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Smartphone Plan for Switzerland

Network Details
Network Name
GSM Frequency


900/1800/2100 (3G)

Bill Plan CTV_CH1103

` 500


Prices for Clay SIM Card

(Within Switzerland)
` 500
Free in Switzerland
CHF 0.28
CHF 0.55
CHF 1.00
CHF 0.30
CHF 0.35
10 KB
CHF 0.79/MB
12.36 %

Free Usage
Incoming calls
Intra Network
Cross Network
Call Back to India
Local SMS
International SMS
GRPS Price
Service Tax


Coupon Name

Add on Bundle (iPhone, Smartphone, GPRS)

Bundle Price
Allowed Free usage

Price After Bundle


Data(iPhone, Smartphone, GPRS)

Data(iPhone, Smartphone, GPRS)


CHF 59
CHF 80

CHF 0.79/MB
CHF 0.79/MB

15 Days
30 Days

500 MB
1 GB

Following documentation is mandatory to avail Clay International Telecom Services:
[A valid passport copy | Credit card front and back copy | Single photograph]


Pulse rate is per minute.

Prices are exclusive of 10% service charge.
One time Activation Charge/Set Up fee is ` 199 only. In case of
Cancellation of the Delivery, this fee will be chargeable.
The above prices are valid till the date of return mentioned on RAF.
The prices may vary then after.
The above price plans are country - specific. Excessive Roaming
charges may apply while using Clay SIM card outside the country,
contracted for.
Calls to Toll Free Numbers/Directory Enquires/and other value
added services to the country of travel are chargeable at a premium rate. Please check with your account representative for
more information.
*All the pricing indicated above is exclusive of taxes & Govt. levies.
Taxes would be applicable as per the guidelines issued by government & would be payable by the customer.
Heavy premiums are chargeable once voice/data services are used
on Cruise ships/Airlines. Hence the above tariffs would be invalid
for such usage.
Each plan has validity period applicable from the date of issuance
of the inventory. In case the return date exceeds the validity period, then the rental & extra charges are applicable accordingly.
For example: Rent mentioned for

15 days is ` 700 & inventory is not returned up to 15 days, and

then from the 16th day ` 700 will be chargeable again.
Ensure all auto-updates /auto sync; cellular data & GPRS services
are inactive. Or consider an add-on data bundle to ensure a solution that is cost-effective, as Pay-As-You-Go GPRS are very expensive.
Downloading of media files and streaming audio/video from services such as YouTube can have data usage as high as 6MB per
minute. User discretion is advised.
Clay SIM cards dont work in network locked Blackberry &
The incoming caller number will be passed on to the customer
subject to availability from the callers service provider.
If your phone or SIM card is lost or stolen, please report the loss
immediately in order to block usage. Be sure to do so promptly, as
clients are responsible for all the usage till the services are barred.
The Rental items (SIM Card/Handset) need to be returned with-in
48 hours of the expected return date conveyed by the user on the
Rental Agreement Form (RAF). If the client fails to do so, there will
be a late fee of ` 100/day. In order to change the return date,
kindly contact us through our customer care board line at 01166470000.
Please check the quality of the Inventory delivered before sigining
the Rental Agreement Form.
Conditions Apply

Customer Care: 011-66470000 | Web: | Email -