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Chapter: 01


The basic function of telecommunication is to connect people through voice transfer and via Internet.
Apart from this basic function, telecommunication has already started introducing some diversified
areas with the help of its mobile network.
Mobile technology is presently providing various cheap solutions in people's daily life. The
traditional thinking of connecting people through mobile phone is far behind in comparison with the
present scenario. Information technology enables telecom companies to provide economic solutions
with a very cheap and easily available access, which was earlier costly and not accessible to some
Today, The Globe is a village and telecommunication has become a day-to-day necessity of the
people. Most of the people own and use mobile phones as an important device and depend on these
for their ultimate connectivity.
Mobile phone is becoming a very common measure of communication in our country. The number of
mobile user is increasing day by day. It is a very attractive market for the mobile connection
providers. Presently there are six companies in the market. Each of them is trying to maintain and
increase their market share. Among them Robi Axiata Limited is one of the leading company in this
sector (31.2 million subscriber).
This report is a Graduation requirement for the BBA students of University of Dhaka. This study is a
partial requirement of BBA curriculum at the University of Dhaka. The main purpose of report is to
get the student exposed to the real business world. Being the student the main challenge was to
translate the theoretical concepts into real life experience.
The report and the study have following purposes:
To get and organize detail knowledge on the practical business world.
To experience the real business world.
To compare the real scenario with the lessons learned in course.
To fulfill the requirement of BBA Program.
This report is the result of hard work on the management function on Robi Axiata Limited and is
prepared as a requirement for the completion of the BBA program. As a result we need to submit this
report based on the Management Functions of Robi Axiata limited. This report also includes
information on the Management functions of Robi Axiata Limited.
The objective of the report can be viewed in two forms:
General Objective
Specific Objective
General Objective:
This report is prepared primarily to fulfill the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) degree
requirement under the Department of Banking and Insurance, University of Dhaka.
Specific Objective:
More specifically, this study entails the following aspects:

To give an overview of Robi Axiata Limited.

To know about the management functions of Robi Axiata Limited.

The report covers a short history and business description of Robi Axiata Limited
The organizations performance in the functional activities of management of Robi Axiata
Many professionals can learn a bird's eye view about the tools and techniques followed by
the organization required for supporting their managerial activities.

Primary Sources:
The primary data was collected from the employee of the Robi Axiata ltd.
Secondary Sources:

Internal sources- Different documents provided by concerned officers and different circulars,
manuals and files of the organization.
External source- Different websites related to the telecom sector and online resources.
Depending on the information from members of corporate strategy Division, this report is prepared.
Though the report would be helpful to Robi Axiata Limited a lot, some people were reluctant to
provide feedback. Some concerned might think that the information associated with them were
confidential enough to disclose to the external world.
Robi Axiata Limited is a joint venture between Axiata Group Berhad, Malaysia and NTT DOCOMO
INC, Japan. Robi Axiata, formerly known as Telekom Malaysia International (Bangladesh),
commenced operations in Bangladesh in 1997 with the brand name AKTEL. On 28th March 2010,
the service name was rebranded as Robi and the company came to be known as Robi Axiata
Robi is a truly people-oriented brand in Bangladesh. We stand as the people's champion and are there
for the people of Bangladesh where they want and how they want. With local tradition at its core,
Robi marches ahead with innovation and creativity.
To ensure leading-edge technology, Robi draws from the international expertise of Axiata and NTT
DOCOMO Inc. Robi supports 2G voice and 3G video calls, CAMEL Phase II & III, and
GPRS/EDGE as well as 3.5G data service, offering high speed internet connectivity. The companys
GSM service is based on a robust network architecture and cutting edge technology such as
Intelligent Network (IN), which provides peace-of-mind solutions in terms of voice clarity, extensive
nationwide network coverage and multiple global partners for international roaming

