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Vision Group LLC
Approximately 16 working weeks after acceptance
of order and prepayment
EXW 't Zand
Transport is according Incoterms 2010 and based
on Ex Works t Zand, The Netherlands.
20% at order, 70% before loading machines, 10%
14 days after the machines are put in operation

24 March 2015

Offerte_10197_1_Vision Group LLC

Price list






Portable Container 20ft Big Bag Fill System





Installing / Instruction for 1 Technician 3






Options (Additional costs to price list)







Filling hopper stainless steel for 20ft





Transport Conveyor to fill the elevator for

Big Bag 20ft container




Transport conveyor support stand - fixed




Tent Roof for 20ft container



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24 March 2015

Offerte_10197_1_Vision Group LLC

Portable Container 20ft Big Bag Fill System Single

Capacity: 120 big bags per hour

The set-up of the 20ft container portable big bag unit.

The whole installation is easy to transport and the equipment easily fits in a truck-trailer. In
this way it is possible to move the equipment to a point of destination.
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24 March 2015

Offerte_10197_1_Vision Group LLC

General description
Portable Container FIBC big bag fill system with a capacity of 60 tons per hour.
A Big bag fill line that is completely integrated in a normal 20ft (6 meter) container.
The line is portable and can be moved to every decided place.
The machine capacity is up to 120 big bags of 500-600 kg per hour.
For 1000 kg big bags the capacity is 60 bags per hour.
The system consists of a stainless steel fill elevator with a capacity of 160 tons per hour. This
elevator discharges the product in a stainless steel hopper. Under this hopper 1 weighing
scales is installed, to weigh the product. The weighing slide discharges the product directly
into the FIBC big bag. This big bag will be removed by a roller conveyor unit. The filling of the
elevator will be done by a short transport conveyor. The filling height is 1500mm for the
intake hopper of the elevator.
The container body is made of mild steel, but elevator, container, hopper, weigh scales, fill
pipes are all constructed of stainless steel #304.
The machine works with a Penko Flex weigh indicators control unit.
The complete bag fill operation can be done by 1 operator to fill the bags and 1 operator to
close the bags. 1 or 2 forklifts move the bags away (depending on the distance).
The complete line is portable and can be moved by ship/truck into two 20ft containers. The
compressor, intake hopper and bag roll conveyors are transported in the second container.
The 2nd container is not included in the price.
Assembly of the container big bag line is
easy to do.
The machine needs to be placed on its
back side by a crane or forklift, so that the
machine is 6 m high. The elevator will be
pushed out of the container with a hydraulic
When the elevator is on its maximum
height, the total system height is 8500mm.
The roller conveyors, the intake conveyor
and intake hopper will be installed by
The container has door openings to bring
the big bags out and to have the possibility
to bring empty big bags into the container.

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24 March 2015

Offerte_10197_1_Vision Group LLC

Container Big Bag hopper for 4000 kg, stainless steel

This hopper is constructed of 3 mm thick stainless steel. The top is at a height of 7100 mm
and is completely closed by plastic sealing with exception
of a small gap to fill the hopper with fertiliser. The upper
side is surrounded by safety rails. Furthermore, a stainless
steel ladder has been installed to be able to climb to the
top. The hopper is completely integrated at the inside of the
container. This hopper has 1 cone outlet where under the
discharge sliding gate is constructed.
The high bin and low bin indicator are taking care of it that
the hopper will not be overloaded. The filling capacity is
4000 kg with a density of 1 ton/m3. The stainless steel big
bag weigh hopper, that is described hereunder, are
mounted at the underside of the hopper. The hopper is
equipped with 1 cone outlet to have the possibility to fill the weight scale.

Container Big Bag filling Installation (FIBC) SINGLE

1 Weight hopper & 1 Electrical panel with weigh system Stainless steel 304 weight scale
hoppers with a size of 1,3 m / 1.200 kg. The scale hopper hangs under the storage hopper.
Under the storage hopper is a pneumatic valve mounted for
opening the gate under this hopper to fill the weight scale
hopper. With this valve the dosing is automatically operated
with a big opening and a fine one. The whole system is
operating with pneumatic Stainless steel cylinders of the
fabricate Teble (Fibreglass cylinder + Stainless steel
shafts). The pneumatic cylinders are operated with
Mannesmann rextroth Type 740electro pneumatic valves.
The weight scale hopper is unloading in a Stainless steel
pipe which fits in the big bag. The scale system is working
with a Penko Flex digital indicator scale. The whole unit is
operating with 24-Volt D C Power. The weighing accuracy
is 500 grams.
The whole unit can be operating full automatic and by hand
control. The big bag is standing on the conveyor. The filling
height of the filling pipe is adjustable in height over a length
of 25 cm. (minimum 1200mm maximum 1450mm.
Or on customers specifications.

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24 March 2015

Offerte_10197_1_Vision Group LLC

The capacity of the system is, when the conveyor removes the bag, 60 Tons per hour with
big bags of 500kg to 1.000kg. Please note that the capacity also depends of external
influences such as speed forklift filling capacity of hoppers and operators, who work with the
The big bag will be held up and closed around the filling pipe by the pneumatically operated
anti-fall-off bag holder. Before the big bag will be filled a ventilator will blow up the big bag so
the big bag has its full size. In this way the bag is standing square on the moment of filling.
The air that is coming free during the filling process is sucked out by a second ventilator. This
air is blown in a dust bag. The air amount is regulated by a valve.
The whole big bag unit is mounted in the container frame. The container is made of Mild
steel. In the big bag weigh hopper is also installed an inspection gate. Bagging unit is precabled and tested at the factory. Weigh system is suitable for Weight and Measurements.
(EU Certificate number T5582)
Filling control panel
There is an electrical switch board mounted at the side of the filling machine,
which controls the filling process. The complete unit operates full
automatically by means of a Penko weight indicator. It is also possible to put
the unit manual operation, so that all parts can be operated by hand. Then
the system only reacts on the buttons, which are mounted on the switch
panel. The switch panel is made of PVC plastic of the type Rittal with
Telemeganique electrical switches. The switch board will be delivered with
interior heating. Also the big bag discharge conveyor is connected to this panel. The
conveyor will be transporting the bags away from the filling spout as soon as the operator
pushes on the button. Complete with Siemens PLC cycle control operation.

