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DEMBOSKI: Could have been better, could have been worse, I suppose. Honestly, when I go to a
Chamber of Commerce debate, I would expect to talk about economics, business development,
resource development...
REYNOLDS: No, no, not so much.
DEMBOSKI: No, no, they were focused on-REYNOLDS: LGBT, a labor issue that's dead, and then a Knik Arm Bridge that's never going to be
DEMBOSKI: You know, what it comes down to it, I mean we all know governments have to build
infrastructure, especially when your population grows. But you have to prioritize. And that was my
message. You know, I'm not adverse to a government building infrastructure, but you have to be smart
about it. You have to have a capital plan, you have to plan for it. Now, obviously you can't build it until
you can afford to build it. You know, it's really, but there's this fixation. It's those gotcha moments.
They want to nail you on the issues. And get a great little-REYNOLDS: But these aren't even, they're three issues -- well, two issues that are dead and one issue
that -- I, is, it almost seems -DEMBOSKI: It's not going to be funded anytime soon, let's put it that way.
REYNOLDS: Well, the social issue, the LGBT, it seems like that fight has been fought and I get the -at least for me and I think a lot of other people -- we're just tired of fighting that one. Can we just not
deal with it for like-DEMBOSKI: Well, I want to talk about economic development. I want to talk about the issues facing
this city. I want to talk about those things, but somehow there's this absolute focus on the social issues.
Especially the media loves to focus on them. And I want to talk about the city of Anchorage. I want to
talk about the challenges facing the city, how we're going to mitigate those waters. You know, to me,
when I'm in a business debate, let's talk about business development. Let's talk about -REYNOLDS: Well, aren't the realtors having a debate, you guys are doing, what is that, today,
DEMBOSKI: Tomorrow at noon at the Loussac.
REYNOLDS: So, maybe, they're realtors. Maybe they'll get into that stuff. One thing though, I want to
get into some of your ideas for economic development because that's where I was hoping that debate
was going, so I aactually do want to talk about some of those issues. But, I got a little case of the bum,
not with you, but a little bit with -- at least as I've been told, I haven't actually seen it myself -- with
something Prevo said. Not on the substance. I was talking about it a little bit yesterday. He posted on
Facebook something about saying you should vote against Ethan Berkowitz on, because he supports
gay rights. Which is fine. I have absolutely no problem with that. He's well within his rights to say that.
But I have a little bit of a case to bum, now, I defended you when people were saying some nasty

things. Andrew Halcro had some nasty -- after losing, he apparently couldn't lose gracefully, so he had
some things to say.
DEMBOSKI: Did he? Oh, that's disappointing.
REYNOLDS: And I said, look, that's inappropriate. Amy Demboski, you're a smart lady, you're a
dedicated public servant. There's a certain amount of respect that you deserve and certain things
shouldn't be said. So, what I've been told -- and I've seen floating around Facebook, at least some
people believing -- is that Mr. Prevo said that your opponent is supporting the right of a father and a
son to get married. Now, the implications of that -- of both incest and pedophilia -- bug the living hell
out of me. And I just want to put you on the record, you know that that -- even if a sarcastic comment
was made on the radio at some point -- you know your opponent does not support that, right?
DEMBOSKI: Actually, I would love to hear the podcast from this show, because I think that's where it
came up, so I would like to go back and hear it myself.
REYNOLDS: But you've done, like, dozens of debates with Ethan Berkowitz. You know he's not,
there's no way he actually supports what the implication that's being said there -DEMBOSKI: I don't know anything about pedophilia, but I know, when I listened to Bernadette and
Berkowitz, oh, last year, I remember the conversation. And I remember him saying that people should
be allowed to marry anything, and he said he supported if a dad wanted to marry his son. I remember
him saying it but I don't remember exactly his words.
REYNOLDS: The context.
DEMBOSKI: Yes, that's why I would say it would be interesting if the show would find it. Because,
you know, everybody, I don't know, it would be interesting to hear it.
REYNOLDS: But you know that he's not supporting -- that he's not actually advocating for that. You've
done dozens of debates with him at this point.
DEMBOSKI: He's never advocated for it in the debate. He's never said that in a debate. I have -- like I
said -- I heard him say something on the radio to that effect, but I don't think he's said anything about
pedophilia. That -- those are your words. I don't think Ethan said that.
REYNOLDS: Well, when Jerry Prevo comes out and says, look, he's saying that a father son should be
allowed to marry, there's two implications to that. One is incestuous, the other is potentially pedophilia,
right? Both of which, I mean, that's -- to put that out there with that kind of an implication as though
that's what he was advocating for, he, I, look, I've been on the radio for years. Stieren's been in the
radio for years. Every once in a while you make a sarcastic comment that, in now way actually means
the literal interpretation. Everybody who's listening to you at that moment knows damn well that that's
the case.
DEMBOSKI: Did you ask Ethan? Have you asked him?
REYNOLDS: I have not asked Ethan.
DEMBOSKI: That's who you need to ask. Don't ask me what Ethan meant. I don't know. You need to

