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The Planet X NewsLetter (2015) Issue #2

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by: Chris Thomas

May 2nd, 2015

After 40 years of inactivity, Chile's Calbuco volcano erupted at 6:04 p.m. local time (UTC -4) on April 22, 2015. This
photo was taken from Puerto Montt about 15 kilometers from the volcano looking towards the northeast. The eruption
cloud reached 10 miles high.

When volcanoes wake-up, everybody living nearby has

to pay attention. The prevailing winds determine your
experience: if the winds are flowing directly away from
your location, you are either fortunate by happenstance
or by design, for nobody should be living downwind
from a young volcano.
The problem that most people will have to deal with,
both in the run-down to the Pole-Shift, and most
especially in the After-Time, will be volcanic eruption
fall-out. The constituents are - close-in: Flying rock,
pyroclastic flows, volcanic gases (low-lying areas) and
heavy soil-poisoning ash-fall. The further away your
camp is, the better. ZetaTalk suggests staying 100 miles
away from any volcanoes less than 10,000 years old.
I created the right image combined from established
global prevailing winds, with the ZetaTalk New
Geography map as an example of what direction the
prevailing winds will be in the After-Time. It's an
exercise that everyone should do to protect themselves.
The trick is to notice, that although prevailing winds do
have a pattern, but when the winds approach land-fall,

they subtly change direction. This image is a good

example of that.

The Planet X NewsLetter (2015) Issue #2

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by: Chris Thomas

May 2nd, 2015

Image #2. - Grasdorf crop circle occurred July 22nd 1991

near Hildesheim, Germany with an exact east-west

Image #1. - One of three extremely pure metal plates

being held by the German historian Moschkote Litfass.
This is the bronze plate which was found under
Annunaki-strategic locations within the Grasdorf crop
circle 9 days after it was discovered by a jogger on July
22 1991.

What does a modern-day crop circle, a prior Pole-Shift,

Annunaki gold, an age-old sacred Germanic site and an
ancient crop circle have in common? The July 22nd
1991 Grasdorf, Germany crop circle.
Although this circle was laid down over 23 years ago,
it has massive indications to the Planet X curious. This
is a story that strides across centuries, even millennia,
stood briefly in the late 20th century as an amazing
artifact find in the ground under Grasdorf, yet far
exceeds that notoriety by galvanizing the essential
concepts of the work of Sitchin, Velikovsky and Nancy
Lieder's ZetaTalk all in a single location in Germany.
Grasdof was discovered on a Monday morning by a
jogger, was reported to a local newspaper where a
columnist hastened to visit the largest, and reportedly
one of the most complex, crop circles in living
memory. Thankfully, in those early days, even aerial
photographs were arranged in this case.
A local had passed the field at 11:00 PM the night
before and didn't notice anything unusual, but that
night another local, Christian Fiedler from Grasdorf,
had seen an orange-coloured, pulsing light, which
moved to and from at great speed in the area in
question. Grasdorf drew thousands of visitors, as crop
circles do today, but one particular visitor, dressed in
coveralls with a big drop-down mustache, showed up
9 days later with a metal detector. While scanning the
entire 13 circles with his detector, he dropped rags over

3 centers with the 90 surrounds. Once finished, he dug

down 18 inches in each location to find what seemed to
be 3 ancient Roman metal plates: A Bronze, silver, and
a gold. Image #1 is most likely the bronze plate, since
the Gold plate is said to have disappeared shortly
thereafter: whisked-away, but not before the plates
were analyzed in Berlin. All the metals in the 3 plates
were of such purity (99.99%), it discarded doubt on the
possibility of the plates being a hoax, since modern

Image #3. - Pictograph of Grasdorf depicting the locations

of the 3 metal plates.

metalworking does not provide for such purity of a

metal cast. In addition, the metals composing the
bronze plate were said to be of a local source,
including the metal in the Silver and the Gold, so
impossible to be a hoax.
Shifting the enigma to a narrative bonding ancient
history with the present, was the fascinating realization
that the designs on face of each plate-casting exactly
matched Grasdorf in every detail. The exact aboveground and below-ground design-correlation is just
beyond modern man to understand.
Enter ZetaTalk: It is obvious from the pictograph
metal plates found at Grasdorf, Germany that the
genuine crop circle placed there in 1991 has had a
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The Planet X NewsLetter (2015) Issue #2

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Planet X sighting-dynamics explained.