Weighing Unit High Speed (Single) Container

Big-bag weight hopper constructed from 3 mm. thick Stainless
steel. Complete with 2-step filling slide and unloading slide. The
working principal as mentioned in point 1.1 till 1.4.
The weigh hopper stands on 4 Stainless steel load cells with a
weigh capacity of 1.200 kg and a filling capacity of 1.300 litres.
Weight is adjustable from 100 1.100 kg. Unloading pipe of
250 mm. Stainless steel for putting the bag around. Ventilator to
blow up the big-bag before filling. Everything controlled by the
electrical panel (see point N 1.4). System can be used for 4
hook bags or 1hook bags.

Slide unit for the weight scale
This unit is based upon a pneumatic-working-two-steps-slide-valve
for the rough and fine dosing. This unit is designed for free-flowing
fertiliser products. Completely constructed of Stainless steel with a
full Fibreglass cylinder and Stainless steel shaft and Stainless steel
mounting brackets.

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24 March 2015

Offerte_10197_1_Vision Group LLC

Electronic net weighing system, 1 indicator
This system has a weighing capacity of 1.100 kg. maximum and a
read-out pro 500 grams. This system is equipped with set points
and zero control. The last set point is developed with an automatic
correction. This is why, also with changing similar weights or
variable gravity weights an optimal dosing is assured. This unit is
equipped with parameters for setting the admitted difference of the
weights. All settings can be put away under a menu-number into
the memory. Whole weight hopper is constructed from Stainless
steel and stands on 4 Stainless steel load-cells of 500 kg each.

Gravitation valve filler with bag clamp
The product which was weighted by the net weigher, flows by a round
tube (diameter 250mm) into the bag. On the bottom of the bagging
unit, the big bag is standing. The bag will be held up by the bag clamp
during filling. The air will be exhausted by the ventilator.
Before the big bag will be filled, its being blown up by a ventilator.
The electrical operation system single
The bag is closed by hand around the filling pipe and then blocked by the bag holder. The
filling time is 6 seconds for a 500 kg. Bag. The valve is constructed from Stainless steel
with a Fibreglass cylinder and a Stainless steel shaft. The electrical operation system is build
into a central panel complete with stainless steel indicator, main switch, control buttons and

2 x stainless steel ventilator
In the machine frame is installed 1 stainless steel ventilator to blow up the
big bag. The second ventilator is used for sucking out the extra air that
comes free during filling out the big bag. This air will be collected into a
dust bag.

NOTE: the capacity figures are depending of the operator qualities.

The unit is specially built for an aggressive surrounding.
All product touching parts are Stainless steel #304.
Mild steel parts are sandblasted and painted in a basic primer and two component second primer.
All parts like bolts, nuts, etc. are made of Stainless steel #304.
Electrical panel is including inside heating.
The unit can run automatically and by hand.

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24 March 2015

Offerte_10197_1_Vision Group LLC

Container Elevator (Stainless Steel)

Hydraulical in and out position elevator, constructed of 304 Stainless steel with
intake hopper. The capacity of this elevator is 140 tons per hour.
Overall length
Discharge height


Boot and head
Bearings (Head)
Shaft seal


Drive and return sheaves


Measurement bucket
Speed belt


Type container special

140 metric tons per hour.
1000 kg. per 1 m3.
Rotor motor with V-belt drive to gearbox 7,5
KW/415 V., IP56, Class F, Type B3.
Stainless steel 304.
4 mm.
3 mm.
SNH 513.
(Vilt seal)
60 mm. (Mild steel 37)
Brake mounted in gearbox to prevent
running backwards.
Diameter 500 x 310 mm. wide.
Polysur conveyor-belt 310mm 800 x 4 mm.
Tapco elevator cups, with plastic pvc with
stainless steel bolts, rings and nuts.
280 x 165mm / 3,05 litres.
2,5 mtr./sec.

Elevator E370 Construction Details

2 Hand operated slide door in boot of elevator.

Stainless steel boot take up screw type. Including outboard mounted flange
1 Boot inlet pipe.
Drive wheel is Mild steel rubber lagged 500 mm.
Return wheel, mild steel rubber lagged 500mm
Inspection doors inside elevator head and boot.
All Mild steel parts are painted with 1 component ground primer and a 2component green finishing paint.
Hydraulic push-up system

N.B. During transport the elevator is inside the container and hydraulically pushed
out by machine operation.

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24 March 2015

Offerte_10197_1_Vision Group LLC

FIBC Bag Conveyor

There is 1 unit placed outside the container.
This conveyor has a horizontal belt for FIBC bags transport. The system is constructed out of
Mild steel with a bag holder length of 4.000 mm and a width of 1100 mm.
The total measurements are : 500 mm high and 5.000 mm length.
Inside the container are installed 1 x 2.000 mm sections of the same type conveyor.
The conveyor is placed underneath the bagging spout, and during the filling process the bag
is standing on the conveyor. When the bag is full, the operator pushes on a button and the
conveyor will move the bag. This bag can be closed and at the same time a new bag will be
The conveyor is heavy constructed and a bed of wooden layers of 70 x 45 mm moves the
bag. For these layers hard tropical wood (Bankirai) is used. The wood is bolted with Stainless
steel bolts to plates, which are welded on a chain. The power used is 2 x 4 kW and 2 x 2,2
kW, 410 V.
All safety guards are constructed from Stainless steel.
The chain slides over a bed of Polythene HMPE profiles; this means no use of rollers,
bearings etc. The conveyor is constructed to move full big bags of 1.100 kg maximum.

