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Problems & Prospects of Sports & Adventure Tourism in Bangladesh: An Analysis of the launch

of Velocita Generation Next 2012 by Implicit Media & Communications Ltd.


ID: 0820550

An Internship Report Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree
Bachelor of Business Administration


November 2012

Problems & Prospects of Sports & Adventure Tourism in Bangladesh: An Analysis of the launch
of Velocita Generation Next 2012 by Implicit Media & Communications Ltd.


ID: 0820550

has been approved

November 2012

Abdullah Al-Aabed
Faculty Lecturer
School of Business


First I would like to thank The Almighty, our creator, who made me able to finish my research
in perfect time. This research would not have been possible without the support and guidance of
the following individuals. I take this opportunity to sincerely thank each of them wholeheartedly.
Without who it would not have been possible.

I would like to give my heartiest gratitude to Mr. A.S.M Zoha, CEO, Implicit Media &
Communications Ltd. for giving me such exposure to the real business world. It is a big
opportunity to express myself.

Finally I would like to thank Mr. Shamim Hasan, who acted as my supervisor on behalf of the
organization. His constant guidance helped tremendously to finish my research. I am indebted to
the time he took off from his busy work schedule to guide me through this whole process.

Letter of Transmittal
November 29, 2012
The Supervsior
Abdullah Al-Aabed
School of Businesss
Independent University, Bangladesh.

Subject: Submission of Research report for internship.

Dear Sir,
With all due respect, I Amin-un-Noor (ID 0820550), would like to inform you that, it is a great
pleasure for me to submit the research report on Problems & Prospects of Sports & Adventure
Tourism in Bangladesh: An Analysis of the launch of Velocita Generation Next 2012 by
Implicit Media & Communications Ltd. as a requirement for BBA internship program. While
conducting the research I gathered lots of knowledge about so many unknown facts.

Therefore, I firmly believe that, this report will be able to meet your approval. I would genuinely
appreciate to make further corrections where it seems necessary by you. Your kind advice will
encourage me to conduct more work in future.

ID 0820550
School of Business
Independent University, Bangladesh.

Table of Contents


Problem Statement


Company Overview




Marketing Strategy Consultancy


Research, Survey & Analysis

Consultancy & Trainings
Other Support Services


Prospective Initiatives for Sports & Adventure


Origin of the Report


Literature Review


Research Findings









Adventure tourism is a substantial industry sector which to date has received relatively little
research attention. Most relevant research is from outdoor recreation. The major research themes
are: psychological, including thrills, conflicts and norms; safety, including injuries, illnesses and
insurance; impacts, whether ecological, social or economic; and participation and management.
There has been rather little research on the structure of adventure tourism products or associated
business aspects. Future research priorities include: operational audits; commercial statistics;
client characteristics; site geography; equipment manufacture; safety and insurance; recreation
ecology; adventure destination marketing; and links with amenity migration and lifestyle. The
central purpose for this research conducted was to understand if an organization like Implicit
Media & Communications Ltd. could make a significant impact in the market demographics of
Bangladesh through the introduction of adventure & sports based tourism.
The initial part of the study is dedicated to giving a detailed outline of the company and its
business scope as well as functions. Since through this research I am hoping to understand the
prospective of the adventure tourism, the study will help gain in-depth information that will
further enrich the understanding of Implicit about the important factors that need to be considered
when planning for events related to adventure tourism. My research scope will encompass a focus
group survey that will involve approaching specific individuals with a set of questions to gain
direct market perspectives. The questionnaire will help reveal not only what employees of the
various tourism related institutions think but also what the general public, local tourism operators
and other individuals directly or indirectly linked to the sector think about the market maturity. It
is tricky to handle a scenario when introducing adventure based tourism in a growing economy
like Bangladesh and that is why through my research I hope to exceed the knowledge base about
the current conditions.

Marketing incorporates all the elements needed to get your product or service where it belongs in the hands of your customers. At Implicit Media & Communications Ltd. (Black n Orange), the
focus since 1989 has been on providing expertise in all areas of the marketing mix. They
understand each fact, always with one thing in mind - improving the bottom line benchmarks by
leveraging industry best practices, Implicit ensures strategic alignment between clients and the
messages they wish to communicate.
Helping the clients build extraordinary brands. Implicits brand strategy and design solutions are
a result of extensive research, analysis and strategic thinking that is always dedicated to their
clients' specific needs. They use a cross-discipline brand methodology that starts with analysis
and creative, and ends with final implementation to deliver brand services that always result in
brand equity. And that always reflects on the bottom line.

