful
consequence. Specifically, when the actions of one or few people from a certain race sparks
hatred to all the member of that race. Australian are not innocent of this. Take 2005, Sydney
Cronulla riots , where four Lebanese boys provoked anger and aggression to all middle eastern
people in the surrounding suburbs. Similarly actions of ISIC member and other terrorist groups
has sparked racial hatred against all other peace loving Muslims. Few people cant represent
whole group. Maybe teachers may give a whole class detention because some people were
talking. This will be another story. But,now.We have to not confuse the extreme behaviour of
individual and believes of the members of their race.
No one born to be racist. Any thing from little jokes to ostracising someone due to their
race is hurtful. We need to change. We need to respect every single persons region. We need
to stop defining race by how people look. When you look at some one. Dont look at the colour
they are or be swayed by others negative attitude. Start communicating, maybe one day. They
are not as bad as you thought.
Thank you for listening.