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24 March 2015

Offerte_10197_1_Vision Group LLC

MATTEI Rotary Vane Compressor

Proven Design
MATTEI compressors distinguish themselves through durability, reliability and efficiency
featuring a modern compact design and exceptionally quiet operation. In MATTEI
compressors all main components, such as oil chamber, separator, air filter, non return and
pressure regulating valve, are an integral part of the machine and make up a single unit. The
compressor is directly connected to the electric motor to form a single unit that compresses
air at only 1,500 rpm or less. The cooling assembly, includes both oil cooler and after cooler.
These compressors are 'ready for use' air stations, only needing to be connected to the
electrics and air main.
Including 1,5 kW Silend motor 90 liter tank. Maximum 10 Bar 160 Liter per minute, 400 Volt
power supply.
Air Dryer characteristics
Ambient temperature
Working pressure
Inlet air temperature
Dew point

: 25C
: 7 Bar
: 35C
: +3C
: 900 litres per minute

Recommended Spare Parts List

Bagging Machine Parts



Part no.

pneumatic valve, 24 volt

Rexroth 5/2
Pneumatic cylinder seals, 40 mm

63mm seal


Sunx photo cell


Start switch


Gaffel 20mm


Micro cylinder


Gaffel 16mm


Load cell B8D 1000 kg


10mm x air tube


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24 March 2015

Price per unit Total


Offerte_10197_1_Vision Group LLC

Installing / Instruction for 1 Technician 3 Days
When the machine has arrived on the site one EMT technician will travel to the factory to
install the machines with the help of the local workforce. When the machine is installed
correctly the EMT technician will give instruction to the local operator in how to properly use
the machines. The customer is responsible for the attendance of the local workforce.
Installing costs for 1 technician per machine line
Installation and instruction 3 days x EURO 500,Travelling days 2 x EURO 500,Total



Installation time is depending on the machine type and installation assistance by the

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24 March 2015

Offerte_10197_1_Vision Group LLC

Options (Additional costs to price list)

Filling hopper stainless steel for 20ft container
In front of the container unit is installed a stainless steel hopper. This hopper is standing on a
mild steel support frame. At the inside of this hopper is installed a mild steel screen to catch
lumps etc.
The filling volume is 7000 kg
Hopper width 3600mm
Hopper height 2500mm
Hopper depth 2300mm
Including a manually adjustable flow-regulation slide.
This hopper is a Shamrock style hopper.
Note: customer can also use his own hopper, if available.

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24 March 2015

Offerte_10197_1_Vision Group LLC

Transport Conveyor to fill the elevator for Big Bag 20ft container
Stainless steel Transport Conveyor formed out of chapped profiles. The frame is constructed
out of sections, which are bottled together with stainless steel Nuts and Bolts. The frame
receives his strength with cross bracings. The U-profile Frame is strong and easy to clean.
The conveyor belt is oil and chemical resistant PVC Belt with halve moon small anti return
roll bridges. The conveyor belt is rolling over PVC-rollers. The belt is connected together with
stainless steel nails. The Tri-Rollers at the upper side of the conveyor frame are constructed
into 3 sections.
1 middle roller and 2 side rollers, in this way the conveyor belt gets a V-form. The rollers are
constructed with stainless steel shafts and support. The rollers are bolted to the conveyor
frame. The return section of the belt is rolling over. Return rollers of PVC. The belt is driven
by a Drive Roller constructed out of mild steel with an anti slip back rubber logged over these
drive roller. This drive roller bearings are bolted to the stainless steel frame. At one side, this
bearing is adjustable. The drive and return roller are 1% round shaped; this always brings the
conveyor belt into the middle position of the roller. A motor with V-Belts transmission drives
the drive roller. The V-belts are covered with safety covers.
The conveyor is complete with a stainless steel intake hopper where the material is receiving
on the conveyor. This intake hopper has rubber-closing plates to reduce the spilling of the
material. These rubber plates are changeable. The return roller is also hanging in 2 bearings
at each side one. This return roller is adjustable with a spanner at 2 sides. In this way it is
possible to tension the conveyor belt.
At the discharge end of the conveyor is installed a chute of stainless steel to bring the
material down under 90.
The conveyor length is 3,6 m
Including mild steel support stand.

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24 March 2015

Offerte_10197_1_Vision Group LLC

Transport conveyor support stand - fixed
Mild steel support stand constructed from square tubing. Completely painted with a primer
and a top auger of 2 component finishing coating. Frame is constructed as an A-construction.
Legs are adjustable in height.
For the conveyor, there is installed 1 support stand.

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24 March 2015

Offerte_10197_1_Vision Group LLC

Tent Roof for 20ft container
The container is equipped with a roof of PVC sealing (like trailer curtains).
Including a stainless steel support frame. Set up of this roof takes approximately 1 hour with
2 persons.

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24 March 2015

Offerte_10197_1_Vision Group LLC

Standard Items
Extra work
If the installing + instruction takes more time than mentioned at item IS-EN-*T*D (Installing /
Instruction), then the costs will be calculated as shown below:
Price for installing:
Working days : Monday Friday
Between 07.00 and 19.00
After 19.00 on Monday Friday
Saturday morning (till 12.00)
Saturday afternoon (from 12.00)

= EURO 50,- per hour

= EURO 67,- per hour
= EURO 67,- per hour
= EURO 76,- per hour
= EURO 76,- per hour

With a minimum of EURO 500,- per day.

