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Krishna K Raypureddy

316 Arlington Ave, South Plainfield, NJ 07080  Phone: (914) 282-1025  Email:

Profile Summary Industry Experience

Twenty two years of experience in Project Management, Project
Coordination, Business Analysis, QA, Team Leading,  Insurance
Implementing, Design/Developing and Maintenance of Systems,  Stock Trading - Brokerage
applications and complete System Design Life Cycle (SDLC) for
 Retail Sales, Distribution and
Insurance, Brokerage, Retail Sales/Distribution/Warehouse
management, Computer manufacturers as Consultant and Warehouse management
Manager. Have been dedicated to the effective action leading to  Computers – Hardware/Software
significant business results and target the vital resource toward
resolving critical business issues that have bottom-line impact
and as a means to improving its outputs. Have excellent  Finance and Payroll
analytical and presentation skills; communicating professionally
with individuals who find the same objectives with best options to
improve the results. Area of Expertise
 Project Management using PMI
In this tenure I have been instrumental in following streams:
(PMP) and Prince2 methodology
• Project Management: Manage projects for clients though the  Implementation
PM methodology (PMI and Prince2) and manage the budget,  Business Analysis, Design &
costs, time and resources. Supporting Clients, business Development, QA and testing
executives and partners in creating IT strategic project plans,
business continuity plans and approvals.  Product requirement/evaluation
 Technical Architecture
• Implementation: Leading clients though implementation  Contract maintenance
process by acting as a liaison between business and IT
groups, creating specifications, gap analysis, testing, QA,  Vendor management
documenting, training, acceptance and sign-off.  Budgets
 System Migration, Transition,
• Business Analysis, Design and Development: The
installation, Capacity planning,
experience ranges from requirement analysis to process
design/development business models for various functions performance, security,
related to Insurance, Brokerage, Manufacturing, Distribution administration and operations
and Finance domain.
 Change Management, version
• Policies and Procedures: Experience with IT SOX audit, control
identify key controls, create narrative, process flow,
remediation plans and test results. Identifying financially
impacting key controls for business users and their processes Achievements
with files, data, interfaces, reconciliation process, exception  Project Management, Six
reporting, audit trails and signoff. Sigma, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
Certified from Netg/FFIC
• Transition and Migration services: Experience with end-to-  TurnOver Change Management
end management and co-ordination of transitioning (out System (CMS) from Softlanding
sourcing), support SLA’s, RFP's, workflow, monitoring,
 MRC software from MRC
escalation, notification, alerts, service contracts, work request
management, reviews, approvals, on-site, off-site and  CCNA, CCNP from CISCO
offshore resource management.  SAP (SD/MM) by SAP business
partners – ESOFT
• Data Centers and Warehouse management: Experience
 ORACLE DBA certification
with Data Center moves/migrations, Warehouse
management for implementing hardware, printers, barcodes,  Mercator EDI certification
scanners, RF, terminal interfaces, managing W/H staff,  Data Warehouse certification
operations scheduling and day-to-day operations.

Technical Summary

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Krishna K Raypureddy
316 Arlington Ave, South Plainfield, NJ 07080  Phone: (914) 282-1025  Email:

 Project Management: PMI (PMP), Prince 2 methodologies, MS Project, PowerPoint, Visio.

 Databases: DB2, UDB, Oracle.
 PC S/W: MS Office, Windows Applications, SharePoint, standard DTP’s & Editors, HTML and
internet browsers, Business Objects, Erwin, Cognos, data warehouse tools, MF COBOL,
FoxPro, dBase, Basic, Lotus smart suite,.
 Packages & Tools: Websphere, SQL, PL/SQL, ROBOT scheduler, WINS insurance, MRC,
BRMS, BEST/1, Veritas, Tivoli, WSAD and GENIUS/GWS, GENIUS GGI, ADT tools, QRY,
 Hardware: AS/400 (iSeries), AIX RS/6000 (pSeries), S39, PC, MAC and Network Servers.
 Operating System: OS/400, AIX UNIX, Windows 2000/XP/Vista.
 Change Management System: Aldon E-Team, CMS & Affiniti, IBM CMS, Soft landing
turnover CMS and Thenon CMS.
 Communication: AS/400 Communications, Client/server Access, Networking, Multiple
AS/400 operations, partitioning, clustering, Standard Network cabling and Configuration.
 ERP Packages: SAP 4.0B (Logistics – SD, MM) configurater/installer, ALE/EDI.
 EDI Packages: Mercator, Gentran, XCom and IDOC.
 Languages: RPG, ILE, COBOL, CLP, API’s, FoxPro, Basic, MS Office,
 Others: Business analysis, Product requirement/evaluation, QA, implementation, upgrades,
contract maintenance, vendor determination, Budgeting, H/w & S/w installation, System
migration, transition services, out sourcing, system security, capacity planning, performance,
database, server nodes connectivity, administration and operations.

