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I dedicate this Report to Almighty Allah
who has given me the courage and
strength to complete this report:


Mr. Sohail Ahmed siddiqi senior manager Fianc,

Mohammad siddiq Tax officer, Zulfiqar Ali
Accounts Officer Alyas Ahmad Accounts Officer. All
of them help me a lot to make me understand the
whole accounting and Finance system of the

I personally thank all the people who cooperate me

to complete this report and provide me all the data
which is required for the preparation of my internship
report. All the staff is highly cooperative and kind
with me and helped me a lot to providing me the
financials of the organization.

Specially Mr. .Sohail Ahmad Siddiqi who has given

me the opportunity to learn a lot and give me the
assignments of presentation of Finance and
accounting operations which is helpful in preparing
the internship report.

Executive summary:

Allied school,the largest privately owned education system in the

pakistan. Established in November 1985 as the star Montessori
Academy for toddlers, Allied school has since grown into a large
network of private schools, institutes, and universities, imparting
distinctive and meaningful education to students from pre-school
to post-graduation.

The Allied school Group aims to expand the potential of human

capital and to encourage sustainable infrastructural development
through operating innovative and successful enterprises.

A big organization which has a large group profile. In the Head

office there is proper departmentalization of Punjab colleges,
Allied school, University of central Punjab and many more.
Head office of Educational Services Private ltd is situated in
There is proper departmentalization in the Head office.

Head office activity is run by managers in head office which is

accompanied by regional offices of the company.

The main office is of chair person Mr.amir mehmood

The financial analysis shows it success and its large business
volume. The reason behind its success is viewed by the swot
analysis and its weakness also highlighted.

I have thoroghly study the working environment of Allied schools.

I have given some recommendation which can improve and
enhance its working abilities and surely encourage the employees
to work mode dedicatedly and efficiently.

This initiative has wider national significance as energy scarcity is

currently the countrys biggest problem. With Pakistans
exceptionally good solar radiation ratings, the project could shift
the focus of energy production towards technologies that use local
natural resources and away from possible fuel burning thermal
power plants that rely heavily on imported fuel.

Table of contents;
Seriel #


1. Title page
2. Letter of Undertaking
3. Mission and general information
4. Dedication (Optional)
5. Acknowledgement
6. Introduction Of The Organization
7. Over View of the Organization

8. Organizational Structure

9. Plan of Internship Programme

10. Training Programme

11. Structure of teaching Department

12. Functions of the accounts Department

13. Critical Analysis

14.SWOT Analysis
17.Reference & Sources
18.list of Annexures or appendix


To impart quality education to meet the required
educational standards of 21st century through an intellectually
challenging teaching and learning environment with special
emphasis on technology and research based practices as a basis
for developing and implementing conceptually sound educational
Is to inculcate love for learning in the students and to
enable them to take up a pivotal role in the society as confident,
respectful, responsible, competent, independent and motivated
To provide students with various styles of teachings and
social skills to bring about a change in their thoughts and behaviors.
To translate human values into practice, through role model. To
create and develop students as creative, reflective, constructive and
communicative individuals. To enable students to become citizens
committed to create a just civil society that respects diversity of
views, beliefs and faiths.

Massege by mian amir mehmood:

Dear Parents,
I firmly believe that education is the basic right of all
human beings living on this planet regardless of their social
background. An educated nation is democratically stable and
consistent in its economic viability, a lesson learnt through my
passion for education for the last three decades.

Though the state is primarily responsible to eradicate

illiteracy, this task cannot be accomplished without realization and
endeavors by all of the stakeholders of our society.

In order to enable all individuals to reach and utilize

their maximum potential, education is categorically imperative.
Education also combats unemployment, confirms sound foundation
of social equity, awareness, tolerance and spread of political
socialization and cultural vitality. To meet such challenges, we all
need to extend helping-hand to one another for the generations to
I am proud of the fact that we have been able to
make a remarkable contribution for quality education in Pakistan.

We have, therefore, tried to share in the development of human

resource capital from the general masses by providing affordable
educational opportunities throughout Pakistan.

I hope and desire that our education system should

produce responsible, enlightened citizens to align Pakistan with the
global framework of economic and social prosperity. I am confident
that Allied Schools will suffice this dire need of our society.
Allied Schools is another effort to remain on the
leading role for literacy improvement in Pakistan. I, therefore,
welcome to parents and their children to become part of Allied
Schools family to grow together.
I believe it is today we must create the world of the future.
Sincerely yours,

Mian Amir Mahmood


Since its inception in 1985,with the 550+ campuses. Allied school has
always been a market leader in nontraditional businesses. Where other
Pakistani business groups are mostly in traditional manufacturing industry
such as textiles, cement and sugar, Allied schools forges its own way,
exploring new markets and setting its own precedent. Its forte is in the
services sector and infrastructure industry.

