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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Subject: Internship Report

Internship report on BOSS PLASTIC INDUSTRY
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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Doing the internship at Pakson International Plastic Industry have been a great
honor for me. Thanks to my teachers at the university and the executives of the
respective departments who are in some way or the other help and guide me
through this journey. I had been an active part at the firm for six weeks and got to
learn a lot. My work in the different departments, specifically, the HR department, the
Marketing department and also the financial department has made me study many
different aspects of the practical life. I had been to markets, with the help of the staff
at the site; I managed some of their accounts. The time to time guidance given by
the seniors of each department helped me put together all I learned and implement it
in an effective way. Different issues regarding the labor, the market and the
customer, were faced by and I being an internee was given opportunities to give my
best opinion for the particular issue. As a student and an internee at the Pakson
Industry, which operates with the brand name of BOSS, gave me the chance to
implement what I had learnt from the books and a lot to learn from what I
experienced being out there.

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Table of Contents
Introduction to plastic..............................................................................7
Types of plastics.......................................................................................8
Plastic industry in Pakistan.......................................................................8
Overview of the organization....................................................................11
Organization history...............................................................................11
Quality Standards:..................................................................................11
Research & Development:......................................................................12
13Bookmark not defined.








Product lines...........................................................................................14
Plastic Chairs.......................................................................................16
Revolving Chairs.................................................................................16
Steel plastic furniture..........................................................................17
Public Sofa..........................................................................................17
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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Snack Tables.......................................................................................17
School Furniture..................................................................................18
Baby Furniture.....................................................................................18
House Hold..........................................................................................18










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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry





















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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry






























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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry





















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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

4. Executive Summary
The business of molded furniture has marked its place in the country through growth
during the last ten years. In Pakistan there are various different units producing
plastic chairs, tables, baby products etc nowadays. Competition is getting high.
Customer bank is increasing day by day with the penetration of companies, by
introducing new and economical models, variety of colors and exports to various
countries. Plastic furniture has increased in demand as it is easy to clean, flexible,
good insulators of heat and electricity, light weight, hygienic, easy to shape and color
and economical. Apart from this the main important features include that plastic is
non-rusty. The use of plastic is increasing all the time as they replace materials such
as metal, wood, paper, ceramics etc in a wide variety of uses. Moreover the overall
demand and local supply gap that prevails in the market remains largely unmet
which provides opportunities for entering into this business.
The Pakson Company was invented in 1991, and has been working to produce high
quality molded furniture, plastic steel furniture, households. The brand name of
Pakson Industries in Pakistan is BOSS. Over the years BOSS has earned great
respect in markets all over the country. The company strictly abides by the
sovereignty, keeping the honesty as its priority. It has the clear goal which states, a
complete well coordinated moulded furniture, plastic steel furniture & households etc.
The statement clearly shows that the company keeps it employees motivated
towards providing high quality products. Pakson International Plastic Industry
(BOSS) services, policies of competitive prices, strict quality control and regular
delivery are the cause of its success.
As an internee I was assigned to learn about its departments, what main function it is
performing, its product lines, how it is different and what competitive advantage
makes it lead in market. I performed a SWOT analysis and critically analyzed its
performance in various departments and point out its flaws. I highlighted which areas
need what kind of improvement. At the end I gave recommendations and suggested
some measures for how to cope with those recommendations too. Bosss
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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

performance is remarkable in this fragile operating environment with a lot of
competitors in race. No compromise on latest technology is the key for innovating
new products.

5. Introduction
5.1. Introduction to plastic
A plastic material is any of a wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic organic solids
used in the manufacture of industrial products. Plastics are typically polymers of high
molecular mass, and may contain other substances to improve performance and/or
reduce production costs. Monomers of plastic are either natural or synthetic organic
There are two types of plastics: thermoplastics and thermosetting polymers.
Thermoplastics are the plastics that do not undergo chemical change in their
composition when heated and can be molded again and again; examples are






polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Thermosets can melt and take shape once; after
they have solidified, they stay solid.
The raw materials needed to make most plastics come from petroleum and natural

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

5.1.1. Types of plastics

Plastics type marks: the resin identification code
PET (PETE), polyethylene terephthalate
HDPE, high-density polyethylene
PVC, polyvinyl chloride
LDPE, low-density polyethylene,
PP, polypropylene
PS, polystyrene
The plastic use for the molding of plastic furniture is

5.1.2. Plastic industry in Pakistan


Naseem Group
1949 - In 1949, Naseem Plastic Industries started its production with
Plastic flowers & plants in the heart of the then Capital city of East
Pakistan, Dhaka, at 187, Nawabpur Road under the Proprietorship of Mr.
Arshaad Ali Khan. Within a short span of time, the company was
recognized as the best Plastic products manufacturing industry of the
country. Soon the production got rapid boost on the basis of increasing


Spirit Industry Free Research Papers 41 - 60

Oct 1983 - Competitor Of Mohan Meaken beverages, a fast-food pizza
chain and several medium and small scale industrial units. Upon
assuming the position of Chairman in October 1983, Dr. Mallya... The
Latest Trends In Marketing Methods In The Brewing Industry stadiums.
The plastic bottle is more convenient all around. TARGET GROUPS OF
THE BEER INDUSTRY Main Consumers of Beer Products Every
product has a group... It Industry In Pakistan rich quick success ...

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry


Apr 1, 1998 - Apr 01, 1998 ... Although plastic money has been around in
Pakistan for almost three decades, there was very little activity up till the
eighties, with the card industry servicing only foreigners visiting Pakistan.
The nineties however, saw a favorable trend for consumer credit instruments









Pakistan's Environmental Nightmare - Page 1 - News - New York - Village

Nov 27, 2001 - In Korangi, the center of Karachi's leather industry, a main
thoroughfare runs alongside a nalla brimming with brown toxic waste
laced with ... Tens of thousands of children tread the city streets, stooped
like old men, eyes fixed on the ground, burlap sacks full of plastic, paper,


Jun 3, 2002 - The projects are plastic processing, metal processing,
cotton textile processing plants and up gradation of auto part industry.
The commerce minister remarked that Pakistan was eager to develop
and expand its textile and industrial base, for which Japanese grant






Aug 10, 2003 - The multimillion dollar Packages Group of Pakistan has
reached a joint venture agreement with Phoenix Ventures Limited, a lead
player in the plastic industry here, to set up a factory for manufacturing
Blaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film (BOPP) a flexible packaging
material used


Reliance eyes Pak plastic co - Business


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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

May 10, 2005 - The Reliance [Get Quote ] group is planning to buy the
plastics business of a well-known company in Pakistan for about $300
million, industry sources said on Monday. Reliance, market leader in
polyester business in India [ Images ], is said to be keen on acquiring the







Oct 18, 2006 - While giving an overview of Pakistan's Plastic Industry the
EDB officials said that during 200405 $714 million worth of plastic was
imported out of which $381 million was spent on polyethylene (PE) and
polypropylene (PP) PE & PP constitute 53 percent of total plastic

developments in the region and abroad

Sep 15, 2007 - ISLAMABAD, Sept 14(Agencies): Former Prime Minister
Benazir Bhutto will return to Pakistan from an eight-year exile on Oct. 18
to campaign for ... plastic bags to the cement manufacturers for packing
and transporting of the commodity were unable to meet the demand of




Daily Times - Leading News Resource of Pakistan

Jul 15, 2011 - On the other hand, Pakistan's plastic products could dominate
Indian market, but with a higher cost. This is largely due to the machinery
imported by the Pakistan plastic industry from Taiwan, Korea and Germany
while the machinery can be made available from India at competitive prices.