If the installing + instruction takes less time than previously described, the day(s) left, can be
deducted from the final payment.
Travel / hospitality costs
Travel costs either by Air Plane (1 return economy class
ticket) or car.
Transport costs airport-hotel-warehouse
Hotel costs for technician
Meals + Drinks costs for technician

For costs of buyer

For costs of buyer
For costs of buyer
For costs of buyer

Working method at E.M.T. factory and during installing
All machines are pre-assembled and constructed at the E.M.T. factory in the Netherlands,
the machines are loaded on a trailer truck or into a container and will be directly delivered to
the location.
One or more (this is specified under item IS-EN-*T*D) technician(s) will set up the machines
with help of the local workmen.

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24 March 2015

Offerte_10197_1_Vision Group LLC

Technical assistance during installation, to be supplied by customer
Except when stated otherwise, the customer has to provide the following during the
- Ladder
- Forklift 2,5 ton.
- Crane during mounting of blender and bag installation. Min. lift weight 2.500 kg. at 10
metres hydraulic height.
- At least 2 technical workmen to assist the EMT B.V. engineer during the installation.
- electrical connection of power cable into the EMT electrical panel.
- Possibility to work at least 10 hours a day from, for example 8 oclock in the morning till 8
oclock in the evening.
- Required man lift for machine installation.
Technical Requirements, to be supplied by customer
Power supplyVoltageAmperageAir supplyAir useUnderground-

Directly into the electrical panel.

3 Phase of 380 Volt, 1 Zero/Earth cable.
With a total of a 5 cables system.
80 Amp. Supply (40 kW).
Between 6 and 8 Bar.
15 m3/hour.
Flat and stable concrete.

Internet connection
The machines can be connected to the internet. The customer has
to make this network available at the production site, before
installation of the equipment. Using this network, EMT B.V. can,
when needed, take over control of the machine. This way EMT
B.V. can provide maintenance and service at distance, saving both
time and (travel) costs. Any maintenance and service via internet
shall only be done in consultation with the customer.
Coating and Sand Blasting Mild Steel
In all EMT machines when mild steel is used the steel is treated with a coating paint. All mild
steel will be sand blasted according norm SA2,5 and after sandblasting painted with a high
solid expoxy primer coating. The primer is impregnated with a zinc phosphate and
Completed with a 2 component polyamide hardener paint thickness 100-150 m.
The second paint is based on a high solid coating also impregnated with zinc phosphate.
Paint thickness 200-250 m.
Standard EMT Colour Ral no. 6029 green.

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24 March 2015

Offerte_10197_1_Vision Group LLC

General terms & conditions, in addition to the Metaalunie Terms and Conditions 2014.

Excluding VAT, transport, taxes, permits and customs cost, (currency is mentioned on front-page).


By boat in containers or by road on trailer truck, according to Incoterms 2010.

Conditions of offer:

This is an offer made without any engagement on our part.


These terms and conditions apply on all agreements between EMT B.V. and the customer, by which
EMT B.V. delivers goods or services, even if these goods or services are not described in the

Proprietary rights:

All delivered and to deliver goods remain property of EMT B.V. until all amounts owed by the
customer for the goods delivered or to deliver and/or delivered or to deliver services have been paid
in full.


Prices are only valid for the in the agreement mentioned goods and services. All extra delivered
goods and services will be charged separately to the customer against the day prices.


The units are covered by a (12) twelve month warranty starting at the moment responsibility for the
product is transferred from EMT B.V. to the customer, as described by the terms of delivery.
Guarantee only covers parts, not on assembly and delivery costs. Failing caused by normal wear,
inexpert use and lack of maintenance are beyond the guarantee and will not be compensated.
Furthermore, failings, which occur after reparation and/or changes which have been made by
principal or a third party, without consultation with EMT B.V., will not be covered by the guarantee.


The complete system will be installed by one (1) engineer of EMT B.V.. For the installation and
instruction of the machines one trip is included. When it is not possible to make the complete
installation and commission in one trip, because for example there is no fertilizer to test the
machines, no electricity or other caused by the buyer. A second trip will be arranged for the
installation, commission and start up. These extra costs will be for the cost of the buyer.


The floor, on which the machine has to be installed, has to be flat and stable (water level).


During the installation the employees of the customer will be trained by an engineer of E.M.T. B.V..

General Terms:

In all cases in which we act as offeror or supplier, our offers, assignments given to us and
agreements concluded with us are subject to the METAALUNIE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. These
terms and conditions have been filed at the Registry of the Rotterdam District Court on the 1th of
January 2014. A copy of the Metaalunie terms and conditions is enclosed.


The law of the Netherlands is applicable. The Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International
Sale of Goods (CIGS) is not applicable, nor is any other international regulation the exclusion of
which is permissible.
Only the civil court that has jurisdiction in the place of establishment of the contractor (The Netherlands)
may take cognizance of disputes, unless this would be contrary to peremptory law. The contractor may
deviate from this rule of jurisdiction and apply the statutory rules governing jurisdiction. The parties may
agree a different form of dispute resolution such as arbitration or mediation.


EC norm for machines no. 89/392/EEG

Calibrate at:

The weighing system will be measured at the workshop of EMT B.V.. This is a tentative adjustment.
The official calibration has to be arranged by the customer as soon as the machine is installed.
Unless otherwise mentioned in the quotation.

