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FRUIT OF PASSION The Frenchman's Marriage Demand Chantelle Shaw

PASSION The Frenchman's Marriage Demand Chantelle Shaw Reissue Passion 99 She has been his mistress As
PASSION The Frenchman's Marriage Demand Chantelle Shaw Reissue Passion 99 She has been his mistress As

Reissue Passion 99

She has been his mistress As it was the favorite sexy billionaire Zac Deverell, Freya it enjoyed all the luxuries that money can buy. But the most important

thing was to be with the man of her life

pregnancy, the scenery changes completely. Zac accuses her of being an

But in announcing her


now is the mother of your child! When they met again, two years after the breakup, the passion between Freya and Zac remains strong. He decides to take her with him to Monaco, to his mansion to his bed! There, to clarify the facts once and for all. After all, if the son of Freya be his heir, no other alternative she will be his wife!


and sends her away from his life

or so he thought

Scanning: Simone Ribeiro Review: Grasi

she will be his wife! but and sends her away from his life or so he


Elaine Moreira



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Original title: HIS LEGACY UNEXPECTED Copyright © 2013 by Chantelle Shaw

Originally published in 2013 by Mills &

Boon Modern Romance

Original title: THE MARRIAGE Frenchman's DEMAND Copyright © 2007 by Chantelle Shaw

Originally published in 2007 by Mills &

Boon Modern Romance

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ZACHARIE Deverell crossed the hospital corridor, pa rou briefly to

check the name on the door of a ward and walked toward the stubborn enfer meira sitting behind the reception desk.

- I came to see Freya Addison. I think that was admitted yesterday

- he added, impatience in tor voice nando the strongest accent. The

nurse looks va flabbergasted, but Zac was used to it. Women admired since teenager and now, at age 35, his good looks, combined with the aura of wealth and power, made him accustomed to being the center of attention. When it suited him, Zac corresponded to a flirtatious look with one of his devastating smiles, but today other things occupying his mind. Only ha via a reason to be there, he admitted dull, and the sooner saw

Freya and speak exactly what he thought of that last trick, the better.

- Completely flustered by the presence of

a French taciturn of 1.90m with an angelic face child in bra vices, the nurse hastened to examine the pile of papers before him. - Oh, yes,

following the hall, third door on the left

the doctor is with her. Please wait a minute,

- Ha

Miss. Addison

but can not see it at the time,

The French have walked down the aisle and the Nurse around the counter to follow him. - Deverell - he muttered coldly, without reducing the pace.

name is Zac Deverell and I need to see Miss. Addison immediately.

ra came

- My

FREYA SAT on the hospital bed and looked at me lancólica for bandaged wrist. The last 24 hours had been hell; I expected to wake up at any time and find that it had all been a nightmare. The pain in severely sprained wrist and the cut on his head were evidence of the force with which the car had hit of a tree on the street, overturned by angry Tempes tade that struck the south coast. I am returning the yacht club where he worked as re cepcionista and fortunately had not caught her little girl in the nursery when the accident happened. Aimee was safe, and she was lucky to be alive, recognized with a shudder, but her car was completely ruined and would have to remain off work, which would not help your finances. He had spent the night in the hospital because of a slight injury. The doctor explained that the ligaments in his wrist were distended and she would have to use a backing track for several weeks. After prescribe medication, he said he could go home, but Freya was worried thinking how Aimee and carry the stroller by the four flights of stairs to her apartment using only one hand.

Would have to ask the help of grandmother lamented, think the ments turning to the woman who had created after being abandoned by her mother as a baby. But Joyce Addison assumed the role of mother as a sense of duty than by affection. Freya had experienced a childhood devoid of love and to become pregnant and be despised by the child's

father, grandmother had made it clear that not sustain. Imagined as Joyce must have been furious when the hospital contacted to ask Aimee caught in the nursery. Freya half expected her grandmother would show up at the hospital dragging the carri Baby mance, but he had not received any news and was beginning to feel anxious. He looked expectantly toward the door that opened and stayed challenge twinge when a nurse entered the small infirmary.

- Have you heard from my grandmother? She called? She is taking

care of my daughter, but is scheduled flight to New York.

- I understand your grandmother did not news, but your daughter is

in the hospital - the nurse said with animation. - The uncle is taking care

of her. I'll tell him that you can now enter. - Uncle? - Freya looked at the nurse, confused. Aimee did not have a uncle.

- Yes, I asked Mr. Deverell to stay in the waiting room while the

doctor was here, but I know you're impatient to see it - the nurse added.

The French could be the sexiest man on the planet, but it was clear by

the arrogant expression blue eyes that patience was not one of his qualities. The nurse disappeared before Freya could ask more questions. The world had gone mad, he thought, passing a trembling hand through his hair. The Deverell name was associated with a face trying va

desperately to forget the last two years. I hear it again caused a peculiar feeling in the pit of the stomach. It must be a mistake Nurse ra. But

this mysterious uncle

who was just looking out for Aimee?

- Ma-han!

He looked at the door to hear the laughter daughter and concen trou on the angelic face of Aimee, a violent mixture of love and relief

running through her veins. But almost immediately ran into the cold man look that haunted his dreams for the past two years.

- Zac? - She whispered in disbelief.

Zac Deverell, billionaire businessman, renowned playboy and chairman of the successful Deverell in prey that had exclusive department stores around the globe, seemed instantly dominate the room. It was more beautiful than he remembered, Freya thought stunned as his brain struggled to assimilate his presence. He was tall, thin and devastates doramente beautiful; black jeans and the sweater combinan the were elegant and accentuated his athleticism.

Weak, Freya closed her eyes. For a few seconds, the muscular and tanned torso picture, covered with black hair that came down the flat abdomen, inun give your mind. Zac was the epitome of perfection mascu lina. For a few brief months, I had enjoyed free access to that body, enjoying the feel of the skin under his fingers as he set a bold way to the strong thighs. She had a vivid memory of what it was like lying under him, skin on skin, the per the intertwined as if they were just a With a slight murmur, he released his breath and looked at Zac's face, noting the manly beauty of pronounced jaw and square chin, and the way a black lock of hair falling over his forehead. The eyes were the same blue sky ve Ram Mediterranean - the same shade of Aimee's eyes. The thought made Freya come back to reality and estranhasse how the daughter seemed happy in his arms. It was a vision with which dreamed often, but not in their Craziest cas fantasies expect this to happen. - What are you doing here? And since when turned uncle Aimee?

- The shock seemed to have stolen his forces and, to his regret, his voice sounded pathetic weak mind. Zac remained silent, the Dark eyebrows ras pursing unpleasantly.


expect me to explain that I am the man you claimed to be the father of her fi it to him? - He asked in a friendly tone, knowing that any sign of aggression in his voice would scare the little girl on his lap.

- It was easier to tell the hospital staff that I am a relative

Freya gave a bitter laugh.

- It's not a lie, Zac

Aimee is her daughter.

- Well yes! - Zac Aimee abruptly leaned over the bed. He smiled

quietly to the baby, making a Herculean effort to disguise their impaci

ence. It was not the child's fault, he reminded himself.

of golden curls and big blue eyes, Aimee was an angel. A mother who was a Girl tirosa. If Freya did not seem so fragile at the moment, I would be tempted to strangle her for handling the situation.

- I've been through this two years ago, Freya, when announced she

was pregnant. My answer is the same since - said coolly. - May have convinced his grandmother to my paternity, but we both know you were

not telling the truth

- I never lied to you - Freya shot, ma goada with contempt in Zac's

* With his halo
With his

do you?

eyes. It was the same expression he had seen the count that was spe

rando a baby

accusation that she had betrayed him. The pain in his heart was no less

intense now, despite the passage of time. It was strangely worse. See you again revived the agony, Zac wanted to leave before suffering the ultimate humiliation out of hand in front of him.

- It does not matter what you think me - she said wearily, unable to

contain a groan when Aimee crawled over her, hitting his ribs, dolori of

the force of impact against the seatbelt. - I do not know what you're doing here, but I find it best to leave.

the contemptuous disbelief, followed by devastating

- Believe me, I'm not here by choice - Zac replied angrily. - I was

this morning at es criterion of Devereil in London for a press conference where the announce record profits store in Oxford Street when his grandmother showed up with her daughter. I imagine that you have planned the time of the visit to create maximum impact - acres

centou harshly. - The charge of it, that's my daughter Aimee, was overheard by several journalists and employees, and the rumors have reached the Devereil council.

- Aimee was in London I do not understand - Freya said, frowning

in confusion. - The hospital called my grandmother yesterday asking cui DASSE Aimee. Where grandma now?

- Flying over the Atlantic to start a cruise, I imagine - Zac replied.

- She said she saved for years to take a trip around the world and said nothing, not even the fact that you are in the hospital, would cause lost this trip. His eyes darkened as he remembered the meeting with Joyce


"I am tired of useless parents," Joyce dis if the march by his office pushing a car rinho and hand him a huge purse, she said, contained all the paraphernalia necessary for a child of 18 months. "I had to create Freya after her mother became pregnant at age 16, because of some reveler who met at an amusement park. Sadie soon tired of motherhood and vanished, leaving me stuck with a child I did not. I warned Freya

about the dangers of getting involved with men boni ments who do not want nothing but fun, "Joyce continued, examining him up and down like a stallion, Zac recalled angrily." I told her when you offered jobs that your luxurious boat that was only interested in one thing and it is obvious that you have achieved more than they expected. But now it's

time to take respon sibility for their actions. Freya do not know how long will you be in the hospital and can not wait to find out. If not take care of Aimee, best deliver it to be social vigor because I refuse to get stuck with another baby. " The caustic speech Joyce Addison caught the attention of everyone in Deverell. That whole scene was incredibly humiliating, he thought bitterly. And I could only blame one person. - Stop pretending, Freya - he said cold mind. - It is obvious that sent her grandmother deliver me and Aimee, knowing Joyce, I can not blame her - continued, ignoring the astonished air of Freya. - I would not leave a dog in the care of his grandmother, let alone a baby. But if

all this is a plan to air becoming rancid money from me it.

Zac stared at her, the anger rising to feel how your body reacted to Freya, her heart-shaped face and a mass of silky blond hair. She had left him puzzled for almost three months, and after two years he could remember the slim and light legs, small, firm breasts. Had shared an explosive passion, he admitted, aware of des comfortable tension in his

forget about

groin to evoke souvenir prohibited diseases. Freya had wanted from the moment she had joined the crew of his luxury yacht, Isis, and the attraction was mutual. Shy and innocent, Freya was unable to hide the attraction he felt for Zac, who did not hesitate to take her to his bed. Although it was strange to find out how she was innocent, he thought grimly. Like va confident and experienced women in bed, cur before the mutual exchange of sexual pleasure without the pressure of emotional ties. But it was impossible resis tir à silky skin temptation when Freya girded with the legs and the charm of whispers punctuated asking who loved her. She had proved a willing student and he had enjoyed playing the teacher. The timidity and inexperience were invigorating and, against his right mind, Zac Freya invited to live in his penthouse apartment as his mistress. A decision would regret later. When desco BRIR she slept with another man for their cos tas, he had cast Freya of his life with ruthless efficiency. The bed had not been empty for long. His vast fortune allowed there was always a line of candidates vying to be his mistress, re He met with cynicism. No sooner had I thought of Freya since sent back to England and annoyed to discover that the chemistry between them was still burning as much as before.

- Do not I commanded my grandmother hand over Ai mee - Freya

replied shakily, still struggling to accept that Zac was even stopped in front of her. - Believe me, you are the last person I'd ask for help. - She stared at him, her green eyes shining with anger and hurt. Zac was quite stunning, but full of defects, she reminded herself.

The arrogance and the sinismo almost destroyed, but his body seemed to have short memories and answered the proximity to humi lar anxiety. He treated her diabolical way. When most needed, Zac abandoned and destroyed their pride with dirty accusations of infidelity. He had left clear that she meant nothing to him. So why does your heart was accelerates the? Why your brain was willing to recall every detail of kisses, the touch of your hands on your body Freya quickly away those memories of the mind.

- I admit having told Grandma that you are the parent of Ai mee

She was insisting on the subject - and it's the truth, despite what you think - she said with dignida of. - You were the first and only man she

slept, Zac - whispered sadly - but you had their own reasons not to believe me, right?

The disinterest of expression did not change; the only reaction Zac was a slight lift of his eyebrows.

- And why was this, Cherie?

- You had already decided to terminate the relacionamen to before

I tell she was pregnant. After three months together, she got tired of me.

Do not deny - he said angrily. - I noticed the signs, the way you

mentally away from me those lat in bed, and even then you were

but weeks. We'd only been together away.

- Not so far - Zac replied mockingly.

- His voracious appetite for sex did not allow any distance between

us is not, Freya? I still find it surprising that energy had to sleep with someone else even striving both to sleep co Me. Deliberate cruelty hurt the heart of Freya, who blinked back the tears that stung the eyes.

- How dare? - She whispered through the den tes. - Do not try to

appease their conscience by placing the blame on me. I wanted to get rid of me because he looked at Annalise Dubois. He was determined to make her his next mistress, but a former lover graphical your child's life would be a blot on his reputation. In agitation, Freya got out of bed and felt my head spin. The blood drained from her face and she hesitated before falling on the bed. - Just - Zac muttered as he approached and pe gar Aimee, who seemed determined to get off the bed. - You're scaring the child. - He

put the girl on the floor and looked speculatively her blond curls before returning to her mother.

- I want nothing from you - Freya said zan gada. - Not money - he

added, unable to es Conder contempt in the eyes. - I just want to accept what I'm telling the truth.

Freya admired the bright blue eyes, as seemed of with Aimee, and he sighed annoyed. I did not want to take you to court to get a slice of his vast fortune, as her grandmother often suggested. He did not want to Aimee, then fine, she could live without her father. I just wanted to accept that he had never lied to him.

- Why can not you be honest with me? Zac tensed. The thin hospital gown was ajar and revealing the curve of her breast. To his great consternation, he felt the involuntary reaction of his body. Freya had been an unfaithful woman ain of trying to foist him the child of another man. It was humiliating to realize the effect she still exer cia about it. I did not want; It hurts their pride knowing he was seriously tempted to run a hand through her hair, lifting her face and take the softness of pink lips in a kiss that remember the passion of yesteryear. He turned away from the bed and look at jane la, whose glass was whipped by rain. - What do you know of honesty, Freya? - It per guntou coldly, tense facial muscles. - Pen even though I am not discover their encounters decrees with that artist street anemic appearance, Simon

Brooks? Monaco is a small place and fo seals run. I am

- shrugged,

a typically French gesture - well known in the principality and the rumors that I was being betrayed by my lover soon came to my ears. I

might even consider the situation amusing - he dragged his voice sarcastically. - It was a real Novi ity. But his attempts to instruct me responsa bility for the child of another man were not as fun, cherie. - I swear I never slept with Simon - Freya hastened to say. - The bodyguard you assigned to protect me made a mistake that day. But at

I could not think

straight. - Ti nha been so devastated by the refusal of Zac acre dictating who was expecting his child, so shocked by the accusation of having slept with Simon, she just left the apartment without even trying to defend. - I had plenty of time to think about it since - added bitterly - and in August I ra think I know what happened. - Freya made brief

pause and looked at Zac, a slight hope emerging in the chest when he remained silent. It was the First To ra time really talked since the fateful night. The first time he heard. - It is true that spent a lot of time with Si mon, but he was my friend, nothing more. You were always busy working and I felt lonely - admitted, thinking about art student with whom he had befriended during his brief stay in Mona co. Simon was traveling the

Mediterranean coast, making a living by selling his paintings. Di ent of stunning friends of Zac, the young Englishman seemed common and

the time

as you told me those horrible things

realistic, and she enjoyed his company. - We were not lovers just someone from my hometown that I liked to talk.

he was

- So Michel was lying when I dis if you saw you and Brooks leave

the beach arm in arm to return to the van? - Zac spoke slowly. - Sacre bleu I paid for Michel pro tects it, but when he saw her pink jacket hangs of the van's door and you and your artist messy hair rolling in there, I did not know what to do. I did not want to go through a voyeur -

he said, his lips curling in disgust. - My wealth makes the threat of kidnapping is real, and Michel sa bia that as my lover, you were

vulnerable. I could not leave her unprotected, but did not want to be watching their sexual performance with Brooks. Finally, he called me to

when I came back running a business trip to take her

to dinner - he finished in tone disgusted. Freya could not even move.

know what to do

- The announcement of her pregnancy so I crossed the door came at

bad time, cherie - he went on, seeing that Freya was speechless. - I had discovered through a reliable man you and Brooks were lovers, and was sure that was not the child's father. It was not difficult to conclude that she was pregnant with her artist without money and expected to spend

the baby as mine. The cold fury in his eyes made Freya wince, but this might be the only chance to defend and Zac see what was wrong.

- Michel did not see me - she insisted desperately. - Just you think

you saw. I went to the beach to find Simon and some of his friends, including his girlfriend. Kirsten was cold and lent my jacket for her before returning to the city. She is blonde like me and Michel should

- Freya fell silent, her heart sinking to notice the

mockery in Zac's eyes. - I did not go to Simon van that day and was never unfaithful, Zac - insisted. - You must acre dictate me. He stared at her in silence for a moment and then laughed unpleasantly. - It had two years to think this story. It is the best you can do, cherie - He walked through the room like a caged tiger, aggression repressed almost tangible. - Non - she said fiercely. - I will not be manipulated by you. I want to take a paternity test, so her lie is with proven, I never want to see or hear from you again. Get it? - How can you be so sure that I am men Tindo? - Freya whispered anguish. The belief that Zac had it could not be worse, she was shocked at how much it hurt her. The contempt in his voice frightened her, but pride made him raise his head. The silence between them vibrated with the same tension that permeated his nerves, so Freya en He was collected when Zac turned to face fa.

have thought

His expression caused him a curious pressen ment, and Freya's stomach churn. He could not take his eyes off that beautiful face, whose eyes glow caused him cold chills. Zac then said without emotion:

years before we met. The truth, cherie, is

that it is impossible Aimee be my daughter.

- Why did a vasectomy


ZAC noticed the shock and confusion in Freya's face with indifference before giving a look at Aimee. The little girl stared at him seriously, the pretty face surrounded by curls and rosy cheeks displaying health. It was not a Deverell, thank God, she thought without any doubt. That girl would not suffer what his twin sisters had suffered - victims of a devastating disease that had taken their lives before reaching one year of age. He was a teenager when her mother had given birth to Twins meas. They appeared normal, but in a few months both died from an incurable genetic disease. After their deaths, doctors warned her parents that there was a fifty-fifty chance that he had also been affected. Zac escaped the disease, but there was no test available to find out if he carried the gene. The trauma of seeing die sisters and Witness mance of the suffering of his parents never disappeared. As an adult, he decided he could not risk passing the gene to their children and took the measure the necessary to ensure that it would never father. Light grief he felt at

the time soon disappeared and Zac Guiu ahead, determined to enjoy life and take advantage of the benefits that his fortune propose you cionava.

I could not have children, so why be tied to the responsibilities of a

family could buy fast cars, modern boats and all the pomp befitting his wealth? He appreciated the endless supply of beautiful women who entertained briefly before it got bored and seek for new pleasures. Freya had intrigued him for longer than most, but never imagined as a permanent part of your life. It never occurred to him talk about his vasectomy when they were lovers, not felt obliged to explain his motives now.

Freya looked startled for Zac, feeling that the world was out of the shaft. - The operation may have failed - she murmured, struggling to assimilate this shocking discovery.

- I do not understand how this could have happened, but Aimee is

his daughter - insisted desperate.

- Do not be ridiculous - Zac replied angrily.

- It is impossible. - Although this was not really true, Zac admitted

silently. I always knew that the chance to reverse the procedure was a two thousand, but when Freya came with the news of pregnancy, less than an hour after his safety ça seen her with Simon Brooks, concluded that Freya was having an affair with the English and the baby diffi

cilmente would be his. He was still convinced and felt nauseated with the pathetic excuses. Feel more respect for Freya to her to stop lying and admit the truth, Zac reflected, his lips curving of contempt. She was beautiful - if that was possible, was even more beautiful than two years ago. But despite the good looks, Freya was rotten inside. Once they obtain the evidence, would no longer have any relationship with her.

- The nurse said you discharged - he said, fixing his eyes on the

pale face of Freya as she went to the door. - Dress logo. This starting

hands to Monaco, where take care of proce cedures required for DNA testing and put an end to this speculation once and for all.

HALF AN HOUR later, Freya was about to boil. Zac thought he could simply reapa opinion in your life to take control of everything.

- I will not go to Monaco with you - repeated for the twentieth time

as he followed the hospital parking lot and saw Aimee be installed in the

infant seat that Zac Secretary had lent to him to come driving from London. It was still raining hard and he had raised the collar of his leather jacket. With the hair away from the face and frowning nothing friendly way, Zac seemed more attractive than ever and Freya moaned silently while feeling the reaction of your body. He was selfish, moody and elegant, analyzed coldly, without mentioning that it was the most air man rogante he had ever known.

Two years ago, you nha been conducted in your boat directly to your bed. Freya had given him her virginity and Zac termi nara stealing your heart. After a lifetime devoid of any emotional security, had been glad to become his mistress, but was almost des Truida by rejection. I could not take the risk of returning to the place where once felt so much happiness.

- I agree with the need for a test pa ternity - Freya said when he did not hear any response. - But why can not we do that here in England? I do not want to go anywhere with you.

- Impossible. - Zac saw that Aimee was pretty sure then got into

the car. - I have a small meeting urgent nion with Deverell council tomorrow in the Monaco office and is more convenient care dis so all in my private practice. Get in the car! - Exclaimed angry, seeing that Freya was still standing outside. - Fretei a private jet and my pilot can not wait all day. Freya settled down reluctantly on the passenger seat. The heart

ached in her chest, wanted to have co ragem to pick up Aimee and run. The torrential rain, the wrist hurt and knowing that it would be easy mind won in speed and strength made her desis tir, but it remained as far as possible from Zac and stared at the window.