Wages and salaries of employees are increasing day by day who are
working in Plastic industries.

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

5.2. Overview of the organization

5.2.1. Organization history
Pakson International Plastic Industry was founded in 1991, and has been working to
produce high quality Moulded Furniture and households. The brand name of Pakson
Industries in Pakistan is BOSS. Over the years BOSS has earned great respect in
markets all over the country.
The company strictly keeps the image of a sovereign brand and honesty as its
priority. The company has clear goals which states the complete well coordinated
molded furniture, plastic steel furniture & households etc. The statement clearly
shows that the company keeps it employees motivated towards providing high
quality products.
Pakson International Plastic Industry (BOSS) has supreme and professional
services, policies of competitive prices, strict quality control and regular delivery is
the cause of its success. Pakson International Plastic Industry (BOSS) did it, thanks
to the brand name BOSS which consistently kept capturing our nerves for
designing and producing only the best. Credit goes to its valued customers who
appreciated BOSS products and opted to buy value for their money.
From the choice of raw materials 100% Pure Furniture Grade Resin production
system to a rigorous quality control procedure and in accord to international
standard, so that BOSS products has achieved the quality that fulfill the high stated

5.2.1. Quality Standards:

Presently, Pakson International Plastic Industry (BOSS) has its technical, high
quality production and marketing networks all over the country and as well as other
parts of the world. Our products manufactured by 100% Pure Furniture Grade
Resin which is imported from Australia, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong and Saudi
Arabia and color Master batches are very high quality.

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry Research & Development:

The ongoing commitment to the concept of human space cannot be separated from
the support of the department of research and development. This department is fully
equipped with high technology laboratory, computerized design system and of
course competent researchers.
By stressing the factors of safety comfort, Pakson Intl Plastic Ind., has been funding
for various research projects and development. Resulting from this research, our
concern is producing beautiful ready to use plastic chairs and tables. Research has
been proven that only 15 minutes after sitting, one will feel the Stiffness in the back
upper arms and sore tired shoulders.
It is the responsibilities of research and development department to find ways to
extend the period of time one can sit before experiencing. To do this BOSS has
spent years of researches to find the best size and type of seat to support the sitting
comfort. There is no doubt that research and development is one of the main factors
for our success.

5.2.2. Nature of Organization

Boss is privately owned company.

In Gujranwala it was established in1993.
It is based on partnership of two brothers Mr. Azam Mughal and Mr. Asif

Nowadays their children are also working with them and everyone has their

own share in business.

Their business consists of two companies; Koh-E-Noor and Boss plastics.
Koh-E-Noor deals in Home appliances like washing machines.
Boss plastics deal in plastic furniture.

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

5.2.3. Certifications:

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry Special Achievements

ISO certified
SWISO Certificate
International Quality Forum Membership
American International Quality Certificate What we are?

Established in 1991.
ISO 9002 Certified company
Fastest growing company in Plastic Molded Furniture Industry.
Diversified and innovative product range.
Pioneer in attractive Italian designs.
One and only company which uses Furniture Grade Resin.
Always insists on principles of honesty and clear cut target as ultimate goal.

Best merchandise, distribution system to all countries in world.

Let wide selection of our products and professional services bring you a lot of
pleasure in working with us. Vision Statement

To provide our customers with value added plastic furniture; present excellent
customer services and enhance peoples lives. Mission Statement

We are confident of achieving market leadership through progressive initiatives
directed towards our customers, consumers and suppliers. We provide quality
products and services for complete satisfaction of customers and maximize results
for all stakeholders through optimal use of resources. We focus on personal
development of our Human Resource to meet future challenges effectively. We ought
to promote good governance, corporate values and social responsibilities. Value factors are critical to Success

Customer and consumer focused.

Quality assurance.
Cost control.

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Capacity addition.
Market penetration.
Quick decision making and implementation.
Hands on Management Approach. Core Values Partnership:
Our shared beliefs create strong bonds that form long term relationships with
customers and staff. To Excel:
We have the energy and perseverance it will take to make an impact in our
customers lives and for the greater good of the society. Value and Respect:
We value and respect the communities we serve. Our doors are always open; our








accommodating service. Peace of mind:
Our customers are rest assured that their financial interests are being managed by
us to the highest ethical standards commitment.

5.2.4. Product lines Plastic Chairs Plastic Chair without Handle
Our range of Plastic Chair without Handle is widely acknowledged for its comfortable
sitting and long functional life. Used in cyber cafes, waiting rooms and other such
places, the range is procured from all the most trustworthy vendors. Our business
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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

associates never compromise with the quality of the range and work in accordance
with the set quality parameters. Plastic Chair
We put forward a range of Plastic Chair that is known
for its rigid construction and exquisite designs. Our
vendors make use of quality raw material, new





manufacturing the range. The range has carved a

niche in the entire market, owing to its unmatched
attributes. Revolving Chairs
Boss offers a fine selection of Adjustable Revolving Chair that suits all types of
interior and decor. It is portable and provides various
seating and back positions for the comfort of the users.
With the black and white colour combination, this
adjustable revolving chair is very popular in the market
for its durability. It is light weight made by the high
grade raw materials. We manufacture these chairs in
various colours, shapes, sizes and designs as per the
requirement of our clients. Steel plastic furniture
We are engaged in offering an extensive range of restaurant
and cafeteria furniture. It is manufactured using quality
material like wood, stainless steel, plastic polymer and
available in various patterns & designs. Our range of
restaurant & cafeteria furniture is highly appreciated for its
beautiful designs, attractive color combinations, durability
and proper finishing.

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry Public Sofa

A modular seating system of simple classic lines suitable
for external and interior use .The tubular framework and
wide seat pans give the Public seating range a distinctive
appearance which will contribute to the character of any
scheme. Bench seating units are standard single and
double sided with tubular frames and armrests. Public
seats are available in single, double or triple seat modules
with perforated or upholstered seat pans or as timber
bench units. Snack Tables
We offer our clients a wide collection of Plastic Table &
Chair that enhances the overall look of the interior of the
place. Our range of Table & Chair is designed in
accordance with the current trends prevailing in the market.
These chairs have smooth and fine polish and are
available in both standard & customized shapes, designs
and colour as per the clients' requirements. School Furniture

Classroom furniture School desk and chair for college
and University Aluminium alloy back and seat frame 7
years of warranty School desk and chair for college
and University Aluminium alloy back and seat frame
Fireproof board for seat and table Two or three or four
or five seats in one row

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry Baby Furniture
Steel pipe, cleaned by sand-blasting, then coated with
phosphate solution and with finished with electro-static
powder coating .Designed under the scientific principle of
human mechanics and kinematics. House Hold Furniture

A variety of range of household care products are also designed and manufactured.
These are light weight, beautiful, easy to use and made from high grade resin.
Variety includes tubs, flower pots etc.

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

5.2.5. PEST Analysis

A scan of the external macro environment in which the firm operates can be
expressed in the following factors:

Political, Governmental and Legal factors

Economic factors
Social, Cultural and other factors
Technological factors Political Factors, Governmental and Legal Factors:

Pakistani government is somehow stable in these days and focusing on the

foreign trade. Boss plastic industry is taking advantage of this move by

government and is trying to increase their exports.