We see many images and videos on the Internet, where
the Original Poster is claiming a Planet X sighting, but
most are just lens flares or Sun Dogs. The problem is
the Internet and the ease of which anybody can upload
digital content. Yet most uploaders have no idea about
the make-up of Planet X, it's orbit, a general
understanding of physics or even commonsense it
seems, so analysis falls short. This brings about
confusion in the form of lens flare over-kill, blocked
desires to actually see and know the visual-truth of
Planet X and for some, the frustration of not being
motivated to plan for the After-Time without a personal
sighting. All fears will rest once the fact of an
impending Pole-Shift becomes an electrifying visceralknowing, then intent and action will dominate, after
which, happiness will ensue.
Understand where Planet X is and why (April,
2015) Planet X is within the ecliptic zone between
Earth and the Sun roughly about 50 million miles from
Earth. It is moving imperceptibly at a shallow angle in
an upwards direction (as seen from the northern
hemisphere). Also, Earth is stopped in orbit since 2003
when Planet X arrived in our
solar system. This orbit-stoppage
is caused by a continual flow of
planetary-scale atomic particles
flowing through and around
Planet X holding Earth in a backeddy grip. (Imagine a ping pong
Image #4. - Click on ball being captured within an air
current left image).
the image to see
Since we can see Planet X any
video. 8 seconds in
you will understand day now for years with LASCO
how and why Planet images, this can only be possible
X has stopped Earth due to an Earth halted in orbit,
in orbit: the hair
that, and the fact that Earth is up
dryer is Planet X and against Planet X in a lock: this
the ping pong ball is means that Planet X is near Earth
and since Planet X is visible next
to the Sun, this also means it is situated in a sun-ward
direction: between the Earth and the Sun. The Sun is
also a constant backdrop to the Planet X saga as
viewed from Earth.
This is why Planet X is
only seen close-in to
the Sun and not at a
distance. Left image is
a classic example of a
Sun Dog which is
often mis-identified as

by: Chris Thomas

May 2nd, 2015

Planet X.
Many aspects
make it
for Planet X
to be seen
that far from
the Sun.
Besides the
spectrum of
visible light
markings and
having dual
Image #5. - This image was taken by the
LASCO camera on the SOHO space satellite
appearances on April 12th 2015 at 10:00 am. Images
at 22 on each similar to this on of the Planet X complex
side of the
can be seen at any random time of the day
Sun, and at and it has been that way for many years.
This alone proves what ZetaTalk has been
the same
saying, that Earth is stopped in orbit. This
fact does raise other questions that are offabove the
topic for now and can be answered, but even
horizon as the if remain unanswered, do not negate the
Sun (sun dog fact of an Earth halted in orbit.
definition), a
heavenly object that large would have to be about the
size of Jupiter. Plus,
it would have to
appear perfectly
round: which Sun
Dogs never do.
Given the form of
our solar system and
where Planet X
orbits through, it's
just not an option to
have an interloping
planet halted in the
inner solar system hugely standing in view such as a
mis-identified left or right-side Sun Dog. Lens flares
are very complex to explain in detail, but are mainly
obvious in videos by their movement. Some aspects of
genuine sightings of Planet X include: a small fuzzy
appearance, spotted close into the Sun (2 to 5),
appears at the 3:00 to 6:00 O'clock position (northern
hemisphere, opposite in southern hemisphere from
about 9:00 to the 12:00 O'clock position). Planet X is
historically known as the second sun, since it lines
up thus: Earth --->Planet X---->Sun, this is the natural
(repeating) result.

The Planet X NewsLetter (2015) Issue #2

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by: Chris Thomas

May 2nd, 2015

The issue of radiation leakage into the sea is a major

concern these days since the Fukushima Daiichi
nuclear disaster in Japan on March 11th, 2011. It has
been 4 years now, and actual reports of the examination
of sea life are available for study. Not only studies, but
the radiation has arrived off the west coast of
Canada, not the U.S. west coast. The samples that will
be referred to were collected near the Ucluelet fishing
village on February 19Th 2015 by the Woods Hole
Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) over 15 months at
60 different sites. Additionally, it seems to me that
much of the fears of radioactivity in the local seas had
been driven hugely by innuendo and media/Internet
buzz on this subject. This is common and needs to be
counteracted by some reasonable thinking with up-todate information. So, in order to gain clarity on
radiation exposure from Daiichi, let's look at the facts
from each layer of influence and then combine them
into a scientifically-contiguous opinion.
Image #6 - Bronze Grasdorf metal plate depicting a prior
crop circle with an out-lined pictograph of the modern
Grasdorf crop circle overlaid. They match perfectly.