Using techniques derived from commercial marketing, Implicit develops passionate programs
that bring about social change by raising awareness and changing attitudes. These programs are
designed for the good of society, with a specific focus on target audiences in need of a benefit.
First they define the value of the idea their clients wish to convey and create a solid distribution
plan. Then they focus solely on educating society about the rewards of changing a particular
pattern. The result is a society that gains as a whole.

The core objective for conducting this research is to gain a very vivid understanding of
Bangladeshs current market landscape and the feasibility of promoting the sports & adventure
tourism. The more specifically detailed objectives of this report are:

To understand the social, political, environmental and legal factors and the impacts these
will have on an attempt to generate events related to sports and adventure tourism.

To analyze the steps being taken by Implicit Media & Communications Ltd. in order to
develop the avenues and promote sports & adventure tourism in the country.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the project launched by Implicit called Velocita

Generation Next in building a strong impression towards the development of sports &
adventure tourism.

Problem Statement:

Implicit as an event organization firm has developed road and motorbike stunt shows but what is
the exact effect on customers mind while activation program. The lacking of conducting a
research on sports & adventure tourism development and customers mind effect after launching
is the major question of this report proposal.
Sports tourism is an efficacy process for developing brand among customers globally. Event
activation is a huge challenging process for awareness creation. Satisfactory customer awareness
can be done through a very specific research and extraordinary planning of distributing initial
facts like time, money, frequency, quality and innovative ideas. For customer awareness all this
facts work properly when the research for the specific program has done thoroughly and by
determining effects on customer mind which will help to develop a successful campaign.

Purpose of the Study:

The purpose of the study is to understand the maturity of the markets in terms of the demand for
adventure and sports tourism. There is an increasing number of consumers in the form of the
urban youth population ranging from middle to upper class who share a penchant for adventure
activities like stunting with motorbikes, cars and even hiking marathon events. These activities
are mostly funded through individual initiatives.

Review of Existing Market Research:
Research studies done in the area of adventure or specialty travel were reviewed and results
relevant to sports & adventure tourism were examined to estimate the potential characteristics and
size of the adventure market. Previous studies conducted by various institutions on the adventure
tourism area were also reviewed for estimates of market potential. As adventure tourism is a
relatively new entrant to the tourism market, secondary research focused on adventure and
extreme sport products and markets.
Secondary research:
Involves studying indirect sources such as newspapers, other research reports, essays, blogs and
other second party media.
Primary research:
Involves gathering data directly from sources through methods such as mass survey
questionnaires (open & close ended) and in-depth interviews.
Research technique:
Close-ended questionnaires, exploratory research which involves making a questionnaire and
patterning the answers based on a Likert scale. This report was developed to summarize the
market research, in-depth interviews and community discussions. Findings and assessments of
the research along with their recommended strategies were compiled and summarized. Examples
of successful practices and techniques, where they existed, were highlighted along with lessons
from communities facing similar losses of traditional economic drivers.
Two plans of the study includes:

One, illustrating existing sports/adventure tourism products, facilities and associated


Two, illustrating areas where possible opportunities exist, based upon the study
findings and implementation plan

Analysis of the data:

Implicit Media & Communications Ltd. provided a listing of the tour operators who reside in or
around the area, and contact information. Major adventure operators and tourism service
providers were visited to determine the type and quality of product offered and considered against
similar products of national or international quality.
For those business owners not in the area, attempts were made to call them for their input.
Discussions of tourism opportunities and challenges with major stakeholders in the tourism based
areas of Bangladesh to determine the level of community support. During the site survey,
informal meetings were held with members of the local community most affected by tourism.
Interviews were conducted with:

Tourism providers who were not members of the tourism association

Town administration managers

Officers from Ministry of Sports & Tourism

Representatives of state run Parjatan Tourism Corporation

Members of the private non-profit organization BDCyclists

Sample Size
The sample size selected for the study is 50 people of various designations (citizens, employees,
government officials etc.) related to the tourism industry either directly or indirectly. 25 of the
sample population will be young customers who express interest in sports & adventure tiourism
(e.g. BDCyclists, Haunt Ryderz etc.), 15 of the sample population will be representatives of
tourism related bodies (e.g. Parjatan, Ministry of Sports & Tourism etc.), 10 will be
representatives of the local tourism service providing operators.

