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Software Support Tools

“...The evidence is accumulating that computers are having a decided impact on the way
our schools and society organize, communicate, and make decisions.” (Nathan,1985).

Materials Generators

It helps teachers to keep precise,

Based on the quotation above,
accurate records of events and students’
integrating ICT in ESL classroom is one
progression. Fourthly, this tool actually
of the efforts to boost the learning.
supports interaction. Students can interact
ICT has been widely used especially
among them while using certain software.
with the help of various purposeful
These qualities can encourage many creative,
software support tools. In education
cooperative group-learning activities. Actually,
field, software support tools are list of
there are many software support tools that
programmes that promoted instances
are available nowadays. However, they still
which could help us in teaching and
differ in purposes, benefits they offer and
learning process. Depending on the
their utility for teachers. Some examples of
capabilities of the tool and the needs
software support tools are material generators
of the situation, these programs can
and planning and organising tools. (3)
offer several benefits. (1)

Material Generators is nice to have to help

Firstly, it is said to improve teachers and students produce instructional
productivity. Tasks can be completed materials. Some of the examples are Desktop
quickly and the free time can be publishing software, Test generators and Test item
rechanneled towards working with banks, Worksheet and Puzzle generators, IEP
students. Secondly, it improves generators, Graphic document makers and PDF and
appearance of work where teachers forms makers. Here, we will explain more on
and students can have materials that material generators based on an example which is
resemble professional designers. In the Puzzle generator. This puzzle generator is
fact, students will appreciate to found and can only be utilized in the internet. The
receive attractive-looking materials software cannot be downloaded. This software is so
and find it rewarding and challenging simple and easy to be used in the classroom. The
to produce great-looking products of teachers do not have to explore in deep about the
their own. Thirdly, software support skills of utilizing this software since it is so easy
tools also help in improving accuracy. and it consumes less time to be able to produce the
(2) puzzle. In addition, the activity is so popular; the
teachers do not have to waste so much time in
explaining the instruction of this activity. (4)
• Example
of Puzzle

Generator, Retrieved From:-

• Example of final product of Puzzle Generator

These are some of the websites that provides software of the materials generators:-

Substitute Teaching Daily Plan Generator- Taking a day off? Here is a quick helper for creating a
sub plan for your big day off. :- http://www.teach-

Progress Report Generator - This can be used to create a progress report that can be sent home to

Lesson Plan Generator - Create a professional lesson plan in minutes. Our template uses
the current nationally accepted model.http://www.teach-

Teacher's Weekly Schedule Generator - This generator can be used to make a schedule for your
day-to-day routine.

Personal Education Plan Generator - The PEP Generator creates a form that is a cross
between a behavior contract and an IEP. It allows teachers to monitor students who require
modifications or curricular adaptations.http://www.teach-

These are some of the material generators software that can be found in this

Abilities Builder Spell Plus 6.6

Abilities Builder Fill-In Tests 6.6

Abilities Builder Matching Tests 6.6

Abilities Builder Language Plus 8.6

Planning and Organizing Tools

Planning and organizing tools include
outlining and concept mapping software,
lesson planning software, and scheduling or
time management tools. One example of
this tool is called Kidspiration. It is
created for younger or primary school
learners. Kidspiration develops thinking,
literacy and numeracy skills using proven
visual learning principles. In reading and
writing, Kidspiration strengthens word
recognition, vocabulary, comprehension and
written expression. (1)

• Kidspiration

Kidspiration helps students to They need to experience and

develop strong thinking skills, see while they are learning.
strengthen reading and writing skills Therefore, teaching aids used must be
and build conceptual understanding in colourful and attractive enough to
math.Some of the features in the them. Thus, Kidspiration software
Kidspiration software are Picture View, offers all those to the children for
Writing View and Math View. In meaningful learning. Research shows
Writing View, students expand their that visual learning is one of the best
ideas into written expression. methods for teaching thinking skills.
Kidspiration's Picture View is used to Visual learning techniques which is
build graphic organizers including graphical ways of working with ideas
concept maps, webs, bubble diagrams and presenting information can teach
and Venn diagrams. In addition, students to clarify their thinking and
according to Jean Piaget in his 4 to process, organize and prioritize new
stages of children development, information. Visual thinking and
children at the age of 7 to 12 years learning utilize graphical ways of
old are concrete learners. (2) working with ideas and presenting
information. (3)
Research in both educational theory and cognitive psychology tells us that visual learning is
among the very best methods for teaching students of all ages how to think and how to learn.
This software tool, Kidspiration, is based on proven visual learning methodologies that help
students think, learn and achieve. With the powerful combination of visual learning and
technology, primary students learn to clarify thoughts, organize and analyze information,
integrate new knowledge, and think critically. Yet, have to remember that this software has its
own limitation. We can’t simply drag ideas around the map or print directly from the software.

• Example: Picture view can be transformed into

written form
Based on the explanation above, it is proven that actually software support
tools help those especially teachers to lighten the task of preparing teaching and
learning materials. It is not just to make the task easier though, but the most
important thing is in helping the learning become more effective. As what always
said, learning language is always boring. So, let us bring ‘new life’ in ESL classroom
so that our new generation will enjoy learning language.

These are some of the examples of websites that have planning and
organizing tools application:-



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