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Chitkara Business School

(BBA-B Com Department)
Internship Training a very vital component of the BBA program which gives students a
bird’s eye view of the corporate world and prepares them mentally for the challenges
that lie ahead. Good and sincere work done during this training will facilitate students
with their final job placement, help deliver value to family business and also prepare all
for the future higher education. Internship training also needs to incorporate some of the
mandatory understanding on issues of current concern to the nation and society.
For ease of understanding about the process, deliverables and assessment towards
BBA degree, important instructions are given in these instructions. These are covered as
1. Annexure I – Coverage and criteria for assessment.
2. Annexure II to IV – Formats.
Detailed Instructions
1. Internship – Students will work in a functional workplace of industry of their own
choosing. There will be no break and at the end of designed internship, a certificate
of duration and work will be included in the project report.
2. Contemporary Issues – Internship students will also study two such issues
(Disaster Management, and Human Values & Human Rights) during their internship.
Necessary prescribed books for the same will be sent by CBS to all those on
3. Students will be placed under a faculty mentor for guidance, monitoring and
assessment for the entire duration of the internship.
4. Each student is advised to be in touch with his/her faculty mentor regularly. It is
mandatory to provide a monthly feedback to the faculty mentor. Feedback is about
progress of your project and Internship training.
5. The students opting for own company must submit a parental consent letter. All
students must provide a company offer letter on company letterhead, signed by the
head of organization. The Offer Letter must confirm duration of the internship,
stipend or incentive, name of the training manager with email ID and telephone
number and location of the internship.
6. The duration of current batch internship/OJT is up to 31 May 2015 and students are
strongly advised to adhere to this period. Students will submit an internship
completion certificate at the end of their engagement, which will be attached to the
project report.
7. The students are advised to submit their Initial report within one month after
commencement of internship/OJT, Interim Report within four months after
commencement of internship/OJT and Final Report by 30 April 2015. Final report
will be hard bound along with a soft copy (CD).

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All the students should maintain a diary containing their experiences and progress of the training on daily basis. Therefore. Please note that this is highly objectionable. it will have a direct bearing on a student’s completion of the course and may also result in allocation of another company for an enhanced duration. they have a tendency to copy one another’s report or make a joint report. Specific role played by the BBA student. punctuality and in an ethical manner without disturbing the congenial environment of the company. 11. Please refer to Annexure III. 13. In case a company or training manager reports absence of an intern. It is also noted that whenever two or more students work in the same company. This means that award of their degree shall be delayed. Internship Project report will carry a certificate from the employer on company’s letter head duly signed by an authorized signatory and should carry following information: A. The diary will be checked by the panel at the time of viva and presentation. C. Periodic webinars will be organized on the same. It is generally observed that during internship. 14. Or else they shall lose all the credits and will be asked to appear for all the pending Theory exams in 5th and 6th Semesters.8. i. Not attending to the training for the entire duration or non-submission of reports on time will also invite same implication. IV and V in this regard. 9. if it was a team assignment. 10. B. reprehensible and unethical. Company’s appraisal on the contribution made by the BBA student. Appropriate skype/google hangout support will be available to the students on the subjects. The Reports should be strictly in the format prescribed to all the students. Size of the team which handled the project/assignment. students are strongly advised to refrain from this practice. The Mentors will be in touch with the interns once a month and will also pay a visit to the companies to check students’ performance. ii. The students must undergo the training with proper discipline. The students should refer to Annexure-II for the criteria of Monitoring and Assessment. 12. should they require it. Nature of project/assignment under taken along with brief description of the same. Period of this project/assignment along with specific dates. There will be a Moodle based examination on two subjects being studied by the students. students copy the report of the seniors. Page 2 of 13 .

Page 3 of 13 . Two reviews in a central place to be decided by the university. interim and final report as extended project. Quarterly meeting across telephone or Skype/visual media with the company mentor by each faculty mentor.Com in their final year join identified companies for on-thejob training (OJT) or internship. Soft copies of all reports to the Academic coordinators and Faculty mentors. Exact dates or weeks to be mentioned in the Guidelines hand Book. The students will be assessed in both through an online examination and credit added to their academic progress. The students are also given two additional subjects of contemporary importance for self study and supported through webinars/other system. They gain their credits for qualifying in their respective training programs and performance from these companies. Student intern to submit initial. business generated in the company. Monitoring This is done by the faculty assigned as a mentor for the entire duration of the OJT/ Internship. 40% weightage based on the feedback interaction.Annexure-I Students OJT/Internship with External Companies (Monitoring and Assessment) Introduction Most students of MBA/BBA/B. These brief guidelines lay down a process of monitoring their performance by the University/ CBS and to conduct their formative assessment during the internship period. The evaluation criteria will be as follows:      60% weightage to be based on the Internship project reports. First and second reports as a soft copy and final report as a hard copy in a hardbound cover. The review can also be carried out through available digital social networking mean. Assessment of two subjects separately done. Two copies of all reports – one to the faculty/university and other for the company mentor. Evaluation Students’ evaluation is essential to award them equivalent credits and award of the degree by the University. company mentor’s evaluation and final absorption of the student in the company. punctuality in submission of reports. Following guidelines may be used:      Monthly review of internship role and learning. Faculty is expected to visit the intern in his/her work place. internship learning. based on OJT learning. Details given as annexure. if within the tri-city to carry out a periodical review. Guidelines will be given separately.