Scope & Limitations

Working with marketing and communication agencies.

Market Demand

Wide range industry

Dealing with International automotive brands.

Opportunities for interacting with key stakeholders from Government and Private sector.

Opportunities for developing a complete marketing research on sports and adventure


Company Overview
Implicit Media & Communications Ltd (Black n Orange)
(Formerly known as universal

Media Ltd), affiliated to

International media & communications agencies, has started its

journey in 2001 with the vision of becoming one of the leading
communication and media agencies in local arena initially and
worldwide thereafter. At the very beginning Implicit Media &
Communications Ltd (Black n Orange) concentrated to the
development of its creative department to make it dynamic and
rich which is the heart of such agency. Since its inception
Implicit Media & Communications Ltd (Black n Orange) has
been serving its clients with the sense of creativity, art and
sensual performance with continuous coordinated efforts for
more than 10 years. The relentless pursuit of excellence of Implicit Media & Communications
Ltd (Black n Orange) has supported to build up or ensure growth of its clients the business of its
Professional conduct, corporate culture, motivated team Synergy are the basic keys to Implicits
success. A disciplined professionals, experienced in home & abroad and knowledge workers and
this is the company stands for.


Mission Statement:

To work long term with clients for their long term benefit,

To conduct constant research and develop new strategies, technologies and skills,

To provide exceptional service,

To maintain constant communication for client service, latest information and


The strategies for success:

High levels of synergy

Strong organizational skills

Attention to details

Sensitivity to the needs/necessities of clients.


Marketing/Business Consulting
Marketing incorporates all the elements needed to get a clients product or service where
it belongs - in the hands of their customers. At Implicit Media & Communications Ltd,
their focus since 2001 has been on providing expertise in all areas of the marketing mix.
They understand each fact, always with one thing in mind - improving the clienteles
bottom line benchmarks by leveraging industry best practices, Implicit ensure strategic
alignment between the clients and the messages they wish to communicate.

Brand Development
Helping their clients build extraordinary brands is Implicits central business focus. Their
brand strategy and design solutions are a result of extensive research, analysis and
strategic thinking that is always dedicated to clients' specific needs. They use a crossdiscipline brand methodology that starts with analysis and creative, and ends with final
implementation to deliver brand services that always result in brand equity. And that
always reflects on the bottom line.


Social Marketing
Using techniques derived from commercial marketing, Implicit develops passionate
programs that bring about social change by raising awareness and changing attitudes.
These programs are designed for the good of society, with a specific focus on target
audiences in need of a benefit. First we define the value of the idea our clients wish to
convey and create a solid distribution plan. Then they focus solely on educating society
about the rewards of changing a particular pattern. The result is a society that gains as a

Marketing Strategy Consultancy

Growing a business requires much more than just a slick magazine advertisements. In addition to
advertising, there's promotion, public relations, sales, networking, customer relations, and much
more. Implicit Media & Communications Ltd (IMPLICIT) can recommend a Complete
Marketing Strategy that takes into account all these elements as they apply specifically to your
To obtain the maximum visibility of a business within the market and in the media, it is
fundamental to create and implement an accurate marketing strategy.
Strategic analysis of business administration
Analysis of competition (online/ offline)
Identification of focal targets
Elaboration of strategies aimed at the local, national and international market
Marketing planning
Pinpointing of communication objectives
Campaign for marketing communication
Direct marketing
Relationship marketing
Fair marketing
Related publications