At a time when the education sector was just opening up to private

enterprise, Allied school was the pioneer in setting up private schools and is
now the market leader. Its educational network is the largest network of its
kind anywhere in the Pakistan. It caters to children from Pre School through
to A level (High School), and also runs tertiary educational institutes.

The University of Central Punjab imparts Liberal Arts and science education
at both graduate and postgraduate levels. The Punjab Group also runs the
largest transport network in the country; owns and operates one of Pakistans
leading IT departments; is in the process of setting up Pakistans first wind
farm power station; and is poised to expand into the burgeoning floriculture

Allied schools, the largest privately owned education system of its kind in
the Pakistan. Established in November 1985 as the star Montessori Academy
for toddlers, Allied schools has since grown into a large network of private
schools, institutes, and universities, imparting distinctive and meaningful
education to the students from pre-school to post-graduation.

Through close links with leading UK universities, Allied also helps provide
professional education and training to more than 6,000 staff members,
enabling them to improve their classroom practice as well as obtain
certificates, diplomas and degrees that have global recognition.

From its humble beginnings over 32 years ago, Allied school today is much
more than just a school. Through distinctly independent divisions, it caters to
the education and training needs of a diverse group of individuals of varying
age, socio-economic background, and ethnicity.

Equipped with the understanding and experience of three decades of school

management, educational product development, teacher training, and
curriculum development, Allied has in recent years started to move out of its
home territory and has embarked upon an ambitious program of establishing
private schools in cities throughout pakistan is one testimony to this journey
of globalization.

We hope you will find this website informative and useful. And if you
should happen to be a parent, I wish you all the best in making the right
decision for your childs future.

Companies & Projects:



General information
Allied Schools

, Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Pakistan,



School type

Private schools




Seek the knowledge


Mian Amer Mahmood


Dr Shaid Mahmood




Medium of

80,000 (2014)





Punjab Group of Colleges


Official Website


Blue and Yellow



a) To what extent HRM activities are being implied in this organization.

b) To study the theoretical policies and practical implementation of the

c) The study the HRM functions and guidelines are applied in an
Organization which is under consideration.
d) To study the employee recruitment process, training & development
Activities and employee compensation programs at the organization.
e) To do a comparative analysis of the organization with the other in the
Same business and capacity.
f) Finding out the weaknesses, short comings, strengths and beauties of
the Human Resource Departments.


Mian amir mehmood is the Chairperson of the Allied schools,

which he founded in 1985. The Allied School System is now the largest
school system of its kind in the world, and it recently opened its above
130th branches.
Besides developing the private education sector in Pakistan, Mr.
Amir has also played an important role in womens empowerment in the
country.62 percent of allied school employees are women. This includes a
very high percentage of women in upper management.
The non-profit central Punjab University is Pakistans first liberal
Arts University. He also sits on a number of boards including Queen Mary
College for Women; National College of Arts; Education Advisory Board,
Pakistan; Pakistan Chapter of the World Wide Fund; Sanjan Nagar
Education Trust; and Punjab Education Foundation.

In 2013 a revised settlement was reached in response to

several factors, including the imperative for schools to generate their own
management accounts and information, including a desire for greater
independence and restrictions on the sharing of information between
Under the new agreement, the Martyr's Memorial Trust retains all of it's
rights and each of the school's autonomy is guaranteed provided they adhere
to the foundational religious principles. Commitments to collaboration and
exchange of best practice between the Allied Schools have been made and
the role of Allied Schools Agency is now purely one of oversight.

Allied Schools has become the fastest growing

Educational Networks in Pakistan. Within 4 years Allied School now
has 550+ plus Campuses in more than 225 Cities across Pakistan.
All these school campuses together have more than 135,000
students on rolls.

The purpose of Allied Schools is to prepare students

with promise to enhance their intellectual, physical,
social, emotional, spiritual, and artistic growth so that they may
realize their power for good as citizens of Pakistan.


Allied Schools has become the fastest growing Educational

Networks in Pakistan. Within 4 years Allied School now has 550+ plus
Campuses in more than 225 Cities across Pakistan. All these school
campuses together have more than 135,000 students on rolls.

Allied schools are the largest privately owned education

system of its kind in the world which was established in November 1975.
Allied schools has grown into a regional network of private schools,
institutes, and universities, providing education to over 272,425 students
from pre-school to post-graduation. Out of these students, 135000 study in
the Allied School System,

While the bulk of the remaining students are enrolled at a newer

school network managed by allied school Group. The Allied School System
has nearly 11,000 employees, out of which approximately 6,500
are teachers.