Grasdorf, Continued from Page 2....

...The Annunaki wanted to document this explicit
diagram while making note of key locations on the
design, and accomplished this by burying the plates.
We don't know which of the prior passages of Planet X
that the original crop circle was portending, but the
fascinating fact that an identical crop circle was laid
down in the exact same location one Sumerian shar
later is incredibly satisfying.

Part 1 - Radiation exposure and the Pole-Shift

The subject of radioactivity and it's transport through
the environment into human lives is highly complex,
but once the essential
facts are basically
understood, we can
move forward to the
latter parts of nuclear
radiation and the PoleShift. As a result of
these intricacies, this
article is quite
extensive, the first
section reads like a
scientific white paper,
yet when digested, will
Fukushima boy carrying what assuage the savage fears
that populate the
appears to be a Red Snapper
reactive mind.

The radiation substance: The nuclear power station

by-product of interest is Cesium(Cs) (or Caesium)134
and only partially, Cesium 137. Radioactive Cs, or
radiocaesium, is a radioactive isotope of caesium
which is formed as
one of the more
common fission
products by the
nuclear fission of
The latter just
Natural Cesium in a high-vacuum
means that Cs-134 vial. Cesium has the same luster as
is (one of many) Gold.
by-products from
the use of Uranium in the nuclear industry. It is most
important to note, that Cs-134 is traceable to Daiichi
and the Cs-137 is likely from atmospheric nuclear
weapons testing.
Doses and radio-activity: two very different
realities: Now it's true that this isotope of Cesium (Cs134) does not sink to the sea bottom quickly, and
remaining dispersed, is absorbed by fish. Radiation
measurement is very, very complex, but for now, let's
stick to the Becquerel (ab. as the Bq, it is a
measurement of radio-activity per second).The
radioactive Cs that has been detected in the sea water
off the west coast of Vancouver Island (and Hawaii)
was found to be 1.4 Bq (per square meter) of Cs-134
and 5.8 Bq of Cs-137.
Now, the isotope of particular interest is the Cs-134,
not so much the Cs-137. This is because all humans
alive today have been living with the Cs-137 since

The Planet X NewsLetter (2015) Issue #2

page 5

birth, so for all intents and purposes, we can ignore the

5.8 Bqs of Cs-137, for now.
What is critical to understand is that these Bqs of
radiation only reveal radio-activity, not doses. Consider
what the WHOI said in regards to the discovery of this
radioactivity off the coast of Vancouver Island: if
someone were to swim six hours per day for a whole
year in water that had twice that amount of cesium, the
radiation would still be more than 1,000 times lower
than what one experiences during a dental X-ray. For
further perspective, I have calculated the drop in Cs134 concentration from Daiichi to Ucluelet: consider
that the 1.4 Bq in question translates to a 1 part in
35,000,000 reduction of Bq units of radioactivity in it's
4 year trip across the Pacific Ocean.
Natural occurring radiation: This is called:
background radiation(BR), a
term that combines natural and
artificial sources. We absorb
BR via breathing, consumption
of food and water, terrestrial
radiation from the ground and
even from space. The best
example I've found that puts
BR exposure in context against
Thorite crystal: the most Daiichi is our exposure to the
common form of the
naturally-occurring Radon gas.
mineral that hosts the
Radon is formed as a result of
radioactive element
the breakdown of uranium or
thorium in the soil. Radon is a
radioactive but colourless, odorless and noble (nonreactive) gas. We breath it in everywhere. Even housebuilding codes include specific ventilation methods to
reduce the concentrations of Radon gas inside modern
homes as Radon leaks into the house from the ground
up. Now here is a very interesting fact about Radon
gas: In ill-aerated houses, its concentration climbs to
202,000 Bqs. So, if you live in an older house, your
exposure to Radon gas is about an average of 50 Bq per
cubic meter of air inside a home from radon gas, which
is 35 times more than in sea off Vancouver Island. But
that's not the only issue is it? It's about the sea food we
eat, I'll get to that, but first: Enter the dose.
Radiation dosage: The dosage, is the rate of exposure
to radioactive material. This factor of course is very
subjective and conditional. Think of radiation dosage
as standing near a fire, the closer you are to the fire, the
higher the dosage of heat. What if you are also wearing
a fire-suit while standing near a fire?, then that brings
radiation-absorption into play, which is too complex
to explain and actually unimportant to the overall goal

