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Fobert’s Freshman English Classes

Quarters 3 & 4 - 2010

Subject: Freshman English

Instructor: Mr. Fobert, 503-667-3186
e-mail (preferred contact method):
Room/Time: W-2, Periods 5, 6, 7

Description: In this course, we will be exploring both American and world literature, utilizing various genres and including
short stories, poetry, drama, novels, and non-fiction reading selections. We will also be striving to improve written
communication skills in a variety of ways. By successfully completing this course, a student will earn one-half high school
level credit per semester.

• A standard “A” through “F” grading scale will be used. (i.e. 90-100%=A, 80-89%=B, 70-79%=C, 60-69%=D, less
than 60%=F.) Grades are posted to esis and updated regularly. Parents can access grading data via the internet using the
parent assist feature of esis. You MUST pass one full credit of English 9 to graduate. Approximately 500 points will be
possible each quarter. Regular assignments will be worth 10-20 points each, Essays/speeches will be worth 50 points each,
and tests/quiz values vary from 20-100+ points in value. Most of our graded work will be done in class. I do not expect
there to be a great deal of homework from this class (depending on how efficient you are with in-class work time).

• Extra Credit & Bonus Points: Occasionally, there may be opportunities for students to earn extra credit points for
work that is above and beyond the required assignments. Extra credit points, however, ARE NOT a substitute for completing
required assignments. Extra credit points are not added to students’ final scores until the end of each semester, and will
NOT be awarded to any student who chose to skip one or more assignments during the semester.

Late Work and Make-up Assignment Policy:

• The maximum percentage possible on a late assignment is 50%. If a homework assignment is turned in late because
the student is absent on the due date, it can be turned in at the beginning of class on the day that student returns and still be
eligible for full credit, if the absence was excused. The student cannot receive full points for missing a due date because of
an unexcused absence. (ESIS attendance data will determine whether an absence is excused or unexcused.) Assignments
that are more than one day late are not eligible for points, however the student should still complete the assignment to the
best of his/her ability and turn it in so as to maintain eligibility for extra credit and bonus points. Work that is “borrowed”
from other sources receives an automatic “0,” with no opportunity for make-up credit. This practice is known as plagiarism,
and is against all standards of ethics and sound judgment, as well as being against school policy.

• Make-up Work: It is the responsibility of each student to obtain and complete make-up work after an absence. For
some in-class assignments, a student who was absent will be provided with a similar alternative assignment in order to obtain
the points he/she missed on that day. If a student knows he/she will be absent in advance, due to participation in some other
activity (sports, field trips, appointments, family vacations, etc.), that student must arrange deadlines and make-up work IN
ADVANCE to retain possibility of receiving full credit. It is the student’s responsibility to find a time when the teacher is
not busy in class to ask for make-up work. This means before class, after class, or during an activity when the teacher may
have time to consult individually with a student. DO NOT interrupt the teacher to ask what you missed from a previous

• Daily Participation Points: Each class meeting time, you will be awarded daily participation points. You will
receive full daily participation points if you are on time to class, prepared for class, stay for the entire class period, and do not
behave in a way that detracts from either your learning, the learning of any other student in the class, or the teacher’s ability
to do his job. You will automatically lose 40% of the possible daily participation points if you come to class late, or need to
leave during the period for any reason other than being called out of class by official school business (i.e. The office calls for
you.) You will lose points for playing with electronic toys or other distracting behaviors during class time. You will lose
points for not coming to class prepared (i.e. - forgot to bring pencil, paper, your book, too tired, etc.). You will lose points
for catching up on homework for another class. Sure, it sounds mean, but I really just want you to stay focused and pass this

• Any unexcused absence will result in a 0 for the participation points possible during that class period. In addition,
any assignments due on the day a student incurs an unexcused absence will be considered late and lose an automatic 50%.
Arrangements can be made for make-up work to be completed for full points possible on the class meeting date immediately
following an excused absence, but it is the students responsibility to request make-up work immediately upon return from an
excused absence.

• Tardies count as 1/4 of an unexcused absence, and result in 40% deduction of daily participation points.

Leaving the room during class time:

• You will get 3 emergency passes to use this semester. If you do not use them, they can be turned in at the end of the
semester for extra credit points. My expectation is that you come to class prepared to stay for the entire period. If an
emergency arises, and you are unable to wait until class is over to take care of it, you may be allowed to use one of your
passes. After you have used all three, you will be charged with a tardy AND a 40% reduction in your daily participation
points if you need to leave the room during class time for any reason.

• If a student displays an unwillingness or inability to participate appropriately in class, he or she will be excused to
the hallway just outside the classroom. In this case, the student will automatically lose all daily participation points for that
class period. The student may also be issued a detention or referral at the teacher’s discretion.


1. Be on time, and be ready to stay for the entire class period. If you need to leave the room during class, or leave
early, it will count as a tardy (once your 3 emergency passes are used).
2. Cell phones/electronic communication devices need to be TURNED OFF and put away. Yes, this even means for
text-messaging purposes. You can be out of touch with the outside world during class time. Your parents/guardians
will call the office if they need to reach you during class time.
3. Personal stereos (headphones) need to be TURNED OFF and put away during class time.
4. Bring at least two writing utensils (pen/pencil) with you EVERY TIME, and standard notebook paper. When you
run out of writing utensils and/or paper, get more. I am not a school supply shop.
5. No food or beverages of any kind in class. They are a distraction and past experience has shown that many students
are not capable of cleaning up after themselves. Eat a breakfast bar and get a drink of water during passing time. I
have yet to see a student lose consciousness from dehydration or starvation during a 46 minute class period.
6. Do your work and don’t do anything that keeps others from doing theirs.
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Mr. Fobert’s syllabus assignment: Ask a parent/guardian to read the attached syllabus and sign below to acknowledge they
have done so. Then, cut off this bottom portion of this page and turn it in by the due date.

SIGNATURES: (The first assignment!)

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Disclaimer (the fine print): While I conscientiously take considerable time and effort to plan engaging and interesting lessons each day, I do not profess to be more entertaining than music, cars, video games,
boyfriends/girlfriends and the like, so please adjust your expectations accordingly