Robi has the widest International Roaming coverage in Bangladesh connecting 600 operators across
more than 200 countries. Our customer-centric solutions include value added services (VAS), quality
customer care, easy access call centers, digital network security and flexible tariff rates.
Robi Axiata Limited is a Joint Venture company between Axiata Group Berhad (70%) and NTT
Axiata Group Berhad
Axiata is an emerging leader in Asian telecommunications with significant presence in Malaysia,
Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Cambodia. In addition, the Malaysian grown holding company
has strategic mobile and non-mobile telecommunications operations and investments in India,
Singapore, Iran, Pakistan and Thailand. Axiata Group Berhad, including its subsidiaries and
associates, has approximately 120 million mobile subscribers in Asia, and is listed on Malaysias
Stock exchange (Bursa Malaysia).
NTT DOCOMO INC is the world's leading mobile communications company and the largest mobile
communications company in Japan. DOCOMO serves over 56 million customers, including 44
million people subscribing to FOMA, launched as the world's first 3G mobile service based on WCDMA in 2001. DOCOMO also offers a wide variety of leading-edge mobile multimedia services,
including i-mode, the world's most popular mobile e-mail/Internet service, used by 48 million
people. With the addition of credit-card and other e-wallet functions, DOCOMO mobile phones have
become highly versatile tools for daily life.

Chapter: 02

Mission and vision

Vision: to be a leader as a telecommunication service provider in Bangladesh.
EMPOWERING YOU: We are there for you, where you want and in the way you want, in
order to help you develop, grow and make the most of your lives through our services.
Principles & Purpose
Uncompromising Integrity
We will be legally, ethically, and morally correct. - Our conduct will be fair and honest. - We will
listen, seek understanding and encourage open dialogue. - We will be passionate in pursuing our
beliefs - We will treat others with dignity, valuing and benefiting from diversity - We will be
accountable for our actions and behaviors on fellow employees, customers, shareholders, and the
communities in which we operate. - We will be courageous in sharing our work and bold to learn
and improve from our mistakes - We will adhere to our Code of Conduct, protect and uphold it.
Customer at the Centre
We will be customer centric delivering their needs in terms of value, quality and satisfaction. Our customer focus will be unrelenting in creating positive experience, at every point of
interface, sale and post-sale. - Simplicity will be the key for the customer to learn about us, buy
from us, and get support from us whenever, wherever. - We will strive for continuous innovative
solutions in every sphere of our work. - We will engagement with the customers to know their
demands and design our actions to care for them better than our competitors can. - We will not be
distracted from creating and providing value for our customers.
I Can, I Will
Ensure our efforts produce desired results. - Seize opportunities at the right time and execute
them on time. - Go beyond our scope, strive for and achieve excellence. - Do what it takes to
ensure delivery of results not waiting for delegation. - Go that extra mile, setting ambitious goals
to ensure our efforts bring success. - Have the courage to say and do what it takes in order to
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Planning process of ROBI with KPI: The role of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Many institutions make use of Key Performance Indicators or KPIs as part of their strategic
planning activity KPIs can be defined as
Financial and non-financial measures or metrics used to help an organization define and evaluate
how successful it is, typically in terms of making progress towards its long-term organizational
goals. (Wikipedia)
Steps of planning process of ROBI: Key performance indicators measure the quality of an
organizations performance and assist in developing performance goals and strategies. In many