by: Chris Thomas

May 2nd, 2015

of this piece.
If you never swim in the sea or eat sea food, then your
dosage is nil as far as Daiichi is concerned. One study
by Deep Sea News regarding the sea floor being
littered with dead animals, a parallel issue which had
been erroneously attributed by the media to Daiichi,
concluded: There is no indication that any of the
events in this study were associated with the
Fukushima nuclear accident. Ironically, the same
study blames Climate Change on the kill-off of fish,
which as we know is really one result of the Planet Xaffected Earth-Changes, but I digress...
Radiation levels in sea food: There is more
background radiation(BR) in our food than we realize,
in fact, it far exceeds the addition of Daiichi. It was put
this way from a secondary source I am drawing on: A
typical restaurant-sized portion of Pacific bluefin tuna
(200 grams, or 7 ounces) contains about 5% of the
radiation you would get from eating one
uncontaminated banana and absorbing its naturally
occurring radiation. (original source: PNAS )
The artificial radiation-density added to our BR from
atomic bomb testing contains many other radioactive
substances. Compared to natural radiation from rock
and soil, it is massive (atomic testing since 1945 a
total of about
2053 events).
Finally, one
more example
based on
levels of
Castle Bravo atmospheric atomic
explosion, March 1, 1954 - Bikini Atoll.
polonium-210 were 600 times higher than cesium. This
suggests that the additional radiation (in the form of
cesium) from Fukushima (Daiichi) is insignificant from
a health perspective.
Conclusion: For now, we are using Daiichi as our
blueprint for After-Time radiation exposure. The Cs134 radioactive levels from Daiichi found in the sea
water off the west coast of Vancouver Island, have been
so hyped by thousands of Media reports, it has created
an erroneous public opinion of what a radiation threat
from the consumption of Canadian Pacific sea food
looks like. It is a different picture, however if you live
near the disabled reactor, of course. Even then, the
levels within 10,000 nearby residents was detected at
70 times less than a dental X-ray.
Continued on Page 8....

The Planet X NewsLetter (2015) Issue #2

page 6

by: Chris Thomas

May 2nd, 2015

the Annunaki (a Sumerian

name), having a sun in the sky is
a legend, and only experienced
by about one out of every 36
generations. They have no night
and day with a constant dusklike lighting preventing the need
for sleep to evolve. Resting is
attained by a slow-down of
activity. The light they do have,
is provided by deep fissures in
the crust radiating upwards
through their oceans to be
scattered about in their skies.
Nibiru is mainly covered by
oceans and where there is land,
it is warm to stand on, but not
hot and even cool in places.
Early on in their colonization of
Nibiru, the Annunaki realized
Nibiru's skies are lit by magma from deep ocean fissures. Image: "Tvashtar-on- that they had a problem: the
Io" by John E. Kaufmann.
planet was bleeding heat into
space with their extremely long
Dominating the Nibiru meme these days, is a kind
trip between suns. So a plan was developed to seed
of human drama-culture of extremes, which
the skies with pure gold-dust to reflect the core-heat
obscures the facts and the finer points of everyday
and light back to the surface. Soon running out of
life that all life-forms experience. Complicating
gold to mine on Nibiru, they began to search afield
matters, is the common credulousness of the young
for planets for their Gold. Eventually the Annunaki
Earth-human-culture that thinks only in terms of
found Earth with her plentiful gold. It is said that
humanizms. This highly simplistic projection is
man's current obsession with Gold originated with
typical of such a young and inexperienced race who
the Annunaki. Now here is where the story becomes
cannot stop the in-fighting long enough to feed the
adulterated, which is to say, it contains
poor or to colonize mars. To wit, this collision of
disinfomation and appears contrary to popular
ideas is avoidable by expanding the mind to
consider that extraterrestrial life is not so alien after Briefly: although the Annunaki
have been falsely deified and
Nibiru is not the original home planet of the
rightfully demonized, they are
Annunaki, yet their source-race, the Velon, live
also just another one of the
nearby in the same system that orbits the dark
millions perhaps trillions of
binary twin to our Sun. Nevertheless, the Annunaki races within our third
have inhabited the brown dwarf star for a very
dimension. They have good
long time. Nibiru, being a cooled star, still has it's
souls and dark souls mixed in
own heat and light to support life, but sling-orbits
as part of their society and
between the binary twin suns spending most of it's
according to a reliable psychic,
time in the quiet zone between. This quiet zone is
they wish to colonize Earth
the region of space extending trillions of miles
again, but are prohibited from
where a gravity balance is maintained: Nibiru
doing so by the Council of
dithers, floats and drifts here, biding it's time until
Worlds. The Council of Worlds Mod from Skyrim,
gravity attraction from the other twin causes it to
spiritually care for Earth and Roman Soldier dress
slowly speed up, in fact, Nibiru attains an amazing
was inspired by the
have deemed Earth to be offAnnunaki.
near-light-speed in it's latter stage of approach. To
limits to the Annunaki.