Government is providing opportunities to companies to provide benefits like
old-age benefits, disability benefits, pension etc. These benefits are to be
provided by every company under Social Security Ordinance. Boss is also

providing its employees benefits of Social Security.

The company has a trade mark and a trade name that gives the company an
exclusive right by government policies to use it and enter into contracts and

dealings through its trade name.

All the tax related policies are followed by Boss.
The company also publishes its annual reports as it is made compulsory by

The company is bound to follow workers safety regulations as laid down by

workers safety act.

Exporters and importers of Pakistan are facing problems to get visa from

foreign embassies due to security issues.

Companies are paying heavy import duty on raw materials due to which per
unit cost is increasing. Economic Factors

Boss plays an important role for economic growth by contributing to economy

of country.
The company offers a variety of products for different classes of consumers.
Large market share due to fine quality and brand name.
The rising in the utilities increased cost of production.
The rise in service charges and interest rates on loans of Banks is a drawback
for plastic furniture industry.

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Fluctuations in foreign exchange rates affect prices of raw materials.

The exchange rate of the company is high due to which customers have high
confidence on BOSS. Social, Cultural and Other Factors

Company is providing various products which are helping in improving life

styles of people.
Company is providing models in a variety of fashion which can be used

differently at different places.

Buyers are quality conscious, so to meet standards of buyers, manufacturers

are maintaining high quality with moderate rates.

Firm is running on family relations rather than new people.
Demands are increasing so plastic manufacturing standards are getting in
accordance. Technological Factors

Due to technological improvements many items are available at lower prices

from China and Boss is taking full benefit from it.

The manufacturing department has also different types of dyes for different

models and shapes of furniture.

A tool shop also operates within the factory premises, which manufactures its
own tools to be used in production. Latest technology is being used by the

The company has provided computers to all staff members to eliminate cost

of stationary and save time.

Different Software are used in every department for advertisement, employee
database, payroll and maintenance of accounts.

5.2.6. Contribution of Organization towards Economic

BOSS plastic industry is thriving at an average annual growth rate of approximately
4.5% with a total estimated production capacity of approximately 52400 M/T per

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Adding further strength to the industrial progress, Boss has established successful
export markets for its plastic furniture. Boss is strategically well placed now to target
all the important local and international buyers. This growth occurred due to
entrepreneurial efforts for simplified tax policy on local production and reduction in
import tariff on plastic raw materials.
Boss is a High-tech plastic industry; Plastic processing machinery is mostly imported
from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, England and Germany. The raw materials are also
used of high quality so that no compromise on quality remains.

5.3. Organizational Structure

5.3.1. Organizational Hierarchy Chart

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry




HR Deptt.


















R&D Deptt.




IT Deptt.


5.3.2. Number of Employees

In Boss plastics there are 750 employees working nowadays. Most of them are
registered with social security services of Pakistan. Others are non-registered
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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

employees. Boss Plastics also keep internees and provoke them in motivation and
provide learning environment.

5.3.3. Main Offices

Pakson International Plastic Industries
Address: 49-A. S.I.E No.1, Gujranwala, Pakistan.
TEL: +92-55-3842891~7 (7 lines)
FAX: +92-55-3250167

Pakson International Plastic Industries Ware House

Address: Ropali Residency, A-1/2, Block No. 19, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
Tel: +92-3217429101

5.3.4. Introduction of All Departments HR Department

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

The Hr department is mainly handled by HR Executive Mr. Faisal Ejaz. Labor Officer
and Admin works under him. Mainly his work is to recruit, select and hire employees.
Apart from that all the salary and wages packages are handled by him. Finance Department

The Finance Department Manager is Mr. Rizwan Anjum. Various cash officers and
accountants work together to run this department. Their main role is in preparing the
Financial Statements. Purchase Department

The Purchase Department Manager is Mr. Mustaqeem Butt. This department deals
with vendor dealings and raw materials purchasing which are used for production of
goods. There are two Assistant Managers working with him. Production Department

The Production Department Manager is Mr. M.Usman. This department deals with
all the people involved in mixing of raw materials, production and packaging of
Furniture. Sales/Marketing Department

The Marketing Department Manager is Mr. Adnan Toor. This department deals with
the marketing and sales of the plastic furniture. The Assistant manager works under
Mr. Adnan along with various sales executives. Accounts Department

The Accounts Department Manager is Mr. Zia Ullah. There are two Assistant
Manager of Accounts working under him. Various Account Officers work together
with them to handle accounts of any kind of transactions that are happening related
to company work. This department supports Finance Department. Audit Department

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

The Audit Department is managed under Mr. Naveed. He works along with audit
officers. Auditing means verifications of the works done by different departments
especially Finance and Accounts Departments, so as to keep a check and balance of
accounts and depict embezzlements, if any. Import/Export Department

The Import/Export department is managed by Mr. Abrar Shah. The export part is
mainly not quite active. Sometimes Afghanistan is country where finished goods are
exported but import part is quite active. Raw materials and machinery are mainly
imported. Media Department

The Media Department is managed under Mr. Maknoon Butt. His work is favoured by
consulting with Marketing Executive and Designer. All this is to promote Goodwill of
Business. R&D Department

This department is managed by Mr. Lateef. This department mainly works for the
finest quality and innovations that could be brought in products so as to keep the
business steady. The entrepreneurial processes are implemented after verifications
and discussions with Quality Officers. Institutional Department

This department is designed to deal with local institutions, grab their requirements
and supply them the plastic furniture according to their demands. This department is
managed by Mr. Ain ul Haq & Mr. Sajjad. Information Technology (IT) Department

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

This department is managed by IT expert Mr. Waqas. This department controls the
computer systems of entire organization, provides everyone the required database
and prevents any failures that can occur. Maintaining backup files is the most crucial

5.3.5. Comments on the Organizational Structure

Viewing Boss Plastic Industrys organizational structure, there is no doubt it is the
main reason leading it to have success in market. Usually the industries like this and
in city like Gujranwala are not of such standard to contain every possible department
and in a hierarchical manner.
But Boss Plastic Industry shows a remarkable performance in creating an
organizational structure that includes almost every department with concerned
employees working together for the best output.

Part- II
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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

5.4. Internee Work

5.4.1. Introduction of internees company briefly
Company Profile

Company Name

Pakson International Plastic Industries


Managing Director

Mr. Azam Mughal


Other Directors

Mr. Asif Mughal


Established In



Main Production

Plastic Furniture


Raw materials for Production

Resin & other chemicals


Production Range

Wide range of products


Number of Machines

34 machines with generation backup


Number of Office Staff



Number of workers at factory




G.T Road, Gujranwala, Pakistan

















Web address



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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

5.4.2. Details of Supervisor

My Supervisor name is Mr. Sami Ullah who is Sales Admin at Boss Plastic Industry.
He has done MBA in HR & Marketing from Superior University Lahore. He is a well
mannered man with professional skills, knowledge and attitude. He also has good
communication skills and he is very kind hearted with employees and his sub
Mr. Sami Ullah

Page 30

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

5.4.3. Weekly Timetables

-----First Week-----

Activities Undertaken


Orientation and introduction to Boss Plastic Industry and

11 Jul


appointed mainly to Sales/Marketing department as I am a

Marketing student.

