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The She Who Remembers Audio Archives

Genie Brittingham Erstad May 24th, 1952 - April 9th,

April 9, 2002
Today, just a few hours ago, my dear friend Genie Brittingham - Erstad past away.
I had gone to see Genie just a few days ago. She was coughing. But seemed ok.
Genie was on oxygen and had many lung problems. She had been in the hospital since
the day after I had gone to see her. Friday I think.
Genie was known mostly for her work as an archive and distributor of underground news
and talks for KPFK 90.7 fm Los Angeles (The only truly public and Corporate free radio
left in the USA.(Pacifica)). She had her own Radio show back in 1994-1996 called
Unfolding the Leaf which was broadcast once monthly on the Planet Health show.
Genie also interviewed me in Sept. 1995 for a first hand perspective on the War in
Yugoslavia just after I had returned from my first 3 month trip to Serbia. I have given this
talk to many of you.

Genie's show focused primarily on the Hemp and Medical Marijuana issues, her show
played a major role in the later success of Proposition 215 for Medical Marijuana and her
talks have been heard by hundreds of thousands world wide. She had also been heard
hundreds of times late at night on Roy Tuckman's 'Roy of Hollywood' show.
About 8 months ago, I started encoding to MP3 the 12 years of the most hard core
underground news archives she had stored in boxes on cassette in her home. Interviews
and work that Genie, (She Who Remembers) had either done for her own show, or
archived for Roy Tuckman at KPFK and others in our group such as Authors Jack Herer,
Chris Conrad, Peter McWilliams (R.I.P.), Terence Mckenna (R.I.P.), George Clayton
Johnson, Lynn and Judy Osburn, Speaker Cliff Benton (R.I.P.), and many many others.
Many of you have either been given these talks by myself, or have downloaded them off
of the internet.
Genie has requested that her work live on through us. I will continue to release her works
weekly until all of the 1000's of hours of Political Science\Anthropology\History and
underground news archives have been completed.
Her work is incredible. If you've had the fortune to hear her work, then you already know
who she is by sound, because she would have changed your life immediately through her
Understand the Ancient Tale of

A MUST Read.

Anyone who dared challenge her information always lost. she only interviewed the best
of the very best. The references had to be impeccable. Unbeatable. Genie, KPFK, and
Roy Tuckman's work has been known for getting news to the public two to ten years
before the other news outlets dared to even touch their information. Genie and Roy dared
to be the first to go on the Radio about most alternative (now mainstream) news
information. Things such as mad cow disease, industrial hemp, Yugoslavia, Shamanism,
Vaccinations, etc. and the list goes on...
We as a "FREE" society owe her much thanks. Her talks have done much to educate and
keep us free.
Her tapes have been distributed world wide, on all topics, from Government corruption,
hemp, Shamanism, alternative health and much more.
All of her work will continue to live unstoppable forever in cyber space. As long as there
is internet, her material will be available. I will make sure of this personally.
We love you Genie. Your work has been a beacon of light for all in the miserable "War on
Drugs". A beacon for alternative thought in the homogenized US media, and a beacon of
what true freedom really means. You continued to give out your tapes at all odds,
continued your radio, even when nay sayers said that you, all of us, were all crazy. In the
end, you/we were right.
It was you who came out on top, in honor, truth, and freedom for all. All races, creeds,
and life styles.
Your work is finally finished.
Thank you. Forever Thank you. You've helped make the world a better place for all of us
you've left behind.
Love and Tears,
Jan Richard Irvin
The Hemperor
The one of the Gods now enters Sipapu

Methods of obtaining the She Who Remembers

Here are the original She Who Remembers Archives. Genie Brittingham Erstad, known
as She Who Remembers was a respected political activist, public speaker, hemp activist,
friend, radio talk show host, and talk show archiver for radio station 90.7 KPFK Los