Allied School is an international private school system with

over 172,425 students in eight countries. It is the largest education system of
its kind in the world, Opening with the Mian Montessori Academy in 1975,
Allied School contributions to education were internationally recognized in
1996 when the World Bank Group, in its first ever investment in private
education degrees in Education and Professional Development.
The purpose of Allied Schools is to prepare students with promise
to enhance their intellectual, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and
artistic growth so that they may realize their power for good as citizens of

This has been made possible through alliance-based education network

entitled as Allied Schools across Pakistan. Every Allied School is striving for
excellence with committed and highly qualified teachers in an environment
of the finest physical and academic facilities, hi-tech computer and fully
equipped science laboratories and well-stocked libraries.

Allied Schools aim to give children an

all-round education offering:

A caring environment with a strong academic

An exclusive focus on the individual child
A balance between local and global standards with
modern approaches
Service to children, parents and the nation
This fully fledged programme trains teachers across the group,
some at universities in the UK, and others in-house. More than 100,000
students who have graduated from Allied Schools are found in all walks of
life - in education, medicine, politics, business, civil service, arts, fashion,
and sport. Some of the prominent alumni are:


Sheheryar Yasin, Fashion Designer

Zafar, sohail Pop Singer


Butt, Batsman, Pakistan Cricket Team.

maqsood model in teen age

Nature of organization:

The Allied schools group is a national private school system with over
230,000 students and is possibly the largest school system of its kind in this
country. Nature of organization falls in Services Provider Organization.
Established in November 1985 as the star Montessori Academy for toddlers,
Allied school has since grown into a global network of private schools,
institutes, and universities, imparting distinctive and meaningful education
to students from pre-school to post-graduation.

Of these, over 76,000 study at the groups flagship network, the Allied
School System, a parallel school network operated by the group with over
121,000 students.The Allied school of today is thus much more than just a
local school. Through distinct and independent divisions in Pakistan, it
caters to the education and training needs of a large and diverse group of
individuals of varying ages, socio-economic backgrounds, and nationalities,
with its activities also extending beyond education in some countries.

Today, more than half its teachers have internationally-recognized teaching

certificates while the rest are enrolled in the permanent in-service
programmed. In addition, Allied sends senior academics to the UK annually
to pursue Masters Degrees in Education and Professional Development.

So, with its rigorous standards which insist on up to date teaching skills and
its range of challenging programmes, the Allied School System brings
success within the reach of every student.

Business volume:

Number of stocks
Shares issued during the
7,157 Ordinary shares of
Rs. 100 each fully paid in cash
Premium on shares issued
during the year
@ Rs. 140,551 per share
Bonds/ commodities


The Allied school is involved in a range of education, infrastructure, and

technology products. The following companies are part of the Allied school

1. The Allied School System

Is the flagship educational institution of the Allied school Group. It began as

a small nursery in a private house in Lahore in 1985 and it is now the largest
school system of its type in the world. Allied schools, the largest privately
owned education system of its kind in the Pakistan. Established in
November 1985 as the star Montessori Academy for toddlers, Allied schools
has since grown into a large network of private schools, institutes, and
universities, imparting distinctive and meaningful education to the students
from pre-school to post-graduation

2. punjab colleges:

Since 1985, Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) has successfully established

the largest quality Education Network in the private sector across the
country. PGC as a progressive enterprise includes 2 chartered universities,
56 college and school campuses with 70,000 students and 400,000
alumni.The Punjab Group has its roots in a Commerce College set up in
Lahore in 1985. Over a period of 28 years, the Group has grown into the
largest educational network in Pakistan providing top quality education from
Playgroup to Ph.D with a student body of 249,000.
Punjab College is the name of trust. It is known for its quality education,
modern buildings, spacious lawns, central locations, air-conditioned
classrooms, latest labs and well-stocked libraries. It started in 1985 from one
campus in one city. The Punjab College of Commerce was the first campus
established in Lahore. Subsequently, it turned into a chain of colleges that is

now the largest network of colleges in Pakistan with 282 college campuses
in 77 Cities.
Medical and engineering professionals have always been the basic need of a
society. The Punjab Group responded to the challenges of the new
millennium by establishing a chain of Science Colleges.By the grace of
Allah Almighty, our Group has made credibility in the society due to its
commitment. Keeping in view the trends of the students and their parents,
the management of the Group has decided to establish new colleges in those
cities where such facilities are not available. This year we feel pride in
announcing that Punjab Colleges have the largest number of campuses in the
country. We are in 77 cities with 282 college campuses and more than
2,49,000 students on roll.

3.Resource academia

Realizing the importance of Early Years Education which plays a pivotal

role in the physical and mental development of children, Punjab Group of
Colleges has taken a landmark initiative by establishing Resource Academia
for play group, primary, middle and senior school levels.
A landmark initiative was taken by establishing Resource Academia for play
group, primary, middle and senior school levels. Economic-politico-social
fabric of the society cannot be reformed until media develop critical thinking
of the general masses.
Resource Academia (RA), founded in 2003, is a private fee-paying academic

institution located at Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, as part of the W-block

compound. Resource Academia provides preschool education, primary
education, secondary education and preparation for General Certificate of
Education (GCE). It is affiliated with the Punjab Group of Colleges.