ask him.
REYNOLDS: What I'm asking you is, for that to be out there being bandied around by people who are
supporting you -- just like I defended you when I said, look, there are certain things that you shouldn't
be saying that are beyond the pale, it's nasty, it doesn't belong in the political sphere -- to have that out
there, with that implication, knowing darn well he is not supporting that. Ethan has been very, I think,
up front about supporting same-sex marriage and supporting LGBT rights in terms of, you know, if
they wanted to do an antidiscrimination ordinance or whatnot. You know darn well he's not out there
talking about -- that these are the kinds of things that should be supported, right?
DEMBOSKI: I don't know what he's out there talking to. All I know is what I heard him say on the
radio. And I know I heard him say, in some sort of context, that he thought anybody should be able to
marry anybody. That's all I know he said. And that what he said he said, you know. Yes, he thought a
dad should be able to marry his son. Whether it was sarcastic or not, you need to ask Ethan. That's what
I say, just listen to the audio and then we should be able to tell.
REYNOLDS: Well, who has the audio?
DEMBOSKI: I believe this station does.
REYNOLDS: From what day?
DEMBOSKI: Oh, I suspect it was last fall sometime, if my memory serves.
REYNOLDS: Yeah, see, that, uh -DEMBOSKI: Yeah, that's, see, I don't know. This is my point.
REYNOLDS: See, this is what's driving me nuts. Because the implication that's being put out there
without actually having audio say, look this is what he said and this is the context in which he said it.
Because I know darn well how this goes.
DEMBOSKI: So, let's talk about the context of this discussion. You know, this was not a post by me. It
wasn't a comment by me. This was from Jerry Prevo. So I think you need to ask him. And I think you
need to ask -REYNOLDS: I have. I invited him to come on the show.
DEMBOSKI: Good. And then you need to ask Ethan. All I know is, when we're talking about these
LGBT-REYNOLDS: No, I'm asking you because I think it goes to character. When you're running for office,
to have things like that said about your opponent and not to stand up and say "Stop it, I want to be in
elected office. I don't want it bad enough that I'm willing to have my opponent put in a position where
it looks like people are saying about him" -- I'm seeing posts on Facebook where people are saying he's
supportign NAMBLA and those kind of things. It's disgusting.
DEMBOSKI: Oh, that's terrible.

REYNOLDS: It's disgusting.

DEMBOSKI: No no no no no, I agree with you. I've never seen that. I've never seen that.
REYNOLDS: I know and you know that he was not advocating for that. He was, he-DEMBOSKI: I don't think for one second that Ethan was advocating for any sort of child pedophilia,
anything like that. I agree with you. If somebody's saying something about that, I haven't seen any sort
of-REYNOLDS: Well, that's what Jerry Prevo -- when he said that he knew damn well what the
implication of saying that was, and it's the -- I didn't support the gay rights ordinance, but I do think
some of the people that did support it had a decent point that when disgusting cartoons come out to sort
of "ick" people into the nastier aspects of it and frighten them in those kinds of ways, it was absolute
correct criticism. And this way, it's correct to say Ethan Berkowitz supports same-sex marriage, he
supports an antidiscrimination ordinance. And if Jerry Prevo wants to go on Facebook and say, hey,
don't vote for Ethan Berkowitz because of that, God bless him. That's your right.
DEMBOSKI: Sure, and I would say, yeah-REYNOLDS: To bring up those kind of comments and try to make it sounds like, oh, he's saying you
should have all these different kinds of nasty unions between people, that's disgusting.
DEMBOSKI: Well, I don't think it's right to say that my opponent is supporting pedophilia in any sort
of regard. You know, I've never heard Ethan say anything about pedophilia and I can't believe-REYNOLDS: Or incest. He's not supporting incestuous relationships. [Pause] What are you -- you're
giving me a smile like you don't know.
DEMBOSKI: I'm not! I'm not giving-REYNOLDS: You know darn well he's not.
DEMBOSKI: I haven't heard him on the debate trail say that.
REYNOLDS: Do you believe that Ethan Berkowitz supports incest?
DEMBOSKI: I believe that Ethan Berkowitz said on the radio that he thinks a dad should be able to
marry a son.
DEMBOSKI: Was he being sarcastic? I don't know. That's why I said we need to ask Ethan.
REYNOLDS: Was he being sar-- I don't know. You don't-- that, okay.
DEMBOSKI: It wasn't a conversation between me and Ethan. It was a conversation between
Bernadette and Ethan and all I know is it's not--

REYNOLDS: But you're claiming that you heard it.

REYNOLDS: And the implication that you took from it was, wow, Ethan Berkowitz thinks incestuous
relationships are okay.
DEMBOSKI: I'm not talking about any sort of implications of anything. All I'm saying is I know what I
heard. I don't know what context he meant it in. You know, I was at home cleaning my kitchen when I
was-REYNOLDS: And you're comfortable with that implication being out there on your opponent if it
means that that might drive votes to you being elected mayor.
DEMBOSKI: No. All I'm saying is we should be judged on our own merit and in this conversation
you're asking me to defend either Ethan or Jerry Prevo and I can do neither. I don't think it's right to say
all these comments you're saying about Facebook and NAMBLA and all these other organizations. I
don't think that's right because I've never heard Ethan say anything like that. So I think we should be
fair about this and we should just go to the source. That's all I'm saying.
REYNOLDS: Alright, we'll take your calls.