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Laith Noel Resume ,

• Microsoft .NET technology (C#, VS.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET) (8+ year).

• Internet development (jQuery, HTML, DHTML, VBScript, ASP, ColdFusion, IIS,
JavaScript, Java Servlet, JSP, Apache Web Server, JRUN).
• Microsoft Visual Basic for Application (VBA) (7+ Years).
• Databases Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 – 2000 (7+ Years), Microsoft Access (7+
years) Informix (6 months) Oracle (3 Months).
• Others (C++, COM, COM+, ActiveX, Z-80 Assembly, XML, XSL, Intershop).


• M.Sc. Communication Engineering.
• B.Sc. Electronic and Communication Engineering.
• Microsoft Certified Solution developer (MCSD) in (VB) and Microsoft Certified
Database administrator (MCDBA) in (SQL Server) 8 exams in total.
• Micfosoft Cloud Computing Best .NET solution Winner for June
2009. My Interview with channel 9 MSDN can be found here


Lamassau IT Services
CEO and Founder , October 2005 – Present
Building Several inhouse solutions, and Social apps, like and which
posted smugmug images direcly to Twitter. and Url shortening service fo my apps.

Developing web application for several clients mainly using ASP.NET, C# and SQL Server.
Some of the projects are:
• Building Market campaign reporting engine for Castrol Gas, wich analysed their
campaigns effectivness and provided crucial reports about the value of marketting
• Building several marketting apps for Wyeth pharmaceuticals, including a design and
consulting for one of their Facebook apps.
• Developing OFAC name search for their client, Using XML Data storage and C# for the
front end for ARCH Insurance Group.
• Developing special set of web controls and framework for web development for the IT
team of Arch Insurance group.
• Developing a Project Portfolio Management Application for the benefit of Sanofi-Aventis
pharmaceutical Company using ASP.NET , C# and SQL server 2000.
• Redesign e-commerce system. The proposal consists of
custom shopping engine developed using the latest Microsoft .NET technologies
and Web Services along with a state of the art website administration console.
Using ASP.NET C# Application with SQL Server 2000 Database.

Western Union
Senior Software Architect July 2007 – May 2008

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Laith Noel Resume ,
• Developing web service test application Windows Forms with C#.
• Web Service integration tool, C#, DLL.
• Building main billing system to move it to C#.NET 3.5 .
• Multiple customizations for Old ASP billing system with COM Dll

Senior Software Developer, Dec 2003 – October 2005

• Develop and maintain internal n-tier web applications for KPMG National
Marketing and Communications Group using ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, ASP, VBScript,
JavaScript, XML and SQL Server 2000.
• Develop and maintain internal HR reporting engine using SQL Server for the
security layer and Oracle as the reporting source. Using C#, I also built controls that were
used in the application to simplify the search criteria and accessing help files.
• Design, develop and implement “HR-XL,” for 8,000+ KPMG Managers using
ASP.NET with VB.NET and C#. These applications track self-assessment profiles and
performance manager feedback as part of the Partner, Director and Manager Review
• Debug and test ASP, VBScript and JavaScript code in existing KPMG Marketing
Web Applications
• Analyze and recommend technical solutions based on clients’ needs and system

American Computer Solutions

Project Manager, Feb 2001 – Oct 2002
• Developing a recruitment search engine using ASP.NET and VB.NET. Web service
was utilized in this project with caching techniques to handle high traffic rate. Reduced
the development engine budget by 40% by managing the resources and using portal
source code to reduce the development time. Projected value of the application is $25
• Developing the administration section of Title Research, Inc. to allow clients to
track the status of their title search applications.
• Senior developer in developing an Intranet application for Axcelera Group, an
insurance company. Development involved COM+ component that generates word
documents by populating the data from the database into word templates, reports
development and migrating data from Excel to SQL server 2000.
• Architectural designs of web and the Pocket PC Interface for mortgage application
in order to better utilize the software.
Tools: VS.NET, XML, SQL Server 2000, IIS 5.0, ADO.NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, MS
ACCESS, VS, Visual InterDev, ADO, VB, XML, MS Office VBA.

Cosmos Software
Project Manager, Dec 1999 – Dec. 2000
Managed several projects valued at more than $5 million:
• Search engine that includes rating the websites using ASP & SQL Server 7.0
databases, Visual Basic used for the administration program.
• Web application using Java Servlet to serve XML for bill payment website.

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Laith Noel Resume ,
• Internet application using Java Servlet for financial analysis company to provide live
stock quotes on their website.
• Portal for construction companies using ColdFusion 4.5 and Microsoft Access database.
Tools: Visual Interdev, ASP, ColdFusion, FrontPage, HTML, VB 6.0, Jbuilder, SQL Server 7.0,
MS Office VBA, MS Source safe, IIS, JRUN.

Controsoft Establishment
Lead Developer, Nov 1998 – Dec. 1999
• Designing and developing accounting and management solutions. Which includes:
Desktop / distributed database applications with Visual Basic 6.0, On-line inventory
system using ASP, ActiveX development, testing, debugging and administrating the
environment of source code version control.
Tools: VB 6.0, FrontPage, HTML, SQL Server 7.0, MS Office VBA, MS Source safe, Visual
Interdev, ASP.

TATCO Trading Company

Technical Director, July 1996 – Sep 1998
• Managing several projects for the implementation of software, hardware and
networking solutions for several clients (Banks and Universities) valued at $15 million.
• Automate the most frequent tasks using Office VBA.
Tools: Windows 95, Windows NT, MS Office VBA.

Masters Degree Project

1995 – 1996
• Developing a network design CAD that consists of four modules for defining the
network properties, product selection, optimization and generating network design
document. VB3.0 was used for the development of this application.
Tools: VB 3.0, MS Access, Windows 95, MS Office VBA.

BITS Company
Computer Engineer, June 1995 – June 1996
• Assembling and troubleshooting PCs and computer-related equipment.
• Automating the process of sending and receiving telex messages and proposal
document creation using VBA.
Tools: MS Access, Windows 95, MS Office VBA.

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