4.Muhammad ali Jinnah university

Besides imparting education at college and school levels, the Punjab Group
proudly owns and maintains Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in Karachi
and Islamabad. Our institutions offer education across the country
commensurate with our own cultural values while maintaining international
standards in the fields of Law, Business Management, Commerce,
Information Technology and Engineering.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU), chartered by the Government of
Sindh, has one Campus in Karachi and the other in Islamabad which is
spread over 80 Kanals in Zone-V of Islamabad. It established in 2002 and
housed in a grand and purpose-built Campus. At present more than 10,000
students are enrolled in these universities. With the progressive vision of the
Board of Directors of the Group and the collective efforts of all the
stakeholders, the Group expects an annual growth of 30%.

5.Tower Technologies

Tower technologies is a hi-tech company of The Group which

provides expertise and tailor made solutions ranging from client
server applications to internet based static web sites to the dynamic
message content based portals to the mobile telecommunications.
Tower Technologies (Pvt.) Limited (TTL) is a well groomed IT
company with over 225 man years of experience in software
systems design and development. It is incorporated under the
Companies Ordinance 1984 and is operating since 2001 as part of
a larger conglomerate of private limited companies commonly
referred to as The Punjab Group.
Tower Technologies has built a substantial market presence in the
sectors of Business Intelligence, Business Process Management,
Enterprise Application Development, Financial Solutions, E
Governance, Business Automation, Telecommunications, Media
Industry, Computer Hardware, Network Solutions, Data Security

and Education Sector.

6.University of central Punjab

The University of Central Punjab, established in October 10, 1999

chartered by the Government of the Punjab in 2002, is housed in a grand and
purpose-built Campus, having a covered area of 500,000 Sqft located in
Johar Town, Lahore. At present more than 10,000 students are enrolled in
these universities. With the progressive vision of the Board of Directors of
the Group and the collective efforts of all the stakeholders, the Group
expects an annual growth of 30%.
The University of Central Punjab (or UCP) is a private sector university
located in Lahore, Pakistan. The current enrollment of the university is
8,000. University of Central Punjab, a part of The Punjab Group of Colleges,
was Chartered by the Government of Punjab in 2002
University of Central Punjab offers undergraduate, graduate as well as
postgraduate programs in the fields of Engineering, Computer Science,
Pharmacy, Business, Commerce, Arts and Social Sciences. They are six
distinct faculties in the university namely Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of
Commerce, Faculty of Pharmacy, UCP Business School, Faculty of Arts and
Social Sciences.

7.Dunia news;

Economic-politico-social fabric of the society cannot be reformed until

media develop critical thinking of the general masses. It is a weighty
responsibility undertaken by Dunya TV, who encourages people to think
consciously and objectively. Dunya TV, however, is another gigantic and
dynamic contribution of The Group.
I further substantiate that the very mission to spread cost-effective quality
education, which is already at the priority of The Group, would be made
possible through alliance-based education network across the country,
entitled as : Allied Schools & Punjab Colleges System.

With the Great Grace of Almighty Allah, our

progress manifests our commitment and
8.The discovery center:
The Discovery Centre engages young students through new
technologies such as robotics, digital filmmaking, computers, and the
Internet. Launched in 2002, the Centre is based on the educational theories
of visionaries like Seymour Papert. The philosophy of the Discovery Centre
is to use technologies to enhance the intuitive understanding of abstract
school concepts.

9.Premier Trading Services

Is engaged in a range of businesses including hire purchase services, printing
and distributing stationery and school uniforms, outdoor publicity, cafes and
other trading ventures.

10.Premier Bus Services

Was started in 2003 and provides transport services to the general public in
Lahore, Pakistan. With over 240 buses running on exclusive routes, it is the
largest public transport company in Pakistan. The buses are currently being
converted to CNG for both environmental and economic reasons.


Lahore Grammar School

Jinnah public school
The City School
The Punjab school
Beacon house school system

Landmarks Achieved (Year by Year)

Establishment of Punjab College at Canal Bank, Lahore 1985

Establishment of Islamic Commerce Educational Society 1986
Establishment Punjab Law Colleges 1988
Punjab College at Faisalabad and Rawalpindi
Punjab College of Business Administration, Lahore
Punjab Institute of Computer Science, Lahore
Punjab College at Islamabad 1996
Punjab College at Gujranwala 1997
Punjab College for Women
Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi 1998
Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad
Punjab College opens its branches at Sargodha and Multan
Punjab College of Information Technology 2000
Tower Technologies (Pvt.) Limited starts operations
University of Central Punjab 2002
Resource Academia School System 2003
Punjab College at Sialkot2004
Punjab Colleges of Science
Punjab College at Rahim Yar Khan 2006
Dunya News Network goes on air
New Campus of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in Islamabad
Allied Schools (Franchised Educational Network 2010
Setting up of Punjab Colleges in 18 New Cities
Setting up of Punjab Colleges in 20 New Cities
Launch of DOCE Bakers and Sweets 2011
Setting up of Punjab Colleges in 16 New Cities
Capital University of Science & Technology (CUST)
Resource Academia School System (Franchised Educational Network)2012
Setting up of Punjab Colleges in 11 New Cities

Early Years

Allied follows the Montessori system at this level. There are a

few exceptions: the Reggio Emilia, as well as a technologybased curriculum based on Samuel Paperts philosophy, are
also followed by some schools.