Black n Orange Event Management

Where Colors Create Your Events

Black n Orange (BnO) is their in-house department of specialized of talented Event Managers
and Coordinators and they provide event management, destination management, concerts and
exhibition services. Implicit believe BnO is one of the most innovative event, conference and
display companies, servicing locally and internationally through its associated partners. They like
to focus on Corporate Clients from Government & Private Sector Industries. When organizing an
event, there are many factors to be considered. BnO provides a fully comprehensive flexible
service. Their in-house support team means that customers do not need to contact several
suppliers to organize their event. In fact, there may be additional services, which may fall outside
of the event specification, which they can assist with. It is the attention to detail, which is the
strength 'Thier Conference can bring to your event.
They put great emphasis on detailed administrative planning in order to guarantee that even the
most complicated events run without a hitch. They pay meticulous attention to detail and leave
nothing to chance. Whilst liaison with clients at every stage to ensure that they are in control,
clients can rely on BnOs experience to know that the administration is taken care of and their
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Managers along with Conference, Exhibitions, Concerts & Graphics Presentation specialists are
always out there to help our clients deliver a clear message to their target groups using the
appropriate medium which is BnOs main objective.
Mission statement:

To work long term with clients for their long term benefit,

To conduct constant research and develop new strategies, technologies and skills,

To provide exceptional service,

To maintain constant communication for client service, latest information and



Services BnO provides:

Corporate Events

Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

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Exhibition Management

Exhibition Stand Design and Management


Entertainment Shows (Corporate, Commercial)

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Local and International Celebrity and Performer Management

Graphics and presentations

Print and production

Staging and technical direction

Laser Shows & Fire Works

Fundraising & Social Events (Celebrity Weddings/ Birthdays)

Successful projects require a balance of creativity and competent execution. These elements need
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Staging & Organization
BnO is an event production company but one with a difference. That difference lies in its
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BnO supply presentations and graphics for all purposes, including the following:
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graphics and images for written reports, posters, banners, and photographic montages
electronic or printed presentations for sales representatives and different company divisions

Product Launches
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Print & Production

With their in-house graphics facilities, BnO create and produce posters, banners, newsletters,
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BnOs global conference teams can help the clients entice their target market through the doors,
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BnOs in-house conference services include:

Budget preparation and management
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In-house production of all audio/visual needs

In-house graphic design

They don't believe in simply organizing a conference but encourage the clients to work with them
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Conference services include:

Organization and set-up of conference
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opening video
special events and entertainment
conference material and/or literature
speakers and speaker support
staging and technical requirements


BnO plans, designs, builds and manages wide range of local and international exhibitions and
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This involves organizing labor, staffing rosters, freight, travel and venue management, and all of
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This service extends to the design, manufacture and set-up of travelling or portable stands for
promotional and launch tours.

Research, Survey & Analysis

The aggregate extensive information in order to develop appropriate communication plans that
best meet their clients' business objectives. Whether it's for brand analysis or business
development, research is the key to their integrated planning process. In addition, Implicit utilizes
informative tools such as corporate analysis, market analysis and sizing, competitive and
consumer analysis, quantitative and qualitative research, and survey and perception studies. They
also use consumer market research to develop social marketing strategies that educate and benefit
society as a whole.

Consultancy & Trainings

Implicit Media & Communications Ltd offers all sorts of co-operation & specialized for any sort
of national/ international / multinational organization, regarding the feasibility study, Project
Management, Organizational Development, Human Resource Management, Training, Refreshers
Courses, Product Launching, Concept Test, Media Printing & Business promotions. The core
team of Implicit Media & Communications Ltd, having expertise in their respective fields can
also assist regarding all sorts of documented assistance required by the clients organizations, on
contact basis.


Other Support Services

Running business is a full time job. The last things clients need are hassles related to their
company's advertising and marketing. Clients rely on Implicit Media & Communications Ltd to
be their right arm in every fact of the marketing mix. This gives them time to focus on what's
more important for them - earning profits.

Clients & Portfolios

Clients are those who believe in co operation, Clients are those who believe in sharing, Clients
are those who has faith on agency.
These are the list of clients since their establishment:
1. Kohinoor Chemical CO (BD) LTD.
2. Sanowara Corporation
3. National Beverage Industries LTD.
4. Square Consumer Products LTD.
5. Panna Trading
6. Pragati Life Insurance Co LTD.
7. Eurydice and Eleftheria LTD.
8. Trade Commune LTD
9. Eastern Cement Co. LTD
10. Atlas Food and Beverage LTD
11. Gulf Environment Technologies LTD
12. Happy Homes LTD.
13. Extra Beverage Industries LTD.
14. Standard Chartered Bank
15. Basic Bank
16. Fakir Group
17. ARAF Group
18. Fielding Group