12 Jul


13 Jul


14 Jul


15 Jul


Public Holiday
Guidance was given on the proper use of the software, on
which all their dealings are invoiced.
Assistant Manager met and briefed about the department and
educated me well.
Guidance was given on the proper use of the software, on
which all their dealings are invoiced.

Supervisor: Mr. SamiUllah

Signature of Supervisor:

Page 31

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

----2nd Week---Activities Undertaken



18 Jul


19 Jul


20 Jul


21 Jul


22 Jul


23 Jul


24 Jul


I was asked to find out the competitors that exist in market and
sketch competitor analysis of product lines.
Public holiday
I study attendance system of labor & management staff, as
well as I study the in/out system designed for employees.
Assistant manager & I were busy for the designing of job
Next day HR department was busy to find out reasons & point
out some extra precautions required for the safety of labor.
We designed the Ramadan Aftar package for the employee
under the passed budget.
There was one death casualty. I observed how to handle
legally & ethically such cases. They solved it in an ideal way,
ethically as well as legally.

Supervisor: Mr. SamiUllah

Signature of Supervisor:

----3rd Week---FMAS
Page 32

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Activities Undertaken


I studied the hiring/firing system designed for employees and

25 July


later visited the operation/production department to observe

and see the machineries, production and packaging in
production system.

26 July


27 July


28 July


29 July


30 July


31 July


Public Holiday
Assistant Manager made a sitting to discuss designing of job
I was assigned with the duty to design some posters for
A detailed discussion on production and packaging of
A detailed discussion on distribution and dispatching off
process of the products.
A detailed understanding of how the employees take and
deliver orders.

Supervisor: Mr. SamiUllah


----4th Week---FMAS
Page 33

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Activities Undertaken


01 Aug


02 Aug


03 Aug


04 Aug


05 Aug


06 Aug


Ramadan Afar package was mainly continually organized
according to passed budget, as it was Ramadan.
.Public Holiday
There was a problem of a labor employee, I understood the
way they handled cases ethically and legally.
Hr Manager briefed out the remaining main outlines of his
department and scheduled to spend left out time in
Marketing, Finance and Accounts deptt too.
Sales Manager provided us dealers Ledger reports of
different regions for analytical study purpose.
I discussed different packages of Sales Department e.g.

Salary, incentives.
Supervisor: Mr. SamiUllah

----5th Week---Activities Undertaken




08 Aug


Eid Holiday

Page 34

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

09 Aug


Eid Holiday

10 Aug


Eid Holiday

11 Aug


Eid Holiday
Warm welcome after Eid and went to Lahore with sales

12 Aug


executive to see and learn dispatch process of orders in Metro

and Hyper star, Lahore.
I, according to my schedule by HR, visited the Finance

13 Aug


Department. Finance Manager introduced us to department

members and all the clerical work in Finance Department.

14 Aug


Independence Day Holiday

Supervisor: Mr. SamiUllah


----6th Week---Activities Undertaken



15 Aug


16 Aug


I was guided to learn about the company format of the
transactions, cash inflow/outflow etc.
Public Holiday

Page 35

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

With kindness of Finance Manager I got permission to study
17 Aug


18 Aug


19 Aug


20 Aug


company finance software. It took almost all day to understand

A review on the last five years of all Financial Statements and
their preparation formats.
Budgeting types and budget system company adopted was
Cost factors regarding FOH, labour and materials were
discussed that how much costs company bears annually or
This was my last day of Internship at Boss plastic Industry. So

21 Aug

Last Day

they invited me on a party together, gave me some well wishes

and I left the company by 3pm.

Supervisor: Mr. SamiUllah


5.4.4. Concerned Department

As my Supervisor was a Sales Admin so I spent most of my time in Sales &








Manufacturing all relies on the number of sales and high quality marketing. If sales
are high obviously the company is working well and that is why the company actually
exists. Apart from Sales department, I also spent my time in HR, Finance & Accounts





Operation/Production Department.

Page 36





Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

5.4.5. Detailed description of activities/operations in

departments I worked:
The six weeks internship has proved to be very helpful for me. I have learned the
skill of team work. My Supervisor Mr. Sami Ullah who is Sales Admin in the company
is really a kind and gentle person. During my Internship I came to know about BOSS
Plastic Industry which is really contributing a lot in economic development of
Pakistan. I spent almost 16 days in sales/marketing department, 10 days in HR
department during which a visit was also made to operation/production department.
And remaining days were utilized in Finance/Accounts department. Sales/Marketing Department

Sales Admins mainly are the people in this department who are controlling,
enhancing, promoting and helping in distribution of products all over Pakistan. The
Assistant Manager deals with minor issues that arise and consults with
Sales/Marketing Manager if some major issues develop. Sales Admins are further
connected with the Executives, dealers or parties who prey for new and new
customers and deliver them the required demands. Sales/Marketing Policy:
Boss Plastic Industry to reduce the number of intermediaries, have no distributors.
Billing is directly done to the wholesalers or retailers. In case of logistics the supply
of products is done through the company owned vehicles.
Company has a special dealership form which states the sales policy and sales
return policy. The Sale Policy of company offers 22 %( standard discount), 2 %
(Advance breakage), 5 %( Recovery) discount on invoice to its exclusive dealers and
22%, 2%, 3% discount on invoice to its non-exclusive dealers. While company has
fixed the rates of products in only plastic furniture category on sale return policy.
Fixed prices vary with type of product. Functions of Sales/Marketing Department in Boss Plastic Industry:
The major functions are explained below:
1. Demand Forecasting:
Demand forecasting is the main function of Boss Plastic Industry. It is done
through sales force in the company such as sales representatives, sales
Page 37

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

executives etc. collecting information from customers. On basis of this
information demand forecasting is done.
2. Marketing Research:
Marketing research is more comprehensive composing all the functions of the
marketing manager i.e. it covers product, price, sales, and market, promotion
and distribution policies. It is commonly said that marketing research begins
where manufacturing ends. In fact it commences well before the product is
fabricated. It covers analysis of competitive advantage, market share analysis
and new product development.
The main objectives of marketing research are:
To know buyers
To measure impact of promotional effort
To know consumer response
To know market costs and profits
To master external forces
To design and implement marketing control
3. Marketing Control:
Various tools used for marketing control are cost control and market share
analysis. Cost control is one task for monitoring the cost of marketing and it is
compared with planned cost standard, so as to identify deviations and take
corrective actions. Market share analysis is used for marketing control.
4. Employing salesmen and also setting up their recompense.
5. Exercising sales person in information relating to merchandises and in
approaches of vending these goods.
6. Decisive transactions allocations, rendering extras and awards, showing
contests relating to sales/marketing.
7. Maintaining all types of accounts, transactions and their effects, recordings of
these transactions in prescribed manner.
8. Cooperating Finance section and correcting companys records comparative
to the announcements.

Page 38

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

9. Obtaining reports from dissimilar sales region regarding the response of the
advertising of the company and also the response of opponents. Cooperation
with the department of production in the substance of abilities, measures,








broadcasting t the response of suppliers and customers.