- Need to show me how to get to your depart ment - Zac said to

overcome the gates of hos pital. - The stand and the bag of Aimee clothes are in the trunk, courtesy of his grandmother - acrescen tou, his

voice barely concealing his anger. - You have twenty minutes to pack up, want to leave in an hour. Freya leaned on sat and closed his eyes, feeling exhausted with his determination. Quan Zac wanted things his way, invariably could - but, unless intended to kidnap them, could not follow through this time. He was well aware of his presence at his side, and when glanced strong brown hands and safety of the steering wheel, he felt weaker than ever. Those hands had already slipped by each centimeter of her body and explored so closely that the mere lem brance made her blush. The smell of cologne he liked was so familiar that stoked his senses and forced her to remember the unbridled passion they had shared. But it was over, Freya reminded sí months ma to look away. Zac had judged and condemned before she could understand the crime alleged mind had committed. It was strange, but the revelation about vasectomy was almost a relief. Anger and re jeição almost destroyed, but at least now with preendia why Zac believed so blindly that she was having an affair with Simon. The fact never mentioned vasectomy en as lived together emphasized that Freya little sig nificava for him. The issue of children had never been discussed between them because it was just a lover, Zac did not want a permanent relationship. But the operation had been reversed. Did not know much about the procedure, but should not have works of properly, because Aimee was

his daughter without Dú life, Freya thought amid a wave of hysteria. What other explanation could there be?

I had thought to order a DNA test to Zac after the birth of Aimee,

but gave up. The area tion to pregnancy had shown how the idea of being father hated and feared Freya him to take a reluctant role in her

daughter's creation. 18 months old, Aimee was a child fe liz and lovely, whose confidence was built on sensation instinctive tion that was loved unconditionally. Not allow Zac destroy it, Freya thought resolute, and would do everything in its power to ensure that her daughter would grow with the feeling of self-worth had been denied. But now Zac had his own reasons for insisting on paternity test. I was convinced that the result would exempt from any liability for Aimee. I was afraid of what would be his reaction quan 's was forced to accept the truth. After fifteen minutes Zac parked in front of the house where was the Freya's apartment and frowned when he saw the faded paint and the general air of cadence.

- You live here? Mon Dieu, I hope it's me ter inside.

- Do not count on it - Freya murmured, sen Tindo a peculiar pang to

see Aimee er ger arms for Zac to take off the seat. The daughter used to

be shy with strangers. Does she felt an unconscious connection with the

father? Freya thought about it as he went ahead to show the way. Climbing the stairs, I felt the silence cres cer every minute.

- As intended load Aimee and stand for four flights of stairs with

your wrist hurts from? - Zac asked when he finally arrived at the apartment door. - What if there was a fire? I never get out of here fast


- I would find a way, as I always have - Freya responded tense,

standing in the hallway in a vain attempt to block his entry. I did not want him there, intruding on his life, but Zac ignored her and went into the small kitchenette. The apartment was a mess. It seemed to make long she had gone through that door to let Aimee at daycare before going to the Work him. The dishes coffee in the morning were still empi lhados in the sink, and several of its Standing rack intimate diseases were hung. Zac looked around with mild air of awe and Freya wished he would go away. I hated him to see how he lived.

- Not ideal, I admit - she said - but it is what I can afford.

- I do not believe that is raising a child here - Zac commented

disgusted, really shocked by the squalid apartment. Freya had been struggling to make the place look more welcoming spreading colorful cushions on the couch and arranging the collection bears Aimee on the dressing table. But nothing dis farçaria the musty smell and the bucket

strategically placed to catch the drip, evidence that the house was in disrepair. The Freya housing conditions were none of his business, Zac reminded himself to put Aimee on the floor. The little girl ran to her toy box. At least now I understand why Freya insisted on the fact Aimee be his daughter. Was he fooling herself hoping that he would provide the girl? Freya shrugged indifferently.

- My living conditions never mattered to him before, Zac. Why the

sudden concern? - Ask Me tou coldly. He removed his wet jacket and only then remembered that he had not been able to put the bra en as he struggled to get dressed in the hospital. Zac's eyes examined her and for Freya horror, the nipples of her breasts twitched. The atmosphere in the small apartment changed imperceptibly. I was aware of the sudden tension while crossing arms to hide the prominence of the nipples. It was not a good time to remember the

League tion that had in the past. He looked away from the sensual mouth and tried to banish from mind to feel those lips on hers.

I will not go to Monaco with you - said, feeling

more confident in pro prio territory. - You can not make me, unless you want to take me tied to his aircraft - Freya added to see that he just stared at her as if he were able to read the thoughts road hooted in his mind.

- As I said before

Zac seemed to dominate the small room, making her swallow when he came walking toward him.

- It is tempting - he muttered, his eyes glittering dangerously. - Do

not encourage me, cherie, or will think you are wanting to be angry on


- Why would I do that? - Freya asked, des valuing herself the way

their termi nerve nations seemed to come alive with the proxy ance of


- Sex was always wonderful after an argument - he said in velvety

tone, fun in the eyes glow warning her that Zac was aware of the effect it had on her. Freya blushed saw tively, attempted to give him a slap.

- Just remember the sex between us be mediocre - she lied. - Maybe

you are thinking of one of his other lovers, Zac. He had several after all. Freya was startled when Zac's hand cupped her chin, lifting her head, leaving him no choice but to face him.

- Nothing in our relationship in bed was me díocre, cherie, and if we

had more time would be ten State to prove it to you. - The fire in his eyes made the skin Freya fire. She looked at his mouth, his tongue tracing the outline from the lips a inconscien call you. The atmosphere was electric, could almost feel the sparks erupting between them, but Zac then AFAS tou abruptly, the unfathomable expression.

- Be grateful that I was in a hurry to arrive on time to meet me tonight - Zac resmun gou as he picked up the rack of income panties and depejava in her hands. - It's best to do your bags quickly, or will end up in Monaco without her lingerie. Freya stared furiously, chin hurt by Emery force it to contain an answer. Zac was so smug and, as always, so in control, nothing shook his supreme self-confidence. She hated Standing insults them, and for all the false accusations that he was an unfaithful and self-serving girl. But even if the look with contempt, Freya could not deny the inexorable desire that took his body. It was devastating to conclude that, despite all that you nha done to her, still wanted him. Where his or gulho? Zac had used her body for sex and abu sado his fragile heart with cruelty and contempt. But seeing him again served to rescue feelings that had struggled to forget since he dispensed of his life. Had not been able to overcome it, Freya recognized discouraged. Zac was the love of his life, but the heat that surged in the veins was caused by desire, not by love, assured herself with grief. He learned the hard way not to waste your emotions with him because Zac had never loved and never love her. The last thing I wanted to do was go to Monaco, but what choice did he have? He reflected on this as he watched his little daughter. As always, Zac was right; I could never climb the stairs with Aimee and

stand as his wrist hurt so much. He had spent the night awake worried about how conse Guiria handle it. The heart skipped chest to accept the unpleasant truth that would go with it. I had no idea how long Zac need to carry and espe rar by the paternity test results, but that does not take more than a week or two, Freya comforted herself. By this time his pulse was stronger and she could return home. Would go to Monaco, but this time would be vigilant and not give in to the undeniable sexual attraction that still existed between them, he promised with a vengeance. It was no longer a naive girl, was an independent woman would not give the fiery promise in the bold look of Zac.

The BRIGHT lights of Monaco appeared against a black velvet background. As the helicopter followed the coast in its downward movement, Zac looked over his shoulder. Aimee had slept fast, sitting by the nanny hired. - We're almost there - muttered Tone tranqui lizador the uniformed woman. - I would like to say that I'm grateful to have accompanied us so suddenly, Mrs. Lewis. Jean Lewis smiled. - Glad to help. Hopefully, be able to take Aimee to bed without waking her. He is very tired, poor thing.

With slight nod, Zac turned back to Freya, sat quietly at his side, his chin er guido making praguejasse softly. If al Guem had told him he would return to London with former lover and a child in tow, would have laughed too, she thought with a wry smile. He felt the involuntary reaction of your body to admi rar the outline of small breasts under her shirt. Freya was turning his life upside down once again. After bitter separation two years ago, he never wanted to see her again, but even knowing what he had done, it was impossible to ignore it. Freya felt the Zac's eyes upon her and tensed as he shifted slightly in his seat, rubbing her thigh to her. When they left England in the private jet, he was sitting on the front, his attention focused exclusively on the laptop. This was convenient for Freya, but when che garam in Nice and boarded the helicopter for the short trip to Monaco, her heart trembled when Zac sat beside her. Had endeavored-to ignore it, but unfortunately his senses refused to obey him. He was well aware of his nearness. The sweet smell of the colony was teasingly familiar, let your nerves on edge. Did not want to feel that way, he thought angrily. It was humbling to realize that Zac still affected her ma neira so strong, after all he had done to her. But it had always been like this: Freya has never been able to resist him and unfortunately, almost every other woman on the planet shared his fascination.

The months had passed with Zac had been the happiest, but also the most unnerving of his life. And the constant fear that Zac got tired of it was just another detail to be added to his deep insecurity. Zac was one of the single most desired Mona co, always the center of attention in many parties they had attended. Women crowded around him and left the clear interest through a bold smile or a frown of insi Cont'd. Zac answered these flirtations with one of his slightly sarcastic smile, which made her more quiet. But with Annalise Dubois was different. The stunning model had Zac pursued with relentless determination and boasted shamelessly spectacular body in low-cut dresses of silk and satin. Beside her, Freya looked pale and insipid. He could not help but notice the way Zac's eyes lingered appreciatively is the French curves. Jealousy was a monster who had after sado your soul, leaving her angry and paranoid. He hated being away from him and inquired about his every move whenever the office was late or was away for days on some business trip. He knew his behavior angry, but, as Zac became more distant, the greater the fear that he was getting tired of it. Just felt it figure when they were in bed. At least there his passion gave no signs of decreasing, but Zac away from other aspects of your life. Freya felt that his only role was to provide sex when it was convenient.

Containing a sob, Freya looked past mind. Had spent the last two

could only be crazy for

years trying to forget the time lived with Zac

agreeing to return to Monaco.

- Still living in coverage? - She asked, a little hope that Zac had

moved the elegant marble floor apartment where I used to dream that he

could fall for her.

- Oui, the location is convenient and I like the view of the harbor - he replied coldly. Freya remembered the spectacular view of moved mented port of Monaco and the vast expanse of Me diterrâneo. - Still leaves Isis anchored there? Zac nodded.

- Unfortunately, not spend so much time on it quan to like. The

Deverell is expanding and we are opening stores around the world, including the new store in Mayfair. If your grandmother had chosen another day, I would not be in London

The angry expression revealed that Zac was cursing the bad luck to be in London on the same day that Joyce Addison had come with

Aimee, but Freya trembled to think what would have happened if he was not there.

- I'm glad you have found grandma - she admitted, forgetting for a

moment that they were enemies. - Otherwise, I do not know what would happen! acid with Aimee.

- Your grandmother take care of her, right? The Freya's face contorted.

- I do not know. When I heard that I would be mother let ra, she was

adamant that he had no responsibility to me or the baby. Res she feels it

was obliged to raise me. I lived tempora ily with adoptive parents - Freya revealed in melancholy. - My mother had married and was moving to South Africa My grandmother thought she would take me

There was discus are when grandma found out I was not included


in the new life of Sadie. Zac tightened his mouth, feeling a twinge of with passion. Freya was not surprised to have no self-esteem since it had been so cruelly

rejected by the mother herself.

- That's when delivered for adoption? Freya nodded.

- I think my grandmother believed that envolven of social service,

Sadie finally assume the res liability over me. But she went to Durban without even saying goodbye. -Now Who was also mother, she found it

impossible to understand how his own mother had been able to abandon it so easily. It was obvious that Sadie had never loved her, but even for all this time it still hurt.

But I

was always afraid of being sent away again and did what I could to not

bother her. - Freya thought of the years he spent it esquivan Grandmother's made a timid mouse, avoiding drawing attention to

- After six months I returned to live with my grandmother

herself and pathetically grateful for Grandma Joyce allow live with it. It had been a sad childhood and would not let his daughter to feel worthless and unloved. Freya turned her head to face Zac.

- Aimee love more than anything and I will not have to hurt. I agree

it's time to get it right this. Only es pero we are

to do the paternity test prepared for the outcome.

The ferocity in her tone left more amazing than the care to admit, but Zac promptly ignored any doubt. Freya was bluffing, would not fall in his lies.

- I'll be prepared when test results confirm that you are a liar - Zac

responded aggressively. - You have to accept the truth and get on with your life, and I intend to follow my. - Ignoring the indignant expression of Freya, he turned his head and stared at the darkness for the rest of the flight.


TEN minutes later, the helicopter landed on the helipad coverage. Zac Aimee lifted the arms and down in front of Jean Lewis.

- Laurent, managed to follow any instructions? - Zac greeted the


- Everything is as you requested, sir - the butler replied in his quiet

way. - The store handed a cot and various other necessary items, and the

adjoining room was prepared for the child's nanny. - If Laurent was surprised by the request that you prepare a room for a baby, not her voice betrayed nothing. His expression remained imperturbable as ever. - Bon - Zac murmured as she returned the sleeping child to a nanny. - Please take Madame Lewis to the baby's room and make sure she has everything you need. Zac turned to go back to the helicopter at the very moment in which

Freya reached the top step. Pa REECE tired and it was clear I felt pain, but still stared at him irritated.

- No need to hire a babysitter. I can take care of Aimee perfectly


- As you can only use one arm? - Zac Ask Me tou impatiently. -

Jean Lewis have excellent references and take good care of Aimee.

- Where did she take her? - Freya asked. His arm ached and felt

slightly dizzy, but not admi Tiria that to Zac. So as not admit he felt jealous of how Aimee seemed content with Jean. His steps faltered and a sense of panic swept while accompanying Zac to the coverage. I do not

want to be there and did not want to remember the passing of, but the memories bombarded.

Zac helicopter traveling with the same regularity ity that most people wearing a car. I used to take her to parties and other social events outside of Monaco, often flying along the cos ta Cannes or St. Tropez. The parties were always glamorous, but Freya had eyes only for Zac, whose gaze, even in a crowded room, tormented her with veiled promise of a sensual nirvana. The ho ras to departure was a slow torture. The anxiety I always was on high when he finally su Biam on the helicopter for the flight back. There was something incredibly magical about flying over the ocean and the buildings that lined the coast of Monaco, knowing that in a few minutes they would be at home. The sultry glow in the eyes of Zac stoked his arousal and thus the rotors stopped, he took her in his arms and ran to the apartment, undressing her with quick efficiency along the way. Sometimes even came to the room, Freya recalled, feeling the body heated. In their urgency to make love, Zac lay on one of the sofas in the living room. Contact the cold leather against the skin you added a new dimension of pleasure when Zac opened her legs and possessed a single charge. The hunger for each other was insatiable, a wild and primitive passion unaware limits. Zac won their inhibitions and loved her with an inventiveness that still made her face flush.

Heart pounding, Freya forced to tra zer the mind to the present. Oh, God, what was I thinking? And why your libido back soon now had spent the last two years living like a nun? Zac opened the drawing room door and made Freya come.

- Jean Aimee led to the baby's room - he said, his eyes narrowing speculatively to see her face flushed.

- Baby's room? - Freya raised his Sobrance daughters, away from

his erotic fantasies of the mind to concentrate on what he was saying. He remembered the gante minimalist Zac apartment as a proper environment of a single man. When he had installed a nursery?

- I sent prepare a room for Aimee since you will stay here for a long time. I hope it's convenient - Zac added coldly.

- I'm sure anything is more con priate that a wet kitchenettes. I hope

this has not caused him many annoyances, Zac

Aimee and I will not

stay long - Freya murmured, unable to disguise the sudden bitterness, remembering how he had fought to buy the most basic things for a baby.

With a snap, Zac providenciava all Aimee needed - shame that was two years late. Zac tightened his lips and said simply:

- Laurent will serve dinner here in the room. I suggest you take your

painkillers and go to sleep. His appearance is bad. Great, really needed to remember its state of plorável, especially when he looked so fabu loso. Zac had taken off his leather jacket and

Freya could not help but notice how the black sweater molded his muscular chest. It was thin, dark and so beautiful it hurt just to look. Zac had a natural sexual magnetism, and although the mind require caution, the body Freya corresponded to him without any Worried pation for their emotional security. I was shaky; not because of the cold night air, concluded embarrassed, but by almost will sesperada to slide your fingers under the wool sweater to feel the gentle touch of hair that covered his pei to. The images of the past insisted on returning and Freya felt burning, sexual frustration spiraling in her stomach. Swallowing hard, he took aim at the carpet.

- I forgot my toothbrush. You did not give me time to pack right.

- All you may need is in the bathroom - Zac said - and the clothes

you are still left in the wardrobe.

- Really? - The statement made Freya lift the ca galore. - I thought I

would not lose time to get rid of them - muttered, remembering how it had felt humiliated by being thrown out of the apartment. Her face burned at the memory, but Zac just shrugged, seeming disinterest. - Not kept by the wish to bring it back one day, cherie, if what you're thinking - he summed up. - I forgot you were here until the maid en against them in the closet when I was Washers command the room for you. - Zac looked at Relo gio and headed for the door. - I have to go out tonight. You can undress or need my help?

Freya gave her a look that said you prefer the help of a convicted murderer.

- I'll be fine, thank you - replied coldly that masked his dismay to

imagine who Zac was at that dinner. No doubt a stunning and sophisticated woman - her current lover? Freya fought the irrational

surge of jealousy. It was not his business who he left, but the devil in his head was determined to have the last word. - Oh, Zac - muttered - I'm glad I did not want to re taking our relationship because it does not come back to me if you do not pay a million. Zac assessed the angry face and then looked down, watching the rise and fall of her breasts.

- Are here now - he recalled with velvety voice.

- Just because forced me to come

Do not want to be here.

- Non, cherie, I know. - A mocking voice ain of the same troubled

after Zac have closed the door. With a cry of fury, Freya turned and saw her reflection in a large mirror. No wonder that Zac seemed so convinced, he thought dismayed to see his face flushed. His pupils were dilated and her lips parted, practically begging for a kiss while her nipples jutted provocatively against a blouse shameful evi dence that it excited her. Her body betrayed her from the moment that appeared Zac in the hospital and to make his humiliation even more complete, it was obvious he knew he had done well on it.

Cursing furiously for his stupidity, Freya went to see Aimee, who was fast asleep on one of the visits room turned into nursery. Temporarily, Freya decided firmly. Zac would be shocked when he found out that the father of Ai mee, but had no illusions that he would like the NOVELTY of. Return to England as soon as possible, before Aimee realized that the father did not love her. Zac did not know what would after the test result, but did not expect an apology for having it judged as evil. At least offer some sort of financial support for the child, but Freya guar give the money to when Aimee was older. I did not want a penny of his fortune, and so was recovered from the wrist, partly out ra Zão to come to Monaco, hoped never set eyes on Zac again. Soon after returning to the room, Laurent came up with an omelet for dinner. It was impeccably polite and gave no indication that he remembered his brief presence in that coverage. His role as Zac lover should have been quickly filled mind, probably by Annalise Dubois, Freya reflected unhappy. Was Zac with Annalise now? The idea was enough to ruin your appetite. Brin cou with the food even decide to take a shower, tentan to keep bandaged arm away from water. When he finally finished, he felt dizzy with pain in the wrist and, after swallowing painkillers, dropped on the bed, desperate for sleep.

ZAC STOPPED his beautiful sports car in the Guest parking to underground and went up the elevator to the penthouse. Dinner had been a complete disaster, reflected to loosen the tie and keep it in his jacket pocket. But it was not Nicole's fault. She looked stunning in deep neckline dress with a slit in per in that left little to the imagination. Throughout the meal in one of the best restau rants of Monte Carlo, Nicole was witty and Tagare lou tirelessly on his life, which seemed to consist of shopping or sunbathe on the yacht pa father. In the rare moments of silence, the smile was sending signals of their willingness to spend the night with him. It was the third meeting, after all, Zac reflected cini cally, and the rules of the game dictated that the attractive brunette should expect that night relates ment between them progressed to an affair. But somewhere between the entrée and dessert, Zac had lost his appetite both for food as the companion. Instead of imagining legs tor neadas Nicole, his mind seemed determined to paddle live every detail of the slender figure of Freya. Never known another woman with skin as cla ra. It was as if the sun's rays had never dared touch it to the hands of Zac were the first to fondle virginal skin - which he had really fei to recognize, feeling an uncomfortable pressure in the groin. Freya was the first lover and, to be honest, sex with her has been a wonderful experience that could never repeat with which wants another woman.

And I had tried. Had not declared monk, he admitted wryly, but sitting in that restaurant with Nicole decided she did not feel the slightest desire for her. After taking her home, she was educated to decline the invitation for a drink. Visibly of sapontada, Nicole turned out to accept rejection, but Zac did not feel good about it. In fact, es tava angry with himself, with life and, above all, the woman who had disturbed their comforts ble existence in less than 24 hours. Cursing, he entered the apartment and headed for the bar, but Freya vision on the couch made pa rasse abruptly. The coffee table was full of books and papers and she was examining a thick paste, so engrossed that neither seemed to notice his presence. Zac stood for a few seconds, his eyes scanning the mass of blond hair and beautiful face. The gray silk robe was vaguely familiar and le vemente ajar, revealing the silk and lace gown. Each item of the wardrobe had bought for Freya while living with him had been es collected for the sole purpose of pleasing him, I left larly parts of sleep. He curled his lips into a smirk at the thought if she had put a sexy negligee with intent to provoke him. Freya was still engrossed in his books and his irritation increased. Being ignored was a new experience and shrugged irritably, Zac entered the room. Only then Freya looked up.

- The fire broke out in his veins to ad targeting the silky

blond hair framing the ros to stained. Freya wore no makeup, but it made

- Zac

her even more sexy, concluded he watched her closely, noting the little freckles on her nose and long eyelashes. Freya looked at him with her

witch's eyes, casting her magic, and it was with shock that he realized he felt more alive than ever.

- I did not realize you were waiting for me, cherie - told the

following to the bar and help yourself to co nhaque. - Do not worry, I was not - Freya res ded. - I did not know you'd be back tonight. - He had been lying in bed, tortured with Zac pictures making love to a woman who takes ra for dinner to give up sleep and sink in college textbooks. He stood up and stepped on the tip of the robe, which insists va to reveal the sweater semblance wearing underneath. In the rush to pack, he had forgotten several things, including comfortable shirts she used to sleep. The clothes left in the coverage served more the purpose of seduction that when sleeping, so flushed when Zac stared at her in clear appreciation. - Since you're here, it's time to go to my room - Freya murmured, picking up the hasty books. In his desperation to escape, the folder and dropped leaves vo plow to everywhere. - I could not sleep, so I decided to put some work done - she said when Zac bent down to collect the pages and hands of both met.