cases, key performance indicators are posed as questions that need to be answered, and the
answers provide the indications of organizational performance and strategic development. While
developing key performance indicators might seem like a challenging task, it is an essential one
for a company that plans to succeed. What is more, developing key performance indicators takes
time but is not necessarily difficult; it requires largely the ability to bridge the gap between goals
and results.
Step 1
Identify the results ROBI expect. In order to measure your organizations performance with key
performance indicators, ROBI first need to know what the goals actually are. It is, after all,
difficult to establish rate of success without an expectation for success. Establish clear goals that
reflect various areas of ROBI: asset management, revenue and profit, spending, safety and so
forth. Key performance indicators are not limited to income; focus on a variety of areas. Review
the companys business goals, and apply these to the desired results.
Step 2
Establish the numbers ROBI needs to reach its goals. This step goes beyond just identifying the
results; it gives shape to those results with actual numbers that represent objectives. ROBI
analyze about how much profit the company needs to make, how many new customers it needs
to add, how much money it needs to save, how many safety violations it needs to avoid and so
forth. ROBI that makes $50 million a year might have a goal of making $55 million a year. That
$55 million is a specific, clear goalmore than just a goal of increasing company profits.
Step 3
Identify the progress that has occurred so far. Key performance indicators work alongside
specific company activities, and developing indicators for future activities requires an
understanding of what has already occurred or is in the process of occurring. If the company
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has a goal of making $55 million a year and is currently making $50 million a year, the company
is approximately 90.90 percent of the way toward its goal.
Step 4
Determine the percentage of change that has occurred within each area of review. In other words,
take a closer look at the current numbersnot focusing right now on the future numbersand
consider what has happened in the past. Doing so will enable you to create more effective goals
for the future. Look at the percentage of change on different scales: the change in profits from
one July to the next, or the number of safety violations between one month and the next.
Step 5
Establish the frequency of reviewing these indicators. Looking at key performance indicators
should not occur just once but should be a process that occurs at stated intervals over time. And
each area of a company studied will require a different frequency. Company profits might need
to be reviewed only quarterly, whereas safety issues should be reviewed monthly. Determine the
frequency based on the nature of the company sector.
Some Marketing KPIs of ROBI: Sales, Brand Awareness, Repeat Business, Market Share,
Internet Activity of ROBI.
Corporate Strategy: Corporate Strategy Division of Robi Axiata Limited does the planning
process. There are total 26 employees in the division including the Chief Strategy Officer. Main
tasks of this division embraces managing new business development, business strategy, business
planning (BP) including BP projects, risk management, performance management and quality
management system. The division is broadly divided into two departments. They are:
Corporate Management & Strategy Planning (CMSP)
New Business Development.
Corporate Management & Strategy Planning (CMSP): CMSP is one of the major departments of
Robi as it defines strategies, maintaining management & actions of process documents. The
department has 8 employees headed by the Executive Vice-President of the Division. CMSP
controls quality management system, risk management strategy & control, performance
management, long-term & short-term business development, & business analysis.
Responsibilities of each part are given below
Quality Management System (QMS)
Risk Management Strategy & Control (RMSC)
Performance Management