Xchanging, Parsippany, NJ October 2006 - To
Project Manager

• Responsible for managing all phases of project implementation using PMI and Prince 2
methodology, budgets and costs, resource planning, deliverables, user training and documentation,
troubleshooting, Management reporting, meetings, status updates. Manage Day-to-day tasks
include directing and managing IT team with projects in development and maintenance of
GENIUS/GWS application, other platform related systems and interfaces.
• Responsibilities as an analyst - Involved in initial study and gap analysis discussions,
requirements gathering, creating specifications, prepare test scripts, testing, build releases,
environment setup/maintenance. Assisted clients on conversion project, prepare test scripts,
reports, during parallel run, dry run and Go Live as a liaison between users, IT group and
management by resolving them on a timely manner.

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, New York, NY January 2004 - September

Product Specialist - Manager

• Responsible for supporting business executives and partners in creating IT strategic project
plans by acting as a liaison between business and IT groups. Creating business continuity
plans, strategies, leading projects and managing recent IT outsourcing.
• Manage Day-to-day operations, lead/manage projects, support business users with projects in
development and maintenance of WINS application, other platform related systems and
interfaces, manage in-house and offshore team/projects using PMI/PMP methodology.
• Responsible for IT SOX compliance, policies and procedures. Responsible for ADM transition
(outsourcing), supports SLA’s, workflow, monitoring, escalation, notification, alerts, service
contracts, work request management, reviews, on-site, off-site and offshore support and

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Krishna K Raypureddy
316 Arlington Ave, South Plainfield, NJ 07080  Phone: (914) 282-1025  Email:

AIG Technologies, Livingston, NJ April 2003 - December

Sr. Change Control Manager

• Responsible for managing WINS application for all 57 clients with their Products and
monitoring project contracts, deliverables, risks work orders, estimates, application upgrades
and deployment.
• Responsible for introducing and implementing change control policies and procedures, audit
trails, version controls and software distribution, installations and upgrades on clients
environments as Base, PTF and Delta versions.
• In-charge for Implementing Aldon AFFINITI – a GUI based multi platform Change
Management System, technical and operational support for Aldon CMS; deployment of web
applications (Digital WINS) using WDSC, Websphere, and Visual Age.

Reliance National Insurance, New York, NY November 2000 - March

Engagement Manager

• Responsibilities include business analysis, project management for TPA clients, gap analysis
on client applications, designing and deployment of EIS TPA payments process for high
profile executives using communications across platforms.
• Day-to-day tasks include managing WINS application, system operations, scheduling,
security, product expansions for Home Owners, Dwelling/Fire, Auto, Workers Comp, Business
Owners, PPL, GL, Umbrella, DMV and Bureau reporting, administration, training,
implementation and documentation. Managing project team during full system design life

Johnson & Johnson, Piscataway, NJ November 1999 - November

Sr. Infrastructure Consultant

• In charge of maintaining company’s AS/400 operations infrastructure across America and

determining IT requirements, budgeting, planning, training, procurement, vendor and product
evaluation, installation, Administration. In charge for DP centers setup, planning, moving,
upgrading with latest security systems, UPS power supplies, training operation staff,
managing third party maintenance vendors and staff.
• Maintenance of warehouse and distribution systems (SAP and in-house applications) for stock
levels, inventory, palettes tacking, schedules, item pricing, implementing software and
hardware, printers, barcodes, scanners, RF, terminal interfaces, managing W/H staff. Trained
users on new applications, implementations and interfaces. Trained operations staff on day-
to-day DP operations, managing staff, operations scheduling.

New York Medical Imaging, Fishkill, NY June 1999 - October

Administration Consultant

• Responsible for maintaining in-house TPA medical claims processing system, payment
processing and billing systems. Verifying/maintaining Doctors, patients insurance carries and
contracts. Trained users on applications, day-to-day operations, procedure maintenance,
backups, system and devices maintenance, determining company’s IT department
requirements and product evaluations, software licensing, AIX RS/6000 installations,
configuration, administration.
• Setting up AIX-UNIX with file systems, volume groups, logical & physical volumes, printers,
network communications, backup/restore procedures, general operations and maintenance,

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Krishna K Raypureddy
316 Arlington Ave, South Plainfield, NJ 07080  Phone: (914) 282-1025  Email:

user training, vendor determination, Capacity planning, performance / monitoring using

BEST/1, system & data security, configure TCP/IP NFS, browsers.
Lord Abbett & Co., New York, NY April 1998 - May
Sr. Application Consultant

• Responsible for maintaining broker trading system and after hours trading back-end system.
Daily tasks include analysis, design, development and maintenance of an in house developed
investment application. Responsible for user training, testing and implementation of
• Responsible for supporting and maintenance of Bloomberg trading system and Merrin trading
system. Feeding other platforms with adhoc requests using embedded QRY, SQL, CL
procedures and client support functions.
• Responsible for Aldon change control system for upgrades, maintenance, promotions and
new environment setups. Managing application code for developers and business users.
• Managing OS/400 day-to-day operations, client projects and portfolio, upgrades and
maintenance on AS/400.

Bear Stearns, New York, NY June 1996 - April

Sr. Application Consultant

• Responsible for interface projects and Project management, batch jobs scheduling for
multiple AS/400 data synchronizing, using embedded functions like API’s, QRY, SQL copy
books, ILE functions and store procedures. Involved in OS/400 upgrades and maintenance of
procedures, TCP/IP communications, and day-to-day administration.
• Involved in the analysis, design, development and maintenance of an in house developed
brokerage application. Responsible for the design, development, testing and implementation
of interfaces to the brokerage application. Involved in year-2000 (Y2K) conversion project.
• Responsible for Turnover change management system for application source management
across multiple systems, maintenance, promotions and new environment setups. Responsible
for weekly change control review meetings as part of review team.

Avon Products, Inc., New York, NY July 1995 – June

Application Consultant

• Responsible for the design, development, testing and implementation of application packages
as CODA application interfaces and application administration and troubleshooting.
• Involved in the analysis, design and development of Avon’s custom applications like
Purchasing System, interfacing with CODA Financial Accounting applications. Training and
supporting users on AS/400 PC support, File transfers between AS/400 & PC files,
reformatting data & interfacing with CODA application.
• Day-to-day administration and operations, system maintenance, implementation,
communications and networking, PC support, client/server access, system security, BRMS.

IBM, Armonk, NY January 1995 - July

Application Consultant

• Project work involves development and maintenance of IBM personnel & administration
system, payroll and shares stock accounting system. Responsibilities also include operations,
system security, Authorities, Access list and control.

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Krishna K Raypureddy
316 Arlington Ave, South Plainfield, NJ 07080  Phone: (914) 282-1025  Email:

• Involved in training IBM staff on AS/400 Office Vision and Support of OS/2 communication
manager for AS/400 terminal emulation. Also, assisted staff on AS/400 operations, OS/400
communications, administration, day-to-day operations and system upgrades.
• Responsible for IBM change management system for setting up new environments, source
management, version control, promotions and Source control standards.

Sony Corporation August 1990 - December

MIS Officer

• Responsibilities include Project planning, System Analysis, Design & Development,

implementation, upgrades, trouble shooting, documentation, policies & procedures, auditing
standards & controls, change control, system maintenance, upgrades, performance issues,
backup/recovery strategy including Disaster Recovery.
• Responsible for Application development, implementation and maintenance on an IBM
AS/400, Database maintenance for security, integrity and controls, On-line & seminars on
S/W training to end-users. Involved in design, development and implementation of an
integrated package, which includes modules like - Inventory Control System,
Billing/Invoicing/Sales System, Purchase System, Warehouse & Distribution System, A/ R &
Financial Accounting Systems, Personnel and Payroll System, MIS Reporting, Stores &
Repairs Management, Distribution System.
• Responsible for System Administration, Maintenance of terminals, printers, barcodes,
scanners, point of sale systems (POS), RF (Radio frequency), Comm. lines (Remote, Local
and Dial-up lines), AS/400 emulation’s, Controllers, PC installations, Network connectivity,
trouble shooting. Data Center day-to-day operations, scheduling Daily, Weekly, Monthly
operations & report distribution, capacity planning and performance, H/w support to end-

International Computer Limited (ICL) September 1988 - July

Systems Engineer

• Software Design, Development and Implementation

• Data Center Setup and Network Setup for clients
• Conducted Seminars for clients
• Training on applications, systems and day-to-day operations/Maintenance
• Maintenance of off-shore Projects
• Software Development & Maintenance: Developed and maintained software, which
includes Revenue collection system, Fault Control System for Telecommunications, Inventory
Control system and Sales Invoicing system.

• MBA in Information Systems (Thesis pending)
03/2003 Washington University, Bryn Mawr, PA
• BS in Computer Science
03/1989 Osmania University, India
• PG Diploma in Computer Studies
03/1990 National Computing Center (NCC), London, UK.
• PG Diploma in Computer Studies
10/1990 Apple Information Technology, India
• Diploma in SSADM (Structured System Analysis Design Methodology)
10/1990 Apple Information Technology, India

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Krishna K Raypureddy
316 Arlington Ave, South Plainfield, NJ 07080  Phone: (914) 282-1025  Email:

Contact Information
Phone: (914) 282-1025

References Furnished upon request

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