Angeles. Genie collected these archives and distributed them on cassette for years. In
Sept. 2001, after the WTC attack, I started one of the largest projects of my life. Encoding
the thousands of hours of She Who Remembers archives to MP3 for download and
distribution on CD. As Terence Mckenna would have said, I've figured out how to
accelerate novelty. Novelty is accelerated by taking 12 years of archives and encoding
them to MP3, so that now what took me 12 years to go through, you can now do in
months. These are the most hard core political, historical, shamanic, anthropological,
and conspiracy archives ever found. The Archives are designed to be listened to in
consecutive order 1, 2, 3, - 7 etc. The first 7 archives build the knowledge foundation and
understanding. The Archives after #7 are "It's History" and are designed to fill in any
tiny gaps left out by the first 250 hours.
1. You may order a copy of all of the archives on CD for a $50 donation. Send $50 plus
$3 Shipping and Handling ($53 total) and your name, number and/or email and address to
J Irvin, P.O. Box 4041 Fullerton, CA 92834-4041. There are currently 7 CD's with
approximately 34-40 hours worth of MP3 archives per CD. The price will change as more
archives are produced. You may order any single archive for $10 + $2 Shipping and
Handling ($12 total). A portion of all donations goes to the daughters of She Who
Remembers. You may send questions to
2. Download WinMX and NapMX P2P clients and download the
archives by searching keywords such as (Terence) "Mckenna", (Michael) "Parenti",
(Dave) "Emory", or any of the other names you find listed below. Just a note, if you don't
install NapMX with WinMX, WinMX will only run on one server. Find us quickly by
using NapMX as well. You may have to get NapMX from
3. Temporarily out of order....You may download the archives by
browsing the FTP server in your browser, or by putting this FTP address in your FTP

What's on the Archives:

Archive #1 This Archive sets the foundation and understanding for the other
archives. It's creation began the week following 911 (09/22/2001) upon the
announcement of the "Patriot Act" which was the catalyst for creating the archives. *
Archive #1 was updated the week of Nov. 18, 2002. Several new talks have been added.
By Chris Conrad on Art Bell
Hemp & Marijuana,
By Cliff Benton
The Way of the Warrior,

By Dave Emory
Crisis in Bosnia
Rev. Moon and the Unification Church
Operation Mind Control
Port Chicago to Project H.A.A.R.P.
Technology Theocracy and the thousand year reich
The Borman Organization
WTC Investigations 9/13 to 9/27
They thought they were free,
By Hugh Downs
Perspective on the Drug War
Seeds The Truth About Hemp,
By Jello Biafra - Hemp,
By Michael Parenti
Slavery From Aristotle to George Bush
Super Patriotism
The Liberal Media
The Victimization of Women,
By Michael Benner
Richard Nixon's Article of Impeachment,
* Hemp
By She Who Remembers
Soldiers of Peace
UFL #9 Todd McCormick on Medical Marijuana and myself on Yugoslavia,
* Hemp Can Save The Planet 8/94
By Terence Mckenna
On Art Bell 3/98
On Art Bell Time (Excellent) 5/97
Food Of The Gods
True Hallucinations,
By Walter Bowart
Operation Mind Control.
Daniel Sheehan
* Iran Contra
Hellen Caldicott
* If You Love This Planet

John Trudell and Friends

* Dances With Hemp - 1997 2000BC

Archive #2 This archive lays out the basic foundations and understanding for US
Government Cover-ups and their functioning.
By Robert Morning Sky
On Art Bell The Knights Templar,
By Colonial L. Fletcher Prouty
The Secret Team
JFK & The High cabal
Recollections of 23 years of service,
By Dave Emory
Croatia the US & Germany
Mothers But Shall Laugh FTR 326
The OJ Simpson Investigation Interviews Parts 1 2 3
The Origins of the US intelligence Establishment
The Past is Prologue FTR 325
The Ties that Bind FTR 309
By Dr. Len Horowitz
Anthrax and Terrorism,
By Jack Herer
Hemp Revolution,
By Jon Rappoport
Oklahoma City Bombing,
By Michael Parenti
American Globalization And Terrorism,
By Suzanne Harris of the Law Loft
Your rights under the Bush Regime

