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June 21st & 22nd,

Management education all over the world is undergoing a sea-change in
accommodating and updating the unheeded and unobserved paradigms
through collaborations and international exchange programs. Management
education constantly strives to uplift the standard of curriculum
development and delivery to meet high expectations of the ever changing
needs and demands from stakeholders, globally. It is passing through a

defining time to establish itself firm in the tough and 'hard to negotiate'
marketplace thereby ensuring to meet the global standards and practices in
the arena of management teaching. There is a need for exploration of new
classroom teaching methodologies through research-oriented approach and
thus, paving way for the creation of new-knowledge and applications for all
stakeholders involved.
To quote Werner van Braun,
Research is what I am doing when I dont know what I am
Going by the scientific definition, Research is the systematic investigation
into and study of materials and source in order to establish facts and reach
new conclusions. Research is often considered to be rhetorical while in true
sense of nature it is an approach with a futuristic vision. Research in general
is thought to be associated with science and technology but it goes
unnoticed that even to do our grocery shopping we do a research to know
which product is the best suited according to our needs. Depending on our
area of investigation research takes various forms being Scientific,
Humanities or Artistic. Research in itself is derived from the Middle French
word recherch which means to go about seeking. While the qualitative
research talks about human behavior and the reasons that govern such
behavior, the quantitative research emphasis on the numerical data and
uses statistical methods. Technically research can be considered a strategy
which includes a set of steps which are critically important starting from
Identification of problem to communicating the research findings.
Communication of research finding is done by academic publishing which is a
system that is necessary in order for academic scholars to peer review the
work and make it available for a wider audience. Todays findings from the
Building blocks for tomorrows invention; hence it is of utmost importance
that the research findings are recorded effectively. In addition, it also avoids
plagiarism which is one of the most common pitfalls of modern day research.
As the saying goes, Nothing in life comes free for any form of research to
be carried out a proper funding source is required.

There are innumerous funding agencies across the globe for different fields
be it science, art, management, humanities etc which constantly provide
support and motivates innovation, as rightly stated by Mr. Bill Gates, I
believe in innovation and that the way you get innovation is you fund
research and you learn the basic facts.
If we look at the modern day business, Research and Development forms
the foundation for the growth and expansion. It fosters creativity and helps in
sustainability in the market. Research is the face of change in any
organization and change is the only constant come what may.
The way to do research is to attack the facts at the point of


Objectives of the FDP

The Faculty Development Programmed would focus on facilitating the
Faculties and Researchers in the field of academics to proceed with clarity in
their respective research work. It will help to develop a deep insight within
the research aspirants towards research. The programmed is designed to
fulfill the following objectives:
To develop initial thoughts among the participants related to research.
To acquaint the participants with simple and exhaustive ways of data
analysis through interactive and practice based sessions along with
theoretical learning.
To inculcate the analytical skills of teachers, managers & scholars in
To develop pedagogical and research skills of the participants.
To facilitate a hands-on experience of the models and tools used for
conducting research in management as well as in academics.
To help faculty members how to write, obtain, and execute Research
To establish and strengthen link between research institutes and
organizations working in the area of market/marketing research
To explore and discuss about the emerging areas of research.

The program is structured around the following components:
Introduction to research and Problem formulation
Scale Construction
Data Collection
Statistical Methods of Preliminary Data Analysis
Correlation and Regression
Testing of Hypotheses,
Parametric Tests
Advanced Data Analysis Techniques:

Non parametric tests

Discriminant Analysis
Cluster Analysis
Introduction to SEM

Who can attend?

Corporate Personnel, Academicians, Practitioners and Research Scholars

Resource Persons
Dr. Netra Pal Singh, Dean Researcher and Accreditation, MDI Gurgaon
has more than two decades of experience in academics and research .He has
been associated with premier institutes and been specialist consultant to
Ministry of Finance, Tertiary Education, Govt. of Srilanka, Karnataka Milk
Federation, North East Council ,Washington, to name a few.
Dr.Ajay Pandit, Professor FMS has a rich experience with specialization in
Marketing Research. He has been associated with Pokhra University, Nepal,
Deccon University Australia ,Govt of India and PSUs for several consulting

Registration Details
Registration fee per participant is Rs. 2,500/-. Please fill the Registration
form, send it along with the fee through a Demand Draft favoring Delhi
Institute of Advanced Studies payable at Delhi to Event In-charge.
The registration fee includes the course material, tea and lunch during the
The accommodation for the participants can be arranged with a request for
the same being received 10 days prior to the commencement of the
program. All participants are supposed to make their own travel
arrangements including local transportation.

All participants shall be awarded with certificates of participation after the
completion of the program.

Event Venue:
Delhi Institute of Advanced Studies
Plot-6, Sector 25, Rohini,
Delhi - 110085,
(Ph No.: 011-27934011, 27934400)
Event Date:
Last Date for Submission of Application Form:: 25th May 2014
Organizing Team:
Ms. Shilki Bhatia (9958050269)

Ms.Tanvi Rana (9871429541)

DIAS established by Shri Laxman Das Sachdeva Memorial Educational
Society, is a dynamic and growth oriented institution imparting professional
education in the field of Management and Information Technology. The
Institute provides comprehensive learning environment through seminars,
interface programs, industrial visits etc. to help students build
multidimensional personality and broaden their horizon.

We strive to provide a dynamic learning environment for imparting holistic
education that inculcates professional excellence, induces competitive spirit
and instills leadership quality to carve a niche in the changing global

DIAS believes in learning to excel and excelling to grow. The aim of the
Institute is to develop a unique culture that seeks to scale heights of glory
through ethics, passion and perseverance. The guiding philosophy of the
Institute is to enhance team spirit, integrity and commitment to serve the
cause of humanity.


Registration Form
Two-Day Faculty Development Programme
June 20th & 21st, 2014

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DESIGNATION :_________________________________________________________


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Ms. Shilki Bhatia (9958050269)

Ms.Tanvi Rana (9871429541)
(Organising Team FDP)