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Brian Harmon

Columbia, SC

As teacher, researcher, and producer, I bring a unique combination of digital communication skills to
bear on sophisticated commercial, educational, political, and non-profit media production and classrooms.
More than twenty years of traveling, teaching, and producing in multiple modes has resulted in a diverse set
of skills and a wide variety of digital media projects. Throughout my recent graduate study, I have worked to
maintain a productive mix of academic and community engagement in and outside the classroom. I am
eager to deploy this knowledge and experience in progressive, theoretically robust classrooms that
emphasize public, ethical, and effective digital communication for the 21st century.

PhD, Rhetoric and Composition, University of South Carolina,
Expected 2016, Focus: Visual Rhetoric, Documentary, Digital Media Production and Pedagogy
MA, Media Arts with Certificate of Visual Anthropology, University of South Carolina,
2010, Thesis: To See A World The Ethics and Aesthetics of Philanthropic Documentary
BA, Literature, Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC, 1998

University of South Carolina Graduate Teaching Assistant and Instructor
-ENGL 101 (Critical Reading and Composition)
-ENGL 101 (Theme Course: A Search for Documentary Truth)
-ENGL 102 (Rhetoric and Composition)
-ENGL 460 (Advance Writing: Digital Documentary)
-ENGL 462 (Technical Writing)
-(GTA) FILM 110 (Introduction to Film)
-(GTA) MART 590 (Media Art Theory)
English Language Instructor (Taiwan; New Zealand; Boston, MA; Columbia, SC)

University of South Carolina
Ghosts of South Carolina College
Duncan Buell and Heidi Rae Cooley (co-PIs)
Role: Graphic Design, Documentation and Archiving, Media Production
University of South Carolina Honors College
The Trial of Othello
David Miller
Role: Mentor, Graphic Design, Documentation and Archiving, Media Production
University of South Carolina
Resounding Composition
Byron Hawk
Role: Visual Ethnographer, Documentation and Archiving, Media Production

Harmon CV April 2015


Institute Participant (Summer 2015) RSA Summer Institute, University of Wisconsin
Multimodal Composition
Presenter (January 2015) MLA, Vancouver, Canada
Resounding Composition
Presenter (December 2014) Visible Evidence XXI, New Delhi, India
Bombay Beach: The
Presenter (Summer 2014) RSA Conference, San Antonio, TX
The Digital Documentary Interface: Reframing Rhetoric, Advocacy and Pedagogy
Presenter (Summer 2014) Computers & Composition, Pullman, WA
A Documentary Methodology: Exploring Documentary Practice as a Participatory Ethnographic
Research Method and Pedagogy in the Digital Humanities
Presenter (Spring 2014) FYE Multimodal Workshop Series, Columbia, SC
An Introduction to Audacity, Sound Cloud, and the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives
Institute Participant (Summer 2013) Digital Media and Composition, Ohio State University
Institute Participant (Summer 2013) RSA Summer Institute, University of Kansas
Rhetoric and Documentary
HASTAC Scholar (2012-2013)
Presenter (March 2013) Networked Humanities Conference, University of Kentucky
Toward Methodography
Presenter (Summer 2012) RSA Conference, Philadelphia, PA
Multitudes Hashtagging Revolutions
Presenter (Spring 2012) Carolina Rhetoric Conference, Clemson, SC
Live Tweeting Revolutions
Presenter (Spring 2011) Carolina Rhetoric Conference, Columbia, SC
An Articulation of the Materiality of Memory: Chai
Presenter (Summer 2009) Visible Evidence XVI, Los Angeles, CA
To See a World
Presenter (Summer 2009) 4th FLAVA (Florida Visual Anthropology) Gainesville, FL
To See a World

2010-2015 Various production support for faculty projects and multimodal publications (see online portfolio)
-Performance, social media research, digital media production across platforms, MOOCs
2013-2015 Assistant Director for Technology First Year English, University of South Carolina
-Mentor incoming First Year English teachers
-Responsible for Humanities Computer Classroom (Macs)