- What kind of work? - He asked curiously. He held out the

paperwork and frowned when Freya caught her hasty. - No need to run

away from me, Freya. We were forced into this situation by circum stances difficult, but I'm sure you're old enough to conduct a civil conversation. - He rose. - Would you like a drink? Freya even thought about running away, convinced that it was unable to conduct any kind of conversation with him. Not that I had any practice in the matter. While Zac lover, she had spent more time in the room than wasting time with conversation. But see Zac inflamed his senses and stop sleeping cia as impossible now as two hours earlier. Does a drink would help relax?

- White wine, please

a small bowl.

- Still not knowing what to do while Zac serving wine, he muttered

a thanks when he handed her the glass. An educated "sit" caused her to sink back into the couch. Zac settled down on the opposite sofa, white silk shirt open at the feet scratch and ankle resting on his thigh a lazy position - so sexy that Freya looked away quickly and took a long sip of wine.

- What job is one that requires you to stay Work lhando until midnight? - Zac asked, a wrinkle forming on his forehead. He used to work late, but was president of a business empire and confessed workaholic.

I am es tudando at home to get a degree

in English Language - Freya said. - One day I want to be profes sora, then I can adjust my work schedule to Aimee at school. But I have to

- It's not exactly my job

work and can not afford a full-time course in fa culty. The only free time I have to study is at night when she is sleeping. - I did not say that, after a long day of work, had no strength to open the books, which justified its delay in delivery of multiple jobs. Zac hide his surprise. During the months that Freya had lived with him, he never really got to know her. Lived particularly overworked and, after a long day at the office, I would just take it to bed. I asked about Freya day more for education than by interest and always grateful to his lucky star because it is not that kind of woman who insists on telling every detail of your life. Considered his gentle nature something comforting and, to be honest, I had missed the tran effect quilizador that Freya had on him. But now per cebia who knew little about it. Maybe it was that faint air of mystery that intrigued him, he thought as he drank and stretched his arms on the sofa back, his eyes wandering by Freya and lingering in the silky hair. - On the state of his apartment, it is obvious that are in financial trouble. You do not receive any help from Brooks? - He asked. - No more contact with him? The wine had been bad idea, Freya found to have given xar the bowl on the coffee table. He seemed to have gone straight to his head and broken all the bonds that held his anger in place.

- In fact, I see him sometimes - responded with deliberate calm. -

We remain friends, although Simon now living in Italy. I'm sure it would help me if I asked, but Aimee is not his daughter and there is no reason to support it. This is a responsi bility of his father, is not it? - Freya stared furiously, getting the red cheeks, but Zac sustained the look with

an expression that gave no clues as to what he was thinking.

and I hope it appears, cherie - murmured, raising his

glass. - We should make a toast to absent parents

laugh, Freya could see the anger in his voice, which made her angry. What right did he have to be angry? It was she who struggled to cope with being a single mother and still work to pay the bills. Zac lived in a

penthouse apartment enjoying a life of luxury, did not know the real world did not even know how many times Freya felt overwhelmed by the responsibilities. But talking about his resentment not do any good. Zac was convinced that Aimee was not his daughter Freya and understand why.

? - Behind the mock

- Certainly

The very fact of having a vasectomy indicated he did not want to be a father, and rai va he felt now would be nothing compared to the fury to discover the truth.

- I think we will have to wait for test results - Freya murmured to

get up. He was tired. Back to the coverage and relive the souvenir dren

of his life with Zac was more excruciating than you nha imagined. I could feel the tears in his eyes. - I would not have come here - Freya

spoke against him, irritated. - Aimee and I could have gone to a hotel rather than stay at the mercy of his evil mind. Zac raised his eyebrows before the tantrum. - I explained that I'd rather keep the reason for his saw precinct Monaco particular context. A nurse will come from the clinic tomorrow

to collect the material - in formed. He drained his glass and stood up, immediate mind-overlapping her height. It was too much to have to deal with Zac at a time when his emotions were so unbalanced, but he blocked her way when she tried to escape. - The results will be ready in ten days, then you will be free to pair tir. Until then we have to get stuck with each other. But po we find a way to make up the time that suits we have to spend in each other's company. Freya laughed in disbelief.

- Like what?

She saw the glow in the eyes of Zac too late. His heart jumped when his arm secu rou waist.

- How - Zac said, ignoring the escape attempts to slowly lower his

head to his lips stay millimeters from hers. - Can you get me to test as

much as I hate, but unfortunately the sex drive seems to respect this

mutual hatred

Before she could formulate an answer, Zac won the distance between the mouth and kissed her, his lips moving with a ferocity that required a re action. A mockery of the last review still echoing in the

is not, Freya?

ears of Freya, who pressed his lips in a desperate attempt to reject it. How he could kiss her thus hated her? Your brain wondered this, but it was clear that his body did not care. It had been a long time since the last time he'd been in the arms of Zac and missed him. Tried to push him without much desire, their I felt the inflamed by the smell of the colony and the heat emanating from the male body. Slowly his fingers began to search through his shoulders. The lín water tirelessly invested until, panting, Freya parted his lips and moved Zac immediately.

- He won the protest with fast efi science, deepening the

kiss to make it possessive, lips marking the soft skin while increased his eagerness to want total surrender it. Only when he felt hesitant reaction, the smooth movement of Freya tongue into her mouth, was that decreased some of the pressure to exploit it with an erotic intent that left her trembling and panting. G with a damp despair, Freya put her hands to Zac's neck, clinging to him without any shame.

A shiver ran her body to feel the male hand sliding down her body, outlining her buttocks possessively before heading to his waist. With deft movement, Zac let the Freya robe belt and pulled the piece to reveal the ren of that little hiding the breasts of his avid gaze. He slowly pulled the sweater handle until one breast is completely exposed.

- Freya whispered, knowing he should stop him, but

desperate to feel his hands on her skin. Zac longed for a long time and

- Zac

- No

cries mingou when he grabbed her breast and rubbed his thumb over the protruding nipple. Liquid fire raced through her body. Moaning softly, she leaned on Zac, who abruptly tensed. - You've always been uninhibited in the bedroom - said coldly, staring with undisguised Freya despise zo. - Do not look at me like that, do not say you do not want to stay here because I know exactly what you want, cherie. And I think I've tasted so good conclu sive that can offer what you want. The tone of disgust Freya hurt even more than any deliberate act of cruelty. I was eviden you that Zac was surprised with the desire he felt for her and shocked by the intensity of his grace, but despised himself for it almost as much as he despised. When he released her, Freya staggered thinking it was going to vomit. - It is useless to deny that still knows press the right buttons - Freya said bitterly, flushing emerging in the pale face as he remembered how he had responded to it. - But it's only wish, Zac. I am a woman nor evil with common needs, needs that do not intend to meet - he added with a note of pride. - Do not think it's something more than that. You mean nothing to me. Freya left the books on the table and flew out the door, desperate to reach the refuge of the room, but the confident nalavras Zac followed. - Glad to hear it, cherie, because when you decide to take it to bed

with is mutual enten dure that just want your body

I can live without

her treacherous little head. Bonne nuit - Zac mur walled when she huffed. - I hope dur ma well, Freya, and do not get too agreed time. But it was the arrogant smile that spiraled out. In a burst of anger, Freya grabbed one sin in dresser glass ornaments and shot him. Zac dodged expertly. Of course, she thought to run into the room. There was something in which he was not great? Or had enough practice to avoid objects that ex-lovers furious shot in your head? It was not a comforting thought, and completely mortified, Freya threw himself on the bed and pulled the covers over her head hoping to chase away the cruel laughter of your ears.


FREYA was running down the corridor apartamen to with Aimee in his arms, looking for Zac. I could hear his voice later, but the hall stop endless cia. Zac was still a figure distan you that mocked their desperate attempts to reach it. Tears took his eyes as he went. Aimee was heavy and hurt his wrist in tightly, but nothing was comparable to the pain in

your heart to realize that Zac would never reach; I would always be alone




A familiar voice sounded loud in Freya heard that when he opened his eyes, found that there was in the hall but in bed. Zac was standing

next to her air of undisguised impatience.

- I was dreaming - Zac said Freya when the fi tou cautiously. Wide

eyes unconscious mind revealed a vulnerability that made him frown increase. - It is likely to have flash backs of the accident. - He checked his watch and stiffened his mouth. Freya had expected to wake up and was already late, but she seemed so fragile that morning that he was irri

State to be concerned. - You want to talk? - Per guntou impatiently to see that she looked at him in amazement. The sweater handle had fallen off the shoulder and Zac remembered clearly the night before. The sight of the pink nipple had given him an uncontrollable urge to lower his head and take the hard beak mouth, suck it up Freya moan with pleasure, and had to use all the control he had left not to take her to the couch . The memory was enough so that your body enrije cease Zac point to make sure that Freya could see his excitement awkward, so taking a deep breath, stepped away from the bed.

- Talk about what? - Freya asked, re ally confused. His head seemed

to be hollow Naque it morning and Zac view the superb gray suit that

emphasized his broad shoulders kept her from thinking. He looked sophisticated, a true billionaire businessman, and Freya was well aware of its dismantled appearance. She arranged her nightgown strap, the boche chas blushing when he noticed fun air in his eyes. I hoped that what happened last night was part of the nightmare, but swollen lips pro vavam Zac kiss had been matched with enthusiasm. - The accident - Zac said, forcing Freya to focus on it. - You were crying in his sleep, it is obvious that it was a traumatic experience. I hear talk help - added is barely shrugged in a gesture that indicated never been afraid in my life, let alone felt the need to share their emotions more ín Optimal. Zac did not suffer from the same weaknesses of ordinary people, Freya thought discouraged. He spent most of the day working and considered sex a leisure activity that occupied his nights until he could get back to the office the next day - I'm fine, thank you - Freya murmured, eyes on covers. He wondered what he would say if accounts that was dreaming about him, that he was the cause of her tears. Probably I would run from the room. Zac had made it clear two years before just wanted to keep a physical relationship and if Freya was insane enough to match the invitation in Zac's eyes, would have to remember that the rules had not changed. But never again would correspond to Zac, prome your herself getting tense as he approached the bed. His eyes burned with desire and,

for a moment, Freya thought he was touching her, but Zac just dropped a piece of paper on his lap. - The nurse is here to collect saliva samples, but I need your signature to it collecting the sample Aimee - Zac said abruptamen you. He moved away from the bed and stood with his back to Freya, looking

out the window as she read the document. Pa REECE be all right, but his heart raced to the countersign. Now there was no going back. In ten days Zac would know the truth, but how he would react when he was forced to accept Aimee as a child? He looked at Zac and bit her lip to feel more friendly. He was a proud man and would hate to find out what was wrong. Zac seemed to notice his silent examination and turned, his eyes narrowing.

- Decided to reconsider, Freya? I figured this would happen when

he had to face the Com- reali - he said. - But I want to test, and if you do not give permission shall appeal to the courts to achieve. At the moment,

you're a loose end of my past, but when I have hard evidence that it is a liar, I can even ask for a court order to prevent that come near me again or make another of his fanciful claims. Freya reached the document furiously.

- Far from reconsidering, wanted to order this test as soon as Aimee

was born - Freya replied. - You have slandered me too, Zac, and the only thing that prevents me start this con expression overcome his face is

knowing that soon the day will come that will fall from its pedestal and

will have to admit it's a mere mortal like everyone

think it is. The fury in his eyes indicated that Freya had crossed the line. She flinched against the pillows when Zac took the form and bent over her, hands folded on either side of her head. - It seems that my little English rat learned to be sharp tongue. Be more careful if you do not want problems, cherie - Zac warned as he lowered his head to steal a kiss. No demons trou pity, dominating her with insulting ease and requiring entreabrisse lips so he could continue his sensual punishment. The Freya frozen muscles and your mind GRI tava for the rejected, but his body had von tade own and corresponded in that liquid fire seemed to run through her veins. Torn between desire and humiliation, she groaned when Zac contained the desperate cry, forcing her lips to Freya them not to flee. When he finally lifted his head, she closed her eyes to not see his contempt. Zac heard cursing and tensed, es perando for more insults, but when he heard the door shut with a bang, opened his eyes and saw that he was gone.

not exceed that

The VISIT of Zac Freya left physically and emotionally exhausted. She leaned back against the pillows, saying it would raise in five minutes to see Aimee. When he awoke, the sun had flooded the room in

horror, he saw that the clock struck noon. How could I have slept so long without even thinking about the fi it to him? She scolded herself, but when she was pres ing to get up, heard the laughter of Aimee and a moment later the nanny that Zac had hired put ca galore through the crack of the door. - Oh, you're awake! I have someone here to see you - Jean announced happily to open by ta for Aimee entered the room.

I should not have slept much - Freya

hastened to say. I did not know what the nanny must be thinking of her, but the woman smiled quietly. - Jean just - she replied. - And of course I should sleep. Mr. Deverell

explained about the aci tooth

must still be in shock. Aimee is a very happy little girl and luckily soon got used to me. Pro meto take care of it as my own - secured with a friendly smile. - If I were you, I would be the rest of the day in bed. I will ask to serve their meal tions here.

Freya had no strength to argue. It was strange to receive maternal treatment after years of indife ence by the grandmother, she reflected after playing with Aimee, when Jean took the girl to explore the rooftop garden. He felt immediately comforted by the kindness of Jean and for the first time since Aimee was born, had the feeling that it could relax and trust that his daughter would be fine.

- Mrs. Lewis, I'm sorry

It must have been a horrible experience,

Within two days, he began to enjoy the con Council Jean. I was frightened to realize how the accident had left her tired and emotional. The sound of risa of the nursery indicated that Aimee was happy with the nanny, which caused a nice Clearance to, even if temporary, of their responsibilities. To her relief, via little Zac. Went to Bible Scripture thorium before she woke up and did not return until late at night. Some things had not changed, Freya reflected remembering the long, lonely days I saw saw while living with Zac, waiting for him to return from office or of his frequent business trips. I had gone with him to the outside sometimes. The Deverell owned stores in various European cities as well as in New York, Rio de Janeiro and Dubai. But although the scenery was different, his life followed a similar pattern to the frantic schedules Zac. He had gone from a sex slave, he thought pity, but the innate honesty forced her to ad mitir had accepted the role willingly. Zac was addictive and, at the time, believed love it. I would have confused love with lust? He had caused him much harm, it was unlikely he was still in love with him. The feelings evoked Zac were merely sexual. Although she hated herself, she wanted Zac with the same urgency when they were lovers. But I did not believe in fairy tales, would not take his physical reaction by a deep emotion, would not give the feverish desire to make love to him.

Secure the newfound confidence that po Deria deal with the magnetic charm of Zac Deverell, Freya crossed the room toward the spacious varan the. Monaco was a true haven of billionaires, he thought as he looked at the rows of luxury yachts and motor boats moored in the harbor. Zac was enjoying an exclusive lifestyle to the super-rich, but Freya never felt comfortable with his wealth or with your friends.

I always knew he was not the kind of man who would adapt to the

joy of domestic life. Zac was passionate about sports like skydiving or ca noagem. I liked to test their limits. Having a fam lia was not part of his plans, as the rejection of her and the baby had shown. With a sigh, Freya looked up to the sky and closed his eyes as the late afternoon sun warmed her skin. After weeks of rain in England, the feeling was wonderful, but the relaxation was interrupted by a familiar voice. - There you are. I sought it everywhere - Zac said, unable to disguise his impatience to not lie against it to them. - I see walking very

busy. Freya opened his eyes and stared at him indignantly.

- Aimee is taking a nap and I was out to do for now. She insisted

that I stay here. Not my fault if there is nothing to do. - The words were

a strange echo of the discussions that used to have in the past caused by soli give, by boredom and refusal to Zac in slightly reduce the pace of work to spend some time with her. The discussions ended with her being

dragged to the bedroom to make love

the first touch of the hands of Zac, he thought angrily. But now things

were quite dif ferent.

- Laurent told me that you seem better today - Zac murmured as his

eyes examined with appreciation by the combination of tight jeans and

ca Miseta. - It looks really good, cherie, although his wrist injury still prevents you from wearing your bra - added with velvety voice. Blushing, Freya followed his gaze to the silhouette of her breasts under her shirt and felt a tingle when the nipples stiffened provocatively. An electric charge ran between them and despite the sun's heat, Freya shuddered. With an angry whisper, he turned to the immense blue sea.

and without pre capitulated at

So no

need to stay here any longer. Aimee decided to take back to England land while we wait for the results. - I can not afford it - Zac said mildly, but she noticed the subtle determination of the voice, which infuriated her.

- I'm feeling better and my wrist is already less painful

- You can not allow? Who thinks it is, Zac? I'm not your prisoner.

- Of course not. - Zac seemed insulted by the idea. - It is my guest,

although I admit to having upon to free the lock of the two passports on

so you do not lose - acres centou to see that Freya was about

to explode. The breeze lifted the Freya's hair, taking soft wire up to his face, leaving a light lemon flavor. The desire lodged in the body of Zac, who

my desk

resis tiu the urge to slide his fingers in those hair and chose to walk away. - It's convenient for me to stay here until the results arrive - continued rude tone - then escort out of Monaco and my life personally, Cherie. Until then I have some work for you, something that will keep it occupied by someone but hours at least.

- Well you know what to do with this you bloody handiwork - Freya

gave, desperate to escon der the devastation that Zac could also cause it. Tears of rage burning in his eyes, but she wiped them away with the back of his hand before turning to face him. - I may have forced me to stay here, but you can not make me stay with him even more tra

balhando for you.

The mocking smile caused a chill in Freya, who retreated to lean against the balcony railing quan Zac came full of determination in her direction.

- I should have known that with all I want - Zac said arrogantly. -

And I'm not sending working in a salt mine. I have a business dinner with an American businessman, Chester Warren, and his wife. After going to the Opera House to watch a presentation of Bale Company Monte Carlo. My personal assistant would accom me pany, but is indisposed. Francine is pregnant - she said grimacing - and walk sick.

- Poor - Freya nodded, forgetting anger to sympathize with the Zac

assistant. - I was sick for weeks when he was espe rando Aimee. - He

paused, taken by a wave of bitterness, noting the cold Zac look. The first few weeks after his return to England, pregnant, penniless and alone, had been the worst of his life, when he had to fight constant nausea to face their future as a single parent. I felt an d ta desperate Zac and began his day with the hope that he would realize the mistake, but all night crying himself to sleep because he had not come looking for her. How dare look at her with that expression of boredom by the details of her pregnancy if she was the mother of his daughter? - Do not understand what the problems of his assistant have to do with me - mur walled irritated.

you - Zac said Freya

when the enca rou suspiciously. - It will work just fine, actually. Carolyn is English and I'm sure you'll get entertain her while Chester and I fa lamos business.

about what I'm going to talk to her? - Freya asked, unable to

hide the panic. Try to keep talking to people who never know ra was

once one of the things he hated most when living with Zac. He shrugged impatiently.

- I do not know. You can always chattering about the latest shopping in Bond Street or something.

because I do this all the time. - Freya shook his

head in exasperation. - Zac honestly, you and I are from different

- I need someone to replace Francine tonight

- But

- Oh, of course

planets. I fight to pa gar my bills and buy the basics, and you live here in his tower with no idea of how the real world. Zac appeared to be not listening, for she was leaving. Seething with anger, Freya followed him to the room door.

- I will not go with you. Get someone to distract the wife of his

manager. - Freya crossed his arms, frowning when Zac gave him a big box with the name of a renowned couture house on the cover. - What is it?

- Something to wear tonight - Zac replied, stop cendo unconcerned with irritation or her refusal to accompany him. Freya looked at the box, beating heart at the normal speed bro.

- You bought a dress for me? - Freya spoke slowly, hating herself

for little thrill of pleasure to know that Zac had booked a little of your time to buy something for her.

- Not really. Francine explained what her size and she chose an

appropriate model. - Zac destroyed her little joy and has brought them

back to reality.

- Well, she just lost time. I will not use the ves had because I will

not join you. Why did you think I would agree? - I thought to appeal to their empathy for My Secret nity - he said. - But how I miss it, I know of several other methods of persuasion which

but probably arrive we late for dinner. - The

smile left Freya alarm. He held the answer as his mind fantasized about

could we enjoy together

Zac would yield to his will. Just thinking in his hands caressing her enough for a heat arose between her legs. To touch, to kiss her, he doubted be able to resist - and Zac knew it. Freya swallowed hard, feeling tears of Vergo nha burning eyes. If you wanted to maintain any shred of self-respect would have to agree to go to dinner with him so that there was no attempt at persuasion. - It was nice of you wizard bother - Freya said, staring at him carefully. - And knowing how she must be feeling right now, I agree to go in her place. - Grabbing the box, he headed for the door with a straight back as he heard his comment. - I did not expect so easy to give in, cherie. Too bad - Zac said with

regret. - I was looking forward to

persuade her to change her mind.

HOURS LATER, Freya studied her reflection in the spe him. The dress that Zac's secretary had chosen was a long black coated income, with spaghetti straps and a plunging neckline that left Freya very con try. Seriously considered the possibility to change clothes to see how her breasts were exposed, but Zac challenge was not a good idea. If you try to persuade her to certainly win. So he held the hair on her head and put on salt sandals to high. Already ready, he went out to meet Zac, his pulse speeding before the undisguised desire to shine in his eyes. I felt a sense of triumph to know that was not the only person suffering from sexual frustration. Zac wanted, but struggled to control

the urge. Know that a strengthened, so instead of walking timi alia, crossed the room with confidence, aware that Zac's eyes were fixed on the curve of her breasts. It was stunning in his black tuxedo, the ca misa white contrasting with dark skin. Shot back the look of Zac, whose faces were slightly

stained. The atmosphere in the room vibrated voltage and, for a moment, Freya wondered how he would react if to kiss him with all the desire trying to hide right now. Of course not do such a thing. It was not as Stupid of and in addition, a kiss would not be enough for them. What Freya really wanted

was to feel Zac within to take her to the ecstasy

happen again, he reminded firmly. It was torn from his erotic fantasies by a polite voice stating that they had to go, but Freya felt appreciative look of Zac as he would vador for parking. The short distance to the hotel where they would find the American customer was done in complete silence, but getting there, Zac exercised his usual charisma to take it to the bar and present it to Chester Warren and his wife. Freya concentrated on gossiping with Carolyn Warren, with which immediately identified himself to find that he was born in a village in Hampshire, pou cos kilometers away from his hometown. After a drink at the hotel, went to the magnificent Salle Garnier Opera House, where

And that would never

Bale Company's presentation Monte Carlo was really bad cal, and returned to the hotel for dinner.

