Lust. Probably the numero uno from among all that we humans have in common. Yes. Despite race or religion, gender or geography, we are all consumed by it. Indeed, it is the one primal instinct that has stood the test of time and entwined all else within it’s seductive grasp, and continues to hold lead on forces that fight to overcome or contain it. This is one beast that cannot and will not be contained. And among it’s foot soldiers are the enlightened & the intellectual, those who voice their belief in a freedom they struggle to define & unknowingly crusade in Lust’s cause; which is in the end self-serving, and palliative to their inner-growls. For lust is Man; and Man is lust. It tells us. When one ceases to exist, so does the other. And in the end, it is what defines us; to deny it, is to deny who we are or what makes us what we are –Human. This is the unspoken word behind the modern man’s argument for freedom. Yes. It is what He seeks. And he will pursue and justify it to no end. And every man or woman, we are all of us, testament to it. His precious, indeed. The history of Man inevitably has been, in my opinion, a cataclysmic battle between His Lust & God; it’s arch antithesis. In it’s wake lay all else. The Lust for wealth and for power, and the inherent desire to disobey, though equally corrosive and all of it fundamentally intertwined, they are all inconsequential when compared to that desire of desires; Man’s perpetual urge to explore his or her sexuality.

This is the dominant definition of Lust and its overwhelming theme. And although it has promulgated over the ages, it is today that we find Lust manifest itself in all its glory, casting its shadow upon humanity and threatening to enslave us all: because, unlike eons past, today we have managed to justify it! Yes. The age of freedom and tolerance. That’s where we are today. And so,although we have all but given in to our most primeval desires we argue that this is the age of Man’s true enlightenment. Quite the idiosyncrasy. Today we have found the arguments, or atleast something to that effect, to prove Gods inexistence and the irrelevance of our existence, & thereby have negated the need to be answerable to anyone but ourselves. We seem to not realise that we have made Lust our Supreme Deity, our God! And that we follow it with religious fervour. Yes. Newton’s law’s of motion, Darwin’s theory of evolution, the founding of a United American States, Edison’s tungsten light bulb, Einstein’s theory of relativity, the creation of Zion, Armstrong’s supposed walk on the moon, Bill gates MSDOS and Dawkin’s Atheistic dogma, to name a few. These are some of our greatest moments, moments that we hope will be what characterises us long after we are gone. (Dolphins could overtake us any day). But not the greatest. On this Last stand of ours on earth, as we proudly sit atop these pinnacles of innovation and selfingenuity, ready to leap off into the cosmos, and look past a horizon that is soiled in bloodshed and hammered in poverty & famine and social injustice for the great majority among us, We are able to proudly declare that we have overcome that which had shackled us above all else -namely a God(s) and a religion(s), all of which sought to deny us the food that our earthly vessels crave. And so, although our souls may wither away and wilt, we be Free at last. This is our greatest achievement. Yes, We be free to fuck left right & centre. Front and back. And of course through our infinite wisdom and knowledge of Man for the animal He really is, we have made it every human’s right to be able to explore and indulge in that sexuality in whatever form & with whomever- be it human, inhuman, inanimate, hetero or homo and so on and so forth.