Long-term & Short-term Business Development

Business Analysis
New Business Development: This is the second broad category of corporate strategy division
consisting 18 employees headed by the Executive Vice-President of the Division. New Business
Development controls emerging technologies, new business development, business analyst, &
project specialist.
Emerging Technologies
New Business Development
Business Analyst
SWOT Analysis of Robi:
Strong Brand images to overall Customer through Advertising, Posturing, and Sponsorship
Offer quality products. Robi always support an entrepreneur thats why the organization have
different product for them named Uddokta & Easy Load Tariff.
Robi is using better equipment to give better service to their customers. Now they are using
Nokia-Siemens instead of Alka-tell to provide best quality Network.
Good relationship with retailer.
The customer of Robi face Network problem outside the Dhaka and sometimes even inside
The company could not cover all the rural area with their network which is making some
dissatisfaction among the customers.
Average revenue of Subscriber life cycle is all most equal to the SIM tax. As a result it
Becomes very difficult to take out profit from the operation.

Continuously increase the using rate of mobile phone in Bangladesh thats why Robi
Has the opportunity to increase their customer base.
As Robi is using Bangla name for their products, it helps the customer to understand
The meaning of the products very well, thats why they understand which tariff, is best
For them. So they buy it more. Mostly this is suitable for uneducated people of
Bangladesh and also for rural people.
Increasing income of population. As much they earn that much they need to using
Mobile to fulfill their working requirement.
Restriction of Government regulations.
There are five strong competitors are existing in Bangladesh for Robi. So Robi has to face
high competition to retain the customers.
Because of the aggressiveness of the competitors and customers connection
Switching behavior, Robi is constantly losing their market share. If it is going on, then its very
difficult for the company to exist.

Corporate social responsibility of ROBI:

Nirapod Pani, Sushtho Jibon: Water Treatment Plant

Picture 01: Water Treatment Plant

Safe drinking water facility for railway passengers at different divisional railway stations set up by

Robi Axiata Limited

The water tank with the capacity of 5000 liter of safe drinking water per hour to meet thirst of the
huge number of railway passengers (more than 55 thousands passengers traveling daily through these
There are separate water taps kept for male, female, one is dedicated for the disabled people and

Robir Alo:

Picture 02: Robir Alo

Electricity is an essential need for living but many people in Bangladesh do not have any access to it.
There are still many villages without any supply of electricity thus denying the villagers there the
opportunity to lead a better life. Robi has taken an initiative to contribute towards reducing the
energy crisis through providing solar driven technology among the underprivileged people of off-grid
areas as well as helping to reduce CO2 emission. Keeping these in mind, Robi Axiata Limited has
already built a mega solar panel and distributed solar power home solution among 150 families with
2 lights & a mobile charger at Kaluar Char village of Razarhat Upazilla of Kurigram district for free
of cost. This mega panel will provide electricity for 4 hours to each household along with all sort of
technical supports for 5 years. Following the success and considering the importance of the project in
the Kaluar Char village, Robi has extended the project to another 440 houses which include several
houses in this village and in adjoining villages. Under the 2nd Phase rest of the houses in Kaluarchar,
the two adjacent villages Chor Joy Kumer & Kismat Cinay have been covered. The Grid Capacity for
the 150 (Ph-1) and 440 (Ph-2) houses are 2.5 KW and 9.18 KW respectively. Under Robis CSR
pillar Environment this initiative has changed and having a positive impact on the socio economic
development of the local people. In brief we can say, the project has in truer sense has illuminated
their daily life and given them an opportunity to change their lifestyle and be in touch with one of the
best discovery of the modern technology.

Robi Internet Corner:

Under this campaign Robi with the support of Department of Public Libraries has established internet
corners at all seven divisional public libraries with the objective of giving opportunity to all to know
the benefits of internet. Robi believes that the users will be able to explore the world through this free
internet service.

Basic Computer Training by Robi employee:

Picture 03: Basic Computer Training by Robi employee.

Robi Axiata Limited has initiated a training program on Basic Computer Knowledge for the
students of 72 colleges in 64 districts where Robi has already implemented Computer Corners to
increase IT literacy among the students of rural and semi-urban areas.
Robi employees visit the colleges to conduct day long Basic Computer training. The initiative has
started from March 01, 2012. The 1st phase has finished on December 26, 2012.

Chapter: 03


The organization is headed by its Chief Executive designated as the Managing Director entrusted
with overall responsibilities of business direction of the organization and leading dynamically
towards the attainment of its purpose and principles. In attaining the purpose and principles, the
Chief Financial Officer, General Managers & department Heads assists the MD. Robi has established
a strong and formidable sales channel, which consists of direct dealers and its own sales force.

The organization has an executive committee, which includes Chairman, Directors, Managing
Director, Chief Financial Officer and other General Managers.