- And then, Freya, like living in Monaco? - Chester Warren asked

when finished co mer. - Carolyn told me that they are from the same part

of England

said merrily. Freya looked at the dance floor, where Carolyn Warren danced with



friend, came to spend a few days with my daughter. Just come home - Freya added, wondering why the idea causes him va a tightening in the

stomach. I would be happy to resume his life, she said to herself. Not belong billionaires environment and had no place in the life of Zac. The bleak tone made Chester look at Freya with undisguised curiosity.

as charming as

his father, ruthless and just the same extent in the boardroom - said admiringly air. - I remember when Charles died two years ago, some

members of Deverell's board did not believe that Zac would correspond

you know, fast

cars, many women. - Chester laughed.

to the position of president. It was seen as a playboy

a quaint little town, though never remember her name -

- I love Monaco - answered - but not live here. I'm just

- People, uh - he said. - Well, Zac is a good man

- But by own merit, he worked hard to prove that deserved to be the

father successor, even shakes of the death of Charles. Now, of course,

the profits are high and Zac Deverell has full support of the board, but say they still work for hours on end.

- Chester winked at Freya. - Maybe Zac need a wife, even if he does

not show any inclination for marriage. I bet that only a mu lher very

special could convince him.

- She would need to have the patience of a saint - Freya agreed,

ignoring for feeling a heavy heart at the thought Zac married.

- Now, cherie, make me look like an ogre. - A lively voice was

heard on the Freya, who turned his head quickly, the eyes meeting Zac. -

I'm not so unbearable, am I? With blushing faces, Freya gave a meaningful look. But to his

displeasure, Zac just gave one of his devastating smiles and pulled Freya dancing.

- It seems I need to show my more endearing side - he murmured,

leading her around the dance floor.

- Forget - Freya replied. - I know exactly who you are, Zac, his

charm does not affect me. - She tried to pull away, but his arms tightened her waist, leaving her stunned to feel the hard evi dence of his excitement.

- You disappoint me, ma petite, especially in no doubt of what is causing me Asora - Zac scoffed, pulling her to him.

- You are hateful - Freya hissed, trying to ig nore the heat that invaded. Zac guided her around the dance floor, every movement

promoting greater contact of his aroused body with hers. Desperate, Freya closed her eyes to not see the fire in his eyes, but the sensations Zac made her only increased. He winced as his hand came down over her back, making circular motions just above her buttocks. Freya missed the step and grabbed him, the music fading in the recesses of his mind. Nothing existed but Zac. Without the barrier of clothes, he could sink into her body, she thought dreamily. The image of Zac doing just that emerged so sharply in his mind that to his great shock, Freya felt little spasms of pleasure radiating through her body. Zac felt tense, but could not help the climax. When shivered uncontrollably, Zac cap turou your amazed groan with a kiss.

It was over and reality has invaded your mind, bringing music and voices on the dance floor. Oh, God, what I had done? Does anyone had seen? It would be possible to achieve an orgasm without even being touched intimately? Dying of shame, Freya could not bear to look at Zac, but his eyes seemed to be attracted by a magnetic force. The ros to him was a mask, his eyes glowed a sensuous promise. In desperation, Freya challenged silent mind to make any comment. Then Zac's lips curved in a mocking smile. - You hungry, cherie - said voice arras tada. - If I had known, I would have followed my instincts when I saw her in that dress and canceled dinner.

Freya swallowed the answer as she was led back to the table, aware that he was not in a position to say anything after having behaved so abominably. To her relief, no one around seemed to notice his little show, but Zac would never let her forget that moment of weakness, he thought amid a wave of panic. He knew he could do whatever he wanted with her. But it would resist before Zac destroy your self-esteem beyond repair.


ALREADY was almost midnight when they departed from Chester and Carotyn Warren and returned to cobertu ra. Freya wanted to be tired, but he was supple ly awake and full of energy. Those few moments of madness on the dancefloor inflates had mated his senses and left her eager body for complete satisfaction But that did not happen. I intended to go straight to the room as soon as they entered the apartment, but Laurent received them with a tray of coffee and petit fours prepared especially for when they returned.

- I'd like to go to sleep - Freya murmured to Zac as they followed

into the room in Butler company.

- And disappoint Laurent? - He raised his sobran celhas. - You're a brave woman. Suppressing a growl, Freya smiled and accepted a cup of

cappuccino. The last thing you nee sava at the time was the caffeine stimulus, he thought as he watched Zac empty your cup in just two sips before going to the bar to make use of brandy.

- Want a drink to accompany the coffee?

- No, thank you - was quick to respond. I needed something that

entorpecesse the next 12 hours and spare disturbing fantasies with Zac.

As much as getting drunk was tempting, consi held that had already

embarrassed enough in for that night for a lifetime. He stirred his coffee and looked at Zac, who was standing in already looking her into the darkness.

- When your father died? - Freya asked quietly, remembering the

conversation with Chester Warren. - Chester said it was two years ago, which was when we met, but you never said anything and I had no idea how much he was suffering, Zac shrugged.

- My father died nine months before the co nhecermos, my suffering

was a personal matter that had no connection with our lists ment.

He sounded so cold that Freya shuddered. Zac man had divided his life into two parts, and it was clear that he had never thought that enable its entry marked "personal".

- she

paused, feeling helpless - help in some way. - How? I could not bring it back and I did not need help. I could handle my suffered ment. - Had not sought sympathy from anyone, Zac thought, he was determined to deal with his father's loss in their own way and follow your life. After the death of the twins, the mother had sinking of a deep depression that had lasted most of his adolescence. He had been shocked by the power of love and saw him as a destructive emotion that had devastated the lives of their parents. So we decided that would never surrender to their own emotions. When his father died, his mother was disconsolate and he found himself having to face her suffering once again. But the sweet Freya smile and his perfor baraçada sensuality were a nice counterpoint to the emotional turmoil of Yvette Deverell. I did not want to talk about pain

or loss at the time; I wanted to forget everything and enjoy his glorious


The Zac expression revealed that not well accepted meddling in an area of your life which had never spoken before, but Freya insisted,

- But if you had told me, I could have

I do not know

to discover that that body belonged nonexclusive mind to it.

determined to learn more about the man who still remained a stranger to her.

- Chester said you had to work hard to prove to the council that

Deverell deserved su give his father. It had explained why Prati cally

lived in the office, I would have understood.

- But just getting tired of waiting for me and was looking for sex

elsewhere - Zac gave a gar unpleasant antlers. - Mon Dieu, I met every night, but it was not enough, is not it, cherie. You were insatiable, wanted me morning, noon and night. As I gave him too little attention, he acted like a spoiled little girl. - Not so - Freya defended. - I just wish we had the normal life of a

couple, we spend semos the weekend together. But you came home at

midnight and took me to the bed as if I were a

you pleasure. - He put the cup down hard on the table, his body tense to

see Zac cross the room and stop in front of her.

- But you were just that - said savagely. - I kept her as his mistress

prostitute paid to give

and paid for all the luxuries she wanted in exchange for their services - The contempt in his eyes left enjo ada. Freya shook his head vivazmente.

- I never asked to buy me clothes or jewelry. I never asked for

anything, just a little of your time. I wanted you, Zac, not the things that

could give me - whispered.

Zac snorted and dropped up to her on the couch, imposes dindo it


- I know exactly what I wanted, and when he thought he was not

getting enough of me, slept with your affected artist.

- I did not sleep with Simon! - Pain and frustration ex plodiram

inside. He tried to slap him, but Zac you held hands and pulled her onto his lap.

- The bodyguard saw you - Zac said with a calm that alarmed her

even more than if you had GRI State. The look seemed relentless. Freya was shocked when he grabbed the straps of her dress tightly and rent. The dress runs gou instantly, leaving her breasts exposed.

When he tried to get loose, Zac laid her on the couch.

- Zac, not - Freya begged scared, feeling afraid of herself because it

was known unable to resist him. The wild attitude only increased her excitement and although they hated so felt the body corre ponder as his hands slid down her ribs before taking her breasts.

- Do not deny you want me, Freya - he warned. - Not after what

happened on the dance floor. I do not know how much would throw it on the nearest table and have her in front of everyone - growled the deep voice and thick accent while reliving the quick seconds at which Freya shuddered in his arms. The apparent confusion in her eyes had le vado

Zac to the limit and, since then, his erection was a fiery force that needed to slow down.

- It should not have happened - Freya mur walled, red-faced. - It was just a terribly embarrassing physical reaction. I did not go out with anyone des from which we separated. Even if I wanted, I have to take care of Aimee. But I have the same needs as anyone. - It seemed however that only Zac was able to meet those needs, she admitted silently. If I could get her to climax with only a dance, what chance would have if he decided to make love to her? But that did not seem to trouble; his hands gently molded her breasts and thumbs caressed her nipples insistently, pleasure becoming almost unbearable. It was dangerous territory, should run away, but a curious weakness seemed to have invaded arms and legs. I could do nothing but watch Zac lowered his head to lick one of the sensitive nozzles. Groaning, Freya tried to push him, but his fingers strayed to his shirt buttons, allowing appreciate the feeling of warm skin under his hands. For a long time not playing. Pei loved to strong and broad shoulders. He murmured their approval when Zac moved to the other breast and sucked her nipple into his mouth. The magnificent feeling that had arisen on the dance floor was now a clan chief to feel Zac within. He looked flushed face and mumbled something before claiming her mouth in a pure possession kiss, pulling a reaction that Freya could not avoid. A shiver ran through Zac, who tore his mouth to pull the dress over her hips. I loved watching the thoughtless reactions of Freya and

held his gaze to lower her panties and separate the thighs with deliberate purpose. The eyes of Freya acquired the color of rough seas. Then she let out a little murmur of protest when Zac ran a hand through his blond hair and filled her with his fingers. Freya held her breath, torn between the desire to continue with that Zac intimate caress and the dictates of his pride, they were told to stop this madness before it was too late. But Zac was a master of seduction and his skilled fingers continu avam to move inside her, his thumb massaging the clitoris with delicate precision, increasing her arousal until it squirm uneasily and tried to control the delicious spasms that threatened to undermine it .

- His eyes were fixed on the Freya's face and there was

something erotic in the way he watched as she offered her pleasure. She

would die of shame the next day, but his fingers mo found themselves even faster, a sensuous movement. With a groan, Freya threw his head back, wave after wave of an incredible feeling breaking through her body. Only then Zac lowered his head again to capture her mouth in a

slow, intoxicating kiss, his tongue pushing through his lips and repeating the movements that his fingers had done seconds before.

- Zac

- Say, cherie, I am the only man who leaves so or anyone serves

when despairs of

the moment and Freya tensed. The Zac opinion had not changed. The

Brooks, for example? - His mocking voice destroyed

desire waned. When Zac reached into his pants zipper, Freya was deeply distressed.

- No - she pleaded, her eyes wide in her pale face. - I can not stand.

Got what he wanted, Zac, we both know that I am unable to re sist you.

But if you love me tonight, I think will hate yourself as much as you

hate me. For countless minutes Zac tried to ignore it. He had never desired a woman as he wanted, he had never been at the mercy of a craving that caused such distress. But the brightness of tears touched, even despised women who melts vam into tears whenever it suited them. Freya was not one of them admitted angry, and transparent vulnerability in his eyes sparked a hint of compassion that did not possess. Cursing furious, she pulled away from her.

- Cover up and get out - muttered, playing dress for the Freya before

going to the bar. I knew the momen to where it stopped beside that hospital bed that she would be a problem, bring it to Monaco was crazy. But soon walk away from his life forever, he thought furiously to swallow the drink and pour himself another glass. When he turned to say that the Freya, she had already left.

FREYA LEANED over the crib and kissed the soft face of Aimee. The eyes were almost Fechan of and in seconds the girl was asleep, can output after an afternoon playing with Jean in the garden.

Jean had become a mother and daughter friend. Sen tiriam miss his affection when they returned to England, Freya reflected sadly. And that

day this va ever closer. It had been nearly a sema in that Zac had brought them to Monaco and the results of the paternity test soon come.

- I knew she would sleep fast - Jean sor said Ridente when Freya

slipped out of quar to. - She loves playing outside, but was very con trariada when I insisted that wore the hat.

- You are so jeitosa with it - Freya said with a smile. - I thought I

would have a tantrum because of the hat, but you managed to distract


Jean laughed.

- I have years of practice with children's tantrums, and Aimee is

very well-behaved. It's a lovely child. - She paused for a moment before adding, - What a beautiful dress. He is charming, Freya.

- Thank you. - Freya looked at the elegant ves had to used to be one

of his favorites when lived with Zac. The green silk crepe molded her curves and the color looked good in contrast to the light tan acquired while playing in the sun with Aimee. Zac was offering a dinner that night and you nha been brief to inform you that, as his assistant was still indisposed, need her as host. Freya waiting for dinner with the same enthusiasm as someone who would go to the slaughterhouse. Their relationship had improved since

the last confrontation, but only because Freya avoided him whenever possible.


he returned. His intuition told he was with some lover in Monaco. Zac had high Date Magnet sexual woodpecker and, though he respected his will that night, had no doubt that he had been frustrated. But there were many women who would love satisfaction zer the Zac needs. Freya spent the entire week awake at night while the thought with some beauty. Jealousy was excruciating emotion. Hated up all night because you're waiting to hear the key noise at the door, and hated even more when the dawn brought him the bitter conclu are that Zac had spent the night in the bed of another woman. Living under the same roof as Zac was destruin your self-respect. I did not know what he would do to find it had not been betrayed, but that did not matter anymore. Freya found in the room, admiring the spectacular view of the bay. Wearing a suit, he looked more fabu loso ever. When Zac turned, Freya noticed how white shirt emphasized the brown skin. - Freya. - Zac watched in silence for a moment, looking angry. - Mon Dieu! He had heart gem to wear this dress. I was trying to irritate me? If that was the intention, you got it. Frightened by this aggression, Freya shook his head.

It was not difficult; he always left early and returned tar and

- she

bit her lip to revive sad memories - when kicked me out. - Yes, but do not expect it to be parading in the dress she was wearing the night she tried to seduce me so I believe that a child who expect was my - he sneered.

He had even used that dress in the worst night of your life? Freya could only remember the accused Zac tions. That night I had arranged to please him, but after such a horrible outcome, rushed into the room to wear jeans before Zac to expel coverage horrible way.

- You told me to use one of the clothes that fi fell back when

- I did not try to seduce him - replied angrily.

- Non? - Zac gave a cruel laugh at ap proached up of Freya with

dignified grace of a panther on the prowl prey. - I remember I threw herself into my arms when I crossed the door. We were going out to dinner, but you hung up on me. I knew I could not resist, cherie, but if engag nou when he thought he could convince me your lies. Zac was so close Freya could feel the anger emanating from her

body. Passion and fury

Voices from the hall interrupted the climate of tension and Zac stepped away from her, whispering jungle-whining:

- My guests are here, it's too late for that change. But let me tell you, cherie, I'll be imagining you with Brooks where to look tonight. -

Deliberate cruelty in his voice made Freya try to retreat, but Zac

together were a volatile mix.

tightened one arm around her waist. - Why are not you using the armrest? - He asked sharp mind. - I thought I could get a few hours without it. - Laurent was coming down the hall guiding Invite Zac data and despite the broken heart, Freya put a smile on his face. - At least I am able to use the need to go and get it as an excuse to avoid his company. From that moment on, the night became an ordeal that Freya asked them to come to an end. Fortunately no one present at the dinner had known at the time lived with Zac, what saves va embarrassing explanations. The guests were tremendously sophisticated but friendly - embo too friendly ra in some cases, Freya thought when he saw Zac talking to a brunette atra one. Mimi Joubert had arrived alone, but familiarity with Zac, who seemed not return home that night. Freya grinned at the man beside her. Lucien Giraud also arrived unattended, probably by choice and not for lack of par. Beautiful and charming, had flirted descaradamen you with Freya throughout dinner. Fearing stop rude cer, Freya struggled to respond kindly, but every laugh disguised the unhappiness he felt whenever Zac laid eyes on her. The expression of contempt reminded that Zac visualized with Simon Brooks. We have reached the limit at midnight. Was running out of patience with the unsubtle attempts to Lucien put his hand on her thigh - the man

had an ego the size of Everest - and stared angrily quan he's glued his mouth to her ear.

- So, Freya, what it takes to convince her to have dinner with me? -

He whispered seductively, clearly convinced that would take her to bed

in minimum time.

- More than you can imagine - Freya replied, ten ing move away

over on the couch when he saw the fixed Lucien look on his neck. - I beg your pardon - said to shake the hand-silly and get up. - My arm is starting to hurt and I need to take my painkillers. It was a pleasure to meet you - lied, en golindo an impatient growl when Lucien got up and held his hand.

- It was a pleasure for me too, Freya - he said, taking her hand to her

mouth in a flourish that caught the attention of everyone in the room. - I hope we meet again.

if he could help, Freya swore silently to repeat

the excuse for the other guests and retire to the room, aware of Zac look glaring behind him. As the host, should remain until the departure of the last guest, but seeing him smiling and flirting with Miss. Joubert was agony could not bear more.

Not in this lifetime

DESPITE feeling tired, Freya, after two hours wallowing between the sheets, decided to take some milk. I had heard the guests leaving shortly after leaving the room, but the light that came under the Zac's door and

the voice of veiled woman stopped her halfway down the hall. The image of Zac and the beautiful Mimi Joubert together made her so unhappy that staggered into the kitchen like he'd been punched in the stomach. Oh God! Why does it hurt her so much? What would cry like a baby

as she poured the milk in a pan and lit the fire. Of course Zac would have a mistress. Probably a whole row of Belda des sophisticated must

have passed through his bed the last two years

making love to another woman at the time was more than he could bear.

He dried his wet face with a paper towel. I should stop being so

pathetic. Had dealt with rejection all his life

He should be used to it by

but know that Zac was

now, she thought as she relived her childhood when trying to win the love of the grandmother. But Grandma Joyce loved her as much as her mother, and Zac had ever had which wants to pretend to love her. It was your fault have given her heart to him, should not be surprising that treated her with so little case.

It was late when he heard the warm milk espuman of. With a cry, Freya grabbed the handle of the pan en as the burning smell filled the kitchen and, to his horror, the fire alarm was activated.

- What are you doing? I thought you were in bed.

- I could not sleep. - Freya looked away from the angry face of Zac

and poured cold water on the ruined pot as he turned off the alarm. His hair was messy and evil robe closed as if he had jumped out of bed. Zac

looked indecently sexy and know that he was naked under the black silk was the heart of Freya beat wildly.

- There is no reason to wake up the rest of the house - he said,

narrowing his eyes to notice the marks of Lagri but on her face.

did not want to disturb you - Freya mumbled unhappy,

wondering Zac in the arms of Mimi. - I think I can save the pan with a good scrubbing.

- Put that down. - Zac grabbed a pot filled with foam and furious

with him, Freya took it back.

- I got it. Go back to bed. Do not let Miss. Joubert waiting - Freya

hissed, taking a fright when Zac took his hand pot and pulled her to face


- What? - The tone was deceptively calm, but the angry glint in his eyes announced that Zac ti nha reached the limit of patience.

I know she's with you - Freya murmured in agony

prevented from moving away from him for the kitchen counter. - I do

not mind - he added, fearing seem someone jealous. His face turned red as Zac watched speculatively, as if he could see inside his head. - We are free, you can sleep with whoever you want.

- Merci, chérie - he joked - but I have no intention of sleeping with a woman who met or tro day comes to business. - Zac paused for a moment, then whispered: - But for his acts ment with Lucien Giraud makes it clear that is not tied to this kind of moral convention.

- I'm sorry

- Miss. Joubert

- What do you mean exactly?

- He was offering to him - Zac growled, his face contorted in disgust. - Barely recovers rou of injuries and ran to try to seduce another rich lover. You may already be preparing for the re sult of DNA testing - mocked - and want to sell to Giraud financial security in exchange.

The insult did Freya deliver a slap on his face. He stared in horror at Zac by some if onds, then closed her eyes as she felt a wave of shame. Deplored physical violence, but as Zac dared insinuate that it was not better than a prostitu ta? The fury in his eyes indicated that he had crossed the line. Freya shot down the hall, but only you nha taken a few steps when she was grabbed.

- Take your hands off me! - Freya undermines breast Zac and was

astonished when he saw that she was dragged to his room. - If you think I'll take a program to three're wrong! - Burning with shame, he closed his eyes as he walked through the door and Co leased on the bed. There could be worse humiliation?

I was convinced that Zac and his beautiful companion were laughing at her. But when raised his eyelids, Zac was only looking at her - the primitive need and holds implacable tion in those eyes caused him a shiver down your spine.


- I am a patient man - Zac said without any regard for the truth - but already assume tei more than I could. Paralyzed in bed, Freya saw when he used the remote to turn off the television before le var hands the robe's belt.

- I was wrong about the Miss. Joubert, I'm sorry - hastened to say.

Freya watched wide-eyed, blood running through the veins when Zac was naked in all its glory.

- Zac! - Freya swallowed, trying des Viar eyes of male perfection of

his body. The skin glowed made bronze and Freya ran his eyes over the

defined muscles of the abdomen, following the ca Corn dark hair that

went down to her thighs. He was thrilled

mind won the torpor in the mind of Freya. - What are you doing? - Taking what he was offering to Lucien Giraud - he replied,

frustrating the attempt to escape while holding Freya the mattress easily.

- There was offering me. - Tears came up ram in her eyes, but her

body recognized in Zac your soul mate and burned, leaving her weak with desire. - Zac, do not want it. - Shook his head from side to side, breathing hard.

and the end erection vision

- Liar. - The supreme self-confidence Zac was mortifying, but when

he caught her chee xo, Freya shook with anxiety and opened her lips to

accept the mastery of his kiss. The bold invasion of the tongue should let her love drontada, but he was drowning in sensations, its sen taken awakened by powerful male

ardor. After years away from it, it was impossible to resist. With a groan, Freya took arms to Zac's neck ado rando the feel of the silky hair in her fingers. Realizing the surrender, Zac decreased some of the pressure of the lips, making kissing a sensual evocation that led to tears. He was everything to her, the only man she had loved, but Freya not sig nificava nothing to him. Destroyed his pride accept that, despite being hated,

wanted to make love with Zac one last time

a memory in which ape

Garia in the empty years that would have to go. Zac lips down her throat, the fingers pu xando peach silk negligee ties to expose the delicate breasts to his hungry gaze. Eyes Dark receram

to skim the thumb by a nipple and see the pupils dilate Freya.