The Planet X NewsLetter (2015) Issue #2

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The South American continent is slowly rolling to the

west, grinding and pushing the Caribbean plate downward
as it does so. At the same time, Southern Mexico is being
pushed west.. The entire eastern seaboard of the U.S. will
jolt (suddenly, as a single event) in a south western
direction widening the missippi and opening the Gulf of
St. Lawrence (a.k.a. New Madrid).

The Jade Helm, Wal-mart closures and the New

Madrid connection.
The combined elements of this story are not as
important as the unifying cause, so I'll begin with the
7-out-of-10 event-scale earth changes at root that will
massively effect the southern U.S., all U.S. coastlines,
Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. But first, a little
background on the tectonic dynamics involved and
what will result as stress continues to accumulate
within Earth's continental matrix.
Earth's magnetic field is not smooth and symmetrical
as you see in common representations: the magnetic
poles have offsets: northern magnetic pole is offset
from it's geographic by 380 miles and the southern
magnetic pole is offset 1,800 miles. Additionally, we
have a 10,000 mile long magnetic mountain range
running in an S curve from south of Iceland to north
of Antarctica which is referred to by the Zetas of
ZetaTalk as: Earth's third magnet. The mid-Atlantic
ridge has considerable magnetic properties, as it is
entirely composed of cooled magma. ZetaTalk: this
Atlantic Rift is itself a magnet as the tearing occurred
during prior pole shifts and cooling magma was
quickly aligned with the reforming poles, and thus
becomes a third magnet encouraged to align with the
Earth's core and Planet X during their encounters.
I hypothesize, that if this ridge did not exist, rotationstoppage the week prior to the Pole-Shift, would occur
over the middle of the Pacific Ocean (latitude of the
highly-offset south magnetic pole), however, as it is,

by: Chris Thomas

May 2nd, 2015

the mid-Atlantic will have the 6 or 7 days of

continuous noon at that time. Therefore, due to Earth's
magnetic signature being uneven and lop-sided, it
means that Earth wobbles (tips and rolls in-place)
while rotating and has done so since 2004 (Planet X
ensconced at the ecliptic).
But what has this to do with the 7-out-of-10 event
series? Every day at noon (GMT-2) , the mid-Atlantic
ridge is facing sun-ward, and therefore Planet X. It is at
this time that the magnetic field of Planet X has it's
greatest, but temporary, hold on Earth's third magnet
for a short period of time that essentially holds back
Earth's rotation, as a shudder, causing an edgewise
continental collision of all global continental plates.
This magnetic grapple also occurs (to a lessor degree)
when the ridge is in opposition (midnight GMT-2).
To date, the globe's crustal conglomeration has
permanently adjusted to new postures, but this is a

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is massive in length & breadth

with a high-iron content of hardened magma that aligns
with the magnetic poles while cooling making it Earth's
3rd magnet. Age of rock is youngest at the dark brown
and ages to the blue at 160 million years old. Red pins
indicate current off-set locations of magnetic poles: north
mag-pole is offset by 380 miles and the south-mag by
1,800 miles. Planet X has a much stronger mag-field
causing Earth to wobble in-place as it rotates, this causes
Earth to tip and roll off-axis creating what is known as
Earth Wobble (art by Chris Thomas,info credit:

The Planet X NewsLetter (2015) Issue #2

page 8

progressive process with very specific outcomes. The

chain-reaction of concern for the north and south
American continent will be as follows (ZetaTalk
Series: 7-out-of-10 events):
The precursor to this series is Africa rolling to the west
causing the floor of the Mediterranean to drop....
1. A massive series of quakes in southern japan and
weeks or months later, a repeat in northern Japan.
2. Soon after #1, Victoria B.C. has a local quake with
a tsunami bringing up to 20 feet of water downtown.
3. - Weeks or months after #2, the New Madrid fault
line adjusts with a slip-slide from the gulf of St.
Lawrence to the Gulf of Mexico: the New Madrid.
4. - Almost immediately after #3 will be the European
Tsunami event and southern Mexico driven to the
westward which is followed by the California quakes.
The sub-terrain supporting the Caribbean Islands and
Mexico will be under constant movement during this
set punctuated with fault-snapping and water
I have roughly calculated that about 85 million people
will be effected (to some degree) by this 7-out-of-10
earth-change-set on either side of the New Madrid
Fault line. This number doesn't include the U.S. eastern
seaboard from Main to Georgia, but these states will be
effected as well, perhaps to a lessor degree of damage,
however, they will be cut-off from the continental
U.S.: all the (130) bridges over the Mississippi will be
downed: this will sever food, water, electrical, gasoline
and equipment deliveries forcing the local states to
mostly manage the disaster on their own. Much
equipment and assistance will be required immediately,
a mammoth task even for the U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers to handle. The solution is to prepare with
stores of food, water, portable power generators and the
other necessities such as soap, extra clothing, blankets,
etc. Seek out others of like mind to form mutual
support cooperatives. New Madrid will be an

by: Chris Thomas

May 2nd, 2015

unwelcome foreshadowing of After-Time living to be

sure, but few enjoy a wake-up call, except to revel in a
stabilized adjustment afterwards.
The other factor in the mix is Cuba. It has a population
of 11.5 million people, many of whom will be looking
to continental U.S. for a new life in the days after New
Madrid: a massive migration by sea.
Finally, what has Jade Helm and the Wal-mart
closures to do with this far-reaching calamity?
ZetaTalk: If operation Jade Helm is preparations for
an illegal immigrant hoard in the event of Earth
changes such as a sinking Caribbean Plate... and: The
Wal-Mart stores are being closed to be fitted as
temporary FEMA centers in the event of a New Madrid
disaster.. Concerning the overview of the anticipated
New Madrid and likely Cuban migration: These
disasters overlap, and thus Wal-Mart is being asked by
FEMA to expedite their readiness at this time.
Heartening to know that the U.S. government is at least
preparing food and shelter for those seeking a new
home after New Madrid.

A relatively modern find in the waters of Alexandria (near

Cairo), Egypt: artifacts from Cleopatra's palace. Dj vu :
It seems the Mediterranean Sea floor has a history of
being forced downward during prior Pole-Shifts by the
westward rolling African continental plate.

Part 2 - After-Time Radiation in the Sea

Boat used by migrants to Itally at Scicli, Sicily, in 2013.

Remember to show kindness to those seeking a new home:
we've all been migrants at one time. Image:

Globally, there are 439 operational nuclear power

stations with another 69 under construction as of
January 2015. Most of these plants are either situated at
sea level or near a river, likely providing any radiation
leakage a path to the sea. We can also assume that most
plants will be destroyed during the Pole-Shift and will
leak radiation. Meanwhile, it is also possible that a few
stations will not leak radioactive material, yet the
combined leakage into sea will be very significant.

The Planet X NewsLetter (2015) Issue #2

page 9

Taken in Antarctica circa 2007. Uncredited.

Of course the melting ice caps will raise the sea level
675 feet within one a half years in the After-Time and
these stations will become like the old undersea cities
of stone monuments we see in diving expeditions now.
There are several levels of good news to come, so hold
on... First some simple math-based projections.. Based
on the Daiichi radiation-leakage totals, the combined
radiation leakage of all nuclear power plants could add
just 5.08% to the background radiation (BR) on the
planet. But since most of these nuclear plants will be
on the sea bottom after the Pole-Melt, let's triple the
radiation effect to add over 15 % to the BR. Of course
the danger of radiation-contaminated sea food does
depend on how close your camp is to a nuclear station,
clearly a situation to avoid in your settlement plans.
There are several obvious mitigating effects to the
spread of radioactive material during the Pole-Shift and
in the After-Time. The Zetas of ZetaTalk say that
volcanic ash suppresses radiation, and we know there
will be lots of that in the skies in the After-Time.
Another interesting factor, is the addition of 74.3
million square kilometers of fresh polar water being
added to the sea after the Pole-Melt is completed,
adding to the sea-mass an additional 2.7 %. Also,
consider that the world's oceans will be stirred
considerably by the global 500 to 600 foot waves and
the shifting oceanic-plates during the hour of the PoleShift. Yet these effects are just likely to even-out the
BR around the world, perhaps lessening the overall BR
The human body is able to adapt to new conditions,
even involving radiation. But before we go there, just a
few more numbers that will finally start to bring the
subject home. Now, radiative-energy from radioactive
material has a highly-graduated scale of measurement
on several distinctly different levels, so at this point we
have to leave the Becquerel (a radiative measurement)