Archive #3 This archive begins to lay down the foundation for understanding
hidden information surrounding Bio warfare, Vaccinations & Health as well as furthering
the understanding and solidification of the earlier archives and starts the heavy focus on
By Carlos Castaneda
The Teachings of Don Juan,

By Danny Sheehan & Lanny Sinkin

Ross Perot Scandal,
By Dave Emory
Flight of The Wolf The Escape of Adolf Hitler
Interviews John Loftus
The King Alfred Plan The Solution to the Negro Problem,
By Dennis Mckenna
Terence Mckenna's brother On Art Bell,
By Dr. Len Horowitz
Biological Holocaust,
By Dr Viera Schreibner
By Jon Rappoport
FDA - Health care freedom,
By Jonathan Ott
Pharmacotheon - KPFK interview with Roy of Hollywood,
By She Who Remembers
Timothy Leary's Party,
By Terence McKenna
I Ching - habit & novelty KUT
Imagination in the Light of Nature
The Light of 3rd Millenium In Austin
The Light of 3rd Millenium In Chicago
Marijuana & Hemp - SWR UTL 6 KPFK
Under The Teaching Tree
Unfolding the Stone

Archive #4 This archive continues the foundation of Shamanism and Hemp. Going
heavy into theory and practice of Shamanism. As well as solidifying the understanding of
911 and the U.S. involvement in 911, and other operations.
By Peter McWilliams & She Who Remembers
CA Prop 215 - Medical Marijuana,
By Christian Retche
Sacred Plants of Ancient Europe,

By Daniel Sheehan
Bush Ties to WTC and 911,
By Dave Emory
FTR 328 - Iran Contra to 911
Fun With Science
Michael Parenti Interview
Uncle Sam & the Swastica
WTC Investigation 11-1-2001 & 11-8-2001,
By Dr John Yiamouyiannis
By George Clayton Johnson
UFL - Cannabis Hemp,
By Jack Herer
Jack Herer is Emperor of Hemp,
By James Collier
Vote Scam - Stealing of America,
By John Steele
Aroma Therapy
Geomantic Amnesia,
By John Trudell
Live w Frank Sontag KLOS,
By Michael Parenti
US Empire & Yugoslavia,
By Peter McWilliams
ABC's Sex Drugs Consenting Adults,
By Rick Doblin
Good Friday Experiment - Harvard studies Psilocybin Mushrooms,
By Terence McKenna
Angels Aliens & Archetypes
Gaia's Mid life Crisis
Man & Woman
Unfolding the Stone,
By Dr. Roberta Hamilton

UFL #01 SWR - Hemp Seed,

By Lynn & Judy Osburn
UFL #02 SWR Green Gold the Tree of Life Marijuana in Magic And Religion

Archive #5 Created just after the death of She Who Remembers. This archive
includes many talks by She Who Remembers. It also begins the trek into understanding
diet and nutrition while continuing to build a stronger understanding of the previous
By Amy Goodman
Medical Marijuana & the drug war - Milosevic and the end of Yugoslavia,
By Chris Conrad
Hemp - Emerging Sustainable Industries,
By Colonial L. Fletcher Prouty
CIA & World Peace,
By Dave Emory
Assasination of MLK
FTR 330 Connecting The Dots 4 & 911
FTR 342 Altaqua
Orders to Kill MLK,
By Dr Michael Klapper
Diet for all reasons,
By Dr Roberta Hamilton & SWR
HEMP Essential for health,
By Dr Udo Erasmus
Fats that Heal & Fats that Kill,
By Howard Zinn
New Perspective on US History & Yugoslavia,
By John Steele
By John Steele and Terence Mckenna
By Terence Mckenna
In Search of Original Tree Of Knowledge,

By She Who Remembers

UFL #05 SWR - Mail pot to the President
UFL #07 SWR - Medical Marijuana
UFL #10 SWR - Drug Policy Conference
UFL #12 SWR - Is Hemp legal in Arizona,
By William F Pepper
Orders to Kill MLK jr