- I love the way you react to me, cherie - Zac whispered hoarsely. -

There is no pretended ments with you, right? It's the sexiest woman I've ever met, I could never rip you off of my blood. Freya tensed, sure Zac mocked her, but as he waited for more than his sarcasm, the feeling of the tongue tracing circles around the areola and made her shiver with anticipation. He followed slowly toward the

center to the mouth close around the nipple. Freya arched and clung to Zac's shoulders, who continued to tease her. When she thought she could not bear more, he transferred his mouth to the other breast and caressed by Freya feel three red mule anxiety. - You want me, Freya, and I can no longer lu tar against my wish - Zac muttered while pulling the negligee and follow the movement with

kissing the soft skin from the stomach to the satin

triangulozinho Peach hide his femi nilidade. It was purely physical, Zac assured himself, his senses are sharpened when he realized the subtle scent of female arousal. The attraction between them had always been explosive and, even though Freya was a liar, could not resist. The skin was like silk under her fingers and she was so with placenta which had to master not take it with primitive passion. Sighing, Zac struggled to control their hormô domains as his fingers invaded the ren edge of her panties. Away the material before

your mouth

downloading his head and stroking his tongue delicate feminine folds, stoking Freya to moan and lift the hips to allow greater access. Freya knew she should stop him, but his arms and legs felt heavy and her whole body was burning desire. The intrusive tongue seemed determined to des truir self-control. Freya gasped, part relief, part disappointment when suddenly Zac looked up.

- You can not do that - she whispered, shaken by the glare of contempt in his eyes to remove the panty with quick efficiency. - You think I'm a traitor, a liar - recalled, his eyes widening when Zac took a condom from the bedside drawer. He put the condom easily and the heart of Freya shot when Zac pulled the PEMAS and put him on it. - How can fa zer love with a woman who despises? - Cries mingou, shaking with grief and desire to feel it inside. He made a last desperate attempt to stop him to punch him in the shoulders, but Zac grabbed her wrists and forced her arms over her head. - Unfortunately, it is not the only to suffer an embarrassing physical reaction - he sneered, remembering the excuse that Freya had used to explain its climax on the dance floor. - My brain tells you no good, but

just hungry - he said as he used one

my body is not so demanding

hand to lift it and effected a deep thrust that made Freya gasp in amazement with his potent force. It was time that was not sex, but the hands and Zac's lips had brought to the peak of excitement, and Freya received gladly the hard member that len ly to fulfill. When your muscles ADJUST Taram around him, Zac groaned satisfaction, stepped back and returned to invest again and again, dictating a pace that she soon followed. Each hard thrust made Freya ever closer to the edge, causing it to lose any sense of time and place to the masculine scent clouding his


senses. The only sounds he heard were his pro selves shaky asking that Zac was even faster.

- I will hurt you - Zac murmured against the pes scratch it.

- Do not go - Freya secured hoarsely to arch her hips in mute appeal

for Zac gave xasse self-control and take her to the pri force mitiva which

knew he was capable of. - I want you, Zac

sentence was cut short by a ferocious and addictive kiss that tore all of Freya's mind except the desperate desire to be satisfied. The shoulders and Zac's forehead was wet with sweat, his face tense. He was a skilled lover sa bia exactly how to provide pleasure, but the moment of seduction had passed and Zac felt possessed by the urge

to satisfy your hunger. Sliding his hands through his slender body of Freya, he grabbed her buttocks as he sank deeper into your body, clenching his jaw to feel the muscles contract around him.

I could feel the pleasure growing up, but when ima Ginou he could

no longer hold, Freya gave a cry and her whole body convulsed in climax. The sensual mixture of pain and pleasure of nails you air ranhando his back almost took Zac to the limit. He paused for a moment before the last attack, which destroyed his control and sent shock waves through your body - and then shivered through the power of his relief. Freya clung to sweaty body of Zac, aprecian of his weight while the last waves of pleasure esvaíam. Recriminations already formed in your

I want

- The rest of the

head ça, mocking his stupidity, but was deter nothing to ignore them for

a few minutes. Could sen tir Zac's heart beating, then closed his eyes to

feel his musky scent. Making love with him would head its list of errors

- his life seemed full of them - but not regret. Although Zac does not

trust her, Freya loved him and thought he always would. Finally, Zac rolled off her and lay down cos tas, the silence getting heavier by the second.

- I decided I want her back - Zac said emotionless voice - living as my lover as before. - He turned his head at work vesseiro, staring coldly Freya. - You done a drug in my veins, and even that despise, I am

addicted to you. I am willing to overlook his

If you stay, I'll take your daughter and take care of her as my own. But if you look at another man the way I looked at Lucien Giraud tonight, cherie, will not be respon level for my actions. Freya stared at him in silence for a few seconds while your brain assimilated words. Amargu ra, humiliation and anger made his blood run

cold. - If you ignore my indiscretion with Brooks is your way of saying

you forgive me for having sex with Simon, you're wasting your time - Freya said, her voice shaking. - Even at the risk of sounding re petitive, I

never slept with him or any other man

tightly. - How dare! How dare you speak to me in that tone? His

ever. - He pushed his chest

indiscretion with Brooks.

arrogance disgusts me

you disgust me.

Zac watched with clenched jaw, but Freya would not be intimidated. Pride had come salt it and go, even if it was late to keep self-respect, to try. Put on by the lingerie fits ça, ignoring the pain in the wrist. The pain in his heart was a thousand times worse. Up, desperate to escape before it collapsed before him. - I do not need anything from you, Zac, not even his arrogant assertion that ignores something that did not. But one day will come

I will never forgive you for

crawling to me, and listen to what I say treating me so.

FREYA WOKE UP with the sunlight seeping through the curtains. He

looked sleepily at the clock and a crease formed on his forehead

in the morning? He sat and moaned when closing the front of the jersey, blushing at the memory as Zac stripped the night before to take it with a ferocity that made her excitement reaches a fevered degree. How could I have been so stupid? Each passing day there only


served to Zac to leave even more vulnerable. I knew I had to leave before the damage to his heart were irreparable. A knock on the door announced the arrival of the maid.

- Oh, you're awake - Elise said with a smile so. - You want me to serve you breakfast in the morning in bed?

- No, thank you, Elise. - Freya rose. - Where is my daughter?

- Is the pool with Monsieur Deverell.

Freya stopped the bathroom of the way and looked confu sa for the maid.

- Zac took Aimee to swim? - He asked, his voice sounding sharp. To

his chagrin, Aimee had loped instant fascination with Zac, who comes

va a little girl with a patience that no demons hangs by anyone else

Elise nodded. - Madame Lewis is with them. Monsieur Deverell said you had a restless night, which gave xássemos sleep - Elise said innocently. - Di king him awake. He wants to talk to you once you are dressed. Freya chuckled as he fired into the ba neer. After the fastest shower of his life, Freya wore a combination of skirt and blouse appropriate travel, even if his wrist still prevent co leasing a bra. He gathered the few belongings and went to the baby room, where he found the den of Aimee clothing tro the bag for them to leave immediately. Hopefully Zac would still be in the garden, he thought as he ran for the office and rummaged through the desk in search of passports. One thing was certain, after the humiliating surrender in bed could not risk to continue in Monaco for one more night.

- Looking for something? - The voice made Freya raise his head and

walk away ashamed Bible Scripture vaninha. - Passports - Freya said, swallowing hard to see him khakis and cream shirt aber ta collar, revealing his tanned neck. - Aimee and I are

leaving. Not here continue being subjected to their accusations - snapped. Freya's heart jumped in his chest when he saw the door being locked. When Zac came around the desk, Freya pulled away and answered the request to sit. Zac watched her for a moment, but his eyes did not regard hers directly.

- I owe you an apology - he said brusquely.

Surprised, she looked at him as if he doubted whether or avid correctly. It was the first time we acted so with Freya, which indicated that it was really ment to have made love to her.

- Okay - Freya murmured, gazed into her lap. - Also I am not proud of my behavior. We let ourselves go, but is ob vio which is an experience that none of us want to repeat Zac raised his eyebrows.

- Do not apologize for last night, cherie

- Zac murmured, eyes shining with Fun to. - It was an amazing experience I have every intention of repeating. You also like - acrescen tou before Freya could do any comen tary - then do not play the martyr with me because you're a wildcat in bed and scratches on my back prove it.

- Oh! - Red, Freya wanted to be swallowed by a hole. Wanted above all pull that smug smile off his face.

- Gross only regret being with you - Zac continued, his voice hoarse charged accent.

- As you say, let me carry my ur gency. I hurt you, ma petitel.

The words evoked in his mind Freya pro would put image begging for him to be more im petuoso. Zac repentance was nothing stopped her.

- No - she replied with a muffled voice - do not hurt me. But what happened last night was a mistake which I regret bitterly.

Freya passed a trembling hand through his hair, forcing herself to look at him.

- If it was not

In response, Zac took a paper in the drawer and held it out to her.

so then why are you apologizing?

Freya's heart stopped beating for a few seconds before shooting

altogether. I knew it was the result of the paternity test, so Zac stared without opening the document.

- I know what it says. And now you also know. Freya searched his

face for some sign to indicate how it felt to know that Aimee was his daughter, but his expression was empty. Of via be a moment of triumph for her, but he was empty inside. Had fantasized in the lat two years I one day discover Zac be the father of Aimee and apologize for the way the tra tara before taking her in his arms and beg for them to live together as a family - a real happy ending. But the taciturn face destroyed their dreams and the Standing quena seed of hope that carried the heart died.

- Damn, Zac - Freya exploded when you lêncio became intolerable.

- No need to look so horrified. I do not want a penny of your money. All

I ever wanted was for Aimee had a father who loved her and protect her,

but of course this will not be you. But I can do this. I'll be mother and father and I will take her home now. - She stared fu riosa, a chill running

down the spine when Zac got up to get around on the desk.

- No, cherie - he said, his eyes narrowing when Freya pulled away

from him with a start. Zac could see the confusion in her eyes and felt a pang of remorse. But when he won the space between them, noticed the pulse at base of neck and felt cer ta satisfaction. Sexual alchemy was a potent force that enslaved, whatever Freya resented it. There was no reason to deny that he was deeply shocked mind with the test results. Aimee was his daughter, a Deverell who, like him, could be a carrier of the gene that caused the death of their little sisters. His only relief was Aimee already be 18 months and not run more risk of developing the disease, which often caused death before the babies

completing one year of age. Figuring it was father was something for which no es tava prepared, but he was protective of Aimee since Joyce Addison had left in his care.

I had no doubt that love her in conditionally for life. It was a lovely child and, having lost the first 18 months of his life, not lose one more day. His feelings toward Freya were more complicated. On the rare occasions when she him vie ra to mind those two years, always despised

the image to remember who she really was. But the reunion forced him to accept that his desire for her was as fierce as before. I had made love with Freya last night because he could no longer resist, but now would not have to worry about. She had not lied, was the mother of his daughter, and wanted him with the same urgency. All he had to do was persuade her to reoccupy his bed.

- Looks like it's one of the rare cases of vasectomy reversal, but now

I know that Aimee is my daughter and I have accepted responsibility for


- No, no. - Freya shook his head vivazmente, hating the fact Zac feel

any duty by Aimee. The grandmother had tolerated their presence by sin so of duty but would do everything to prevent the daughter felt the same indifference she felt as a child. - We exempt from all responsibility. What meant to do, Zac? Soothe your conscience with regular remittances or send a car as birthday once a year? - She asked sarcastically. - The design of Aimee happen! sky by accident was not

your fault, there's no reason to have any obligation for us.

- It's not a matter of obligation - Zac said. - I want to take an active

role in the life of my daughter. - A steely determination in his voice sounded.

- Zac said when Freya interrupted.

- Whether the right to make visits? Think, Zac. A child is for life,

not someone who exists only at Christmas - Freya warned. - What happens when you get tired ha novelty of being a father? I remember I

was excited when my mother promised to visit me, and disappointed in me whenever she not apa REECE. I will not let you do that with Aimee.

- Not so - he said angrily. - Ai mee is my daughter, a Deverell. I want her to live here in Monaco.

- But how? - Freya asked, his mind confu sa - Even if I get my

degree, I have no fluency in French to get a job that allows me to pay rent or buy a house here. The Aimee home is England, and is where the

le varei. If your father is intended to be serious, you will be able to visit it whenever you want.

- I was not suggesting we live in houses are standing and exchange

our daughter's hands made a package. A child needs parents together and

I want you and Aimee will live here with me.

For twenty whole seconds, Freya experienced an immense joy quickly replaced by the feeling that his heart was collapsing. Of course I

wanted Freya return to live with him

Aimee laughed in England. I was still surprised by the statement that

Zac wanted to be an interested parent. Aimee undoubtedly would benefit from the presence of both, but that role herself would have in the life of Zac?

If more convenient to visit

- This does not ruin his reputation? - Freya Ask Me tou sarcastic. -

You can not maintain its reputation as the most eligible bachelor with an

ex-lover and a baby in tow. The slow, sensual smile made Freya shudder.

- It's not a former lover since last night, right? - He whispered, his breath warm reaching or avid Freya. Then he realized that Zac was too close; I could feel the warmth of her body and sexual energy waves emanating from him. Freya receded, but Zac enla çou the waist and dragged her for you.

- You know how it was between us, Freya. Do not deny it - he

accused when Freya started to protest. - Our passion was explosive,


- No. - Freya gave an inarticulate sound to see the head of Zac

leaning. At any segun of his lips would meet, and she was lost in a burning longing that only Zac could cause. Outrage struggled against lust and won by sea little gem. - Do you really think that just snap your

fingers for me to fall into your arms? - He asked, shamefully aware of having done so in the evening an terior. - Yesterday I was a little woman with predi lection by wealthy lovers

- That was before I knew the truth - Zac interrupted sharply. - Now I

know that was er rado and am willing to admit that he did not sleep with Brooks.

- How kind of you - Freya murmured love gured - but it's too late,

quan 's

needed you. On the contrary, I almost des truiu with their distrust and, to

be frank, would not return to even if you were the last man on the planet.

Zac. It's a shame you have not believed me two years ago

The smile disarmed, preventing Freya notice the battle gleam in Zac's eyes.

- We will see, is not it? - She whispered, squeezing it on your arm until the Freya's face was pasted on his chest.

gross. - Freya forced the pu bours on his

shoulders, but Zac ignored the punches and ran his free hand through her hair, lifting her face. How could fight him if that was the only place that wanted to stay? Clinging to the remains of his pride, he tried to turn his head, but Zac held his chin fingers before he re cried his lips in a kiss that swept any attempt to resist his mind. Freya felt the sweet sensation of desire flooded his veins. He puts his hands on Zac's chest, feeling the erratic beating of her heart.

- Last night was a mistake. We can not sim ply resume where we

left off two years ago - Freya protest when Zac decreased the pressure of the kiss. - A lot has happened, Zac. You too hurt me - he whispered to relive the agony of rejection and the countless nights crying yourself to

sleep. I was frightened by his own weakness. Zac must have been congratulating for winning their resis tance with just a kiss, but when he saw the undisguised hunger in his eyes, he felt jubilant. He also felt that pagan dictum, to them inun gave the veins to let them aware only of the urge to surrender his soul to passion.

- Then let me make amends - he murmured against her neck. - Let

me remind you how good it was when we were together, as can be good

- Let go of me, you

again. We always communicated better without words, cherie, - Zac shook Freya's buttocks, pulling her until her pelvis was in touch di straight with the growing strength of your erection. Zac took her lips with primitive passion, le vando her to a state of

feverish anxiety. Freya burned by him and nothing else mattered

the past with all the pain I felt, nor the future with all in certainties. Freya wanted now, the only man she had loved. When Zac lifted her arms, she clung to him and his fingers began to open his shirt to reve home dark hair that covered his chest. Zac threw away everything that was in escriva nest and laid her on top, covering the body of Freya with her. She took off her blouse, hoarsely mur Walling satisfied by the absence of bra. He bowed his head and captured one of the pink nipples with his lips. The effect was electric in Freya, who arched his back in a provocative offering the breasts, the bi hard cos begging for his touch. It was crazy, but both had been caught by a fire that soon would consume in flames. An almost violent gesture, Zac lifted the hem of her skirt before sliding his hand over sensitive skin of the thighs. - Zac. - Freya lifted her hips so he pulled her panties before opening her legs with deliberation. Zac rang and Freya launched against his hand, groaning as nimble fingers began to exploit it effectively to intensifying your pleasure. He observed a male hand go to the zipper of his pants, eager for Zac to hurry before she died of desire to feel it inside.


- See, Freya, some things never change - he muttered when placed

on her, supporting his weight on his elbows so that your penis advances closely Casse in the afflicted body. Freya lifted buttocks, but his words had already invaded the men you Freya, who put his hands on Zac's shoulder to stop him.

The satisfaction in his voice was that she capitulates 's so easy again? That was a conclusion air rogante that nothing had changed, that

was still a slave to his touch? Freya closed her eyes, sentin of up sick.

How could you be so stupid? Zac had not changed

just believed it did

not have an affair with Simon Brooks because DNA testing had pro vado that Aimee was his daughter.

- You're wrong, Zac - Freya whispered fierce mind. - I changed. I

am no longer the pathetic and passionate girl of old. You abandoned me when I needed, I had to grow up fast. I will not let it destroy me again - muttered, pulling his eyes as he tried to control the color po begging him to accept full ownership. But it seemed too late. Zac's body was

ready to take it, even if it deep breath to keep track. A knock on the door broke the tension of the moment.

- Madame Deverell has arrived and is waiting in the room - the imperturbable voice Laurent announced. Hysterical laughter escaped from Freya's throat.

- Madame? You have a wife?

- Zac

replied ironic to take the cami sa, muttering some blasphemy. - But

imagi nar I am married and shows the opinion that have me, cherie.

- It was the opinion I formed while struggling to create our daughter

- Freya snapped. Embarrassed, bai xou skirt and bounced to replace the

underwear, praying that Zac's mother did not enter. He had suffered enough humiliation for life - many of them autoinduzidas concluded

sadly. But one thing was certain: not trust herself one more day. Zac to explain to his mother why his elegant penthouse was filled with toys and teddies en as she fled with Aimee.

- I'll be talking to my mother while you get dressed - Zac said, the

unfathomable expression to evaluate her frumpy appearance and his face flushed. He seemed flawless obviously had no diffi culty in mastering his desire. Freya held back until Zac leave the office, then went to look for passports. A flight to England leave your savings in the end, he concluded angry, but had to leave. Ignoring the sound of voices in the room, she crossed the hall toward the nursery and took the bag with things Aimee. With luck, she would take her daughter in the garden and disappear before Zac realized. At the door, he looked around and saw Aimee favorite bunny inside the crib. He dropped the bag on the floor to catch the toy, is startling to hear the voice of Zac.

- Non, have a mother

who always comes at the right time

- Here you are

I thought I would know mi nha mother. - Zac

narrowed his eyes when he saw Freya was frightened by his presence.

- I

thought Aimee was here - apres am in reply, praying that he

does not note if the bag behind the door.

- It is with Jean in the room. My mother wants co acknowledges it.

- Never introduced me to his mother when I live lanai with you -

Freya murmured, remembering as was felt by Zac visit Yvette Deverell

without already more inviting her to join him. - Why the sudden urgency?

- The situation is different now - he snapped. - When you lived here,

my mother was devastated by the loss of my father. Had become reclusive, I was the only person she accepted view. Fortunately already much better now and is looking forward to meeting her. Freya saw that would have no choice, then hid the passports back and followed by Zac corridor. Po ever hear voices coming from the room: the calm tone of Jean and a voice thick accent mingled with gar

antlers Aimee.

- What a lovely little girl

How old is she?

- Eighteen months - Zac answered the question while driving Freya

the room, at which point Jean appro veitou to withdraw. - Maman, this is

Freya Addison, Aimee's mother.

- Mademoiselle Addison. - Yvette Deverell le vantou is reaching out

to manicured Freya. High and naturally elegant, wore a beautiful set of a

famous couture house. Freya was imme diately aware of the wrinkles in her skirt and cheap as it used to happen in childhood, was invaded by a

feeling of discomfort. Yvette evaluated with the so brancelhas arched in a significant silence.

- You have a lovely daughter - Yvette finally said.

Freya tensed when Zac wrapped by Cintu ra and pulled her close.

- Aimee is my daughter, maman - he revealed lime tremely. - You

have a granddaughter. Freya hoped Yvette stay shocked, but the horrified expression infuriated her.

- How can you be? - Yvette looked at the child, a confused look on

her face. - Are you sure? The comment was the last straw. His face arden of humiliation, Freya got rid of Zac's arm and grabbed the baby's hand. It was bad enough that Zac du vidasse of Aimee paternity, would not accept that his mother did the same.

- There was some discussion as to whether Aimee was the dairy or

butcher - Freya replied, his eyes throwing sparks as he saw the stunned expression of Yvette. - Zac is the biological father, but his involvement ends here. Do not worry, ma'am, I'm taking my daughter to England and assure you will never see us again.

- Zac! I do not understand! - Yvette pumping Déou son in rapid French as Freya guide to the door, pulling Aimee.

But Zac blocked the path, eyes fixed on the Freya's face.

- Let me out - Freya whispered voice with three red mule. - Aimee

does not belong to this place. His mother made that clear. She's my daughter and take you home.

- Zac, I want to tell what's going on - Yvette demanded.

- Calm down, maman - he ordered impacien you as she took Aimee

on her lap. Without giving Freya chance to react, he captured her chin and took her mouth in a kiss. - It was not a small sentendimento, but is solved - said calm mind, his fingers in Freya's mouth preventing her from speaking. - Freya thinks the daughter should grow into Mô loaf with family. From now on, she and Aimee will live here with me. There

is, cherie?