by: Chris Thomas

May 2nd, 2015

and jump to one of the dosage (bodily-absorption)

measurements: the mGy, or the milliGray. A single
dental X-ray is a dosage of 0.7 mGys of radiation.
Many of us have had those. Compare that dosage to our
average yearly exposure to BR, which is 3,700 mGys.
The latter amounts to 147 dental X-rays a day. So we
live with radiation quite happily.
So what are we to conclude with this highly-intense
and complex subject of the effects of radiation on the
human body? Everybody concludes differently, which
is why I wrote the scientific detail portion on this very
important subject for the left-brain dominant or the
detail-oriented. In other words, the dosages are just
simply extremely-low and out-of-health-danger range.
There is another entirely different approach to the
subject which will appeal to the right-brained
dominant: the whole picture style, the creative, which
is part 3.

Eurasian Lynx, near extinction, but thrives in the

exclusion zone near town of Chernobyl Taken by a
camera trap in December 2012.

Part 3: 21st Century Chernobyl - Many of us will

remember the catastrophic nuclear accident that
occurred on April 26th 1986 at the Chernobyl nuclear
plant in the Ukraine. Chernobyl, the town however, is
situated 9 miles from the old nuclear plant and is the
world's best example to use when discussing radiation
leakage against a Pole-Shift scenario. But first, let's set
the stage with a brief outline of the grim reality on the
ground in this largely-abandoned town. Chernobyl, the
event, is considered the worst global nuclear disaster in
history and is a (topmost) level 7 on the International
Nuclear Event Scale. One estimate is that eighty
percent of the total radioactive material in the plant was
said to have been released, culminating in a grand total
of 3.7 Septillion Becquerels. Another ghastly estimate

The Planet X NewsLetter (2015) Issue #2

page 10

Unknown babushka of Chernobyl - photo by Yuli Weeks.

suggests that the radiation released was 400 times as

much radiation as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.
Today, that radiation is included in the background
radiation (BR). The major difference to note between
the two nuclear disasters, is that Chernobyl is
characterized by mainly air-born radiation exposure,
where Daiichi had a large ocean-release component,
but both disasters provide examples of two kinds of
potential radiation exposures in the After-Time.
The town of Chernobyl today has about 300 resident
souls living within the exclusion zone with radiation
levels off-the-charts. Within the area known as the
zone of alienation, a 19 mile circle around the old
plant, lies Chernobyl. The soil, air and water there is
considered among the most heavily-contaminated on
earth. Mostly elderly woman live there today
(babushkas), these
remaining women were
numbered among the
original 14,000 residents
who were forced to
evacuate within the few
days after 1986Chernobyl. However, in
the months to years
afterwards, there were
approximately 1,200
returnees. What was the
motivation? Most of the
babushkas share the belief
that if you leave, you
die. Resident Hanna
Zavorotnya says: You
cant take me from my
mother; you cant take me
Hanna Zavorotnya of
Chernobyl, 78. Photo taken from my motherland.
Nov. 2012.
Motherland is

by: Chris Thomas

May 2nd, 2015

Now, speaking to life
with radiation, a
study in 2014
revealed a
fascinating turn of
events involving the
birds and animals
living within the
exclusion zone. The
article, focused on
The Black Redstart - of the genus
the radiation-effects "Old World flycatcher", was
sustained by the
among the 16 species tested at
birds and animals
Chernobyl that was found to have
living near
adapted so well to the radiation
that: "may even obtain beneficial
Chernobyl, has
hormetic effects following an
brought to light a
new evolution-event: adaptive response." In other
adaptation to living words, the birds are extremely
with radiation. The healthy. Source.
study noted that
some birds were doing very well and others not so.
Apparently, the bodies of the birds, as do humans, use
antioxidants to perform various bodily maintenance. In
the case of a few particular Chernobyl-birds, they
usually use their antioxidants to produce a pink feather
pigment. But it has been found, that the bodies of 14
out of 16 species of these birds have re-directed their
antioxidants to fighting radiation. This is why these
particular birds were flourishing. The wolves are doing
very well too, and being the top of the food chain, then
it follows, so must their prey populations. The land
around Chernobyl is
now teeming with
wildlife that have
reclaimed the
abandoned land now
referred to as a
wildlife sanctuary.
All analysis aside,
Chernobyl, the worst
possible radiated
land-site ever, has
people living
happily within the
exclusion zone for
Przewalski's horse: It is the last
25 years with a
remaining ancestor of the domestic
burgeoning local
population of birds horse and the only extant wild
horse. It lives on the Mongolian
and animals.
steppes and in a Chernobyl
radiation field in Russia.

