Graffiti: a style of art or urban vandalism? This is a topic that a lot of people discuss about, they don’t know if graffiti is a style of art that has become very popular in modern times or it is merely vandalism that destroys the cultural heritage of the cities. On one hand, some people consider graffiti as a means by which people can be free from the stress caused by problems with their work, family,...Graffiti has become, for others, a new style of art in which the painter usually expresses his feelings or opinions about some important issues that, in general, affect the society we live in. Moreover, others even use this instrument as a way of protest or demand to the authorities, avoiding the use of physical violence. On the other hand, people believe that the practice of graffiti is an act of vandalism done by marginal or antisocial people. Besides, this kind of writing or painting is considered as a form of aggression against the cultural and artistic heritage. Some even think it is carried out by people that suffer from mental imbalance. In my opinion, graffiti is a good way to express some opinions or ideas and a very popular style of art that has got more and more supporters but I believe that this kind of art shouldn’t damage the appearance of monuments, buildings, etc. in a town or city because this practice can be done in places where it is not forbidden or places in bad conditions, so that they can look more beautiful.