- DO NOT believe you said that to your mother! - Freya cried as she followed him into the bedroom. - I know we have to come to some

understanding to see Aimee often the Father of the Year Award - joked.

now that is deter swim to receive

- But I will not move here. I have my own life, you know? - He

commented, feeling angry for being ignored. He took a deep breath and looked at Zac furio sa, the brain barely registering what he unbuttoned his shirt. - What is the reason? Let me take Aimee home and swear never seek novamen you. I do not need you, Zac - Freya claimed saben than

was lying. I needed him as needed oxygen to breathe, but would not let

his daughter grow up feeling it was a hindrance in his father's life.

Aimee was becoming emotionally attached to Zac, and she could not


to see his daughter hurt by his indifference.


Do not think of the needs of Aimee? - Zac asked. Perceived the


of emotions in Freya's face and felt oddly frustrated. After making

misjudged her, Freya had every right to des trust his motives, but Zac did not like it.

- My mother was shocked to learn that has a granddaughter - tried to

explain the reaction of Yvette - O which is understandable because he knew I would never have children.

- You never wanted children - Freya pointed.

- Non, but I had reasons

- Fatherhood did not fit in his playboy lifestyle - Freya agreed. - Aimee is not an accessory that you can use and put aside when convenient. She deserves to be loved.

I love - Zac swore, a fiery tone in his voice. -

Can I get everything she needs. I'm sorry I lost the first 18 months of her

- And I love you

life more than you think, and not lose any day. Do not want to fight you,


I can go to court to keep her here. The color drained from Freya's face.

it is the mother and Aimee needs you. But you need me too and

- You're not serious.

- I never spoke so serious in life - Zac said. Freya nodded, feeling

that explode. Imagining that Zac would have minimal contact with her daughter, she could not conceive that he started a battle for custody of her. A battle which would be winner, concluded bitterly. He could hire the best lawyer who argue that Aimee would not lack anything in their care.

What she could offer to her daughter? Thought of the life he led in

England in their daily struggle to man have jobs and caring for Aimee. There was no doubt that her daughter would have a better life in Monaco.

- I understand wanting to be next to Aimee, I know that would be

good for her to rely on her father's presence. But what role do you expect me to have in your life? - His voice cracked when he finally realized that Zac was shirtless and now opened his pants.

- I thought that was obvious - Zac murmured, eyes fixed on her face

flushed. - It will resume its place as my lover. We have proved that we were physical mind made for each other - continued, ignoring the outraged Freya growl. - The attraction between us is as explosive now as

before. I know that he had an affair with Brooks and I see no reason not to take her back to bed. - The pants slid to the floor and Zac came walking toward Freya. - Of course, our main concern will be to provide a safe and stable setting for Aimee, but availab tar a fantastic sex life would be a bonus, do not you, cherie? Despite furious with Zac presumption that she would accept gratefully the offer to attend his bed again, Freya could not avoid

looking at the evidence of his arousal jutting out against the black silk underwear.

- You are very arrogant, Zac - Freya Murmu rou, licking suddenly

dry lips. - Of course, by believing God's gift, it does not occur to you

that do not want to be his mistress. The idea is laughed dícula. We are completely incompatible. Zac! What are you doing? - Freya was stunned when he got rid of the last piece.

- I'll take a shower

I have not had a chance after I left the pool.

Come with me while we finish this fascinating conversation - he invited

sor with a malicious grin.

- You must be joking! - Freya said, but his words were drowned

when he lifted her in his arms and took her to the bathroom. - Zac, talk

What is the purpose? - Quan asked of him turned on the

shower and into the water with Freya, fully dressed and struggling to


to you later

- The purpose, my little wildcat - said, holding her hands to avoid

the rain of punches on his chest - is to prove that at least in cer tas areas

are completely compatible. - Zac claimed Freya mouth, kissing her into submission. Freya groaned in protest to no avail. The strong jet of water had

soaked his clothes and without sepa rar his lips from hers, Zac took off her blouse and skirt. Only then trailed his lips all the way from her neck to her breasts, using his tongue to play with the nipple until she felt the desire to swell between her legs. She clung to his shoulders when Zac knelt to pull her panties. The water ran down the dark body, making it more shining, the view of the head near the juncture of her thighs deixan of Freya in a frantic anxiety.

- Lift the leg - Zac whispered, her voice full of promise to push it

gently against the tiled wall, supporting her ankle on the shoulder. With

exposed Freya, he sank his tongue on the soft folds of her femininity. Freya gasped and dug her fingers into Zac's hair, that was exploring with an intimacy that was causing waves of pleasure increasingly intense.

- Freya begged, but he con tinued to massage the

clitoris with his tongue in quick and impetuous movements that led to the ecstatic limit. Freya and shivered amid the climax spasms, Zac lifted

her in his arms and ordered the enlaçasse with the thighs. Freya obeyed

- Please Zac

immediate mind, knowing only that his body wanted more, and fe chou eyes when Zac penetrated. He had been driven last night, but des sa time Zac was determined to prove he was their master. Freya grabbed the buttocks and sank in slow, rhythmic thrusts that made her arch the body as the pleasure

increased. She clung to him, totally enslaved by your domain until Zac finally met the ape them desperate and increased the pace. Freya threw back his head and tore up an orgasm that destroyed any notion she had of sexual ecstasy. Freya moaned his name and pressed her legs around him, but instead of seeking their own pleasure, Zac walked away abruptly and put her down, visibly struggling to maintain control. - Why? - Freya stared at him in a mixture of confusion and shame by remembering how corresponded to Zac shamelessly. He had proved again that she was at his mercy and knew Zac would use it in your favor. - I have condoms in the bathroom - it res ded simply, eyes scanning

In the future remember that like to have

his face flushed. - Failure my

sex outside the bedroom as well. - His eyes had an amused air to see how Freya seemed offended. Before she discuss, he took the soap and began to fondle her breasts in a circular motion. - Now I know that

vasectomy was reversed, do not want to risk a new design.

- Aimee may have been the result of an accident, but do not regret

having it generated - Freya resmun gou, feeling his body tremble when

the soap nete in Zac's hand reached her thighs and buttocks.

- Enough, I'm clean - announced mortified by your body crave more caresses. Should be a nymphomaniac, he thought disgusted, having never seemed to have enough of Zac.

- Be honest, Zac, never wanted children. Do not you laugh had a

vasectomy if he wanted. You can see Ai mee even after I take to England - Freya said while Zac wrapped in a towel and took her to the bedroom. - Do not want a child living permanently in this apartment. -

The was halted when he tossed unceremoniously on the bed. But to his

disappointment, Zac went to the closet to choose clean clothes rather than join her.

- Aimee is my daughter and belong here - Zac said wearing the

clothes with his usual grace. - You know from experience that the best

for a child is growing up in a stable environment in June to parents. So I allow their presence in E nha life again. He put on his jacket and walked to the bed with a smile so, admiring Freya start on silk sheets.

- I have to go to the office, but I'll be with ima gem of her luscious

naked body on my bed. It is the place where it belongs, cherie, always ready to please me. - Zac leaned over Freya and avoided which wants to

answer with an intense kiss. - You want me, Freya. As my lover, you may need me every night. Now be a good girl and stop arguing. Most women would be grateful for oportunida of living with a billionaire lover. Good girl! Livid with rage, Freya thought if I could kill him with pillow showers.

- To his misfortune, I am not like most mu lheres. If you think you

will agree to be a grateful and obedient lover, be disappointed - Freya said through his teeth. Zac was at the door, but turned with a smile so malicious.

I prefer a wayward lover - res ded. - It promises to be more


- Well

TWO WEEKS later, Freya was sitting by the pool, knowing that even the beautiful view aju would improve your mood. I had spent the morning seeing Aimee playing with his father in the pool, but Jane had taken the girl for a nap, leaving them alone. - You're hot? Come cool off in the pool - Zac asked, her eyes

shining with amusement when Freya refused. - I promise not to pull her underwater.

- His promises are worth nothing - it respon gave, looking away

from the body floating in the water. The skin was more tanned sun and Freya noticed a familiar feeling in the pit of the stomach when

Zac left the pool, water drops down the chest. When it came take a towel, Freya was sudden mind interested in the view of the bay. - Nearly drowned me the last time you invited me to swim with you - Freya accused, lem mild that scared, had grabbed the muscular chest as he was taken to the pool. - Do not trust me? - Zac smiled, not at all sorry, but Freya noticed a note of seriousness behind the playful tone. Will trusted him? Concerning the daughter, not du vidava Zac prioritize Aimee welfare. In the last two weeks he had shown a parent I State. Freya knew that between father and daughter was already a strong link too to be broken. Freya felt more trapped every day. I wanted the best for her daughter, and there was no doubt that Ai mee was happy here in Monaco, receiving Zac attention, nanny and other servants. Aimee was enjoying the family life that Freya had dreamed as a child, but Zac's mother was the biggest surprise of all. Yvette Deverell

seemed carried away by the granddaughter and grandmother was an End tremely loving. It made almost daily visits and Freya was still surprised to see the elegant lady sen tada the carpet pretending to have tea with Aimee and their teddy bears. The two had created a special bond that

but what

Freya would never dare destroy. Her daughter belong there about her?

Zac had said he wanted her there for the sake of Aimee, but never made other references to her as a lover. Probably I had concluded that there could be no future between them, thought slaughtered. Does not it nha made any attempt to take it to bed those two weeks, even though Freya not resist. Perhaps consider its unattractive anxiety, thought, embarrassed, or perhaps had tired of it. Whatever the reason, Zac always acted thoughtfully returning Day Job him, but he was still missing from his bed at night, leaving Freya confused and, to be honest, frustrated. He tried not to look Zac drying in the sun, aware of the fact that the short wet to shape those thighs and gave xar little to the imagination. Fortunately Zac would leave soon. It was Saturday, and remembered that he used pas sar the weekend working or distracting them with some

sport. But to his surprise, Zac sat beside her. Freya tensed immediately. It es tava too close and exalted his senses to support the arm over the back of his chair.

- What is it? - He asked, looking at the photo albums on the table.

- You said you would like to see some photos when Aimee was born

- she said, grateful for the pre text to depart. - My neighbor has the key

to my apartment, so I asked to send me those albums. Were taken with a disposable camera, the quality is not the best - Freya said apologetically while Zac flipped through in Quiet heat every little moment of the baby's development. - Aimee loves doing poses, do not you think? - She laughed, watching her daughter's picture on his first birthday.

- She's beautiful - Zac muttered, his accent acentu ado, looking at the photo of Aimee displaying orgulhosamen you your first tooth. He had lost so much, admitted to see Aimee newborn. Someone had taken a picture of Freya in the delivery room, smiling with his daughter in his arms despite the exhausted look.

Freya looked young and scared with the reality of being a single parent, but Zac felt admiration for no particular countenance. Her fragile appearance was deceptive; I respect that will. Freya had said he did not need it and if it were not for the accident, had no doubt it would Aimee a happy child alone. Now I knew it was his daughter Aimee, had ten State to reconcile with Freya suggesting that turns out to be lovers. Did you know that

most women would be delighted with this opportunity

typical, she had reacted as if he asked something extremely unpleasant,

Zac thought irritably. Es tava offering a luxurious life that most women

But as was


What else Freya wanted?

Zac wanted to set things right. Was impatient to take her to bed - just up the stop des in frustration. As Freya showed tan ta annoyance, he preferred to keep away as he waited for her to acknowledge that, at least on the physical level, were made for each other. I wanted a fiery woman in bed, not a small shrew resentful, but his efforts to charm it had failed so far. For a man used to getting what he

wanted imme diately, it was tremendously frustrating. She felt curiously tense and restless. And if it was time to mu give tactic? A loose picture fell off the album and Zac bent down to pick it up at the same time as Freya. Hands touched slightly and she mumbled something incoherent when Zac turned the photo and saw his own image. She must have taken the picture soon after coming to live with him, he imagined, looking speculatively at her cheeks flushed Freya. Why would have saved the picture?

- I did not know was there. I had forgotten it - Freya said to gather

the rest of the photos and reco Loca them on the album. - I'll play out. It

means nothing to me. - Freya reached for the photo, Rezan 's so he would not notice that the tips were squashed so much handling. It would be humiliating to discover that Zac was looking at your picture like a teenager in love. He gulped when he returned the picture, his gaze fixed on his face.

- We had good times, did not you, cherie?

- The sex was good, that's what I mean - she mur walled, struggling

at least

to sound nonchalant. It was easier when he considered a traitor could fool pretending that hated him.

- It was more than good. There were other women with whom could

have had sex - he replied simply, the tone implying that those women sw

res were far more experienced between the sheets, a virgin shy off a remote English village.

- Well, I imagine that your bed has not been empty long after they

kicked me out of it - Freya commented bitterly. - Annalise Dubois was

determined to grab it.

- Maybe. - Zac shrugged. - I admit never having lived as a monk.

But the most unforgettable sex of my life was with you, cherie. - He

leaned suddenly, trapping Freya to support hands on the armrests. Blue eyes sent a Girl sage she did not dare to decipher.

- Even when still despised her, I realized that the chemistry between

us is as strong as before. I know you feel it too. I saw how I notice when

you think I'm not looking - he said, look wired pending on the Freya as if she knew exactly what she thought. - You have very active imagination - she decla rou, blushing vivazmente. - Let me go. I want to see Aimee. It should already be awake now. - Freya tried to push him away, but groaned as she felt the

hot breath when Zac brushed his lips over hers. It was like being in paradise after two weeks. Zac had been respectful, as if she were a guest in their home, but instead of feeling quiet for no more awaken your interest, longed for Zac to take her in his arms.

He hated

himself for his weakness, but the caress of the tongue was sweetly seductive.

The Freya's lips parted spontaneously. I could not help

Zac's hands were still in his chair, his knuckles white with the effort made not to caress the skin lightly golden sun. Freya had hurt, and that he regretted, but it was a pragmatic man. The mistrust between them was past and saw no reason not to enjoy the passion that has always existed between them. But now was not the time, concluded with a growl, trying to keep hormones in check.

embo ra I think this is an excuse

to see her granddaughter - he said. - Better go get changed and put on one of Aimee clothes that Yvette bought. Zac turned away abruptly, leaving Freya with the impression of having been waived. It was obvious that Zac just wanted to agree to take Aimee to see grandmother, and kiss her into submission appeared to be the mé simpler all to get what they wanted. It was your fault be so pathetic when it came to it, re preendeu herself as she marched into the coverage, oblivious to the fact Zac have dipped in the pool and be swimming as if his life depended on it.

- My mother invited us to lunch


YVETTE Deverell still lived in La Maison des Fleurs, the beautiful village where Zac had spent Childhood cia. Freya received warmly and smiled delightedly when Aimee held out his arms, demanding to go to his lap.

- How is mon petit ange today? Come play with your mamiél -

Yvette talked with a big smile on his face. - Freya, Aimee is lovely in that dress - said as he led them to the land Ço where lunch would be served. - The boutique has a blue in the same model. I will buy it tomorrow. - That's very kind, but Aimee has many rou pas - Freya murmured, thinking of the numerous ves taken that Yvette had already bought, in addition to piles of toys and teddy bears that filled the room.

- But I love to buy things for her. - Yvette cooled smile, looking

worriedly at Freya. - My heart was so empty after my husband's death, but now my granddaughter filled the space Office. He may have acted rashly, leaving you resented my intrusion. But not post so stop loving

Aimee. Freya thought of the own childhood beside the grandmother and smiled at Yvette.

- I have no resentment for the affection you feel for Aimee - she

responded. He looked at the gra mated where Zac tickled daughter, whose joyful cries caused some apprehension in his heart. Would have the right to take Aimee to England, away from that beautiful place and

the people who love her vam? - I'm glad Aimee has a family. She is very happy here. Yvette glanced to inquiringly.

- And you, Freya? - He asked gently. - Es pero I'm happy too. I

never dare ask anything, but I know that things between you have not

been as they should. - He smiled and touched the hand of Freya. - I would love to be friends. Freya felt his heart warm and returned the sor laughter Yvette.

- I also - answered. I was happy for the opportunity to get closer to

Zac's mother, but there was no escaping the fact that I must have conver sa similar to him. I could not live indefinitely in Monaco as a guest, either accept them to live as lovers, but as Aimee take care of living in different countries? Lunch was a quiet moment in which Yvette Freya regaled with stories of Zac's childhood, insistin than his prowess had left the White hair cos ahead of time. It seemed that he enjoyed a happy childhood

beside loving parents. It was curio so that Yvette had no other children. Freya felt certain envy to think like Zac should have received all the attention of parents, growing up knowing that he was loved. I wanted Aimee grew up in the same happy environment.

- Now, ma petite - Yvette told Aimee for lunch - what do we do as

his pope takes his maman for boating? You want to play on the swing?

Aimee clapped her hands and jumped from Freya's lap. Es tava fascinated by the swing in the garden and accompanied her grandmother without looking back.

- I do not like leaving Aimee alone - Freya murmured, feeling a

twinge of sadness because her little girl seemed perfectly content even

away from it. - You can go see his boat; I'd rather stay here.

- Aimee will be well. My mother will not take her eyes for a second

- Zac said. - I thought you would like to relax a bit - explained persuasively. - It must have been exhausting to be solely responsible for Aimee, but now we share the responsibility, you may have a little rest.

- I Do not bother to take care of it - Freya air gumentou, refusing to admit that sometimes had felt overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising a child alone.

- I know, and did an excellent job, I doubt how much must have

been difficult. No longer alone, Freya, it's time to accept the fact. - Zac made a bre ve paused, then whispered: - We will also have a chance to

talk. I have a suggestion to make to you. Freya could not help but blush to remember the last su management

to divide the bed again. Did you think they would have better

chance of persua says it on the boat? As always, Zac did everything in his way, he concluded bitterly to be dragged to the car. Refusing to go

would be useless. It was a short ride to the marina and Freya was still


angry with atitu him arrogant, but as they followed the quay, relaxed breathing the sea air. Isis was striking out and really sun tuoso inside. Freya looked around the luxurious atmosphere and felt back in time. It was again the naive girl who had worked as bed reira before Zac to take her to bed.

Suppressing a sigh, followed by Zac deck and leaned con tra the rail while Isis slid toward the open sea. - He said he wanted to talk - Freya remembered when Zac stopped beside her. - We need to discuss the future of our lists ment now that agreed to live with me - Zac said in a tone that implied that he would dictate the re gras and expect them to be accepted. - The conversation will not be too long, since you do not we a relationship and do not intend to live with you permanently - Freya murmured, security of his breath as he smiled. - I need to think what to do with that his bold language - Zac threatened softly. Freya looked as if he could not take his eyes off her beautiful face. - I Never felt so alive as when I'm with you, cherie - admitted, looking vaguely surprised mind. Then he stole a kiss that left more confused than ever Freya. She loved this man and knew he loved

It would not be reason Sufi aware that sacrifice pride and


accept his suggestion? I could not sacrifice her need to be loved by a life of luxury and sex?

When Zac looked up, Freya felt Vergo nha in concluding that did not want to talk. I wanted him to take her to the cabin and make love

without having no choice but to ignore

all your questions. - We'll talk later - Zac announced the bri him in his blue eyes announcing that he knew exactly what caused it. - First we swim and sunbathe. We have the whole afternoon to re laxar. Relax! With that sexy gleam in his eye? That seemed unlikely, Freya thought in panic. - I did not bring a bathing suit - en muttered as he was guided to the deckchairs stowed on deck. - You will find everything you need down there - Zac said. - Come with me and show you where you can get changed.

with father primitive nection

The TASTE of Zac for swimsuits made the sejar, Freya concluded later to accommodate up carefully on the chaise longue. The tiny bikini view of golden and it was almost indecent. Not that he fizes if any objections, she mused, a tremor running through his body when he saw the blue eyes walking on it. Throughout the afternoon Zac focused conversation mild affairs, seducing her with his intelligence in a way that almost made Freya imagine back to the past. There was more to impress girl vel that clung to every word. It was a mother trying to do the best for his daughter.

- Zac

- she said quietly - I should have gone home.

- There's no hurry - he said preguiçosamen you. - My mother

promised to take care of Aimee.

I received a letter

from the yacht club asking when back to work, I need to establish a date.

You can not make me leave indefinitely. Zac tensed and sat on the lounge chair, turning to Freya.

- I never asked about his work before - dis is forcing himself to

ignore the frustration felt by Freya continue fighting it and for the first

time, trying to understand what was going on in her head. - What makes the yacht club? - I'm receptionist. There is a Brilliant career you, I know - Freya

murmured defensively when Zac raised his eyebrows - but the pay is razoá level and the owners are good people. Always give me the day off when Aimee is ill.

- Speak No Evil back to England

with Aimee

- And this job means a lot to you?

something vital for a single mother, is not it? -

She replied, feeling in quiet to see that Zac continued to study it

speculatively. - I need to work, Zac.

- Why? I know that was necessary before, but now it is clear that

nourish Aimee. She is happy here, as you can think of taking it? - He asked irritably. - I will not have to create that place he calls home. Also, my mother would be heartbroken lon ge granddaughter.

- No, it's just a job

The will to say it was forced to live there because it was so strong that Freya bit her lip. No reason to start an argument when the best would be a calm and rational conversation about the future of her daughter.

- I know how much your mother loves Aimee and believe me, not

do anything to spoil that relationship. But my life is in England.

- Then go back to England - Zac grumbled - but go alone. The life

of Aimee is now here with the family that loves her.

- Are you saying you do not love? - In his shakes tion, Freya stood. -

I'd give my life for her, never leave her like my mother left me. - He turned his back, hiding the tears, and cried when Zac pulled her to his

lounger. - No! I understand that want to be a good father, but I can not leave her here with you. We both love her, but I doubt that there is solution that allows us to be both parents full time.

- No? - Zac leaned on one elbow en as he stroked her face. - The

solution is obvious, cherie. Let's get married.

- What? - Freya exclaimed surprise. For a few seconds was taken by

a feeling of sweet ale slang, which disappeared when recovered common


- You asked me how we would find a solution and I am saying that

the most obvious solution is marriage - Zac said, speaking as one former

prime something to a child.

- As a marriage of convenience between two people who hate each

other can be the solution for anything? - Freya screamed. - I know that the principle could work, but how do you think Aimee feel quan 's getting older and find that we are only together because of it? It would not be fair to her, nor conos co. And if you fall in love with someone? -

The Zac idea of loving another woman was distressing, but needed to accept the reality. - What if I fall in love?

- I assure you that I will be faithful when married - Zac said. I was

still lying on its side, leaning so bre it. - I can not say the same of you, of

course - he said, trying to hide the anger he felt. Did Freya had found someone in England and you nha hope that the relationship would become permanent? I could not blame her after the way had rejected two

years earlier, but think that Freya would rather marry another man made him sick.