Dust explosion risks

ATEX guide lines:

Documents to be
supplied by EMT B.V.:


Page 18

When not explicitly mentioned, products delivered by EMT B.V. are not equipped with dust
explosion suppressing provisions. If the customer is going to use the products in a zone in which
provisions according to the Atex guidelines must be taken, the customer has to inform EMT B.V.
about that. Then EMT B.V. can modify the product according the Atex guidelines. These
adjustments will usually result in a higher price.
This is a list of documents EMT B.V. will supply the customer with:
1. Invoice in English language.
2. Packing list in English language.
3. CE Certificate in English language.
4. CMR truck transport document or bill of lading in English language.
5. Maintenance and Instruction manuals in English language.
6. Spare parts list and drawings in English language.
EMT Manufacturer of Blending Bagging and Transport Equipment, the Netherlands.

24 March 2015

Offerte_10197_1_Vision Group LLC


Only specifically mentioned components listed in this document are part of our offer. Unless
otherwise stated, the present quotation does not provide for the following items (amongst others not
listed here):
1. Soil investigation and site preparation.
2. Civil and Architecture detail design.
3. Civil construction, include plant and general buildings; lighting; lightening protection;
communication system; road; pavement; etc.
4. Power substation and transformer system, if required.
5. Fire-fighting system.
6. Any items which do not define as process plant installed equipment, such as truck scale;
forklift; wheel-loader etc.
7. Any government permit related to the equipment; system; building utilization.
8. Working permit and such related expenses for EMT B.V. technicians/engineers and project
management staffs.
9. Electrical cables and cable support tray (when not otherwise stated).
10. Steel construction strength calculations.
11. Safety barriers / fences or safety platforms (when not otherwise stated).
12. Conveyor covers or conveyor extra safety equipment (when not otherwise stated).
13. Conveyor supports or any kind of hanging constructions (when not otherwise stated).
14. Costs for regulations or other kind of official checks ordered by local authorities/law or
15. Any kind of concrete (foundation) or water constructions.
16. Any other kind of ground and or pipe constructions.
17. Any kind of extra work that is not described in this quotation.
18. Drilling of holes in the floor to connect the machines on the flat floor. EMT B.V. will supply the
bolts and will instruct where to drill the holes after the installation (if necessary).
19. Unloading of the machinery at time of delivery.
20. Renting costs for calibration weigh blocks and assistance during on site calibration of the
machines if needed.


Unless otherwise stated, this offer includes:

1. Design and construction drawings.
2. Weight and measures certificate by officials of the EU control institute.
3. All machines are pre-assembled and constructed at EMT B.V.s workshop before delivery.
4. Instruction of local operators at Factory.
5. Assistance and instructions at production start of machines.
6. Certificate of EU officials such as EUR-1 and CE Certificate and EU weight and measures
control certificate.
7. Supply of as-built drawings after installation.
8. Delivery of machine manuals by EMT B.V. and project documentation of component suppliers.
All of these documents are in the English language.
9. Paint guarantee of 2 years.
10. All documents are delivered in the English language.
11. All stainless steel is constructed in quality # 304.
12. Guarantee of the machines.
13. Supply of machine data sheet of used components. This supply is only after order. All data
sheets are in the English language.
14. Electrical cables and cable support tray in the machine frame.
15. Pre-testing with fertilizer example product at the EMT B.V. workshop if needed.

Page 19

24 March 2015

Offerte_10197_1_Vision Group LLC


General Terms and Conditions issued by Koninklijke Metaalunie (the Dutch organization for small and medium-sized enterprises in the metal industry),
referred to as the METAALUNIE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, filed at the Registry of the Rotterdam District Court on 1 January 2014.
Issued by Koninklijke Metaalunie, P.O. Box 2600, 3430 GA Nieuwegein, the Netherlands.
Koninklijke Metaalunie
Article 1: Applicability