Creating inquiries relating to offerings and products to know about the
uniqueness of the product and how it can deliver to potential customers and
Searching new ways and techniques to explore new markets and to maintain
existing markets for new products and new potential customers and how
these products can easily deliver to distribution channels. Objectives of Sales/Marketing:
The basic objectives of sales/marketing are to satisfy human wants. Some of
important objectives from companys point of view are explained briefly.
1. Customer Satisfaction through Quality products:
Marketing activities aims at achieving customer satisfaction by offering quality
products. It also helps more increasing profit, increasing goodwill, increasing
image of the organization etc.
2. After Sales Service:
The service of the company does not end with the process of distribution the
company has waited until good result comes by giving their products to
consumer and they always render their services at the time needed by
customers. The marketing and sales department keeps their eyes and ears
open to know about the changes that come in market. The complaints and
suggestions from customers, if any, are well accepted by the company.
Method of After Sale Service:
The company may use following methods for providing after sales
Sending special staff to customers
Arranging service with dealers/agents
Appointing respective service specialist
3. Maintaining Price Leadership:

Page 39

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Companys important objective is to maintain price leadership. Company is
always trying to become a price leader, not a price follower.
4. Achieving maximum Market Share:
The Companys another objective is to achieve maximum market share. In
order to do this company spends more on advertising and offering quality
products to its consumers.
5. Other Objectives:
Other objectives include:
Increasing firms sales.
To guarantee firms survival.
To fortify better resource utilization.
To meet customer needs. Promotion:
In BOSS PLASTICS promotion is done in the case of sale of products, in the case of
dealers, and in the case of sale force.
1. In the case of sale of products
Sales promotion includes short term incentives likes discounts, free gifts and
contests to stimulate sale of products. Sales promotion builds a bridge between the
products and consumers. In the case of BOSS, sales and brand promotion is done
by providing information about the products through advertisement, demonstrations,
organizational shows etc.
2. In the case of dealers
Company provides incentives to their dealers and also provides dealers with
discount at the time of purchasing the product from the company. The company also
provides after sale services to dealers. It is based on the nature of product the
company offers their dealers with replacement facility after checking the product.
3. In the case of sales force:
Company provides incentives to sales force. This includes the activities
which induce and motivate sales person. The aim of sales forces promotion is to

Page 40

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

make the sales mens effort most effective. The various schemes of sales promotion
Bonus to sales force.
Sales force contest.
Sales meetings, convention and conferences. Advertisement:
In the case of BOSS, advertisement is the most glamorous element of the promotion
mix. It covers all the activities connected with the giving of publicity regarding goods
and services offered for sale. Advertising is transmitting through mass media such as
television, newspapers, magazines etc. Advertising Policy:
Each potential customer must see an advertisement
Brand awareness is not much with the customers. Brand awareness is created in
growth stage. Advertisement is focused on creating the brand image and promoting
the BOSS brand for their entire products categories. Earlier advertisement
(Hoarding) were exhibited at important junctions. Today it is done in areas of
potential customers, each retail and whole sale outlet etc. Mode of Advertisement:
1. Earlier as wall paintings, banners etc. now changed to flex hoardings.
Reason for change is:
a. Attractiveness.
b. New technology acceptance with change in market.
c. Real and clear image of product.
d. Quality advertisement gives better company image.

Sponsoring cultural and institutional programs
Presently no visual media but before advertised through visual media by
Maumar Rana and Veena Malik, well known Pakistani celebrities. Planning is
under way for new visual media advertisement. Advertisement Budget:

Page 41

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Sales of percentage method are adopted for advertisement budget as it its well
established industry now and is in its growth stage. Distribution Channel:
Whole Saler

Consumer Pricing Strategy:

In Boss, pricing strategy is a special kind of plan formatted in order to meet the
changes of external factors particularly from the policies of competitors. Pricing
strategies change with competitive situation. The common pricing strategy followed
BOSS plastics are:
Competitive pricing:
It depends upon market condition competitors price, seasonal variation etc.
customers are very much aware of the quality and price of the product. In the case of new product:
Following pricing strategy followed in the case of new products:
1. Skimming price policy:
Company adopts skimming price policy in the case of new products. This is done
with the basic idea of gaining a premium from those buyers who always ready to pay
a much higher price than others. The main reason for adopting this strategy is to
attract the consumers of high income group. .
2. Penetration price policy:
Sometimes company adopt penetration price policy that means changing low price
from beginning in order to stimulate the growth of the market and to capture a large
share of it. Since the customers with low income are able to purchase it. Price Fixation:
Page 42

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Price of the product depends on two components:
a. Cost of raw material - variable.
b. Operational &Processing cost - fixed.
Product price changes with change in raw material price, which is considered as a
variable. Minimum period of two weeks taken for price revision, though in some
cases raw materials price fluctuates each day. Risk Involved:
Usually bad debts may occur in a business concern. But in Boss plastics till now no
bad debts have incurred. The usual credit period given to customers is 15 days. If
one customer delays the payment, company collect the amount by the way of
sending reminders to customers, although they are keeping some amount as reserve
for bad and doubtful debts. The Company is keeping large quantities of direct
materials as stock because the price of such materials is growing day by day.
Therefore the excessive raw materials dont result in loss, though some heavy
investment is required in it.
To avoid the risk in transportation of goods to customers, the goods are insured
accordingly. It helps the companies to avoid the risk involved in transporting goods to
distant places. Human Resource Department

The Human Resource Department involves management and administration of
personnel, employee welfare, manpower planning, industrial relations etc. Human
resource department is headed by General Manager and assisted by help of all the
Boss does pro-active approach to managing people in the organization. It constitutes
a series of a series of integrated decisions that helps to consolidate the employment
relationship and believes that their quality contributes to the efficiency of the
organization and helps employees achieve their objectives.
In the case of production centers, factory manager manages all personnel staff and
creates a good relationship with office staff and workers. He undertakes their wants.

Page 43

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

He motivates entire unit as a whole. Each unit works as an independent unit with its
own modes of training, induction, performance, appraisal etc.
All the functions are done in consultation with the production manager and the
general manager.
The structure of Human Resource Department shows that different level of
managements are all involved in assisting and running of this department. In short
functions, job descriptions, salaries etc, from janitorial staff up to upper levels of
office staff all are handled and prepared by this department. Working Hours in BOSS Plastic Industry
Office time begins with 9.00 A.M up to 5.30 P.M. In this time all transactions and
official work of the day are completed. All the functions are controlled by HR
Manager. The planning process handled by HR manager, which include:
Forecasting future manpower requirement, it is estimated based upon
specific future plans of the company.
Identifying present manpower resources and analyzing the degree to which
these resources are employed optimally.
Anticipating manpower problems by projecting present resources in to the
future and comparing them with the forecast of the requirement, to determine
their adequacy, both qualitatively and quantitatively.
Planning the necessary programs of the requirement, selection, training and
development, utilization, transfer, promotion, motivation and compensation.
So that the future manpower requirement can be met. Operation/Production Department

Production is the core function concerned with BOSS as it has wide range of
products and production takes place in plants located in same industry area. I had a
one day visit to this area where I observed the machineries, production and
packaging of products. As faced with stiff competition the only way to increase profit
is by cost reduction and high quality.