Divisions & Departments of Robi Axiata Ltd:

Robi is operating with following Divisions / Departments having its establishment in different
locations at Dhaka, Chittagong and other regions of Bangladesh. Robi Axiata Limited consists of 9
big divisions each containing several departments according to the division & organizational need.
The organization is headed by a Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director. Each division is headed
by CXOs & each department is headed by either an EVP or VP but sometimes EVP holds
responsibilities of more than one department. General Managers are there to coordinate between
departmental heads & employees. Managers are given specific tasks, programs, plans or analysis to
be done. Specialists & Officers are entry level positions who perform different types of job given by
managers or general managers. Here is a brief of all the divisions.
Robi has following divisions and departments:

Finance Division
Commercial Division
Information Technology Division
Technical Division
Human Resources Division
Revenue Assurance Department
Regulatory Affairs Department
Internal Audit Department
Corporate Affairs Department
Corporate Strategy Department
Supply Chain Management Department
Credit Control Department
Legal & Compliance Department
Security & Safety Department
MDs/CEOs Office

Market Operation: Market operation division is responsible for acquiring monthly targeted sales
given by top management. The division works to develop brand & market communication, sales of
corporate & business products, maintenance of contact centre as well as participate in building up
pricing strategy of new products.
Finance: Finance is the heart of any business functions because they are responsible for budgeting.
Finance division of Robi Axiata Limited is accountable for financing into different proposals,
business partnering, as well as new product development. Finance controls financial accounting,
creating salary sheets for employees, maintaining compliances & so on. SCM & corporate finance is
another task of this division.
Corporate Strategy: Main task of corporate strategy division is to analyze monthly growth, revenue,
KPIs as well as develop new business proposals for Robi. The division is responsible to plan for
organizational growth.
Corporate Regulatory Affairs & Legal: This division is known as CRL which is in charge of all the
CSR activities approval, analysis of event management & sponsorship, maintaining relations with
media, handling legal issues by govt. & so on. Two of the most renowned faces are incorporating the
Human Resources: Human resource or HR mainly works for recruiting new employees, providing
training for existing employees; circulate salary to employees account, employee motivation, as well
as organizational development. HR also takes the responsibility of maintaining good relations among
all the employees.
Technology: It is the division which provides IT support to all the divisions & departments of Robi.
Main tasks of this division is maintenance of regional IT operation along with establishing BTS,
central network monitoring, technology compliance, supporting employees by providing necessary
hardware & software, support contact centre etc. Controlling Robi website as well as intra-division &
departmental websites is also an important task of technology.
Administration: Administration division works to control the business facility layout, safety &
maintenance, controlling overall employee management, security staffs & personnel management
etc. Besides, maintaining alternative sites for emergency evacuation is also a part of administrative
Enterprise Program Management: Enterprise program management (EPMO) works closely with
the CXOs in developing or participating different management programs. Along with the Corporate
Strategy division, EPMO defines business objectives, goals, policies for business & contribute for
dissimilar projects to take place.
Internal Audit: Internal audit division of Robi works to ensure worth of operations, reliability of
financial reporting, determining & investigating fraudulent activities, safeguarding assets in
accordance with the law & regulations.

In robi there is one CEO, Michael Kuehner. There are five Chief Executive Officers such as Matuil
Islam Nowshad (CHRO), Mahtabuddin Ahmed (CFO), A.K.M Morshed (CTO), Pradeep Shrivastava
(CMO), Rozano Marius Planta (Country Head, Digital Service).Under this five Chief Executive
Officers there are seven Executive vice Presidents. Under these seven Executive vice Presidents there
are Thirty one vice presidents. In ROBI there are four General Managers. All are the part of top
management of ROBI.
Divisions & Departments of ROBI
Corporate Strategy Division

Figure 03: Corporate Strategy Division.

Corporate Strategy Division of Robi Axiata Limited. There are total 26 employees in the division
including the Chief Strategy Officer. Main tasks of this division embraces managing new business
development, business strategy, business planning (BP) including BP projects, risk management,
performance management and quality management system. The division is broadly divided into two
departments. They are:
Corporate Management & Strategy Planning (CMSP) &
New Business Development.