Prospective Initiatives for Sports & Adventure Tourism

Project Velocita Generation Next

Velocita is a 3 month long Sports and Adventure Event that spans
between the months of September November of 2012. Such a
project has never been initiated in Bangladesh before. This project
not only includes sports but also adds other programs related to
conserving Bangladeshs natural resources, awareness programs
regarding tourism, maintenance and development of the longest
beach in the world- Coxs Bazaar. Velocita is unique in many different ways. Not only that the
programs under this umbrella are the firsts in the country but also the execution has pioneering
features such as insurance coverage for the venues, participants and their machinery and/or
vehicles. Yes, Events under Velocita are the FIRST events in Bangladesh that will have
insurance coverage.
Coming to the Velocita Events- Sports like Motorbike Racing,
Auto Racing or Bicycle Marathon are not recognized as official
sports in Bangladesh where as other developed and developing
countries organize these kind of sporting events on a national and
international level. These kinds of events attract local and
international tourists thus contributing economically to a
countrys tourism industry. Velocita is an attempt to do the
same in Bangladesh. This is true that compared to other countries
Velocita is a very small project but it should also be noted that
this is the first attempt to organize something like this. Velocita
is intended to be an Annual Project and each year new and
unique sports will be added to it thus expanding and developing the project even more every year.
It is also intended to expand in terms of venue. This year Velocita is only taking place in Dhaka
and Coxs Bazaar but each year they will include other tourist spots of Bangladesh in this project
(i.e. Chittagong, Rangamati, St. Martins, Khagrachhori, Keokaradang, Srimongol [Sylhet]
etc.)Venue: Coxs Bazaar- Today even in the off-peak season Coxs Bazaar entertains over 1 lac


tourists on its beaches and in hotels. Peak-season in Coxs Bazaar only means scarcity of
accommodation. The reason behind this issue is general population have no other place to go
where there is proper accommodation or entertainment for tourists. Though Coxs Bazaar is
overcrowded in both peak and off-peak seasons still there is not much that tourists can do there
for entertainment. Thus foreign tourism is not increasing on a big scale and tourism.
Development is not that rapid. Velocita is starting its operation in Coxs Bazaar to capture the
tourist body that already exist there and also to increase foreign tourists. Also, related
conservation programs will help to create awareness to maintain and develop the beach area and
adjacent hill areas (i.e. Himchhori). And in the future, to move the tourist pressure from Coxs
bazaar to other places; Velocita will expand its operations in different places in Bangladesh as
mentioned before.

Sponsor Unveiling of Go Green Bicycle Marathon in Cox's Bazaar at Abakash Hotel, Mohakhali.


Organizers and Related Governing Bodies

Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation

Implicit Media & Communications Ltd. (Black n Orange)

Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism

Ministry of Commerce

Social Message: Velocita

Velocita is all about encouraging the youth to do something positive

Velocita is all about letting their previous generation know that they believe in
being Safe and insured and inviting them to be a part of such a big project.

Velocita is all about encouraging all to conserve the countys natural resources
and beauty

Velocita is all about stepping into the next generation sporting culture

Objectives of Velocita

Promote Sports Tourism

Increase awareness about road safety

Encourage general people to be involved in environment friendly initiatives

To introduce internationally recognized sports in Bangladesh

Development and expansion of the Tourism Industry in Bangladesh by

introducing adventure tourism.

Origin of the Report

The Internship program is the requirement for BBA program in Independent University,
Bangladesh (IUB). The program requires a student to work in a particular institution of their
relative field of study and gain practical knowledge regarding its functions. It is the opportunity
for the students to utilize their conceptual knowledge in the practical field. The duration of the
internship program is 3 months. For this requirement I worked in Implicit Media &
Communications Ltd. as an intern which helped me in enriching my knowledge base by matching
my theoretical knowledge with real life situations. This report is titled Problems & Prospects of
Sports and Adventure Tourism in Bangladesh.


Literature Review:

The principal themes in adventure & sports tourism have been psychological, focusing on the
reasons why people engage in adventure activities and their experiences whilst doing so.
Adventure tourists want to be thrilled and perhaps frightened but not actually endangered as
mentioned by Cater (2005). Such sensation seeking behavior, and perceptions of risk, have been
reviewed more generally by Cheron and Ritchie (1982), Ewert and Hollenhorst (1989).