- I'm not saying that I have someone in mind at the moment - Freya mumbled. - But who knows what the future holds? I can find my

soulmate tomorrow and get a chance to experience love, something that has never been present in my life - explained discouraged.

- The love of which he speaks is the stuff of fairy tales - Zac said

impatiently. - Good Wedding to be based on friendship, mutual respect

In our case, the desire to create our daughter in a

happy family environment.

and common goals

- Marriage is more than a

contract - Freya said.

- Passion Speech? We will not have a problem with that, do you, Cherie - Zac forward with lightning speed, crushing Freya with her body to claim her lips in an ownership statement. He forced his tongue en tre lips an erotic gesture, demanding an answer aue could not be denied. One hand wandered by Freya body, accompanying the hips until you reach the curve of her breasts. - And in the room that our marriage work - murmured, tracing a line of kisses from the neck to the valley between her breasts. Freya could not think logically, nothing else mattered as long as he continued to touch her and kiss her, so it made no attempt to stop him when the bikini straps were pulled so that the breasts were exposed to the hungry look. Should stop wishing the moon and accept what was offered? Zac could not love her, but promised to be a faithful husband and a devoted father. And she loved him so much. I knew he would never love another man in life. But what about him? And if, despite good intentions, the desire Lowering Isse and Zac found another? Would have a low-key affair and would maintain the facade of a happy marriage for the sake of Aimee? It would be worse to suffer a slow death, he thought desperate. The prospect of spending the rest of his life trapped in a loveless marriage was unbearable.

Zac now spread by kissing her stomach, a shiver of pleasure flooded her body. The desire to surrender was immense, but could not ce der again.

- Do you really think would experience such passion with another

man, Freya? - He asked sudden mind, eyes fixed on hers.

- Maybe not, but sex is not reason enough for me to marry you, not

even for the sake of Aimee - said, finally finding the strength to push him away. - There must be a way that allows us to create Aimee and also leave us free to follow our lives. Having spent much of adult life avoiding commitments, Zac discovered that freedom no longer seemed interesting. I hated to think of Freya guindo life without it. But he recognized that it was the only woman whose stubbornness is rivaled his. Could not take her by force to the altar, he would have to accept temporarily defeated. Freya was fumbling with the bikini, visibly trembling fingers while trying to cover her breasts. It was tempting to pull her into his arms and

prove not find the same passion with nin Guem, but thought it best to depart.

- Is that your final answer, is not it? Does not accept marry me, but

you know we need to reach a enten dure so that both participate in the life of Ai mee. - Zac sounded indifferent, almost bored. - I just hope you

understand that Aimee is expected to grow here in Monaco - he added

coldly, a wrinkle forming on his forehead when a discrete hack alerted him to the presence of the captain.

- An understanding exists only when there is mutual agreement, not

when one person makes the rules - Freya murmured, but Zac was no longer listening for that had gone to the captain. The little I knew the

French would not allow him to understand what they con versavam, but the excitement of Zac left her uneasy.

- What it was? What is the problem? - When asked Zac returned. He hesitated, then he said:

- My mother sent a message that Aimee is not well. Claude sent

back right now. Freya panicked.

- Its not good? Yvette did not elaborate?

- I'm sorry, cherie, is all I know - Zac dis is, the gentle voice to see

anxiety in Freya's eyes. - We'll be in town in an hour. - He paused briefly, then muttered: - It is possible that my mother has exaggerated.

She lost two babies, it is natural to worry about excess with Aimee. - How terrible! - Freya imagine the pain Yvet you. - That was before you were born? Freya had the slight impression that not that Zac would respond.

Old enough to understand the pain of my parents,

but unable to comfort them, no matter how hard I tried.

- Non, I was 14

- I'm sure you've been a big con Forto for them. - Freya wanted to

ask questions, but it was clear that Zac did not want to talk about that sin

in the family tragedy. The trip to the port seemed to last an eternity. Freya felt guilty for having left near the child. Aimee was the most important thing in his

life; everything else, including Zac, was second. When the car reached the village, Freya shot through the front door, stopping only when faced with Yvette.

- How is Aimee? - He asked, getting apa vorada with the worried

expression of women.

- I think it's not okay - Yvette respon gave nervous, looking at Freya

and Zac. - I'm glad you came. The doctor is with Aimee and said it needs to take her immediately to the hospital. With a muffled cry, Freya ran to the living room where Aimee was lying, looking pale and lifeless.

- Aimee, Aimee! What's wrong with her?

- Freya asked the doctor who was the girl next door. I could hear

Yvette explaining that the girl seemed very tired after playing on the


- What do you think can be?

- I can not say for sure, but they are classic symptoms of meningitis.

It is better to take it to the hospital to confirm the diagnosis. I think the ambulance has arrived. - The doctor noticed how Freya was shovel

handles and tried to comfort her. - Try not to despair, ma'am, your daughter will be in good hands.

The word echoed the head of Freya while the

ambulance was crossing the road. The worst Standing sadelo any mother, attacked without warning and had life-threatening implications. Freya prayed not to lose her daughter, eyes closed so that Lagri but did not fall. Cry no good, I had to be strong to help Aimee. A hand pressed her fingers. Zac also this afflicted va, Freya could see, but did not dare to face him. I understand the agony that must have been feeling at the prospect of losing his daughter had just met. But when they reached the hospi such and the ambulance doors were opened, Freya es queceu everything but Aimee. There was no room in his heart for anyone else.



A week later, Freya was standing next to the crib fighting back tears.

The hours of arrival at the hospital had been charged voltage while Aimee was subjected to a series of tests. The diagnosis that was not meningitis had been partly a relief. It had been affected by a virus and was in bed hos pital, attached to wires and monitors. Despite the excellent medical team efforts, there were no signs of recovers feed. But on the fourth day the temperature began to drop. When Aimee awoke from his long nap, he sat down, asked for water, ate a banana and just stayed in bed because convinced that your bunny was ill and needed care. The recovery was a little miracle. Now that they were back in coverage, Freya felt he had come out of a roller coaster emo tional. I would not have been able to go through everything without Zac admitted. He always offered support, permanecen the calm before her fears, pulling any information from doctors in an attempt to slow down your anxiety. He had clung to Zac as a rock, con fiante of his strength. Pride did not matter, Freya was just grateful that he could cost air the best medical care to the child. More than anything, he realized that the future of Aimee was there in Monaco with his father. - Come on, cherie - Zac said softly upon entering the room and approach with cot care. - She's sleeping deeply and Jean said he'll be here all night to watch her.

- I do not think it is as well - Freya murmured, winning the gasp. - A

I thought I would lose. This va so scared. -

The tears fell despite his determination to wait for the room to privacy succumb to tears. Overcome with fatigue and the relief could not hold back the emotions and buried his face in his hands, feeling that Zac

pulled her with his strong arms to her chest.

- It's okay, Freya, cry. It can no longer be gure after the nightmare

that was this week. Aimee is well, will soon be fully recovered - the held to lift her in his arms and cross the hallway. - It's you I'm concerned, cherie. Hardly slept these days and do not even remember the last time he co my something. You can not go on - said firmly. - If you do not

take care of herself, I'll have to do it for you. Freya could not discuss. Normally I have rebelled against his authoritarian tone, but was Esgo tada.

- Bedding - Zac said upon entering the Freya's room and put it on

the floor, narrowing the mouth at the sight of the pale face and dark

marks under his eyes. This time does not look so much like a ghost after a good night's sleep.

- I need a shower first - Freya mur walled, too tired even to speak.

Zac shook his head firmly. - You can take a shower tomorrow. He is tired of more; barely stand. I will help her get changed. - Zac held the sweater and approached to open her blouse.

sema in the back I thought

- It's okay, got it alone. - The attempt ing to play in his arms and beg

that open Casse was strong. But could not cope with him that night, not

in your current emotional state. To her relief, Zac headed for the door.

- Call if you need anything. Bonne nuit, cherie - Zac said goodbye

before returning to the nursery to see his daughter. He felt his chest tight

to see the beautiful Goldilocks and the heart-shaped face, so like the Freya. Aimee loved more than I could say in words, and the days in the hospital had been the worst of his life. But now she was home and he tried to understand exact mind what he felt for her mother. Still saw light under the door when he passed the Freya room and hesitated a moment before giving in to the desire to see if she was asleep. But the bed was empty and Zac was toward the bathroom, noting

the stubborn expression of Freya when he left the room. Does it had air scratched a bath?

- Freya! - The bathroom door was locked. Zac shook the doorknob,

getting restless for not listening response. - Freya

you doing there? Well in the recesses of his mind, Freya realized that someone called his name. He was curious mind light, as if floating, but heard her name again, and with effort, opened his eyes while she swallowed a lot of water. Coughing and cuspin 's, he stood up in the tub at the exact moment that the door was forced open by Zac.

what the hell are

- Mon Dieu! I can not believe! Did you sleep, right? I wanted to die

or what? - He asked angrily. Apro ximou up her hands resting on her hips and anger flowing from every pore as fear and adrenaline ran through the body. - Said to shower love Nha. He would never do what you're told? He could have drowned - he said, his voice showing relief.

Freya shuddered and sank a little more en tre bubbles have disappeared.

- I was feeling very dirty - it Murmu rou. With a touch of pride, she lifted her chin and shot back the glare.

- The maid could help her if she expected to love Nha morning -

Zac muttered. - Now, because of your impatience, I have to play the

babysitter and es fregar you.

- No need to rub me, I'm no horse!

- Non, it is the most annoying woman I've ever met - Zac said as he

took a towel and appro ximava it. - It is so exhausted he can not even sit, let alone bathe by herself. A less patient man'd leave there all night - he

added arrogantly. - I can do it alone - Freya murmured, but Zac was right. He felt dizzy and weak. Not that Zac would have left angry, so he felt tears in his eyes. - I need to wash my hair - sobbed. Zac swore and dropped the towel before rolling his sleeves.

- Turn around and lean on my arm - en instructed as she knelt beside the tub and put his arm on her back.

Tired, Freya did. The bubbles desapare quickly ence and his face flushed to note that Zac was looking at a glance. He had seen her naked body often remembered, but now felt very vulnerable. - Zac

- Want me to help or not? - He mumbled, alerting tone that was at the limit of patience. Freya closed her eyes and let Zac massageas up your head with shampoo. It felt so good that she was relaxing.

- Ready - Zac said abruptly, breaking the magic of the moment.

Rinsed her hair with the showerhead, the unreadable expression, keeping his eyes fixed on her face. The tension had reappeared, a tangible force that made the nerves of Freya to the surface.

- If you pass me the towel, I can do the rest - Freya said before

being taken from inside the tub - Zac! - Completely embarrassed, he hid his face in his shirt as Zac wrapped in a towel and carried her to his

I can take care of myself - murmured. But he ig norou

room. - Please

and used the towel to dry it. Die of shame the next day, he thought sleepily. With heavy eyelids, barely noticed when Zac put his shirt. When covered with sheets, Freya

tried to argue that it was not in her bed, but he ignored the small protest and settled as care for a little girl.

- I know it's my bed, cherie - he said, but Freya was already asleep.

Zac took off his clothes and lay down beside her. - Enough to fight - murmured before kissing her lightly on the lips. - This is your place.

IT WAS STILL dark when Freya woke up. Zac was in bed and had slept in his arms. The rhythmic movement of the chest indicated he was sleeping. This would be the ideal opportunity to get away to your room. But the temptation to go near him, embraced the man she loved, it was great to resist more. With a sigh, he closed his eyes and inhaled the masculine scent. Slowly his senses awakened. Zac shifted on the mattress. Freya contained fo lego, but the muscles relaxed drew her. Not re sistiu down the hand through the chest to the abdomen. The waistband of underwear served as a barrier to the operation. But the urgency of taking fingers ahead was much larger and carefully Freya exceeded the elastic, a little scream scared escaping her lips as Zac grabbed her hand. - Are following a path of no return, cherie - spoke lazily, his voice hoarse sending shivers in Freya. - Are you sure the direction it will take? - Yes - she replied without hesitation, following the request of his heart before his head had a chance to question his sanity. Perhaps Zac never loved her, but cared about her. The previous night's behavior proved that. Since it discovered the father of Aimee, he had done everything possible to repair the mistakes of the past. Nothing was perfect, Freya reminded herself. The truth was that she was living with him. Her place and Aimee was next to Zac.

Zac heard sighing. The fire in her eyes reveals va that this time there would not be back. Zac claimed her mouth in a kiss. Fast asleep moments before, he was now very ex cited.

- I missed you, Freya - he muttered. In one swift motion, he pulled the sweater over her head Freya and admired his naked body, accompanying each cur va with burning look.

- Zac, please. - Freya arched and ge my approvingly while Zac was

playing with her nipples. He made her wait, tormenting her until she pull his head to her breasts. The touch of tongue in sensitive beak was so magnificent that Freya lifted his hips in invitation. She wanted that exact

ins tant. It looked like it had expected a lifetime and could not bear any more second since emergency Zac feel deep into his body made her mad.

- Slow down, mon coeur, I want to savor every second and prove

every bit his - he promised, turning words into action when sliding the

lips for her womb. Freya gasped as Zac fell more clinging to his hair when his legs were gently separated to receive the most intimate of all strokes. Emotions swelled, making Freya squirm.

- Please Zac has to be now - begged, her body twitching in the first spasm.

Recognizing the urgency of it, Zac dismissed underwear and pulled out a condom from the drawer. Only then succumbed to the demands of his body, ge mendo softly when the penis found the vaginal entrance. He moved slowly and carefully, pausing to her muscles allowed him to pass. I felt the waves of pleasure growing inside, cla command for release. But I did not want to hurt her, en so restrained the urge to sink into that warm softness to Freya relax more. He stepped back a bit and then advanced more and more, accelerating when she pressed her legs around him, the groans urging him to continue to Freya crying convulsing. He called her name, trying to explain that only co nhecia such pleasure when with her. The display of laughter Freya destroyed the tenuous control of Zac, which was taken by waves of incredible pleasure that left satiated and at peace. They were silent for a long time, only the clock ticking breaking the silence. Finally Freya looked up looking sleepy Zac look.

- I need to thank you for everything you've done in the last week -

murmured. - The way took care of Aimee

done it without you.

- I consider myself grateful - he said softly, her eyes shining with

amusement when Freya blushed. He prevented her escape from her arms, holding her pinned against his chest. - And from now on, cherie, I

and me. I would not have

devote most of my time to please her so I do agra me Decer every night. Sometimes during the day too - he added mischievously.

- Freya not termi nou to speak, his face burning

to realize the reaction that was causing a certain part of his anatomy with

the movement of her hips as she tried to drop.

- he smiled without constrangi ment - but

I was very patient in the last two to Manas and now I'm very, very hungry. - I realized - Freya murmured, feeling the volu me of Zac excitement against her belly. His body stirred immediately. It would not be too soon? It was not possible that he could have Zac proved that already could to lift her hips and pull it on itself, filling it completely, making her moan clinging to his shoulders as he took every delicious invested. His hands possessively grabbing their ná degas, inducing a sensual rhythm that quickly became a frenzied dance. Within seconds it arrives ram to the limit, hanging there for a few seconds before finally surrender to ecstasy. When Freya pulled away, Zac rolled aside, olhan of her with serious expression. - You are so fragile and small but has an incredible will power, cherie. -Afastou A lock of hair the Freya's face, who blushed to see the admiration shining in his eyes. - No doubt I would have dealt with the

- That's not why I

- Excuse me, ma petite

concerns of last week without my help. He proved he can handle anything in life, including taking care of our daughter without any support. But, believe me, take care of you and Ai mee now - said vehemently.

- I believe you, Zac - Freya whispered. - I understand that the best

for Aimee is living with us here in Monaco. If is still what you want,


- Think about it - he said, so focused on con win it than heard. - As my wife would not have to work and could spend the whole time with

Aimee instead of leaving it in a nursery. It would not be good, cherie?

- Certainly - Freya agreed quietly, love and affection flowing within

themselves to see the frustrated expression disappear from Zac's face. - The events of úl optimum week made me realize that Aimee need the love of both. I agree that the best would be married. It is the most logical solution - added, or gulhosa the lack of emotion in his voice be disguising the pain in his heart. His whole life had dreamed of a

romantic promise of eternal love, but know that fairy tales rarely came true. I was willing to accept the offer of marriage as a contract based on mutual desire to do me ter's daughter. - And who can argue with the logic? - Zac murmured dryly, masking an irrational feeling of resentment. Freya had accepted the Wedding to with the same enthusiasm as those who go to the dentist. He

house king with you.

had weighed the pros and cons of becoming a es poses and made a decision based on common sense, not on emotions. He admired her determination to do the best for her daughter, but could not deny that his pride was hurt by being seen as the logical solution to a problem, not as a man with whom esti vesse eager to spend the rest of life.

- So, now that agreed to the marriage, we need to decide what type

of ceremony will. - Zac settled against the headboard, ser laughing happy to get what he wanted.

- I suppose you want a quiet ceremony - Freya murmured, looking

up from the magnificent body sprawled on the pillows like a sultan in his


- I just want to get married once, cherie, and has to be a memorable day - he surprised her by saying.

- The ceremony need not be exaggerated, but I have many relatives

and friends to invite. And of course we have to include Aimee. It will be

we have to think of the dress, flowers and

alliances. I want everything to be perfect, Freya - Insis tiu to see that she

looked frightened at the prospect of a big celebration. - We're not married by conventional reasons, but I am proud to make her my wife. He was insinuating that unlike or ters couples were not married for love, Freya con cluded, her heart tighten. He shrugged, not wanting to

a maid of honor lovely

reveal who would be happy to marry a barn, dressed in tatters if he loved her.

- It seems that thought hard about it, then leave the details to you. Freya pulled back the covers and got out of bed, ignoring the temptation nude body of Zac. The marriage would be for convenience,

but felt attracted to each other. His only fear was what would happen if

the Zac passion die

you do not want more in bed? Freya wore the robe, eager to flee. - Aimee should already be agreed - murmured. - I'll see how she is.

yet would be proud to have her as a wife when


THREE weeks after Freya still questioned his sa Community to accept marry Zac. It would be best for Aimee, no doubt, but would be happy married to a man who did not love her? His only consolation was Zac also be slave of desire. If it was possible, his appetite for Freya looked even more ardent now that he had concor given to marriage and his passion showed no signs of abating.

But only they had spent three sema in. How would the relationship in

three months

Freya scanned the room full of people, looking for his tall figure. They would be married in a week and as long as Zac formally announced the buy mission, their relationship had been Topi co favorite of gossip among the elite of Monaco. Everyone was curious to meet the woman who finally had persuaded one of the most enigmatic playboys of the principality to give up freedom. Therefore, in recent weeks, they had received numerous invitations to social events. The party that night, offered in the famous Monte Carlo Casino, was a dazzling occasion. Despite the new dress and diamond earrings and platinum, which complemented the exquisite Zac loner who had given him in sign of commitment, Freya felt displaced. This was not his world, he felt a strange among other guests who formed the select group. Zac saw standing before a group of friends and her heart skipped a beat as she watched, pa recendo relaxed and sexy in an impeccable tuxedo. I never get tired of looking at it - had a char me that attracted admiring glances around the room. Freya wondered again what Zac saw in her, since many more beautiful women lined up to get his attention. Sighing, he approached the group and felt a little confident when Zac stared at it as if it were the only woman interested him. - There you are, cherie. I was looking for you - Zac greeted, putting his arm for his cin ture and offering a light kiss. The sexy twinkle in his

in three years?

eyes warned it was planning to leave the party as soon as possible, and Freya began to share his impatience. I wanted to lose that mun the particular pleasure where he loved with great voracity or slow eroticism, but always with a veiled affection that made her believe that, at least for now, she meant something to Zac.

- I hope you're enjoying your last one mana as a free man, Zac -

someone the group joked. Benoit Fournier was one of the most pro

friends ximos Zac. He and his wife, Camille, had cum primentado Freya with genuine joy to learn that would soon be married.

- For me, the next day will not fast enough - Zac replied with a

smile that did not faded as he looked Freya eyes. Or was a perfect actor or was actually eat ning to like her, she

thought happily. The brain warned to be cautious, but the expression on his face made her pulse quicken.

- I know how you feel. The next few weeks tam good not pass fast

enough for us - Be Night laughed, stroking the massive belly of his wife.

- When's the baby? - Freya asked Ca mille with a friendly smile.

She remembered that her nervousness by the proximity of childbirth had

increased in the last weeks of pregnancy.

- Three weeks - Camille grumbled - but our first child was delayed

ten days, then I have no hope that the number two arrive on time. Louis

is so excited about the baby - said. - You and Zac plan to have more

children one day

a little brother or sister for Aimee?

They had never discussed the matter and, given the per Gunta, Freya did not know how to respond. Zac never wanted children, but it was devoted to Aimee. And vasectomy had reversed, so there was no reason that would prevent to be a father again. Freya's eyes were drawn to the Camille belly. He was excited to imagine yourself in months ma situation. I would love to have a baby whose conception fos is planned pregnancy accompanied by Zac. This time gave her a son, a boy with dark hair and blue eyes would be the image of the father. - Aimee has not made two years, I would give you undivided attention for longer - murmured. - But I wanted to have another baby one day. - He turned to Zac and froze. The smile was gone and the expression in his eyes made her blood run cold. The conversation turned to other matters, but the buzz seemed distant and unintelligible. Freya took a lot of ability to smile and act normal, but inside he was unhappy. In those few if onds Zac had failed to disguise the horror the idea of having another child, and the small flame of hope that marriage would work erased. The band played a popular rhythm and co people meçaram next to the dance floor. Zac seemed to have regained his composure. - You want to dance? - Eyes shone malicio ously. - I have vivid memories of the last time we danced together. Freya blushed embarrassed and quickly shook his head.

Camille - Freya pulled away

before it was prevented, desperate to be alone for a few minutes while dealing with the discovery that he did not want another child. Fortunately the toilet was empty. He splashed water on his face as he tried to hold back the tears that burned in his eyes. Idiot rebuked be

furious. I knew from the start that Zac did not want a family. They were only married for the sake of her daughter and, as much as Freya wished, the marriage would never con conventional.

- I have to go to the toilet


- Hello, Freya.

A face appeared next to hers in the mirror and Freya felt his heart sink.