the delivery period and/or performance period by such 8.5. The parties will not be entitled to compensation for
period as it needs to perform the assignment under such damage suffered or to be suffered as a result of
1.1. These Terms and Conditions apply to all offers
circumstances. If the work cannot be incorporated into suspension or termination as referred to in this article.
made by members of Koninklijke Metaalunie, all
the Contractors schedule, it will be performed as soon
Article 9: Scope of the work
agreements they conclude and all agreements that may as the Contractors schedule so permits.
result therefrom, all this in so far as the Metaalunie
b. In the event of any contract addition, the delivery
member is offeror or supplier.
period and/or performance period will be extended by
9.1. The Client must ensure that all licences, exemptions
1.2. A Metaalunie member using these Terms and
such period as the Contractor needs to (cause to) supply and other administrative decisions necessary to carry
Conditions is referred to as the Contractor. The other
the materials and parts for such work and to perform the out the work are obtained in good time. The Client is
party is referred to as the Client.
contract addition. If the contract addition cannot be
required upon the Contractors first demand to send the
1.3. In the event of any conflict between the substance incorporated into the Contractors schedule, the work will Contractor a copy of the documents mentioned above.
of the agreement concluded between the Contractor and be performed as soon as the Contractors schedule so 9.2 The price of the work does not include:
the Client and these Terms and Conditions, the
a. the costs of earthwork, pile driving, cutting, breaking,
provisions of the agreement will prevail.
c. If the Contractor suspends its obligations, the delivery foundation work, cementing, carpentry, plastering,
1.4. These Terms and Conditions may only be used by period and/or performance period will be extended by
painting, wallpapering, repair work or other construction
Metaalunie members.
the duration of the suspension. If the continuation of the work;
work cannot be incorporated into the Contractors
b. the costs of connecting gas, water, electricity or other
Article 2: Offers
schedule, the work will be performed as soon as the
infrastructural facilities;
Contractors schedule so permits.
c. the costs of preventing or limiting damage to any
2.1. All offers are without obligation.
d. In the event of inclement weather, the delivery period goods present on or near the work site.
2.2. If the Client provides the Contractor with data,
and/or performance period will be extended by the
d. the costs of removal of materials, building materials or
drawings and the like, the Contractor may rely on their resulting delay.
accuracy and completeness and will base its offer on the 5.5 The Client is required to pay all costs incurred by the e. travel and accommodation expenses.
Contractor as a result of delay affecting the delivery
2.3. The prices stated in the offer are based on delivery period and/or performance period as referred to in Article Article 10: Changes to the work
ex works, Contractors place of establishment, in
accordance with the Incoterms 2010. Prices are
5.6 If the delivery period and/or performance period
10.1. Changes to the work will in any event result in
exclusive of VAT and packaging.
is/are exceeded, this will in no event entitle to damages contract variations work if:
2.4. If the Client does not accept the Contractors offer, or termination.
a. the design, specifications or contract documents are
the Contractor is entitled to charge the Client for all costs
Article 6: Transfer of risk
incurred by the Contractor in making the offer to the
b. the information provided by the Client is not factually
6.1. Delivery will be made ex works, Contractors place c. quantities diverge by more than 10% from the
Article 3: Intellectual property rights
of establishment, in accordance with the Incoterms
2010. The risk attached to the good passes to the Client 10.2. Contract additions will be charged on the basis of
3.1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Contractor at the time the Contractor makes the good available to the pricing factors applicable at the time the contract
retains the copyright and all industrial property rights in the Client.
addition is performed.
the offers made by it and in the designs, pictures,
6.2. Notwithstanding the provisions in paragraph 1 of thisContract deductions will be charged on the basis of the
drawings, models (including trial models), software and article, the Client and Contractor may agree that the
pricing factors applicable at the time the agreement was
the like provided by it.
Contractor will arrange for transport. In that event, the concluded.
3.2. The rights in the data referred to in paragraph 1 of risk of storage, loading, transport and unloading will be 10.3. The Client will be obliged to pay the price of the
this article will remain the property of the Contractor
borne by the Client. The Client may insure itself against contract addition as referred to in paragraph 1 of this
irrespective of whether the costs of their production have these risks.
article on any of the occasions below, such at the
been charged to the Client. These data may not be
6.3. In the event of a purchase in which a good is
discretion of the Contractor:
copied, used or shown to third parties without the
exchanged (inruil) and the Client retains the good to be a. when the contract addition arises;
Contractors prior express written consent. The Client
exchanged pending delivery of the new good, the risk
b. at the same time as payment of the principal sum;
will owe the Contractor an immediately payable penalty attached to the good to be exchanged remains with the c. on the next agreed payment deadline.
of 25,000 for each breach of this provision. This
Client until it has placed this good in the possession of 10.4. If the sum of the contract deduction exceeds that of
penalty may be claimed in addition to damages pursuant the Contractor. If the Client cannot deliver the good to be the contract addition, in the final settlement the
to the law.
exchanged in the condition that it was in when the
Contractor may charge the Client 10% of the difference.
3.3. On the Contractors first demand, the Client must
agreement was concluded, the Contractor may terminate This provision does not apply to contract deductions that
return the data provided to it as referred to in paragraph the agreement.
result from a request by the Contractor.
1 of this Article within the time limit set by the Contractor.
Article 7: Price change
Article 11: Performance of the work
Upon breach of this provision, the Client will owe the
Contractor an immediately payable penalty of 1,000
per day. This penalty may be claimed in addition to
7.1. The Contractor may pass on to the Client any
11.1. The Client will ensure that the Contractor can carry
damages pursuant to the law.
increase in costing factors occurring after conclusion of out its activities without interruption and at the agreed
the agreement.
time and that the requisite facilities are made available to
Article 4: Advice and information provided
7.2. The Client will be obliged to pay the price increase it when carrying out its activities, such as:
as referred to in paragraph 1 of this article on any of the a. gas, water and electricity;
4.1. The Client cannot derive any rights from advice or occasions below, such at the discretion of the
b. heating;
information it obtains from the Contractor if this does not Contractor:
c. lockable and dry storage space;
relate to the assignment.
a. upon the occurrence of the price increase;
d. facilities required pursuant to the Working Conditions
4.2. If the Client provides the Contractor with data,
b. at the same time as payment of the principal sum;
Act and Working Conditions Regulations.
drawings and the like, the Contractor may rely on their c. on the next agreed payment deadline.
11.2. The Client bears the risk of and is liable for any
accuracy and completeness in the performance of the
damage connected with loss, theft, burning and damage
Article 8: Force majeure
to goods belonging to the Contractor, the Client and third
4.3. The Client indemnifies the Contractor from and
parties, such as tools, materials intended for the work or
against all liability to third parties relating to use of the 8.1. The Contractor is entitled to suspend performance material used in the work, that are located on the work
advice, drawings, calculations, designs, materials,
of its obligations if it is temporarily prevented from
site or at another agreed location.
samples, models and the like provided by or on behalf of performing its contractual obligations to the Client due to 11.3. The Client is obliged to adequately insure itself
the Client.
force majeure.
against the risks referred to in paragraph 2 of this article.
8.2 Force majeure is understood to mean, inter alia, the In addition, the Client must procure insurance of workArticle 5: Delivery period / performance period
circumstance of failure by suppliers, the Contractors
related damage as regards the material to be used.
subcontractors or transport companies engaged by the Upon the Contractor first demand, the Client must send
5.1. The delivery period and/or performance period will Contractor to perform their obligations or perform them it a copy of the relevant insurance policy/policies and
be set by the Contractor on an approximate basis.
in good time, weather conditions, earthquakes, fire,
proof of payment of the premium. In the event of any
5.2. In setting the delivery period and/or performance
power failure, loss, theft or destruction of tools or
damage, the Client is required to report this to its insurer
period, the Contractor will assume that it will be able to materials, road blocks, strikes or work stoppages and
without delay for further processing and settlement.
perform the assignment under the conditions known to it import or trade restrictions.
11.4. If the Client fails to perform its obligations as
at that time.
8.3 If the Contractors temporary inability to perform lasts described in the previous paragraphs and this results in
5.3. The delivery period and/or performance period will for more than six months, it will no longer be entitled to delayed performance of the activities, the activities will
only commence once agreement has been reached on suspend performance. On expiry of this deadline, the
be carried out as soon as the Client performs its
all commercial and technical details, all necessary data, Client and the Contractor may terminate the agreement obligations as yet and the Contractors schedule so
final and approved drawings and the like are in the
with immediate effect, but only as regards such part of permits. The Client is liable for all damage suffered by
Contractors possession, the agreed payment or
the obligations that has not yet been performed.
the Contractor as a result of the delay.
instalment has been received and the necessary
8.4 In the event of force majeure where performance is
Article 12: Completion of the work
conditions for performance of the assignment have been or becomes permanently impossible, both parties are
entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect
5.4. a. In the event of circumstances that differ from
as regards such part of the obligations that has not yet 12.1. The work is deemed to be completed in the
those that were known to the Contractor when it set the been performed.
following events:
delivery period and/or performance period, it may extend
a. when the Client has approved the work;