Archive #6 This archive dives further in to Health, Bio-warfare, vaccinations and

diet and nutrition and continues solidifying the understanding of the previous archives.
By Chris Conrad
2000 BC
HEMP Lifeline to the future
Shattered Lives
The Law and HEMP,
By Dave Emory
Michael Parenti TV Interview
By Dr Leonard Horowitz
Emerging Viruses,
By Dr Richard De Andrea
Mad Cow Disease
By Dr Roberta Hamilton
Save The Earth,
By Graham Hancock
Fingerprints of the Gods
Mystery of the Sphinx,
By Howard Lyman
Beyond Beef - Mad Cow Disease - Live 1-25-95,
By Jack Herer
Hemp Can Save The Planet,
By Jack Herer & Elvy Musikka ABC Larry Jacobs - Pot,
By Jon Rappoport
Vaccinations segments 1-9,

By Joyce Riley
Desert Storm Syndrome,
By Judy Osburn
Green Gold the Tree Of Life Marijuana in Magic & Religion,
By Tarik Ricard The AIDS Fraud,
By Terence Mckenna
Earth Trust - Interview,
By She Who Remembers
UFL #03 SWR - Cliff Schaffer Drug Policy

Archive #7 "Tying it all Together" This archive prepares the listener for life after
the archives. It lays down the final information for the foundation of complete
understanding of the world of Conspiracy, Religion, Shamanism, Hemp, Political
Science, Anthropology, Ethno Botany, History and basically the world around you.
Setting the final pieces of the foundation into place, gives the listener after hearing the
first 6 archives, a complete view and understanding of the whole of the world and the
archives. Completed 10/14/02
By Eric John Phelps
Crisis In Organized Religion,
By Michael Ruppert
WTC & Russian Documents
By Dave Emory
Assassination of MLK
Open Forum 10/96
Binladingate: Islam, Fascism, and the GOP 7/20/02
By Jon Rappoport
AIDS Inc The Scandal of the Century
Murder of America
The Great Boycott
By Steve Donaher
Micro Radio Revolution
By Terence McKenna
Vertigo At History's Edge

From WebActive
Afghanistan Oil Pipeline
By Bob Fletcher
M.O.M. Militia Of Montana
By Corbin Harvey and Friends With Cliff Benton
By Grandfather Semu Huaute
Chumash Indians of CA
By Lawrence Lessig
Free Culture & Copyrights
By Dr Hyla Cass
Nutritional Medicine and Depression 10-94
By Dr Janet Zand
Herbal Medicine and Depression 10-94
By Dr Gary Null
Live in LA 2-15-96
By She Who Remembers
Psychedelic Radio
UFL #4 SWR - Chris Conrad and Mikki Norris
UFL #08 SWR - Carey Martin Shaw - Smuggler
UFL #13 SWR - Elvy Musikka War on Us 12-95
By Michael Parenti
Conspiracy AND Class Power
Myths of the Founding Fathers
Functions of Fascism
Justice for Sale
The 2 Party Monopoly
By Father Charlie Moore
Truth about Religions
By Dr Stephen Post
The Goddess and Marijuana

Archive #8 Focus is "It's History" - In Progress - Last update Oct. 21, 2002

By She Who Remembers

UFL #06 SWR - Terence Mckenna & Christian Ratsch 7-95
UFL #11 SWR - Dennis Peron Prop 215 11-95
UFL #17 SWR - Etienne Fontan - Cannabis Alliance of Veterans
By Judy Osburn
Women of Hemp
By Terence Mckenna
Psilocybin & the Sands of Time By Daniel Ellsberg
Secrets - The Pentagon Papers 10-02
By Dave Emory
The Waco Massacre and the National Security State 1-94
The De stabilization of the Clinton Administration 2/98
Port Chicago with Peter Vogel 1993
Port Chicago Update With Peter Vogel and David Call 7/95
By Jon Rappoport
Free form Radio on AIDS, Sex, and Spirituality
Our Next Five Year 5/95
By Robert Morning Sky
Hopi Prophecies on Art Bell