Page 44

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

R&D department, store in charge, production supervisor and assistant manager of
admin department all are involved for the high quality results and maintaining the
working areas. Production takes place in five production centers. Each division is self
reliant in its activities of manufacturing, quality control and R&D. Production centre is
headed by factory managers reports to production manager at corporate office. Finance Department

Finance Department manages the funds available for the operations of the business,
by making a balance between fund inflow and fund outflow. The management of all
activities related to finance requires considerable expertise and specialized
knowledge of financial institutions, different sources of finance and ways to
profitability utilize these funds. Finance Manager directly does the planning,
organizing, directing and controlling financial activities in company.
Finance department is headed by Finance Manager. Finance manager reports to
General Manager and in certain strategies and urgent issues directly report to
Managing Director and take decisions. Finance Manager works in co ordination with
Chief Accountant and the respective executives. Sources of Finance

BOSS Plastics find sources of finance through banks and other private financial
institutions. As it is a partnership firm, the partners contribute their funds to make
capital requirements and other expenditure with the help of banks and other financial
institutions. Companys Financial Policies:
Low cost of operation of funds
Efficient receivable management, through acceleration of funds
Faster sourcing of funds from institutions Functions of Finance Department
Finance department functions are concerned with all aspects of business operations.
It is very difficult to set limits to finance functions. The key activities under finance
department are:
Page 45

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Management of firms assets structure

Financial analysis, planning and control
Management of firms financial structure
Estimating capital requirement
Determining sources of fund
Utilization of funds
Disposal of surplus
Management of cash
Financial controls ACCOUNTS Department:

The finance and accounts department both are inter-related deeply. Accounts
department deals with day to day book keeping, daily collections, salaries of all
employees etc.
Account department is headed by Chief Accountant. He is assisted by four assistant
Chief Accountant works in co ordination with finance manager, on the fund inflow
issues and in case any shortage of cash occurs. Finance Manager canalize the
shortage from financial institutions in case of emergency and normal cases, chief
accountant tightens the payment collections from the whole sellers and other
Other main function of this department is tax payments. They deal with the central
sales tax, VAT, excise and other departments. Monthly returns are prepared by
Accounts department.

Page 46

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Factory Overheads (FOH):
Factory overheads includes following expenditures:


Vacuuming and lubrication of machinery

Tools and apparatuss



Oil etc.

Overheads are fascinated on the basis of production.

Like every company, Super Asia also creates the budget for the production
requirements. The budget may be of three types:

Seasonal budgets

Monthly budgets

Bi- annual budgets

Annual budgets

Monthly budgets are made more commonly by the company. Lasting three is rarely
made. These budgets shelter the production approximations on the basis of
estimated sales. Material and labor supplies are also set on the basis of decided
There is no defined payment strategy of the company. Payments are made by
Page 47

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Accounts department but on the instructions of the directors. Mostly, directors decide
the footings of payments and no distinct policy is followed in this regard.
There is no definite receipt policy. This function is also done by accounting
department. It is completed on the directions of the directors and not by following
some defined policy.

5.4.6. Detail Description of tasks assigned to me during my

I did my internship in Boss Plastic Industry Gujranwala. As I am a Marketing student I
spent most of my time in Sales/Marketing department, rest in HR and
Finance/Accounts department. There was no such strictness on spending everyday
in anyone department. The first day I was welcomed through HR department and
then I spent a week in sales/marketing department. Then I moved myself in HR
department, spent some time there, learning and observing, the different work ethics.
I visited the operation/production department during this time period too. Then I
moved back into sales/marketing department and finally my last week was utilized
wholly in Finance/Accounts department. It was on me to learn whatever I could,
however I could and I tried my level best to do so. The description of my working
activities in these departments is described as below. Marketing/Sales Department

This department is managed by Mr. Adnan Toor. He introduced me to my supervisor
Mr. Sami Ullah. Different activities were managed here. I studied different brochures
that are attached as appendix too and questioning was held that what understanding
I got through brochures about company.
A detailed scenario about the workings of the department was summarized to me by
my supervisor. The software through which dealings are transacted was shown to
me, detailed to me and I got to know how the invoices are prepared through it. The
Page 48

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Assistant Manager Mr. Naeem especially held a meeting with me. He is a very nice
natured person. He briefed me about every person in department and also gave the
blessings of his part in department.
I was assigned the duty to find and list out the competitors and sketch competitor
analysis of product lines. That is also attached as appendix. I was assigned to
design some posters for the company. As being marketing student the link with
promotion and advertisement exists. It was really creative and intellectual work which
was appreciated. Assistant Manager made a sitting to discuss designing of job
advertisement, as they are designing and planning to make a new visual ad. This
kind of intellectual working and practical doings has always attracted me and that is
why I joined marketing.
A detailed discussion was done on how the products are produced and how they are
packed and how the order is dispatched off and the distribution channel adopted by
BOSS Industry. I came to know after a discussion with my supervisor that how the
employees take orders from customers and how they deliver it. Sometimes delivery
order could not be made possible, I observed the way how they tackled the situation
and handle customers.
Supervisor provided me dealers Ledger reports of different regions for analytical
study purpose. I discussed about different sale packages with my supervisor i.e.
Salary or incentives etc. I started to take interest in understanding various marketing
policies like trade discounts, discounts on dealership etc.
In between Eid holidays came and after that when I returned I made a visit with my
sales executive to Lahore in Metro and Hyper star to see and learn dispatch off
process of products. HR Department
It was not that days were fixed as to when and for how much time I would have to
spend in any one department. The first day when I joined for internship I was
introduced about company in HR department.
Then with time I visited HR department often as to learn about much of departments
as much as I could. I was a part of an interview panel, but I was just to observe and
see how an interview is held as I was an internee.

Page 49

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

I designed a job description under guidance of HR executive for newly hired
employees. I was also assigned with the duty to design some encouragement
packages for the employees, it was not that they would be implementing any of it but
they were coping equally with me so that I can also feel to be a part of organization.
I got a chance to study the attendance register of labor and staff. I also studied the
hiring and firing system of employees and later the same one day I got a chance to
visit operation/production department. I interviewed various labor employees there
and also got a chance to see the machineries, production and packaging of
As it was Ramadan, mainly Aftar package was continually organized according to
passed budget. I also learned how the problems of employees are handled ethically
and legally. The Hr Executive briefed out the other main outlines of his department
and scheduled remaining of my internship time in Sales/Marketing and Finance
department. Finance/Accounts Department

The last week of my internship, I mainly spent in Finance/Accounts department. The
Finance Manager Mr. Rizwan Anjum introduced me to all the department members
and clerical work in Finance department.
I was also guided to learn about the companys format of transactions, cash inflow,
outflow etc. With kindness of the Manager I got the permission to study the
companys finance software and it almost take the whole day understanding it.
I got a chance to have a review on the last five years of companys Financial
statements and their preparation formats. The budgeting types and the budgeting
system adopted by company were discussed in detail.
The cost factors regarding FOH, Labor and materials were discussed that how much
costs company bears annually or monthly.
This all concluded my internships six weeks and the last day was a party day from
company, I got a chance of thanking them all and collected a lot of best wishes for
my future.
Page 50

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

5.4.7. Summary of Learning







After completing my internship at BOSS I qualified to know about the marketing
strategy BOSS is utilizing and the major competitors it is facing to maintain its Brand
name in market. Qualification I gained regarding company
Marketing Strategy of BOSS Plastic Industry
They are the market trend setters and market leader in all plastic brands in Pakistan.
Basically they are competing in market with three different class of plastic furniture to
magnetize different income level of customers.