Human sexuality is not merely an expression of innocence & a love ever so pure. Far from it. The classic depictions of Venus, Romeo & Juliet and the kama Sutra barely skim the surface of that great Ocean of Lust that we, knowingly or not, yearn to explore; and where erstwhile we dared to tread upon it’s bare beaches & swim in it’s alluring lagoons, today we proclaim our right to delve deeper into it’s milky depths and live happily ever after. A Lustful Utopia where we are all free & live not in fear of any, not even of Lust. Not even of a God. God? God? An utterly absurd concept; we declare so to ourselves, with an air of pompous arrogance whilst we enjoy a cup of English tea during a cricket match or a big Mac & fries during a screening of Jenna Jameson’s latest ménage-à-trois on a plasma screen: the whole evolved-ape lot of us! Today as science continues to deconstruct the genetic make up of man and decipher the mystery that He apparently is, its revelations are in fact the mirror image of that of philosophers. Man is apparently imbued with criminal, psychopathic & abhorrent sexual tendencies, including homosexuality; on a scale of one to some number, which manifests in a significant fraction of the population as a dominant trait. Therefore it’s not His fault really. A revelation to end all revelations indeed. Lets not punish criminals too hard; after all they are only human. So what if the modern criminal justice system (if that’s what it is) is overloaded and its overwhelmed prisons testament to its utter failure, with repeat offenders as it’s best customers. So what if justice is class and wealth dependent. So what if ‘Might’ apparently & at times very clearly ‘makes Right’. Lets also stop ostracising homosexuals, they didn’t ask to be so; they were born so. They are only human. It’s in their genetics. And so on and so forth. What we do not want to hear of course is that while Homosexuality IS a human trait, it is as much a human trait as paedophilia or murder or rape or any other number of repugnant human tendencies, whether we realise it or not. If there are those of us who do it, then what ever it may be, we are capable of it! Yes it is inherent; WE ARE CAPABLE OF ANYTHING! It is only a question of how far or how much our inert animal instincts have been primed by those external stimuli, which we should have kept at bay. But alas, we will hear none of it. Pavlov’s canine was a dog after our own hearts! So, Homosexuality is OKk. This is where we have drawn the line today. But Lines can always be redrawn right. After all it’s our word against God’s (pfft!). And given enough time, we will keep extending that line to the very possible extreme. Testing our limits. Look how far we’ve come on ladies beach ware. Thongs & G-strings. Sight for sore eyes indeed! Arguably one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century. Tomorrow we will say incest, if both parties are adult and consenting & in the privacy of their own domains, is not deplorable at all. They will one day declare it as the very essence of that most eternal of bonds. The Love of Family. And the day after that, Paedophilia; what better way to educate your children about sex? When Today we gift our daughters, sexual paraphernalia on their 18th birthdays, to keep them away from unwanted pregnancies & STD infested boys. Yes. Who knows, they may even build monuments to celebrate the courage, the very humanity & the purity of Biblical Sodom and & the gay Greeks. In the words of one modern ape, A Mr.Michel Foucault who wrote in The History of Sexuality, “the concept of what activities and sensations are "sexual" is historically (and regionally and culturally) determined, and it is therefore part of a changing discourse”. I rest my case! One would find innumerable, 19th and 20th century, such works on human sexuality & behaviour that continue to ‘enlighten’ us. Sigmund Freud is one such prophet.

Going through the hundreds of thousands of Pornographic sites including sex story websites, one could quite accurately map or at the very least get an idea of the modern Man’s sexual psyche, which is now a fully blossomed flower of the bud that it once was, and attempt to peel like an onion into it’s very dissolute core. Internet Porn is truly an untapped fountain of insight on our innermost yearnings. Click through the library of categories (if your 18 and above!!!): amateur vs. hardcore, Teen vs. Mature, Hetero vs. Gay, Straight vs. lesbo, dildo vs. vegetables, uni vs. bisexual, Duo vs. trio, Human vs. animal and of course above 18(why not 17 or 16, I always wander) Vs. Pedo & conventional vs. taboo. Sigh. Need I go on? Even with a quick glance at the index in a popular sex-story site (literotica.com), all fictional and sent by anonymous sources, one stumbles upon a disturbing pattern; the majority of stories have been contributed to BDSM (11,343) & the Incest (14,488) section. There is no shortage of child pornography on the Internet either. Nor Siree. In the words of C.S.Lewis -“curiouser and curiouser”. But, in fact hardly surprising. For we have snorkelled the continental shelf on the proverbial Ocean of Lust and we now glance towards unexplored depths. ‘Taboo is the ultimate high’ is the slogan now. It won’t be long before it becomes ‘Nothing is Taboo’. For what is to stop us now? ; Morality? Anymore than it already has? If any doubt read this essay from the beginning and then ask yourselves again. Our inclination without a doubt is to transgress all bounds. Therefore, Western Ideology inculcates in us that sexuality is to be embraced in its entirety and for all its variety. & even Beauty. God’s toll free line has long been dead and we killed it. Those of us who wish to dial and re-dial are ridiculed & made outcasts in this modern world. Not realising that it was not God that failed us or who had forsaken us, or as Nietzche had asserted, died. In choosing to deny Him & heed His warnings and transgressing His set boundaries, we failed ourselves. We are dead inside. Look out the window, past the towering skyscrapers & the modern marvels, deep into the eyes of People; Everyday contemporary people and see for yourself. Turn on the Television set and see for yourselves. Clearly our self-enlightenment is lacking.

Mohamed Mamdhooh