In Pakistan, students follow the in-house Allied School Curriculum,
modeled on the British and Scottish Curricula.
Students follow the in-house Allied School Curriculum for
core subjects like Math, Science, and English. Language and
Social Science courses are taught using local resources.

Students continue with the Allied in-house curriculum till 8th
grade. After that, most students enroll in the
British O and A level examinations Allied students take these
exams through the University of Cambridge Local
Examinations Syndicate.
some schools offers
Pakistani Matriculation and Intermediate Examinations and
curricula, which cover grades 9 to 12.

Introduction of all departments in Allied schools:

1. Academic:


Training of teachers
Overall view of teachers when they teach in class room
Different courses are to be made like that teacher training
Computer training
English language
How to teach in the class
Mathematically improvement
E-Media and Publications;
Playing a key role in the implementation of Interactive
Learning Center-ILC with the use of Interactive Boards
provided by Promethean.
Managing the Allied Schools Promotions including
Educational Television Commercials, Prospectus Video (in
collaboration with Dunya News), and Newspaper
advertisements, Skins, Flexes, Allied School Website,
Campus Website and Kids Expo Website.
Coordinating with Media (Dunya News) for the coverage of
events across the Allied School network. Social Media
management including Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

3.Information and Communication Technology

Project Planning, ascertain proper and smooth operations of ICT

within the Organization
Coordination among Tower Technologies and Allied Schools Head

To augment and improve the infrastructure of the Information

Systems, including technical (Connectivity, hardware, software), the
organizational structure and human resource capacity building through
ICT user training
Help other departments to provide a broad and balanced ICT
curriculum that meets the needs of all stakeholders
Administration of corporate Website, Campus Website, Web Portal
and Shopping Mall
To advise on Information Security in the use of computers and
maintain important information and data backups
Supervise the installation and commissioning of computer networks
and systems
To advise on adoption of most efficient and effective ICT policy
Drawing up specifications to facilitate procurement of appropriate
computer hardware and software

4. Human Resource Dep.

Hiring of all the employees

Record of attendance of all employees
Recruitment of internees
Generation of salaries
Issuance of office order of employees
Annual checking of employees and then making decision of
promotion of employees
Interviews of Employees at the time of recruitment

3. Admin Department

Record keeping
Security measure
Meeting with suppliers
Deal with rented building

Record of fixed asset

Purchase of fixed asset
Record and purchase of vehicles

4. Accounts and Finance Dep.

Book keeping
Payment to suppliers
Deal with the suppliers
Payment of salaries
Payment of rent
Payment of monthly budget
Payment of CAPEX budget
Deal with the bankers
Deal with the Regional accounts

Making MIS budget


Deal with tax related matters

Deal with leasing companies in terms of vehicles, computers.
Final PF and final settlement of employees
Deal with insurance companies
Making policies with insurance companies in term of employees
health , child, wife and life

FP & Company Secretary dep.

Legal documentation of company
Opening of bank account
Annual financial planning

Record of students strength

Making structure of fee

6. Construction Dep.
Purchase of property
Construction of building
Making structure of building

7. Audit Dep.


Cheking of bills
Checking rates and then compared with market
Auditing of branches
Checking revenue and expenses of all branches
Making comments on generated report

CEO dep.

All final decision are made in terms of hiring of executive staff , purchasing
of property, and construction related matters, all welfare related to
employees are to be made.

9. Marketing & Advertisement

All the advertisement related to school

CEO & CP interviews are to be held on Different channels on TV

School marketing in terms of promotion of schools
Visit to different historical places and foreign countries and northern
areas to be made.
Issuance of broachers and Prospectus
Publishing annual Diary about the kids and schools

10. IT dep.
IT plays an important role in any organization if Any organization has
storing IT dep. that will shows its strength
Control data flow and MIs system in the organization
Store data related to organization
Solve problem related to beams in the organization
Maintain the hardware and software related problem

Comment on organizational structure:

Organizational structure is appropriated and is fulfilling the requirement of

the organization efficiently and effectively but obviously there is no perfect
system in the world Allied schools also facing some problem as follows:

Problems in the Organizational Structure:

There are a few problems in the organizational structure of the Allied School
system, which we are trying to cover and eliminate. A few of those are
mentioned below,

Complex Security Systems

Less rewards for employees whereas more for the managers
High turnover rate of employees in some departments
No proper orientation of employees
No policy for conflict resolution
Less Salary

Brief introduction of head office of ALLIED

Head office of Allied schools system is situated At Road of joar town in
Lahore.punjab groups is a company name .There is many group of schools
in it.
Head office activity is run by managers in head office which is accompanied
by regional offices of the company. The main office is of chair person Mrs.
Nasreen Kasuri. There is proper departmentalization in the Head office.
There is proper departmentalization in the Head office.