Page 51

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

This brand is for elite class or upper middle class people and consists of pure plastic
without any chock in it. Due to its cost no other party prepares it in Pakistan. This
leads to no competitors in this range and mostly it is also exported to Afghanistan
and Srilanka. Recently some competitors tried competing but are not facing any
This is second class brand and this class is to reach middle class of Pakistan. To
compete in the market this brand is not pure. It contains chock in it but moderate
mixing is done so as to reach and compete local market competitors.
This brand is for lower middle class people. It is cheapest brand of BOSS and almost
25% chock is involved in this class. They face domestic low level competition in this
class and competing quite successfully.
Due to three levels of brands there exist three levels of competitors. Major competitors of BOSS

Super Asia Group

Apple Steel and plastic furniture industry
Unique Global industries
Fortune enterprises
Tiger plastic furniture
Haider electrical industry
Style plastic furniture
A-one plastic industry
Toyo group of industries
Citizen international plastic industries

All these competitors exist in Gujranwala so it is very easy to judge that which
company is growing and gaining market share. Citizen International Plastic
Industries is the most crucial competitor for BOSS Plastic Industries but BOSS has

Page 52

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

maintained almost its market share around 40-45% and is leading Plastic industry in
Pakistan. People are loyal with the brand name. Present Market Condition:

For their products BOSS is facing demand higher than supply, which is a healthy
situation. And the company is maintaining themselves and the company image in
minds of consumers. Market Segmentation:
Geographically the market is segmented into four regions and sales admins are
responsible for marketing activities in their regions.

Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa

As per the consumers, market is segmented into:


Governmental sectors
Household consumers
Hotels & Restaurants
Institutions etc. Skills, Qualities and experience gained through Internship

If I talk about my internship then it was the period which I really enjoyed. I got a
chance to meet people of different attitudes and habits. Dealing with different people
and working with in a group is the main thing which I consider I learned. I also came
to know that the knowledge which I am gaining is how much relevant to practical
world. This internship activity is also important for students of other disciplines along
with business students. BOSS plastic industry is a well known organization, has a
fast system of communication and also has a good structure. I got a chance to work
in this organization through my academic requirement in the form of six week
internship. I spent six weeks in this organization and learnt a lot of practical
knowledge. My supervisor is a gentle man who helped me a lot and provided all
possible knowledge, help and information. This organization is well equipped with

Page 53

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

material, machinery and employees required for success in this challenging business
The skills and qualities I have acquired from this opportunity are:

Team working
Good communication skills
Co-operation with supervisor
Work specialization
Division of Labor
Understanding of working in industrial sector
Experience of working in communal working environment

As during these weeks I was part of this organization so I followed the rules and
regulations of the organization and way of talking with people. I had to reach on time
so I learned punctuality importance and I learned professionalism in a way of
dressing and communicating with co-workers. Duties/Responsibilities & Accomplishments

I was given responsibility to observe the employees and their work and then make
reports and to comment about employees. I also took interviews from employees to
know about their job working and their views concerning their jobs. I got skills of
effective writing and communicating as I had to talk with both educated and non
educated employees. The employees job satisfaction and dissatisfaction, the skills
required by employees to operate the machines and the way they handle risks
related with it. How internship influences our future career

These skills will help me in my future career as it was sort of my practical life. In
future it would be relatively easy for me to adjust in any organization. I applied my
knowledge which I have studied as theoretical so; it was really enjoyable and
interesting to apply theoretical knowledge practically. The environment was also
comfortable and friendly. Company has good safety programs and ventilation for its
employees. As I want to be a manager in a well known organization so I also got
Page 54

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

skills by observing my supervisor that how to become a great and professional
worker. My supervisors communication style and behaviour with employees and sub
ordinates, his attitude at office and with visitors, his daily routine meetings and
dealings with upper and lower level management, All these skills will also help me in
my professional career.
Discovery of task is a trial, if there is no experience already. So to gain experience
you have to realize a job. It is an offensive activity and it is also problematic to get
place in an exceptional organization. Internship provides work understanding
chances to a student. This all proves very helpful in several ways to our future

Provides scheme of acquaintances inside a career ground or industry.

Provides vision and outlook on what it takes to be fruitful in the field.
Attain the modest benefit as per cross-examining process.
It is an activity I learn to hold on to my intellect with activities.
Promotes abilities with application of understanding in real world setting.

This activity also helps companies which provide internship facility to learn
about the talent available in the market and how competitive employees may
be available in near future. So that company can make permanent hiring of
these exceptional internees in future. Internship Activity and Class Room Knowledge

The knowledge which I studied in classroom is also co related with this

internship activity because there are a lot of things which I did not studied in
the class, I become unable to perform. The knowledge of books is also
essential with practical knowledge to become efficient and to compete in the
war of competition. My respected teachers prepared me well so that I can
prove myself and my institution as I am a part of a reputed institution and
become a part of a good and well known organization. Through class




communication skills.

Page 55






Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

University study is different from the practical work which I did in internship or
work we would do in jobs after completing our degrees. In this war where
merit and rivalry is being increased day by day it has also become necessary
for the students that they should also have some kind of practical experience
so that they would be able to overcome the initial problems faced at starting
any kind of job. By avoiding these problems individuals can easily adjust in
any kind of work setting and environment.

6. Conclusions
6.1. Key Conclusions from Internship Experience
The six week internship has proved to be very helpful for me in applying my
theoretical knowledge and to get experience in real world of business. All the
management and staff including my Supervisor, Mr. Sami Ullah, provided me with
plenty of knowledge and skills. Companys environment is safe and enjoyable. I
spent time in different departments and gained knowledge of working skills. Work
specialization is applied here and professional and non professional staff is being
hired according to requirements.
Company is big enough that different departments are situated in different locations.
My experience is basically based on observation as I did not performed most of the
task practically but I did developed understanding of performing tasks. The workings
of different departments like, how the marketing is done? How sales are to be
enhanced? How to satisfy customers and consumers? How budgets are
determined? How are the transactions managed etc? I observed and learned how all
the practical work is managed in real life.

6.2. General understanding of Industry where company is working

Page 56

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

The company is working in the industrial sector and is contributing very well.
Company has a lot of diversified range of plastic furniture. Company also exports
several products. It has a wide range of product lines. Through its product line the
company is covering business, customers and transportation sector of economy.
Company is having competitors as well but company has all the alliances and
equipments to compete strongly with the competitors. Company also prepares and
imports raw material for the products to be manufactured within and outside the
company. It has both national and international suppliers. The relation with the
suppliers has provided BOSS an extra ordinary benefit to continuously maintain the
quality of its products.

6.3. Short-falls/weaknesses
Swot Analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths,
Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats involved in a business. It involves
specifying the objectives of business and identifying the internal and external factors
that are favorable and unfavorable to achieving that objective.
Strengths: Attributes of the company which are helpful in achieving objectives.
Weaknesses: Attributes of the company which are harmful in achieving objectives.
Opportunities: External conditions which are helpful in achieving objectives.
Threats: Internal conditions which could do damage to objectives.
Identification of SWOT is essential because subsequent steps in the process of
planning for achievement of selected objectives may be derived from the SWOT.
It is particularly helpful in areas for development.
6.3.1. Strengths:

Page 57

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

High quality products in the market as strong minded by the customers and

supplier feedback.
Products are steadfast and rendering to customer needs.
The sale station of company is very durable.
The company is market leader in Plastic furniture industry in the region.
Good brand image.
Covers almost 60% of market share in Pakistan.
Strong financial position
Qualified and skilled labor in region.
Dedicated marketing force with effective promotion strategy.
The company has fully computerized departments.
Committed workforce guided by technically skilled superiors.
Stringent quality measures adopted and backed up by R&D team.