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b. when the work is been taken into commission by the 14.6. The Client may only invoke the warranty once it
17.6 If payment is not made within the agreed payment
Client. If the Client takes part of the work into
has satisfied all its obligations to the Contractor.
deadline, the Client will immediately owe interest to the
commission, that part will be deemed to be completed; 14.7. a. No warranty is given if the defects result from: Contractor. The interest rate is 12% per annum, but is
c. if the Contractor notifies the Client in writing that the - normal wear and tear;
equal to the statutory interest rate if the latter rate is
work has been completed and the Client does not inform - improper use;
higher. When calculating interest, part of a month is
it in writing as to whether or not the work is approved
- lack of maintenance or improper maintenance;
regarded as a whole month.
within 14 days of such notification having been made; d. - installation, fitting, modification or repair by the Client or 17.7 The Contractor is authorised to set off its debts to
if the Client does not approve the work due to minor
third parties;
the Client with amounts owed by the Client to companies
defects or missing parts that can be rectified or
- defects in or unsuitability of goods originating from, or affiliated with the Contractor. In addition, the Contractor
subsequently delivered within 30 days and that do not prescribed by, the Client;
is authorised to set off amounts owed to it by the Client
prevent the work from being taken into commission.
- defects in or unsuitability of materials or auxiliary
with debts to the Client of companies affiliated with the
12.2. If the Client does not approve the work, it is
materials used by the Client.
Contractor. Further, the Contractor is authorised to set
required to inform the Contractor of this in writing, stating b. No warranty is given in respect of:
off its debts to the Client with amounts owed to the
reasons. The Client must provide the Contractor with the - goods supplied that were not new at the time of
Contractor by companies affiliated with the Client.
opportunity to complete the work as yet.
Affiliated companies are understood to mean the
12.3. The Client indemnifies the Contractor from and
- the inspection and repair of goods of the Client;
companies belonging to the same group, within the
against any claims by third parties for damage to non- - parts for which a manufacturers warranty has been
meaning of Article 2:24b Dutch Civil Code, and
completed parts of the work caused by use of parts of provided.
participating interests within the meaning of Article 2:24c
the work that have already been completed.
14.8 The provisions of paragraphs 2 to 7 of this article Dutch Civil Code.
apply mutatis mutandis to any claims by the Client based 17.8 If payment is not made within the agreed payment
Article 13: Liability
on breach of contract, non-conformity or on any other
deadline, the Client will owe the Contractor all
basis whatsoever.
extrajudicial costs, with a minimum of 75.
13.1. In the event of an attributable failure, the
14.9 The Client cannot assign any rights under this
These costs will be calculated on the basis of the
Contractor is obliged to perform its contractual
following table (principal sum plus interest):
obligations as yet.
on the first 3,000
Article 15: Obligation to complain
13.2 The Contractors obligation to pay damages,
on any additional amount up to 6,000 10%
irrespective of the legal basis, is limited to damage for
on any additional amount up to 15,000 8%
which the Contractor is insured under an insurance
15.1 The Client can no longer invoke a defect in
on any additional amount up to 60,000 5%
policy taken out by it or on its behalf, but will never
performance if it does not make a written complaint to on any additional amount from 60,000 3%
exceed the amount paid out under this insurance in the the Contractor in respect thereof within fourteen days of The extrajudicial costs actually incurred will be owed if
relevant case.
the date it discovered, or should reasonably have
these are higher than they would be according to the
13.3. If, for any reason whatsoever, the Contractor
discovered, the defect.
above calculation.
cannot invoke the limitation in paragraph 2 of this article, 15.2 On pain of forfeiture of all rights, the Client must
17.9 If judgment is rendered in favour of the Contractor
the obligation to pay damages will be limited to a
submit complaints regarding the amount invoiced to the in legal proceedings, all costs that it has incurred in
maximum of 15% of the total assignment amount
Contractor in writing within the payment deadline. If the relation to these proceedings will be borne by the Client.
(excluding VAT). If the agreement comprises parts or
payment deadline is longer than thirty days, the Client
partial deliveries, the obligation to pay damages is
must complain no later than thirty days after the date of Article 18: Security
limited to a maximum of 15% (excluding VAT) of the
the invoice.
assignment amount of that part or that partial delivery.
18.1. Irrespective of the agreed payment conditions,
13.4. The following does not qualify for compensation: Article 16: Failure to take delivery of goods
upon the first demand of the Contractor the Client is
a. consequential loss, including business interruption
obliged to provide such security for payment as the
loss, production loss, loss of profit, transport costs and 16.1 Upon expiry of the delivery period and/or
Contractor deems sufficient. If the Client does not
travel and accommodation expenses. The Client may
performance period, the Client is obliged to take delivery comply with such demand within the period set, it will
insure itself against this damage if possible;
of the good or goods forming the subject of the
immediately be in default. In that event, the Contractor is
b. damage to goods in or under its care, custody or
entitled to terminate the agreement and to recover its
control. Such damage includes damage caused as a
16.2 The Client must lend all cooperation that can be
damage from the Client.
