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Introductory Note

Abstract of Receipts

Summary of Estimates of Tax, Non-Tax Revenue and

Capital Receipts

I. Tax Revenue

II. Non-Tax Revenue

III. Capital Receipts


1. Trends in Receipts

2. Analysis of Tax and Non-Tax Revenue Receipts included in Annexure 1

3. Trends in Expenditure

4. Reconciliation between Estimates of Receipts Shown in Annual Financial

Statement and Receipts Budget

5. Debt position of the Government of India

(i) Statement of Liabilities of the Central Government

(ii) Statement of Assets

(iii) Guarantees given by the Government

(iv) Asset Register

6. Details of current rupee loans of the Central Government

6A. Special Securities issued to nationalised banks converted into marketable


6B. Inflation Rate Indexed Bonds

6C. Special Securities converted into marketable securities

6D. Securitisation of Polif

6E. Special Securities issued to Oil Marketing Companies in lieu of Cash Subsidy

6F. Special Securities issued to Fertiliser Companies in lieu of Cash Subsidy

6G. Special Securities issued to Food Corporation of India in lieu of Cash


6H-K. Special Bonds to various Institutions

7A. Sources and Application of National Small Savings Fund as on 31st March,

7B. National Small Savings Fund

8. Liability on Annuity Projects

9. External Assistance receipts and repayments Country/Organisation-wise

10. Statement showing State-wise Distribution of Net Proceeds of Union Taxes

and Duties for BE 2014-2015

10A. Statement showing State-wise Distribution of Net Proceeds of Union Taxes

and Duties for RE 2013-2014

10B. Statement showing State-wise Distribution of Net Proceeds of Union Taxes

and Duties - Actual 2012-2013

11. Tax Revenues raised but not realised (Principal Taxes)

12. Arrears of Non-Tax Revenue

13. Market Loans and Special Securities due for discharge during 2014-2015

14. Railway Reserve Funds

15. Revenue foregone under the Central Tax System: Financial year 2012-2013
and 2013-2014

Volume I
Introductory Notes

Summary of Expenditure
Expenditure by Ministries/Departments
Expenditure of Union Territories without Legislature
Revised Estimates, 2013-2014

Budget Estimates, 2014-2015

Part-II - Non-Plan Expenditure

Non-Plan Expenditure, 2014-2015
Non-Plan Expenditure by Broad Categories
Non-Plan Subsidies - Interest Subsidies
Non-Plan Subsidies - Other Subsidies
Departmental Commercial Undertakings
Non-Plan Capital Outlay
Non-Plan Grants and Loans to Public Enterprises
Non-Plan Grants and Loans to State and Union Territory Governments
Grants and Loans to Foreign Governments

Part-III-Plan Outlay
Plan Outlay 2014-2015
Central Plan Outlay by Ministries/Departments
Central Plan Outlay by Heads of Development

Volume I
Part-III-Plan Outlay
Plan Investments in Public Enterprises
Resources of Public Enterprises
Central Assistance for State and Union Territory Plans
Plan Grants and Loans to State and Union Territory Governments

Direct Transfer of Central Plan Assistance to State/District level

Estimates of Provision for Externally Aided Projects
Gender Budget
Schemes for Development of Scheduled Castes
Schemes for Development of Scheduled Tribes
Budget Provisions for Schemes for the Welfare of Children
Budget Allocated by Ministries/ Departments for the North Eastern Region

Budget Provisions by Heads of Accounts


Reconciliation between Expenditure shown in Demands for Grants, Annual

Financial Statement and Annexure I
Details of reliefs provided to CPSUs in the form of waiver, write off, etc.
Trends in Expenditure
Contributions to International Bodies
Grants-in-aid to private institutions, organisations, etc.
Budget Provisions under the Object Head Grants for creation of Capital Assets
Estimated strength of Establisment and provision therefor
Budget provision for Grants for Salaries

Volume II

Ministry wise Summary of Budget Provisions

Have saved the budgetary

allocations of every Ministry
of the Govt. Of India.