6.3.2. Weaknesses:

Prices of products are high.

Some sale sections are weak like KPK region.
Any government law making agencies could affect the business.
Organization in flexibility (flexible working hours and policies for flexible

Limited branches.

6.3.3. Opportunities:

Could advance new products and extend its product line more.
Could outspread to other nations of world too.
Hire new experts of appropriate field.
Launch more outlets for products in order to fascinate customers.
Could seek improved supplier deals; search other contractors who supply raw

materials at relatively lower costs.

Immense opportunities as infrastructure development in Pakistan are growing
at a faster pace.

6.3.4. Threats:

In the changing world of technology, sometimes a better substitute may

All competitors are changing their strategies and formulating new ones to

capture market.
Low price competitors are main threat to company. (Toyo, Citizen Etc.)

Page 58

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Threats from Chinese markets due to low price products of same range.

The usefulness of SWOT analysis is not limited to profit-seeking organizations.

SWOT analysis may be used in any decision making situation when a desired end
state (objective) has been defined.
SWOT Analysis also indicates which under lying strength/weakness factors that have
had or likely will have the highest influence in context of value.

Page 59

Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

6.4. Conclusions of the Report and Internee Part

Function is not wrongly labeled as the backbone of the company. If not properly done
it can cause disruptions and deterioration in other functions as well as overall
efficiency of organization. Regretfully speaking, accounting function has never
gained as much importance in the minds of owners and investors on SMEs as it
should have been given. Change and innovation is always difficult to accept
especially for people from conservative societies and with either no or only traditional
education; consequently this resentment to change coupled with ignorance of
benefits become responsible for such neglected status of accounting function in
SMEs. When these SMEs grow into larger companies as family owned businesses,
case with BOSS and will be discussed in detail afterwards.
During my internship in BOSS I had an opportunity to practically use my associate
and skills which I have increased during my study as well as I gained knowledgeable
different skills on job. It also helped to learn about the manufacturing sector working
in Pakistan, its procedure and products and services. Here, in the report, I have tried
my best to give very informative and useful details concerning my internship in
BOSS Plastic Industry and I believe that by reading this, one would agree with me
that gaining hands-on experience of what we learn in books is as important and
useful as any other thing. I was lucky enough to shelter a position as an internee
here and thereby able to do an in-depth analysis of the working environment of this
company from the private and the outside environment.
After doing internship with Pakson plastic industries I have a great knowledge of
plastic industry in Pakistan and how much growth is available and how rapidly they
are growing another thing which I gain from this internship is experience of corporate
knowledge though the company is not doing very well to adopt corporate world but it
is too much for me to know how they operate in the Pakistani scenario I must admit
the reality of doing job in these 6 weeks they never let me bother that I m an internee
in the office everybody on the work place is really helpful to me and the feeling of
doing a job is a bit fun for me but of course with responsibility every day I got
different assignment and I have to do my own task and I have done really well and
after doing all I can conclude that I can work in the corporate sector but I must do
hard work to carry on for a student in front of trained workforce

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

7. Recommendations:

Weak Areas or critical factors:

Weak corporate culture (lack of communication among the departments).
Employees are under stress by the management.
Non participative management.
Lack of fully functional and authorized HR department

Recommendations for improvements:

The firm is a model of excellence itself and has been awarded many times for its
services and quality goods. But there is always a room for betterment in everything.
For the firm I would recommend:

The company does not pay much attention towards the HR department. Most of
the decision making authority lies in the hands of Managing Directors.

I concluded that in the organization the departments are not working satisfactory
therefore there should be a proper integration between all departments.

In the organization there is lake of education therefore company should introduce

workshops to train their employees.

For selection of price and new consumers need, company must conduct survey.

The organization has weak culture. The organization must establish the strong
corporate culture if it want to makes it progress better.

Technology advancements are mainly becoming tool for getting competitive

advantage in market. No doubt BOSS has largest market share but the company
should be keeping its machineries up to date and replace the outdated machinery
with up to date machinery to never give a chance to its competitors for leading in

Card punching system should be used instead. Separate software, parallel to but
connected with the accounting software, should be used. I will also remove or at

least reduce many problems of costing labor and generating payrolls.

Cameras should be placed in Production facility to keep an eye on the labor. By
this efficiency of Labor definitely increases. It also ensures that labor is using safe

work practices.
This is a clear violation of IAS-2, which prohibits LIFO as a method of costing
material issues. This practice also violates Framework and IAS 8, which require

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

the policies to be consistent unless change is compelled by reasonable
circumstances. This practice should be abolished as no material benefits are

gained from it.

Labor should be provided safe environment and equipment. A separate team can

be made to ensure safety measures.

Power should be delegated to lower ranks to ensure faster decision making and
innovation. Owners should fight the fear in their minds that empowering

employees will cause their powers to die. This approach is not good universally.
A proper Cost of Production Report should be maintained at least monthly. This
will ensure strict watch on the wastages and would definitely provide benchmarks

for improvement. Continuous cost efficiency is not possible without such practice.
Increasing marketing budget would boost up the sales. The increased amount of
sold units will cause a reduction in per unit fixed cost resulting in better price

Company should adopt advance and better policy to hire professionals and
employees in HR department.

There should be a separate fixed asset officer to take care of and keep records of
the fixed assets of the company to ensure better handling documentation along
with avoidance of theft and maintenance losses.

At the end I would conclude that it was a great experience working with Pakson
International Plastic Industry. I learned a lot of new things and got to the practical
exposure. One thing I would conclude that as I have done a corporate internship for
the first time I got to know that the work the organizations took from us was not
worthy for the organization. They just took our suggestion and kept on testing our

8. References
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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Boss Plastic Industry Brochures
Dealership Form

9. Appendix & Supplementary material

Pictures from Production Area of BOSS
Injection Molding Machines
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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Tool Shop

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Pictures from display centre

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Picture with Supervisor

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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

Cash Discount
A company XYZ purchases Finished goods from Pakson Pvt. Ltd. which is of
worth 0.2 Million Rupees. According to the companies policy they give a 10%
discount on cash purchased if paid after 15 days after delivery. If a company
clears its balance amount before 15 days then according to the companys
policy they give 10% + 2% discount on the cash payments. The illustration is
as follows:
Price of finished Goods = Rs.200, 000
Discount given (if paid after 15 days) = 10%
If he pays after 15 days:
200000*10%= Rs.20, 000
So after 15 days the company will have to pay = Rs.1, 80,000
Now condition 2
If he pays within 15 days
Discount given (if paid within 15 days) = 10%+2%
What 10% + 2% stands for?
This tells us that the discount of 10% is to be given in any case if the customer
pays the amount within 15 days. 2%will be given on the amount after 10%
discount. See the illustration below
200000*10%= Rs. 20,000
Remaining amount= 1, 80,000
The next 2% will be given on the remaining amount.
So within 15 days the company will have to pay= Rs.1, 76,400
Difference between 12% and 10% + 2%:
As we have seen that on 10% + 2% discount the amount payable within 15
days is
Rs.1, 76,000
And if 12% discount is given on the cash purchased of 0.2 million Rupees
within 15 days
Illustration is as follows:
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Internship Report on Boss Plastic Industry

200,000 * 12% = 24,000
So the amount payable after the cash discount = 200,000 24,000
= Rs.1, 76,000
This shows that there is a difference of Rs.400.

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