result of or during the performance of the work to goods reasonably expected from it to enable the Contractor to 18.2. The Contractor will retain ownership of any goods
on which work is being performed or to goods situated in make the delivery.
delivered as long as the Client:
the vicinity of the work site. The Client may insure itself 16.3 If the Client does not take delivery of goods, such a. fails or will fail in the performance of its obligations
against such damage if it so desires;
goods will be stored at the risk and expense of the
under this agreement or other agreements;
c. damage caused by the intent or wilful recklessness of Client.
b. has not paid debts that have arisen due to nonagents or non-management employees of the
16.4 Upon breach of the provisions in paragraphs 1
performance of the aforementioned agreements, such as
and/or 2 of this article, the Client will owe the Contractor damage, penalties, interest and costs.
13.5. The Contractor is not liable for damage to material a penalty of 250 per day, to a maximum of 25,000. 18.3. As long the goods delivered are subject to
provided by or on behalf of the Client where that damage This penalty may be claimed in addition to damages
retention of title, the Client may not encumber or alienate
is the result of improper processing.
pursuant to the law.
the same other than in the ordinary course of its
13.6 The Client indemnifies the Contractor from and
against all claims by third parties on account of product Article 17: Payment
18.4. Once the Contractor has invoked its retention of
liability as a result of a defect in a product supplied by
title, it may take possession of the goods delivered. The
the Client to a third party and that consisted, entirely or 17.1. Payment will be made at the Contractors place of Client will lend its full cooperation to this end.
partially, of products and/or materials supplied by the
establishment or to an account to be designated by the 18.5. The Contractor has a right of pledge and a right of
Contractor. The Client is obliged to compensate all
retention in respect of all goods that are or will be held
damage suffered by the Contractor in this respect,
17.2. Unless agreed otherwise, payment will be made as by it for any reason whatsoever and for all claims it has
including the full costs of defence.
or might acquire against the Client in respect of anyone
a. in cash where sale is at the service desk;
seeking their surrender.
Article 14: Warranty and other claims
b. in the case of payments in instalments:
18.6. If, after the goods have been delivered to the Client
- 40% of the total price upon assignment;
by the Contractor in accordance with the agreement, the
14.1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Contractor - 50% of the total price after supply of the material or, if Client has met its obligations, the retention of title will be
warrants the proper execution of the agreed
delivery of the material is not included in the assignment, revived with regard to such goods if the Client does not
performance for a period of six months after
after commencement of the work;
meet its obligations under any agreement subsequently
delivery/completion. In the event that a different warranty - 10% of the total price upon completion;
period is agreed, the other paragraphs of this article are c. in all other cases, within thirty days of the date of the
Article 19: Termination of the Agreement
also applicable.
14.2. If the agreed performance was not properly
17.3. If the Client fails to comply with its payment
executed, the Contractor will decide whether to properly obligation, instead of paying the sum of money agreed it If the Client wishes to terminate the agreement without
execute it as yet or to credit the Client for a proportionatewill be obliged to comply with a request by the
the Contractor being in default, and the Contractor
part of the invoice amount. If the Contractor chooses to Contractor for payment in kind (inbetalinggeving).
agrees to this, the agreement will be terminated by
properly execute the performance as yet, it will
17.4. The right of the Client to set off or suspend
mutual consent. In that case, the Contractor is entitled to
determine the manner and time of execution itself. If the amounts it is owed by the Contractor, save in the event compensation for all financial loss, such as loss suffered,
agreed performance consisted (entirely or partially) of
of the Contractors bankruptcy or if statutory debt
loss of profit and costs incurred.
the processing of material provided by the Client, the
rescheduling applies to the Contractor.
Article 20: Applicable law and competent court
Client must provide new material at its own risk and
17.5 Irrespective of whether the Contractor has fully
executed the agreed performance, everything that is or
14.3. Parts or materials that are repaired or replaced by will be owed to it by the Client under the agreement is 20.1. Dutch law applies.
the Contractor must be sent to the Contractor by the
immediately due and payable if:
20.2. The Vienna Sales Convention (C.I.S.G.) does not
a. deadline for payment has been exceeded;
apply, nor do any other international regulations the
14.4. The Client bears the expense of:
b. an application has been made for the Clients
exclusion of which is permitted.
a. all costs of transport or dispatch;
bankruptcy or suspension of payments;
20.3. Disputes will be heard exclusively by the Dutch
b. costs of disassembly and assembly;
c. attachment is levied on the Clients goods or claims; civil court with jurisdiction over the Contractors place of
c. travel and accommodation expenses.
d. the Client (a company) is dissolved or wound up.
establishment, unless this is contrary to mandatory law.
14.5. The Client must in all cases offer the Contractor
e. the Client (a natural person) requests to be admitted The Contractor may deviate from this rule of jurisdiction
the opportunity to remedy any defect or to perform the to statutory debt rescheduling, is placed under
and apply the statutory rules of jurisdiction.
processing again.
guardianship or dies.

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