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Ralph C. Whitley Sr.

From: Ruth DeLaMater Bundy or Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr. []

Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2010 9:54 AM
To:;; Les O'Brien;;; John O. Brennan
The White House
Cc:; Senator John McCain;
Subject: More Messages SENT in PDF for review Haiti Mission to UN
Attachments: faint_grain.jpg; stampa_girl_line_en.gif; 011810EmergencySanitaryProceduresForHaitiLatrines.pdf;
011810LatrinesCanBeBuildImmediatelyForHaiti.pdf; 011510EmergencyHaitiPartOne.pdf; 011510EmergencyHaitiPartTwo.pdf;
011810LatrinesCanBeBuiltImmediately.pdf; 012510HowCanCitiesAndCountiesGetMoreWaterQuickly.pdf;
020210LightstickSnapLightsasUsedInTampaforHaitiDarkness.pdf; 020310EmergencyReviewNecessaryForHaitiWater.pdf

Importance: High

Ladies and Gentlemen: FINAL MESSAGE FOR A FEW DAYS

Here are some more files for review...even two parts from 011510 plus one 011810 on Latrines.

My REAL FEAR now is the water deaths/disease and electricity causing fires, once returned without specific protective steps
involving heavy Chlorine to water lines which must be checked, even if salt water is used initially for flushing to save precious fresh water or
pulling breakers on electric lines to damaged homes and buildings that could KILL MORE PEOPLE than the Earthquake damage through
electrocutions and FIRES and that water born/dead body fluid sickness will spread to the Dominican Republic as people sick carry
contaminated water flasks to share and FLEE TO THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC if fires start that have no sea water to put them out as
salt water is not brought inland to fill up POOLS, RAIN BARRELS, BARRELS AND ANY CONTAINERS LIKE TUBS DRAINED OF
FRESH WATER plus reservoirs or bladder units so it can be withdrawn immediately to fight fires.

For those who control it. U.S. Chartered CRUISE/TOURIST SHIPS OR RENTAL BOATS AND VEHICLES which go to the Dominican
Republic and visit the shores for walking on beaches and eating food MIGHT NOT WANT TO VISIT THESE AREAS as bands of starving
people may attack them. Cruise Lines should select an alternate SWIM STOP AND BEACH WALKING STOP as it may put unsuspecting
men, women and children in danger from PIRATE ACTIONS.

The message will be my last for a few days while we utilize GOOGLE EARTH to look at Port Au Prince and the surrounding waters as there
appear NO BARGES, not even Helicopter fueling Barges West of Port Au Prince for fuel replenishments to Helicopters and vehicles.
Danger still exists of abandoned vehicles with fuel still in tanks that could supply same to Hospitals for generators and vehicles like
ambulances or law enforcement vehicles. GEORGIA CREDIT CARD or syphon hose works extremely well getting fuel from abandoned
vehicles and BUSSES have diesel along with Large Cargo Cab vehicles which may be idled.....just a thought ! Looters will start fires to
distract everyone and perhaps target hospitals so security must be strengthened at the airport and hospitals.

Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
A Decorated American Veteran
Backflow Prevention, Inc. CFC032631
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Tampa, Florida 33609-2042 USA
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