Behavioral norms, and ways to measure and change them, have received particular attention.
Recent reviews include Manning & Freimund (2004). One useful practical application is through
codes of conduct. These have proliferated in many sectors worldwide, but their effectiveness has
rarely been tested, and generally found wanting. For example, Scarpaci and Dayanthi (2003)
found that swim-with-dolphin tour operators persistently breached an operational code of conduct
even though it was a legislated condition of their operating permits and there were identified
observers on board their vessels.

Accident and injury statistics provide another major theme. Most of the original data are
presented in medical journals, but the tourism implications are summarized well by Bentley
(2003) and Page (2005). Snow sports and diving have been investigated most intensively, with
reports on the frequencies of different injuries and the effects of age, experience and safety

The environmental impacts of outdoor recreation have received some attention, and much of this
is directly applicable in commercial adventure tourism. Some impacts, activities and areas have
been analyzed much more than others. There are also reviews of impacts on particular ecosystem
components, such as Beale and Monaghan (2004), and Cole (2004). Relatively few authors have
described the structure of individual adventure tourism products. There are, however, a number of
descriptions of outdoor recreation activities, commercial as well as individual, at particular
adventure destinations; and various analyses of participation rates and preferences.


Research Findings
Market Scenario:

Bangladesh has population of est. 16.2 crores among which 34.3% belongs to the age group of 014 years, 61.1% belongs to age group of 15-64 years and the rest resided as 65 years and above.
According to Bangladesh bureau of Statistics, 53.9 million People aging above 15 years happen
to be the economically active group in the country also known as the labor force (FY 2009).
59.3% of the labor force belongs to the youth group (defined age 15-35). As per BBS report only
unemployment rate has declined to mere 5.1% in 2009.

Yet, among those who are employed underemployment is high as 28% which means they are not
paid decent wage( not up to standard wage structure), or they are seasonal/disguised employers.
The proportion of workers in white-collar occupations amounted to about 33% of the
economically active population while the rest are blue-collar workers.

Evidently, the unemployed, underemployed and a certain portion of blue collar workers (who are
not treated according to and aware of the standard rules of labor act 2006), are most susceptible to
work place exploitation, criminal activities, drug addiction, drug abuse, home disturbance,
physiological and psychological strains. Even, among the white collars, such hazards remain
along with health problems as high stress level, heart diseases, diabetics, and obesity. Such
problems occur due to lack of proper health, fitness, and entertainment education and activities.

Amraa Sakti, Amraa Bol, Amraa Tarun Dol- Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam enlightened the power of
the youth through his famous poem. Youth are the might of our country. In other countries, youth
are driven to be more active, strong and healthy by many exercising activities; i.e. adventurous
trips, camping, hiking, races, swimming competitions and various other events. In our country,
there are sports clubs, but there is no other adventure event.


Survey Results
Based on the questionnaire, which is designed to assess the existing relation between dependent
& independent variables. Each variable have its own focus have constructed for costing where the
other sections have been formatted based on research design and attempted to capture the overall
point of view from industry experts as well as mass market. Questions are intentionally set
without a single order so as to eliminate the respondents answering bias. The close ended
quantitative question below was built around a definitive scale is designed so that all the
respondents answers can be evaluated from the same platform. The following results are based
on the question asked regarding Do you think that higher costs are a critical factor in conducting
R&D to develop tourism?


Strongly Agree




Strongly Disagree


Figure 1: Percentage of responses on the perception of Cost vs. Research Development

The chart displays the results of a survey conducted on employees from various tourism service
organizations regarding whether saving money is more important rather than spending on
research. They actually know how to satisfy their clients and also to create customer awareness
without any proper research. But a limited percentage of employees from agencies think research
is more important for developing customer awareness and research is the only process to find out
the best possible way for conducting a very good activation and creating satisfaction for clients
and also awareness for the consumers.