The Planet X NewsLetter (2015) Issue #2

page 11

The Zetas of ZetaTalk on living with radiation in the

After-Time:Where radioactive substances, such as
those that go into the production of nuclear bombs or
nuclear power plants...(these) would injure those
humans living near or on the site....Radiation
poisoning can be insidious or devastating, but will not
occur worldwide. ...Radioactive dust, where explosions
do occur, will be dispersed so thoroughly that it is
rendered harmless....(but) there will be radioactivity in
the locale, making this unhealthy, but these will be
localized problems, not airborne problems.
We all have our own viewpoint on Planet X and the
Pole-Shift, but due to the Planet X cover up, aligning
our opinions to reliable
information is difficult.
Worse, the Internet is so
full of disinformation, it
has infiltrated the public
consciousness with a
kaleidoscope of
foolishness. Drawing on
the emotional and
psychological human
make-up, black ops
think-tanks issue
designer-lies every day
targeting various types
of people. The objective
"The Man From Planet X" a
is to twist the logic of
movie made in California by
MGM and released on the 27th the thinker or to betray
of April 1951. This movie is an the believers with
spurious scientific
example of the pre-cover-up
media environment at the time. articles, altered
historical scientific
The Planet X cover-up came
crashing down sometime
reports, removal of
around the mid 1980'es
truth-inspiring events
from public record (such as crop circles) and of course,
media lies. This has generated a mis-informed public
Pole-Shift-meme which is destined to clash with the
reality that people will be facing on-the-ground.
Meanwhile, ZetaTalk is the only tested, proven and
consistent supplier of intelligent discussion on matters
Planet X. On the other hand, it is recommend that we
decide for ourselves what we think is the best course of
action to take going forward. But this forms a
dichotomy: The real source of organic-Truth is within
us, it is not an outside source, which is why the
stability of intuition needs to be our ultimate guide. The
closer we are to our intuitive, the less reach our mentalupdating needs to be. But for most of us, quality

by: Chris Thomas

May 2nd, 2015

information triggers the intuitive as valid impressions

registered within our awareness, so it works both ways.
What hangs-up the process, is being attached to a
particular outcome or concept, which is why we need
specific tools as a work-a-round when we feel stuck,
bored, impatient, frustrated or confused.
What I am about to describe is really a subject in itself,
but it is so very important to express now, most
especially at this time of the forthcoming cataclysmic
denouement of the millenniums of modern human
The human ego separates Life into imaginary boxes
based on it's intelligence, education and cultural milieu,
but in reality, all Life is constant, eternal, infinite,
inseparable from it's forms and beneficent. Despite our
denial, there are wide passageways of influence that
connect our lives with the infinite that have our best
interests at heart. John Lennon expressed part of it this
way: Life is what happens while you are busy making
other plans. Yet, it is no longer the innocent 1960'ies.
These times are unique in the modern history of human
civilization, and quite possibly the history of Earth, in
that we are also transiting to a higher vibratory zone of
existence. Combining the entrance to a higher realm,
with the fact that all of us are facing a geographic PoleShift as well, is this inter-planetary, involuntarytransformational, metaphysical phenomenon that will
bring the highest spiritual cache into play.
The way forward can be stressful or peaceful, it's our
choice: we need to stand back from our motives at any
moment and observe. When we give-in to worry or
fear, we can waste energy and miss opportunities,
whereas remaining peaceful in all that we do, we will
notice our lives changing in a dream-like way that will
suit our needs for the After-Time. Either way, this
alignment will happen. As we continue to prepare for
the Pole-Shift and the After-Time let there be a song in
our hearts and a kind word on our lips. Peacefulness is
attained by turning every decision, no matter how
small, into a choice characterized by unselfishness,
kindness, happiness and compassion towards others
and ourselves. It starts and
continues anytime as we wakeup to it. If there was any moment
in the history of humanity, this
would likely be the apex of
opportunities to take up a rededication to Spirit. This is what
I call: Pole-Shift Integration.
Credit: ZetatTalk for P.S. info.

Author: Chris Thomas

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