Columbia, SC

I bring a unique combination of digital communication skills to bear on sophisticated commercial,
educational, political, and non-profit media production. More than twenty years of traveling, teaching, and
producing in multiple modes has resulted in a diverse set of skills and a strong record of bringing depth,
breadth, and a distinctive style to a wide variety of digital media projects. Throughout my recent
graduate study, I have worked to maintain a productive mix of academic and community engagement. As
my academic career comes to close with the completion of my PhD, I am looking for new challenges, and I
am eager to deploy my knowledge and experience with public, ethical, and effective digital communication
in a new environment.

PhD, Rhetoric and Composition, University of South Carolina,
Expected 2016, Focus: Visual Rhetoric, Documentary, Digital Media Production and Pedagogy
MA, Media Arts with Certificate of Visual Anthropology, University of South Carolina,
2010, Thesis: To See A World – The Ethics and Aesthetics of Philanthropic Documentary
BA, Literature, Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC, 1998

University of South Carolina – Graduate Teaching Assistant
-Instructor: English 101/102 (Intro to Composition), 460 (Digital Writing), and 462 (Technical Writing)
-Teaching Assistant: FILM 110 (Intro to Film), MART 590 (Media Art Theory)
-Web Czar (Rhetoric Society of America @ USC)
-Assistant Director for Technology (First Year English)
-Responsible for Humanities Computer Classroom (Macs)
-Departmental Visual Design Director
-Internship with SC Film Commission (Location Manager for ‘Civil’)
-Funded Research: “Ghosts of the Horseshoe” Interactive Ipad Application
-Production support for faculty projects and multimodal publications
-Performance, social media research, video, MOOCs
Harmon Media/Ballast Group (Freelance) – Researcher, Writer, Producer, Consultant
-Scott Hall Catering – Video (promotional, reality TV)
-Drip on Main – Design (Menu)
-Osamu Kobayashi / One Columbia / Columbia Museum of Art – Video and Design (Promotional)
-Environmental Action (Washington, DC) – Video (Non-Profit, Political, Event, Social Media)
-Josh Roberts and the Hinges – Video, Design, Strategy (Concert Film, Music Video, Album Design)
-Killingsworth Home for Women – Video, Design (Non-Profit, Web Design, Social Media)
-Guild for Service (Delhi, India) – Video, Design (International, Non-Profit, Promotional)
-Sows Ear Engineering – Video, Design, Branding
Harmon Productions Incorporated (Christchurch, NZ)
-Go English (NZ, China, US) – ESL based reality TV project
-Real Estate, Food/Beverage, Hospitality/Tourism, Journalism, Non-Profit


Artworks Web Design (Christchurch, NZ)
-Copywriter, Photographer, Creative Direction, Public Relations
English Language Instructor (beginner - IELTS)
-Hess Educational Organization (Chung Li, Taiwan)
-Modern English (Christchurch, NZ)
-New Zealand Academy of English (Christchurch, NZ)
-Cartus International (Columbia, SC)
Gorilla Pictures (Christchurch, NZ)
-Producer-“Last of the Living”
-Actor/Producer/Photographer-short film “Eat, Eat, Die, Die”
-Official Photographer-2007 Christchurch Jazz Festival
Alpin Photo (Interlaken, Switzerland)
-Lab technician and office manager
-Photographer (Bungee, Canyoning, Paragliding, Rafting

2015 “Untitled India Project” – Producer/Photographer/Editor
-Short promotional documentary for Guild for Service
2015 “Post Columbia” – Producer/Curator
-Performance/Exhibition examining the idea of “AFTER”
2015 “Josh’s Wings” – Producer/Photographer/Editor
-Short food/cultural documentary about smoked wings in Columbia, SC
2014 “Chemex” – Producer/Photographer/Editor
-Short video instruction manual
2014 “My Father’s House” – Producer/Photographer/Editor
-Successful Kickstarter campaign (4 short films) and performance documentation
2014 “Re-Sounding Composition” – Co-producer/Photographer/Editor
-Visual ethnography of a Texas recording studio
2013 “The Clean Drinker” – Producer/Photographer/Editor
-Short adaptation of Hemingway’s “A Clean Well-Lighted Place”
2013 “The Trial of Othello” – Co-producer/Photographer/Editor
-Short educational documentary for The Honors College at USC
2012 “Artemis Challenge” – Producer/Photographer/Editor
-Interactive educational Ipad Application
2011 “Chai” – Producer/Photographer/Editor (official selection-2011 Indie Grits)
-Dual projector film event featuring Indian chai culture
2011 “Visual Sonata” – Co-Producer/Editor (City Art-Columbia, SC)
-Multimedia fundraising exhibition for SC Symphony Orchestra
2010 “To See a World” – Producer/Director/Editor (Srinagar, India)
-Short promotional documentary for Guild for Service


2010 “B is for Beer” – Producer/Director/Editor (official selection-2010 Indie Grits)
-Short object documentary about Tom Robbins and beer
2009 “To See A World” – Photographer (India International Center-New Delhi, India)
-Photography fundraising exhibition for Guild for Service
2009 “Canoeing for Kids” – Producer/Director/Editor (official selection-2009 Indie Grits)
-Short promotional documentary for Canoeing for Kids

-Documentary Production (planning, writing, DSLR shooting, audio, editing, digital/online distribution)
-Research, Technical Writing, Marketing, Public Relations, Branding, Graphic Design
-Social Media, New Media, Crowd-Sourced Fundraising
-Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Muse)
-MS Office, Evernote, Mendeley (PDF filing and archiving), Wordpress, Kickstarter

A comprehensive CV, teaching statement, and references are available upon request.
Portfolio available online at