Findings from tourism service providers

A small number of tourism service providers were approached with questions similar to those
posed to the recreation associations. These respondents were in most cases, major operators of
group tours in the Coxs-Bazar, Bandarban, Rangamati, Jessore & Sundarban areas. In a travel
experience, customers look for:
Word of mouth referral or travel articles
A variety of experiences
Something significant to see
An attractive destination is one that provides:
Attractions or points of interest
Unique experiences
Cultural or historical features
Accommodation preferences are for:
Fixed roof 3 star or above
Downtown location
Remoteness or perceived remoteness is not as important as scenery
Clients willing to travel no more than 3 hours from a major airport but day trips of 10
hours are acceptable if stops are scheduled every 2 to 3 hours

It would appear at first glance, that organized adventure tourisms would be a good market match
with Bangladeshs existing product base, as there are massive amount of development towards
standardizing hotels into 3 Star and above ranks. However there may be opportunities that have
been overlooked. Although several of the tourism destinations in Bangladesh are too far from any
major airport for the clients, there are significant numbers of transportation alternatives in close
vicinity (buses and trains being the foremost) which could be used to arrange quick day trips, to
participate in adventure or cultural experiences. With further probing, the tour operators conceded
that if an area held significant appeal they would be willing to put their customers in hotels that
were not 3-star standard. So potentially, tour operators from least attractive destinations could be
brought to the more popular counterparts to undertake a series of activities and stay overnight or
longer. To attract this market will require differentiating the product.


Assessment of Existing Tourism Services & Events

The assessments made during the survey would not necessarily apply to the ability of the local
tourism providers to meet the needs of all types of travelers e.g. other adventure travelers not
pursuing leisure activities.

Tourism Opportunity Analysis: Adventure/Extreme Adventure Tourism in Bangladesh. Key

findings from this assessment are as follows:

Most operators had a good understanding of their markets, but overlooked opportunities
to promote their services to international markets. Examples of missed opportunities
would be the lack of marketing targeted at tourists going to India, Nepal, and expedition

Marketing materials for many operators were poor quality, showing average brochure and
web site development. Others were more rudimentary and in some cases, hard to find.
Most operators did an ordinary job of distributing their brochures, often using the Visitor
Information Centre, hotels, gas stations, plus mail-outs to existing customers, etc.

Staging areas for marathon cycling and auto/motorbike racing are challenging and present
significant operating difficulties, which will only be exacerbated if tourist numbers

Businesses have been in existence for many years, however many are supplemented by
income from other industries, especially in off-season and slow periods.

Business planning is informal, although most operations appear to be well run. Many of
the operators could likely benefit from some assistance in developing business or market


Staffing is a very significant issue. Lack of competition for staff means that securing good
people is problematic and most owners do not consider training an important part of their
business. There are few guides in the area, but those working are not certified where
appropriate, neither experienced nor well trained.

For those businesses interviewed who operate in remote areas, there appears to be very
limited risk management. Guides interviewed (often the owner) have inappropriate
certification and first aid training, and have no plans in place for bad weather, illness or

Many of the operators were concerned about the image of their towns, and also felt that
improved attractions were needed, along with a beautification process for the tourism

Land use concerns seemed to be focused mainly on securing land outside the town limits
for development. No operators mentioned problems with land use inside the town, for
example leasing space to conduct activities within populated areas (e.g. Dhaka,
Chittagong etc.)

Figure 2: International tourism; number of arrivals in Bangladesh


Functional area

Needs Improvement

Meets Expectations

Above Expectations

Good understanding
of target markets




Quality of marketing




Distribution of
promo materials








Quality & condition

of equipment




Office or permanent




Staging areas




Business planning




Knowledge &
certification of




Labor pool-quantity,
skill level




Ongoing training




Liability insurance




Safety management
plan for remote







Risk Management


From the numerous conversations held with tourism providers, town representatives, forestry
officers, district commissioners, resource managers, and members of Bangladesh Parjatan
Corporation, it is possible to assess the existing level of community support. It is recognized that
not all sectors of the community were contacted as part of this study, specifically those that are
not directly affected by tourism, so the findings may be somewhat biased. However, some general
conclusions can be made from the people contacted, and they are summarized as follows:

1. Support for tourism growth is very strong among tourism providers and those people who
benefit directly from tourism activities.

2. Government bodies (municipal and provincial) have provided support within basic
regulatory requirements, i.e. granting permits, enforcing regulations, allowing access to
staging areas, providing municipal commercial land for lease. While all interviewees felt
administration had been good financial stewards, some entrepreneurs expressed concern
that officials did not sufficiently encourage new tourism products or services.