Harmon CV April 2015

2014 RSA@USC Graphic design for Debra Hawhees RSA talk.

-Organized successful fundraising campaign through Kickstarter
2014 Videographer for USC Domestic Partner Benefit Colloquium
2014-2015 Reviewer for Carolina Core Assessment
2013-2014 RSA@USC Web Czar
2013 RSA@USC Graphic design for Christian Lundberg, Susan Heckman invited talks
2011 RSA@USC Graphic design for Carolina Rhetoric Conference
2010 Internship with SC Film Commission (Location Manager for Civil)

Harmon Media/Ballast Group (Freelance) Researcher, Writer, Producer, Consultant
-Scott Hall Catering Video (promotional, reality TV)
-Drip on Main Design (Menu)
-Osamu Kobayashi / One Columbia / Columbia Museum of Art Video and Design (Promotional)
-Environmental Action (Washington, DC) Video (Non-Profit, Political, Event, Social Media)
-Josh Roberts and the Hinges Video, Design, Strategy (Concert Film, Music Video, Album Design)
-Killingsworth Home for Women Video, Design (Non-Profit, Web Design, Social Media)
-Guild for Service (Delhi, India) Video, Design (International, Non-Profit, Promotional)
-Sows Ear Engineering Video, Design, Branding
Harmon Productions Incorporated
-Go English (NZ, China, US) ESL based reality TV project
-Real Estate, Food/Beverage, Hospitality/Tourism, Journalism, Non-Profit
Artworks Web Design (Christchurch, NZ)
-Copywriter, Photographer, Creative Direction
Gorilla Pictures (Christchurch, NZ)
-Producer-Last of the Living
-Actor/Producer/Photographer-short film Eat, Eat, Die, Die
-Official Photographer-2007 Christchurch Jazz Festival
Alpin Photo (Interlaken, Switzerland)
-Lab technician and office manager
-Photographer (Bungee, Canyoning, Paragliding, Rafting

2015 Untitled India Project Producer/Photographer/Editor
-Short promotional documentary for Guild for Service
2015 Joshs Wings Producer/Photographer/Editor
-Short food/cultural documentary about smoked wings in Columbia, SC
2014 Chemex Producer/Photographer/Editor
-Short video instruction manual for high-end coffee system

Harmon CV April 2015

2014 My Fathers House Producer/Photographer/Editor

-Successful Kickstarter campaign (4 short films) and performance documentation
2014 Re-Sounding Composition Co-producer/Photographer/Editor
-Visual ethnography of a Texas recording studio
2013 The Clean Drinker Producer/Photographer/Editor
-Short adaptation of Hemingways A Clean Well-Lighted Place
2013 The Trial of Othello Co-producer/Photographer/Editor
-Short educational documentary for The Honors College at USC
2012 Artemis Challenge Producer/Photographer/Editor
-Interactive educational Ipad Application
2011 Chai Producer/Photographer/Editor (official selection-2011 Indie Grits)
-Dual projector film event featuring Indian chai culture
2011 Visual Sonata Co-Producer/Editor (City Art-Columbia, SC)
-Multimedia fundraising exhibition for SC Symphony Orchestra
2010 B is for Beer Producer/Director/Editor (official selection-2010 Indie Grits)
-Short object documentary about Tom Robbins and beer
2009 To See A World Photographer (India International Center-New Delhi, India)
-Photography fundraising exhibition for Guild for Service
2009 Canoeing for Kids Producer/Director/Editor (official selection-2009 Indie Grits)
-Short promotional documentary for Canoeing for Kids


-Documentary Production (planning, writing, DSLR shooting, audio, editing, digital/online distribution)
-Research, Technical Writing, Marketing, Public Relations, Branding, Graphic Design
-Social Media, New Media, Crowd-Sourced Fundraising
-Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Muse)
-MS Office, Evernote, Mendeley (PDF filing and archiving), Wordpress, Kickstarter

Portfolio available online at

Harmon CV April 2015