Different Departments and offices in the branch.

Allied schools consists different departments.

1. Academic dep.

2.Finance dep.

Mam iram

Syed arslan Shah

3. Accounts dep.

4.HR dep.

Syed Jahanzeb Shah

mam kiran

5. IT dep.

6.Corporate Communication

Arslan hashmi

Tabrez Bukhari

7. Administration Dep.

8.Audit dep.

Mam shumaila

Amir Afzal Rana

11. Construction dep.

12.English language Dep.

Noor ud Din Zahid

Maryam Hasan

13. Legal Affairs dep.

14.Special Project dep.

Kamran Awan Noorud din

Noor udin Zahid

Additional health programme:

Healthy-Wealthy Future

Healthy Wealthy Futures is an initiative of the Punjab Group of

colleges. A team of Doctors examine Allied School Students in their
respective campuses to identify and suggest solutions for common
learning difficulties, such as:
Visual and Hearing Deficiencies
Physical Growth Issues
Dental and Gum Disease
Skin and Psychological Disorders

Parents are advised to collect the following information from their

respective campuses:
Health Care Registration
Health Card
Medical Checkup
Visit Schedule

Strategic Partners
Providing quality education requires major
cooperation and resources. Allied Schools collaborate with a
number of leading organizations to create education strategies and
programs to deliver education results.

Continuous Professional Development

Allied Schools always strive to formulate
strategies to enhance and polish the professional capabilities of its
teachers. Training of the teachers for their professional development
is designed keeping in view the professional requirements of our
teachers. We have taken an initiative to arrange training in
collaboration with Oxford University Press, Pakistan. Modules of the
training have been planned on the content covering four subjects i.e.
English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies as taught
syllabus at Primary Level.

Organization structure

(Organizational Structure Previously Prepared by HR department for



Compensation rewards people for performing organizational work through
pay, incentives, and benefits. Employers must develop and refine their
basic wage and salary systems.
Rewards can be both intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic rewards often include
praise for completing a project or meeting some performance objectives.
Extrinsic rewards are tangible, having the form of both monetary and
rewards. Tangible components of a compensation program are
provided by the employer such as Base pay is the most common forms of
direct compensation. Indirect compensation commonly consists of
employee benefits.

Following types of employees compensation and

benefit are provided by The Allied schools for his
All the employees are given basic pay and it is included in direct
compensation, either the organization is earning profit or not this is given
to all employees according to their designations. Basic pay is provided to
employees according to their level and as established pay scales.

The insurance company recommended is NJI. The employee becomes
insured when he/she becomes a permanent employee. Following persons
are insured with according to the policy:
a) Permanent employees of Allied schools and their dependents (spouse and

b)Divorced / widow daughter dependent on the employee without any age
All hospitals run by armed forces of Pakistan, government and semi
government hospitals are included in the list of approved hospitals of NJI


an insured person is registered as a bed patient in a hospital on
the advice of a qualified doctor requiring almost 24 hours hospital
admission. Nails, eyes, hair, teeths are not included in this policy. Other
than these, all parts of the body are included in this
insurance; either the employee is internally injured or externally injured.
All expenses are beard by the employee until he is registered on
the bed.
From registration till discharge all expenses are beard by the NJI. The
expense limit for the employee family is up to 25000. The employee is
reimbursed by the NJI by showing the hospital bills.

Employees as well as officers travel to different cities to attend
training, refresher courses, and any other assignments or picnic tours. For
this a policy has been created which provides railway / air / bus tickets and
hotel expenses according to the designations of the employees.

Allied schools has made a group insurance policy for employees; the range
of this policy varies from designation to designation.

House allowance is included in the salary of the employee which is almost

33% of salary.

The promotions of the employees depend on the performance of his work,
experience, skills and education.

Annual leaves for the administrative staff and office staff are 20, while
there are no annual leaves for the junior staff.

There are 15 casual leaves for the administrative staff, 10 casual leaves for
the office staff and junior staff.

There are 10 sick leaves for all administrative, office and junior staff.


Summer vocation holidays are only for the teacher which normally start
after the final exams that are held in may till august. During these holidays
they receive full salary.
Normally each Saturday is off for the females except school heads. While
for male alternative Saturday is off; which means that one Saturday is
working while the other is off.
Females are given maternity leaves of 42 days but they can avail these

leaves 2 to 3 times only not more than that.