- Annalise, how are you? - She said, trying pa recer quiet. Monaco

was a small place and pre cisava accept that would soon find the glamorous model. Too bad it was that night, when he felt vulnerable and insecure. Annalise Dubois was stunning in a dress of black silk that shaped

the voluptuous curves, with her red hair falling down her back in lush curls. Freya was glad Zac insisted on buying him new clothes. He had been haunted with the price of that peach dress, but was aware that Annalise had recognized that the piece was a unique stylist.

- I heard you were back - Annalise said without preamble, her eyes

bright accessing the diamond you in Freya's finger. - I admit to have been surprised to hear that Zac had convinced to marry you. A baby is a

very useful weapon. I Wish I had thought of the same trick. Everyone knows that Zac never allowed that a son would his illegitimate continue, but I think there was some question as to paternity - hinted. - I assume that Zac has made the necessary tests before marriage. The Freya's face reddened, distress threat va choke her.

- I do not know if that concerns you - muttered, trying to be polite. - I never demanded anything Zac, he is free to do what you want. And marry me.

- For the sake of the child - Annalise said with a confident air that

left Freya deeply troubled. - I'm glad you concluded that he is a free man. Zac would never be coerced into doing something, unless you find

benefits. Obviously you want to claim the child. The odds of winning custody of it will be higher if you are married you.

- I think there is no reason for this conversation - Freya said dryly.

Annalise was nasty, his insinuations were poisoning her head. - Poor Freya, always so innocent! - Annalise laughed. - Did you know that Zac and I are lovers? Or it es condeu this secret from you? - He made a pout to see the shocked air Freya. - Do not worry, dear, Zac is very discreet when going to my apar ment. Do you really think he works late every night? - He raised his eyebrows in mock surprise. - We have a very convenient agreement for years. Just a warning - added in malevolent tone as he examined her appearance in the mirror. - Zac is no kitten, do not think your ale gre family lives will last forever. He likes to

live in the extreme, adventurous

get tired of having a child around. Annalise left the toilet, leaving Freya as tab lated that had to support the bench. It was a lie, she told herself to look at her reflection. Zac was making love to her every night in lat but weeks; would have to be

Superman to sleep with each other as well. Taking a deep breath, he went back to the party and saw Anna lysis walking near the dance floor, going in the direction of Zac. It was sickening to see the model kissing him on the cheek and whisper something in her ear that made him smile. There was some familiarity between them, as if you feel without completely comfortable with each other - the familiarity of a pair of lovers, Freya thought with agony. Please, God, that was not true, he thought distressed ta. Common sense would say that there was great CHANCE of Annalise be lying. If I wanted any chance of success in this marriage, would have to rely on

Zac. He said he would be a faithful husband

will hate living pre and so will soon

Perhaps he had only

spoken this to convince her to marry. So would your married life? It would be slowly destroyed by jealousy and uncertainty, appearing at festivals always wondering if the current lover tam Bém was present? She stifled a sob when Zac took

Annalise to dance.

She knew he did not love her, he wanted only her bed. Freya had imagined I could live happy about it. Now I saw clearly what would be his fate. Zac was the love of his life, the other half of his soul, without it was incomplete. But I was destined to spend the rest of his life with his heart hurt because of Zac never love her.

WITH A LOT OF willpower, Freya kept a smile on his face for the rest

of the night, but when sitting in the car with Zac, to return home, his heart was heavy in the chest.

- What's the matter

It's a headache, cherie - Zac asked.

It was tempting to cling to that excuse. I knew he would react with sympathy and thus they reached the coverage, insist that he might be sleeping. Needed to be alone that night. The meeting with Annalise had rescued their old insecurity diseases. Does Zac was against having more children not to increase the bond with her? I would be sleeping with

Annalise? Perhaps he intended to play the happy husband, holding a number of cases behind her back.

- I'm fine - answered, refusing to admit I was shaken.

He was silent for the rest of the way, aware of the glances of Zac as the elevator took them to the rooftop. At home, she went straight to the

room, but he pulled her to face him.

- It seems to have lost all sense of direction. My room is later. What's the matter with you? - She asked, seeing Freya stared with wide eyes. - It looked like a ghost tonight. You are sick? If you do not tell me what's wrong, not po derei help, cherie - added impatient, alerting tone that soon would tear the truth of it. The truth - that love it would be his downfall - was im possible to be revealed.

- There is nothing wrong - Freya lied. - Only I'd rather sleep alone

tonight. - Pride im asked to confront that moment allegations Annalise.

If Zac suspected who was jealous of the model, I notice who was in love with him. He considered pulling her into his arms and kiss her to overcome the barriers erected, but Freya looked so vulnerable who admitted that making love would not be the answer.

- Okay - she muttered - sleep alone. But from next week will be my

wife and lie down in my bed every night. We will not have separate

rooms, got it?

- Oh yeah! - Freya exclaimed bitterly. - I understood that my role in

this marriage is to provide sex whenever you want

something more akin to a remarkable prostitute. Say, Zac, why you want

to marry me? I saw his face quan Camille mentioned the possibility of having more children - murmured. - Concluded that will soon feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities of being a husband and father.

not as a wife,

- This is ridiculous - Zac growled, but not staring eyes, leaving her desperate.

- Is it? Be honest with me, Zac. It can be seen in a few years living as a happy family man? Can you imagine us with other children? The silence was agonizing, opening a true canyon between them.

- No - he admitted. A simple word that smashed Freya.

Now I knew the truth. But it was unbearable to think of your

marriage as a temporary contract to create Aimee. Swallowing a sob, Freya ran to the door.

- Freya! - He grabbed her, but she tried to run away as if he could

not bear his touch. - Will I be a good father to Aimee, and a good husband. Freya could not hide the bitterness.

- I do not doubt that he will fulfill his duty, Zac. I know take their

responsibilities seriously, as my grandmother did when she accepted me create. But I want more than that. You're too want to be loved? She

screamed. - It's too much to ask that anyone ever find a place for me in the heart, not out of duty or convenience but because I'm special? Or do

nothing in me inspires love and affection

Any genetic flaw makes me

repellent? Zac tensed, his face an unfathomable mask. Freya looked as if she'd

lost her mind.

- You are talking nonsense - he said quietly. - Are you tired and overly emotional. Come to bed and show how our marriage will be good. - You mean sex. - Freya resisted try ing to get carried away to that special world where they communicated without words. There was pas sado weeks eluding that would do Zac love her. It was time to face reality, but could not do it if they shared the same bed. - Not today, Zac. I guess I could not bear - sus surrou before entering the room and shut the door.

ZAC DID NOT was at home when she woke up. Freya tried to convince Aimee taking breakfast in the morning when Laurent said Zac was called to deal with an urgent issue in the company. She received the information quietly tempted to say that Zac di ficilmente would go to a business meeting on a Sunday. He spent the day numb, forcing smiles when Yvette began counting the plans for the wedding ceremony. Zac had hired a renowned organizer of events to help the mother to prepare the ceremony, to be held in the village. A magnificent wedding

dress in ivory waiting for final test and there and steal the scene with a pink tulle dress. They were assembled all the ingredients for a home

Except for the main detail Freya reflected

discouraged. There was no love.

ment of fairy tale

Monday passed without any news of Zac. On Tuesday, six dozen red roses were delivered - no message, just a card with his name scrawled. Freya was almost in tears when buried his face in petals to feel the delicate perfume. It was the first time that al Guem gave her flowers and wondered if Zac had no idea how much the simple gesture meant to her. Red roses meant love, but avoided anything interpret the choice of flowers. She was tired of nurturing hopes, Zac probably had asked the florist to send her a bouquet. I missed so much of Zac that night went to his bed, not caring what would he think if he returned home and found her there. Night away from him had been a purgatory, but the light masculine scent the sheets comforted enough to sleep. He woke at dawn with the sound of the front door, followed by the sound of footsteps in the corridor. Zac es tava at home! Freya felt excited and held her breath as she waited for him to enter the quar to. I was nervous to face him after his hysterical outburst, then closed his eyes to pretend to be asleep. With luck, he would enter between the sheets and take arms, thought feeling a shiver. I do not reject. Pride was not a good companion, not fight more against your feelings. But Zac did not appear. The minutes passed and Freya opened his eyes. And if he had stopped for a drink and slept on the couch? Unable to contain the tension, she took the robe and stepped into the hall. Everyone in the house slept and the room was empty, but the staircase

leading to the garden was lit up. Freya hesitated a moment before climbing the stairs. -Zac! He was across the pool, dropped into a chair with a bottle of brandy. I was in shambles, completely misaligned. He wore no tie, his shirt was open at the neck. The unshaven increased his fri appeal.

thought it would come to bed. - Freya

skirted the pool and offered a vague smile. Zac narrowed his eyes and took a sip of the drink in his hand.

- I doubt he was waiting for me, cherie. It will probably be better if I spend the night here.

- To get drunk? - Freya asked angrily while Zac poured himself

more brandy.

- I prefer to think of it as an anesthetic - he muttered. - I have found in recent days that life is easier when you're drunk.

- That makes no sense. - Freya took a deep breath. - What's the

matter, Zac? Freya thought he had not heard, but then Zac raised. It was like a death knell to announce the end of all their dreams.

- I heard you coming and

- I decided to postpone the wedding.


FOR a few seconds, it was as if the ground had su damp. Freya took a deep breath.

- I understand - she said at last, ignoring the gasp.

- I doubt - Zac murmured, the magician casually walk Freya.

- All right, I do not understand. - Won a short dis tance between

them and stood before him, desnor teada, anger flashing in his eyes. - I

thought we had agreed that we would make this marriage work

sake of Aimee.

- I also thought, but I concluded that I can not read to it now - said.

The patio lights allowed Freya saw his weariness, as if had not slept in


- Why not? - She whispered, her broken voice. The silence got on his nerves. When end Zac mind spoke, his voice was hoarse.

and you more than anyone

else, Freya, deserves honesty.

- Oh no! - The pain was such that Freya put her hand to her mouth

to contain the cry. - Is Annalise, and not? - I could not help the tears

from falling; his world was collapsing, it was as if his heart was breaking in two. - Do not have to tell me Zac, because they already

for the

- Because I was not honest with you

know you. She was pleased to reveal his secret when we met in quela party the night you disappeared. Zac looked up, staring at her as if she'd lost her mind.

- Do not be ridiculous. Of course not have an affair with Annalise

or any other woman - res ded dumbfounded. - Mon Dieu, cherie, how do

you find the time or energy would be step every night having sex with you? He looked so impressed with the accusation that Freya tried to hold back tears. - Annalise said

- No matter what she said, she was lying. - Seeing the state of Freya, he made a tremendous effort BC to contain his impatience. - We had a

brief affair six months after you and I broke up, but that's all. It meant so much to me as any of my relationships - said sharply. Freya looked at him uncertainly.

- But she said that it was not true? Zac shrugged, as if talking about Annalise Dubois the bored.

- Because she likes to create problems and should be jealous of you. No one could lie so as convin cente. Zac was probably telling the truth.

- Well, if it's not Annalise, then what is? - Per guntou, afraid to see

the closed expression. - If and because of us, of our relationship, you

need not worry - said, understanding what was happening. Zac must have discovered that she loved him and tried to be honest in saying I

would never be able to repay their feelings. - I know you do not love me, I know you'll never love me. - He looked away, trying to stop crying, but Zac's words made her lift her head again.

- But I love you, Freya - Zac said in a voice that seemed to come

from deep in his soul. - Although long I did not know. You light up my


when Aimee was sick and you got so upset that I realized how much he wanted to hold her, protect her from any bad Goa because you are too precious to me. I can not imagine my life without you - admitted. - Unconsciously, I have always loved, so wanted to get married, just did not want to question real mind my reasons. Only I thought of making love to you; Everything you kindly offered me never offer anything in return. Je t 'adore, mon ange - he mumbled, his voice choked with emo tion - but love it so does not make it right. - His face was contorted, as if to suffer. - I was not honest about me. There are things that should have con State, things have a right to know, and it would be wrong to marry

you without knowing everything. Do not cry, mon coeur - Zac begged, wiping Freya's tears with his thumbs, tears were soon renewed.

- I do not understand - Freya sobbed. Zac had said the words that

dreamed hear, but could not believe it. He seemed upset. If you really

loved her, it was obvious it did not accept that emotion.

my life in a way that no text ma woman has ever succeeded. Only

- Two years ago I had everything that money po Deria buy, do not

even a shy English girl with green eyes and sweet

care about anything

smile turned my life upside down - Zac revealed calm mind. - I felt drawn in a way that nun ca happened before, even if I wanted to believe

it was just sex - admitted. - I Do not hesitate to make her my mistress. And while dealing with the loss of my father, my mother's depression

You make me happy, Freya, but

when it came the news of the pregnancy I was sure that the child was not mine because I had had a vasectomy, to ensure that it would never father.

- The conflict of emotions in his eyes made her heart tighten

and work overload, I was happy

- Zac

Freya. How could he have pen sando that Zac was cold, it did not matter to her?

He shook his head and put his finger to Freya's lips.

- What do I have to tell has long tormented me. I need to tell you now, while I still have courage. Freya shook with fear.

- I told you I was a teenager when my mother gave birth to my

twins. Child seemed healthy diseases, but died a few months old - he explained. - Doctors discovered that my parents were carriers of a gene that acarre tava high chance that their children develop a rare, incurable disease. I have not developed the disease, but my parents were advised that I had possibly inherited the gene and could pass it on to my children.

While the words slowly penetrated his brain, Freya felt the blood freeze in fear.

- Aimee can develop the disease?

- Non - Zac grabbed the arms of Freya, tentan the calm her. - A child is only affected if both parents possess the gene. If you also were

not for tadora, Aimee would have signs of the disease. But I have fifty percent chance of being a carrier. I did vasectomy because he wanted to

the last Deverell. When I found out

Aimee was my daughter, I knew that could also be a carrier. I was desperate to have him con tar it. - Seeing the worry lines around his eyes, the heart of Freya was sorry for Zac. He had carried alone all that

be the last in this genetic chain

trouble, trying to protect her.

Zac finally understood the decision not to have children. Now I

knew the whole tragic story, I wanted to cry for him

Witness nied the suffering of parents to lose their daughters and the man who had done everything to prevent the suffering of other children.

- I completely understand what you told me, but why do you want to postpone the wedding? - Freya murmured. - If you love me

- More than life, mon coeur - Zac said with anger - more than you

can imagine. - Segu rou her face in her hands. Freya thought I would die to see the shallow water blue eyes, revealing vulnerability and love for


the boy who had

- When I received the results of the paternity test, I was desperate to

know if he had the gene. Contacted experts in genetics and discovered that a reliable test has been developed, which means that ultimately I know if I carry. If so, Ai-mee must be subjected to the test as well. Zac brushed a lock of hair Freya's face, trembling fingers.

- When you spoke with Camille at the party, I saw how love to have

another baby. Then I realized that it would unfair, cherie. I spent three

days in full sespero in Isis, knowing it would be wrong to marry you if I could not give him more children. Wait for test results has done with me.

If the result is negative, I'll be happy to marry you, otherwise

was silent, so the expression Frida.

- Otherwise what? What are you suggesting? - Freya asked irritably.

- That I marry another? Who has children with another? It's what you want? - No, not - denied wildly. Turned away from Freya, running her hands over her face, but she saw the gesture, the heart filled with love

- Zac

and cari mance. - It would be my end to see her with another man, know who made love with him, watching her growing belly with his son every

time I was visiting Aimee. But what I want does not matter - continued sharp mind. - I just want you to be happy, cherie.

- So come make me happy - Freya begged softly. - You are the only

man who can, the only man I want. I love him - said, opening his arms when Zac turned his head to see her.

- You did not understand? I want to postpone marriage until sa ber if I can have more children. - Zac gulped when Freya came up and

wrapped around the waist. She fought the urge to hug her, but as nun ca was able to resist the Freya smile, mumbled and gave way.

- I waited for two long years to ask me to marry him and not wait

more - Freya said.

- Do not care about the test result. Aimee is healthy and you said she

has no chance of developing the disease. It would be wonderful to give her a little brother or a little sister, but I love him, Zac. This is the most important. All I ever wanted was to love me as I love him for the rest of our lives.

- Zac claimed her mouth with so much passion, so much

love, that Freya's eyes filled tears Ram again. - Jet 'aime, cherie , forever.

- Freya


Then show - Freya whispered, smiling quan 's he carried her to the



Want me to take to the room?


There is no time - she murmured. I was away from him two nights

ago and could not wait any longer. The rou Zac pas served obstacle, then unbuttoned his shirt impatiently, muttering his pleasure when he could run his hands through his broad chest.

Zac took off the robe with the same speed, pa preamble to taste Freya vision in black lace before pulling the negligee and absorb the

beauty of smooth curves. His wife

ble, but slowly began to learn it would not be necessary. He would make

her happy, she swore BRASH ously. Devote the rest of his life to love her so forget the lonely childhood and knew without any doubt that the loved. - I love him so much, Zac - Freya whispered that surrender find words to explain what he really meant it. - These words meant for so long. - And she said, quietly, after every sweet encounter. And now could say them out loud. - They are special words, but I was afraid to say them - Zac murmured. - I chose to say them with my body. When he kissed her and stroked, my heart tion tried to show how much you mean to me. You are

The thought of living was insupor

my life, Freya

Zac settled over her and penetrated her with big care, setting a pace that quickly turned into explosive passion. Freya wrapped her legs around him and enjoyed the firm inves taken that excited him more and more. Called by Zac heard in response that would be loved for all eternity. Her body shook, bringing the pleasure of Zac to an unbearable level. He finally lost control, without shame, slightly bored of not being able to risk making love with Freya without protection. Freya embraced strong and looked at the sky. The moon was a pale sphere suspended in black velvet, the estre them seemed close enough to

You and Aimee. You are my world.

be touched loved Zac body weight on his own, but he turned away to look into her eyes.

- If the test result is positive

- Then we'll have to deal with it - Freya said firmly. - All my life I

wished to pair you with a family and now I Aimee. I feel closer to Yvette than I ever felt with my grandmother, and Jean is more than a nanny, he has become a true friend. But most of all, have you - whispered, the tears in his eyes to trace her facial contours. - I want to be his wife, Zac. I know that together we can face whatever the future holds. There will be ups and downs, but there will always be love too. And it's just what we need. Zac said nothing. He could not, because the throat es tava choked with emotion. He kissed Freya, deslizan the hands down her body, showing no words that would love for life.

THEY WERE MARRIED THREE days later and the wedding day was

everything that Freya had always dreamed. A day of rejoicing in which crossed the lawn in La Maison des Fleurs escorted by Laurent, leading a bouncing Aimee's hand. Zac expected under an arbor of roses, but came forward a few steps to get Freya and take his daughter in his arms.

- Papa - Aimee greeted with a smile so mischievous, charming the

guests when they went to sit between Mamie and Jean, the two people he loved most after the parents.

Zac was so stunning that Freya hesitated al steps guns. He smiled and she saw a deep love in his eyes, heat that radiated through his body when his hand was raised for a kiss. - You know I never let you go - Zac mur walled, the voice thick with emotion. - You are mine and I keep jealously everything that belongs to me, Cherie. - Took lips Freya in a gentle kiss that promised paradise and, hand in hand, the two went on to make vows of love that would last for a lifetime.


FREYA came softly in the baby's room and smiled at Aimee sleeping surrounded by his collection of teddy bears. With nearly four years, he was becoming a beautiful and smart girl, very devoted to the brothers. Across the room, two berths were dis placed side by side, each containing an identical little boy with dark hair. From the moment he discovered not be carrying the gene, a relief for the whole family, Zac had been looking forward to having another child and, as always, do not let anything halfway, Freya thought. Luc and Olivier were nine months and quickly discovered mind how many tricks they could do now that crawled. Both had inherited his father's stubbornness; It had been a struggle to put them in nightclothes.

Now they seemed so lovely pain by pressing that Freya could not resist kissing each face.

- Ready? - Zac's voice came from the door and Freya looked up,

heart pounding when he saw the sexy smile.

- You think they'll be okay? We never leave them alone for a whole

night - Zac murmured anxious as he watched the corridor.

- Of course yes. Jean and my mother will spoil them enough - Zac

said. - It's about time we had a night without interruption.

- Um, I'm sure you sleep well. - Do not count on it, cherie - Zac

warned the gleam in his eyes making her shiver former expectation. - I have several plans for our second wedding anniversary.

He held her hand as they walked along the quay as far as The Isis was anchored. Freya could not help but look Zac, noting how the black trousers molded his thighs. Swallowed seeing the warmth of those blue eyes when he lifted her in his arms to get into the boat. - Happy birthday, cherie. - He kissed her even gave xar Freya breath

before you take it to the lower deck. Main Acabine was full of flowers and she felt her eyes fill with tears at the sight of all that profusion of roses and carnations.

- They're beautiful - whispered, hanging in Zac when he was put to bed. - Where are you taking me?

- The nowhere. - He smiled. - At least not yet. Later we sail along

the coast to dine in Antibes. But when I'm not hungry for food, mon


- Freya pouted. - Then I packed all for nothing. It

might be better to take my dress before crease.

- I think a great idea - Zac murmured, bai xando the dress straps to

fondle her breasts. Groaned in appreciation, tilting his head to kiss one of the nipples. Freya burst into flames, desperate to feel it inside. It helped him to take the rest of the clothes, the excitement rising in front of the burning of Zac look. Made love in a gentle way and restrained from che gada

twins, but that night Freya sensed and Zac alternaria affection with pure passion and primi tive.

- You are amazing - Zac murmured, his eyes es curecendo as his

hands ran possessivamen you through her to reach out and caress the inner thighs. He took the clothes with indecent speed and lay over her, supporting his weight to penetrate it in a slow onslaught that made ge mer of pleasure. Each penetration excited her more and more, Freya to scream his name as pure spasms of pleasure crossed his body. Still moving inside her, Zac swore love for the rest of his life, to lose control and ejaculate, body shuddering with the power of self relief.

- I realized

- That's for you to celebrate our segun wedding anniversary - said some time later, reaching out to catch a small velvet box. He put a ring of diamonds and emerald of the finger, with the wedding ring, drying- IHE tears with kisses.

- his voice cracked a little - mother

of my children, the love of my life. I will love you for Eternity of Freya - swore, before taking her in his arms again to demonstrate without words how much he loved her.

- You are my wife, my lover

before taking her in his arms again to demonstrate without words how much he loved her.

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