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Stated below are the requirements the tenant usually get to the

developer before occupying the area:

A. Building As-Built Plan

Architectural Plan
Electrical Plan
Mechanical Plan
Sanitary/Plumbing Plan
Structural Plan
Auxiliaries (FDAS, cable wiring, etc)

B. Equipment Manuals

Generator Set
Fire Alarm System (FDAS)
CCTV System
Building Management System
A/C and Chillers

Inspection Checklist
General Workplace Condition and Housekeeping
1. Are workplace clean and orderly? (OSHS 1060.01(4))
2. Are walking surfaces/floors free from hazards? (OSHS 1063)
3. Are stairs, steps, handrails and landing compliant? (OSHS 1065)
4. Are facilities provided for handicapped employees safe and
allows convenient movement as practicable and feasible? (OSHS
5. Are adequate comfort rooms and lavatories provided separately
for male and female workers (OSHS 1060.01(5))
6. Workrooms shall be at least 2.7 meters (8 ft. 10 in.) in height
from the floor to the ceiling. Where the rooms are air-conditioned
and the process allows free movement; existing heights of not
less than 2.4 meters (7 ft. I 0 in.) may be allowed. (OSHS
7. Are pedestrian walkways designated and separated from
vehicular traffic? (OSHS 1069.02)
1. Is Illumination adequate? (OSHS 1075.01)

Building Evacuation and Life Safety

1. Are exits properly identified and lighted? (FCP
2. Are there at least two (2) exits in the area? (OSHS 1943.03(1))
3. Are exit doors operable, unlocked and unobstructed? (OSHS
4. Does the exit door swing out in the direction of travel?
5. Is emergency lighting available, operable, reliable and
maintained? (OSHS 1075.06; FCP
6. Is the fire alarm audible to all? (OSHS 1948.01(1))
7. Are fire alarm stations conspicuous, accessible and provided on
every floor? (OSHS 1948.01(3))
8. Is an emergency evacuation plan posted on strategic and
conspicuous locations in the building drawn with a
photoluminiscent background readable in case of power failure
and with minimum dimension of 8 12 inches in height and 11
inches in width? (FCP
Fire Safety and Prevention
1. Are portable fire extinguishers available, appropriate and
adequate? (OSHS 1944.05(a)(b)(c))
2. Are fire extinguishers conspicuous, accessible and unobstructed?
(OSHS 1944.05(d))
3. Are smoke, heat and other detection systems and automatic
sprinkler systems operable and tested (OSHS 1941(4))
Electrical Safety (based on the requirements of PEC)
1. Are panelboards legibly marked to indicate purpose?
2. Is access to high voltage electrical equipment restricted to
authorized persons only?
3. Are electrical signs and warnings available and easy to read?
4. Are power panels, controls, receptacles and wiring covered?
OSHS Occupational Safety and Health Standards
FCP Fire Code of the Philippines
PEC Philippine Electrical Code