Chapter: 04

Human Resource Division of Robi

Robi human resource system is one of the best systems in Bangladesh. The strategy of human
resource division is followed from AXIATA strategy. The strategy that followed by HRD is given
VISION: vision crystallizes their employee focus as the cornerstone of everything they do; to help
their customers get the full benefit from communications services in the customers daily lives. It
describes their future ambition, sets a common direction across the group, and inspires all employees
to imagine how they can contribute. Their values describe what behaviors are necessary to realize
that vision.
HR is a Critical Enable for Robi Axiata Ltd (Robi) in the pursuit of its Strategic Goals. HR is a key to
An Organization, that provides a competitive advantage by being simple, aligned and efficient.
A Culture centered on the employee and characterized by diversity, generosity and an international
Leaders, Who have a passion for business, excel at empowering people and never compromise on
Robi ethical standard.
People, Who perform at the peak of their ability because they feel a sense of mission,
accomplishment and growth?

The hierarchy of HRD

Figure 04: The hierarchy of HRD

Recruitments & selection process at Robi

As we know, recruitment refers to the finding possible candidate for the position in the organization.
And Selection is a process by which candidates employment are divided in to two classes those who
will be offered employment and those who will not. Recruitment and selection is one of the most
important functions for every organization. There is a recruitment and selection process that a
company should follow. In Bangladesh perspective many company does not follow any specific
process for recruitment and selection. In Robi recruitment and selection is done by a specific process
and which is structured. It starts with manpower requisition and end with appointment. After that
Robi arranges various types of training and development program for the employees to develop their
skill. In true sense Robi follow a developed recruitment process for selecting right people in right
In recruitment & selection process the main role is held by HR division in Robi. In the process, when
there is a need of manpower, the required departments send the manpower requisition to HR consist
the approval of MD. Then HR starts the process. The process includes some step or task that done by
a sequential order. First step is manpower requisition. It comes from the division who has vacancies.
It can be replacement or for the new candidates. In the second step the requisition comes to HR
department the particular

officer of HR takes approval from the CHRO. Then the third step starts, HR give advertisement for
the job, it can be external or internal. After collecting CVs HR starts sorting suitable CVs for that
post. After sorting of CV the forth step starts. The forth step is written exam. Written exam has two
parts, one is the HR parts and another is the particular departments parts. The candidates must have
passed HR part. When a candidate passed the written exam then he or she gets call for interview. It is
the fifth step of the process. Generally the candidate has to face one interview but sometimes they
have to face two interviews. After interview a candidate is selected by the interviewers. Then the
selected candidate has to go for medical checkup. It is sixth step. Then comes reference check step.
Lastly selected candidates fill up joining forms and then he/she gets the appointment letter.
This is the procedure that Robi HR follow to recruit people. Actually in Robi the recruitment and
selection is totally control by HR division. HR division makes the policy for recruitment and
selection and also takes decision sometimes that a department required manpower. When the
requisition comes HR starts the process. HR also supervise that Recruitment and Selection are not
simply mechanisms for filling vacancies rather they are viewed as the key factor for suitable
placements. For a better recruitment and selection process HR arrange done some task like
- collecting suitable and better CVs
- arranging written exam
- arranging interviews
- ensure medical tests
- Appointment letter and others.
Basic rules of recruitment in Robi
For recruitment in Robi HR follows some rules. These rules are set by HR for better recruitment and
selection. The rules are
Robi Recruitment is to hire the right kind of people at the right place selecting them through an
effective process from the full of candidates in the job market. Effective recruitment will ensure the
competency and the quality of the Performance of the whole organization.
Robi Axiata Limited Recruitment does not allow any favor or preferential treatment to anyone.
No one who is below 18 years of age can be hired as an employee for Robi on regular, contract or
temporary status.
Under no circumstances a regular or contract employee of any other organization is allowed to
undertake regular or long term contract in robi.
Recruitment & Selection Process at Robi
The Process of recruitment and selection at Robi is consisting of number of sequential steps. The
following picture can show the process very clearly: