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Malaysia Data & Pocket Mi-Fi Plan

Network Details
Network Name

: Celcom
: 850/1900/ 2100(3G)



Allowed Free usage

Price after bundle



MYR 50
MYR 70
MYR 99
MYR 75
MYR 99

500 MB
1 GB
2 GB
500 MB
1 GB

MYR 0.25/MB
MYR 0.25/MB
MYR 0.25/MB
MYR 0.25/MB
MYR 0.25/MB

15 Days
15 Days

Ready to use high speed Wi-Fi device would be provided which does not require any configuration/ setting. This Wi-Fi Device
supports multiple users; you can share your high-speed connection with Smartphone, iPad, iPhone, friends, family members
and co-workers. Available with CTMiFi-MY 2001, CTMiFi-MY2002
Following documentation is mandatory to avail Clay International Telecom Services:
[A valid passport copy | Credit card front and back copy | Single photograph]

Prices are exclusive of 10% service charge.

All data is rounded to a minimum of 10 KB.
The above prices are valid till the date of return
mentioned on RAF. The prices may vary thereafter.
The above price plans are country-specific. As per
actual plans, extra premiums will be applicable for
any other usage, contracted for.
*All the pricing indicated above is exclusive of taxes
& Govt. levies. Taxes are applicable as per the
guidelines issued by government & are payable by
the customer.
Heavy premiums are chargeable once voice/data
services are used on Cruise ships/Airlines. Hence
the above tariffs are invalid for such usage.
Volume consumption on Clay 3G data card is estimation on Actual Usage on the card may vary as
per the network. Monthly Rent Paid cannot be
rolled over in case there is no usage in a month.
3G Coverage is guaranteed only where 3G network
is available. Please check in advance with Clay Support Team.
Data coverage & speed may vary as per the actual
location of the customer.
Ensure all auto updates / auto sync and cellular data services are inactive on your devices (Laptops,
Smartphones, etc) when you connect Datacard /
Mi-Fi to the device.

Downloading of media files and streaming audio/video from services such as YouTube can have
data usage as high as 6MB per minute. User discretion is advised.
48 Hours of notice is required for activation of service on working days.
Clay SIM cards dont work in network locked Blackberry & iPhone.
If your data card/Pocket WI-Fi is lost or stolen,
please report the loss immediately in order to block
usage. Be sure to do so promptly, as clients are responsible for all the usage till the services are
The Rental items (SIM Card/Handset) need to be
returned with-in 48 hours of the expected return
date conveyed by the user on the Rental Agreement Form (RAF). If the client fails to do so, there
will be a late fee of INR 100/day. In order to change
the return date, kindly contact us through our customer care board line at 011-66470000.
Please check the quality of the Inventory delivered
before signing the Rental Agreement Form.

Customer Care: 011-66470000 | Web: | Email -

Conditions Apply