There is a separate library for regional office and head office staff. Where
they can read books or get them issued for home.

One child can get free education for all employees working at
Beaconhouse. This incentive is for all executive, administrative, teachers
and junior staff.

Washing allowance is only for junior staff which is normally 100.
This allowance is given if the student strength exceeds the average of
number of A-Level sections for one teacher is increased. This allowance is
calculated on the basis of the teachers salary.

The coordinator allowance is Rs.1000 only.

e) S.M (Senior Mistress) ALLOWANCES:

The senior mistress gets Rs.2000 plus 25 liter fuel.

f) H.M (Head Mistress) Allowance:

The head mistress gets only 35 liters of fuel.

The principal gets 50 liters of fuel.

The regional director gets 5000 mobile allowance, a car and 25 lire of


Performance management refers to the ongoing process of setting goals,

self-assessment, manager assessment, coaching, development planning, and
A key aspect of performance management is performance measurement.
Clear and concise measures are required in order to properly define the
desired goals in performance management. Most performance management
systems fail to achieve the desired goals because goal measurement is not
specific enough, poorly communicated or because results cannot be
measured effectively.

Employee performance management works best when work is planned and

goals are consistent .Allied schools plans and sets goals for performance
management that creates rewards for good performance, and consequences
for poor performance. In this way the employee feels the consequences of
performance, whether good or bad. Performance management gives
feedback to employees on consistent basis than the average annual basis.

By this the employees ability to exceed or failure to meet goals may be

monitored. This provides the employee the opportunity to receive rewards or
to make behavior changes sooner if performance is not up to par.


Figure taken from the book:
Organizational goal setting Strategy Performance Management:
Identify expected performance levels
Measure individual performance;
Provide feedback on individual performance
Reward based on performance Employee Performance Management
Pay rises
Termination Organizational Results:
Goals met or not met


Performance standards are different for executive, administrative and office
staff and teaching staff.



It includes the methods techniques, skills and contents that are related to
job related matters.


It includes the verbal and nonverbal communicational skills, body language
and gestures while speaking to others.

What is the response when a difficult situation comes? Is he dependent on
others or take independent decisions. How he responds to changing


How well he can manage his team. Does he has team spirit to achieve
overall common objective.

It includes sufficient knowledge to carry out tasks on computer using
related softwares. This is not compulsory for executive and for office staff.


It includes how well an individual can plan organize and monitor the tasks
assigned to him.


It includes how well an individual can use analytical and diagnostics
approach for problem solving and making timely decision.


The communicational skills, dependability, problem solving and decision
making skills are the same for teaching staff also but with a little

The teacher must have subject knowledge, and excellent techniques of
teaching. And he/she must be aware of his responsibilities.


He/she must have strong grip on his subject while teaching and can conduct
class presentations effectively.

SWOT analysis of organization;

SWOT Analysis
(strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) in the Allied School System


Quality Education
Pleasant Atmosphere
Top Rank Teachers
Caring for students
Extracurricular Activities
Art and Design
Art and Design
Physical Education and Games
Inter-School and Inter-Regional
out door activities
Educational Visits
School Clubs and Societies
School Newsletters and Magazines.

Fees Structure
Liberal Atmosphere:
Low salary for teachers and employe
compare to students fee.

Solar emery Project
This initiative has wider national
significance as energy scarcity is
currently the countrys biggest problem.
With Pakistans exceptionally good
solar radiation ratings, the project could
shift the focus of energy production
towards technologies that use local
natural resources and away from fossil
fuel burning thermal power plants that
rely heavily on imported fuel.
Through distinct and independent
divisions in Pakistan, it caters to the
education and training needs of a large
and diverse group of individuals of
varying ages, socio-economic
backgrounds, and nationalities, with its
activities also extending beyond
education in some countries.



Lahore Grammar School (L.G.S)
City School (CS)
Beacon schools
Roots system school
Educare public school

Main sources of funds are Tuition Fee, Admission fee,

Registration fee,

Loan Stock
Retained Earnings
Bank Borrowings
Business Extension Scheme
Venture Capital

Allocation of funds:

Purchase of Property
Construction of schools
Bank overdrafts
Purchase Bonds
Purchase Shares

During my internship period I was very much impressed to see the working
environment that was provided to the employees. But due to my
observations there are certain things to be criticize such as:


If a vacancy is vacant the preference is mostly given to females not males
even though the qualification of male is high.

The work load on males is much more as compared to females but the pay
scales of females are much more as compared to males. However every
Saturday is off for females but alternative Saturday is off for males. That is
the main reason about 70 to 80% employees including management
consists of females.

If the assistant managers skills and performance is better than the
manager, he cannot be promoted until the manager retires or resigns. Thats
why many assistant managers with excellent communicational skill and
performance resign.


No bonuses are given to the employees.