3. Citizens endorse tourism where it brings economic benefits (especially jobs) for
themselves or their children as they grow up. Some citizens are concerned about tourism
growth if it results in crowding or changes to their own recreation experiences.

4. With regard to potential tourism development or new products, only one concern was
expressed about increased volume or new product types. The lack of concerns around
increased growth may be due to the low capacity utilization currently existing, and the
difficulty in visualizing a situation with too many customers.

5. Support for tourism seems high at this time but some of this support may be due to the
current lack of other economic activities in Bangladesh. Tourism is perceived as an engine
for economic growth, but some people admitted that if other economic prospects were
available, some people would likely shift their support away from tourism. It was


perceived that this shift would be to a mood of apathy i.e. focus shifting to new activity, as
opposed to any opposition for tourism development.
Determining Bangladeshs potential market size as a destination will depend upon a number
of factors such as:

Success in marketing

Ability to deliver consistent, quality adventure experiences

Effect of multiple activities being developed simultaneously

Competition from other destinations with similar products

Global economic forces e.g. strength of Bangladeshi currency, levels of disposable

income etc.

Finally, Bangladesh must deal with its lack of name recognition among adventure tourists. This
can be done by increasing marketing activities that position
organization (i.e. Implicit) as a medium that offers a whole
range of adventure products in one stunning setting. Bangladesh
as the adventure frontier would hold appeal to those looking for
an active vacation and the chance to explore a unique and
relatively unexplored setting. While developing the image that
will position Implicit favorably, it is important to convey the
sense of challenge and unique experience that tourists can find,
without frightening those lacking in confidence.

Bangladesh is competing against other destinations, but has an

advantage in its ability to offer a wide range of activities, many of them at an international
standard. Marketing messages may need to focus more on the affordable nature and the
opportunity to experience the undiscovered platform in the country. Messages like Aamra sokti
amra bol, amra torun dol being used by Implicit to capture the main essence of the endeavor.
This could be used to position this destination more favorably within regional markets.



Personal Interview with Mahi, Mohiuddin. Moderator, BDCyclists.

Personal Interview with Chowdhury, Raiyan. Representative, Haunt Riderz (Stunt


Official website, Implicit Media & Communication Ltd.

Kumar, Akshay. Adventure Tourism in India. Article retrieved from


Survey Questionnaire:

1. How well do you think the target market of tourism in the country is being understood?
a. Needs Improvement

b. Meets Expectations c. Above Expectations

2. How effective do you consider the marketing & promotion materials being used by
tourism operators?
a. Needs Improvement

b. Meets Expectations c. Above Expectations

3. Do you think that the promotion materials are being distributed efficiently so that it
reaches the target customers?
a. Needs Improvement

b. Meets Expectations c. Above Expectations

4. Are you aware of any cross-marketing techniques being used to promote tourism? Do you
think it is an efficient means of business strategy?
a. Needs Improvement

b. Meets Expectations c. Above Expectations

5. How would you rank the quality and condition of equipment being used to set up tourism
related events?
a. Needs Improvement

b. Meets Expectations c. Above Expectations


6. How important do you think is having a well-placed office location in terms of enhancing
the business growth for tourism companies?
a. Needs Improvement

b. Meets Expectations c. Above Expectations

7. What factors need to be taken into consideration when developing a solid business plan
and staging areas where to conduct the tourism activity?
a. Needs Improvement

b. Meets Expectations c. Above Expectations

8. Do you think that the employees representing the tourism companies are trained well
enough? How easy is it to hire and retain staff with appropriate skills in the tourism
a. Needs Improvement

b. Meets Expectations c. Above Expectations

9. Are there any tourism service providers in the country who practice risk management in
terms of emergency insurance plans?
a. Needs Improvement

b. Meets Expectations c. Above Expectations

10. How would you rank the safety management plan of the local tourism operators when it
comes to planning for remote rescue scenarios?
a. Needs Improvement

b. Meets Expectations c. Above Expectations

11. Do you think that higher costs are a critical factor in conducting R&D to develop tourism?
a. Strongly Agree

b. Neutral

c. Strongly Disagree