Pension is also finished from this year. Now there is no pension and
bonus for employees.

Employees salaries are very low as compared to their work load due to
which many employees resign.

I have concluded that Allied schools have a big business volume.
They are providing Quality education in the public sector
The head office where I have done my internship has an Organized and
efficient system.
But the number of turnover of employees is high. The working system of
organization is based on MIS. All the work is done through proper channel.
The working staff is very cooperative with the new trainees and encourages
them to work with them.
Allied schools are one of the largest private sector school organizations in
the world. With vast and growing network, they at Allied schools are always
on the lookout for skilled and capable people willing to take on a challenge.
Allied schools offers competitive employee packages and has a vibrant and
dynamic working environment. There are a variety of job opportunities at
different levels available in organization in two specific areas: academics
and corporate.
The overall analysis is indicating that the companys progress has mainly
attained through dedication of employees. The effectiveness of its
management, their willingness to take advantage of opportunities and face
challenges of changing requirement of well-educated and confident children
on the society, this all contributes to the very much improved and sound
position of company. This is really appreciable for the devotion and hard
work of all the employees of the company.

But the main issue is related to affordability of the all classes of the society.
This quality education should be affordable to all the people.The overall
structure of ALLIED SCHOOL is excellent. I am very proud to
complete my internship from this organization. I learnt a lot of things in
very short interval of time.
In ALLIED SCHOOL system the Human Resource Department plays the
role in the hiring, retention, motivation and promotion of the employees.
are also trying to improve their HR process and utilizing new concepts and
techniques of HR to provide better facilities for their staff as well as to
their skills to gain more advantages. They believe that their people are their
asset and to emphasize this concept they invest more on their people,
keeping this in view that in this way their organization will groom.
ALLIED SCHOOL system is constantly planning for its staffing
for this the HR department follow a complete selection process and gather
resumes and then they start their selection and recruitment process following
interviews in which interviewee is compared with the set standard of HR and
then they follow the steps of selecting the candidates.
After selecting a person
they give training to the person as per requirement and then the newly hired
employee starts his work. After completion of probation period manager of
concern department forward a performance report to the HR department and
regional director to suggested increment for him and after successful
completion of probation period employee gets confirmation letter.
ALLIED SCHOOL school system conducts training sessions to enhance the
abilities of its employee. They conduct training need assessment programs
and arrange training programs as per requirement.
In ALLIED SCHOOL system annual increments are based on employee
performance. Regional director reviews the performance of all employees

compare standards with the actual performance.

ALLIED SCHOOL system is providing compensations and benefits to it
employees on the basis of their designations. Employees at different
designations are enjoying different compensations and benefits but basic
benefits that include medical, holidays and educational allowance are almost
same for all employees. ALLIED SCHOOL system career management
opportunity is common for teachers. Every month 5 to 10 transfers and
separations are very common.ALLIED SCHOOL is trying to control this
situation because students studies get
affected by this.

Fee of the schools of Allied school should be affordable.
Company should provide the conveyance to the employees.
Discrimination b/w employees should be avoided.
High level manger should cooperate with the lower level employees and
should encourage them
They should improve their computerized system. It should be latest to cope
up with the modern need of accounting and financing system.
In regional offices proper facilities should be provided to the employees like
Air-conditioning, and latest working equipment.
In Head office all the employees should be provided the laptops instead of
desktop computers.
The overall working environment of Allied schools is excellent but there are

certain things that should be improved in my opinion:

The Allied schools pays a lot of attention on A-level and primary classes but
they pay less attention to Metric sections, thats why the result of
Allied schools metric section is decreasing continuously. Another reason for
this is that the teachers use old notes for metric sections. As we know that
the syllabus changes continuously and new things are added in the syllabus
each year but the teachers teach from the same notes each year without any
change or additions. To improve the metric result teachers should use new
updated notes for teaching and Allied schools should also focus on metric
result sincerely.

The pay policy of Allied schools is very low due to which many teachers
and good performers resign and join other institutions. Allied schools should
increase their pay policy so that good performers may not leave easily.


There should be equal employment opportunities for both males and
females. Females and males should also have equal pays at same level or


Allied schools should give at least one bonus near EID because Employees
pays are very low and the bonus near Eid can be very useful for them.
Pensions should be started again because this is the only benefit that
employee has after retirement.


a) Internet (Allied Site prepared and designed by

Allied schools Network.
b) Prospectus of Allied schools; Prepared by Communication department
c) Rules and regulation notes of Allied schools; Prepared by Company
d) Mr.ijaz hashmi;

Face to face communication.

e) Mr arslan hashmi;

Face to face communication.

f) Ms hifsa;

Face to face communication.

g) Sir Azeem Notes;

h) Thomas H- Jakel;

Reference used for additional guideline.

Reference used for training and development portion.

a) PERSONAL INFORMATION FORM for existing employees