interim and final report Last week Assessment by Faculty mentor of the CBS Assessment by Company Guide Marks 30 Assessed by Company guide 40 Company and Faculty Guide 40 TOTAL 160 Credits 50 3. The tests to be conducted in Dec 2014. punctuality) Obtaining Final Placement in the Company (Appreciation letter if already on the job) Frequency Once in a month With Interim and final report With the initial. deportment. Subjects (Disaster Management and Human Values & Human rights) To be evaluated through a comprehensive Moodle based online test for those on internship and OMR based MCQ for those in the campus.EVALUATION CRITERA – INTERNSHIP/ON-THE-JOB TRAINING 1. Dates will be posted on the Chalkpad. Internship/OJT Progress Reports Component Initial Report (contents to be given in a Guidelines Book) Interim Report Final Report Viva Due by One month after commencement of internship/OJT On completion of four months By 30 April 2015 First week may 2015 Assessment by Faculty mentor of the CBS Marks 30 Faculty mentor of the CBS Faculty mentor and company guide. Internship/OJT Learning Reports Component Feedback interaction Business generated (Quantified against targets) Corporate presence of the intern in the company (attitude. Faculty mentor and Academic Coordinator TOTAL 60 Credits 90 60 240 2. Page 4 of 13 .

brief objectives and research design. Main Competitors & brief Competition Analysis 7. 4. 5. Project decided and undertaken. Introduction to the particular firm/division where internship is being undertaken. No. promoters & vision. Executive Summary 2. brief write up about the group companies to include business carried on by the parent company and group companies along with brief history. of employees: managerial. 10. (To be sent as a soft copy – MS word file. Maximum 10 pages report). stipend or incentive offered. Sample and survey design for the project. 6. 9. job required. supervisory and skilled 8.Annexure II Format of Initial Internship Report (Within one month from the commencement of the Internship) (Cover page to be similar to the final report) 1. Introduction of the company/business. Type of internship. Time-line for the completion of the study. Page 5 of 13 .

Annexure III Interim Internship Project Report (Within four months from the commencement of the Internship) 1. Strategies (marketing. 5. promoters & vision. 11. of employees: managerial. stipend or incentive offered. Introduction to the particular firm/division where internship is being undertaken. Need & Objectives of the Project 10. Future plans of the Company & Road Map Page 6 of 13 . Details of actual work undertaken till date and timeline. No. 12. Type of internship. Executive Summary 2. Main Competitors & brief Competition Analysis 7. job required. 4. Introduction of the company/business. financial & HR) adopted 13. Financial Statement Analysis of the company (if available). supervisory and skilled 8. 6. brief write up about the group companies to include business carried on by the parent company and group companies along with brief history. Title of the Project undertaken 9.

 Left margin = 1. One spiral bound report to be retained by the student  It should be supported by numbered visuals / charts / pie charts wherever possible.5 line spacing. Font size 12 for main text in body. (Avoid overuse of images from internet especially in company Introduction) Page 7 of 13 . Page number should be placed at bottom. and the text for printing should be identical. please keep the following points in view:  Total length of the report should be between 80-100 pages  It has to be computer typed.Annexure IV Final Internship Report (By 30 April 2015) INSTRUCTIONS FOR PREPARATION OF FINAL INTERNSHIP/ OJT REPORT FOR BBA  Students are required to submit one copy of the report that should be 80-100 pages. iv.. Times New Roman. Font size 14 (Bold) for headings.  The cover should be Printed in black letters.5” (wider for binding). iii. Times New Roman. right & bottom margins = 1”  Training report should contain page numbers (1. The report should be STRICTLY IN THE APA FORMAT prescribed to all the students. Times New Roman. 1. Preliminary pages should be numbered: i. 2.. 3….) starting from Introduction chapter. vi etc. center of the page  One soft copy of report in CD and one hard copy with Brown Leather jacket and wording in golden letters to be submitted in department. v. Top. While preparing the report. ii.

Text: 12) and Page margins(left side: 1. Chapters 9.3 Executive Summary – Executive summary should be one page synopsis of the project report typed double line spacing. Executive Summary 5. Acknowledgement 4. Cover Page & Title Page 2. department and full address of the company.1 Cover Page & Title Page – A specimen copy of the Cover page & Title page of the project report is attached.2 Certificate – The Bonafide Certificate should be received from the Company in which training has been undertaken. PREPARATION FORMAT: 2. Certificate(Original in one and photocopy in other) 3. CONTENTS PRESENTATION: The sequence in which the project report material should be arranged: 1. Annexure Note: Add tables and figures only if needed and write the source of table and figure just under it. The certificate shall carry the supervisor’s signature and shall be followed by the supervisor’s name. designation.5.Format of Project Report 1. 2. 2. List of Figures 7. 2. rest sides: 1). Table of Contents 8. List of Tables 6.4 List of Tables – The list should use exactly the same captions as they appear above the tables in the text. 2. One and a half spacing should be adopted for typing the matter under this head. Font Size (Heading: 14. Font Style Times New Roman. References/Bibliography 10. Page 8 of 13 .

7 Chapters – The chapters may be broadly divided into (1) Introductory chapter  It includes everything about the organization you have worked in. Finance. One and a half spacing should be adopted for typing the matter under this head.Domestic/Foreign d. Other relevant information Introduction to particular Firm/Division where internship was undertaken: a. products and services with brands c.6 Table of Contents – The table of contents should list all material following it as well as any material which precedes it. Turnover h. Respective objectives of departments. Introduction to Corporate and a brief about group companies: a. Purchase etc. Exports. Special observations & comments Page 9 of 13 . Mission & Vision b. Objectives. Markets (Domestic & Export) f. 2. Awards etc. R&D. Products/Services and brands e. A specimen copy of the Table of Contents of the project report is attached. c. Procedures followed/detailed operations and activities.) Organization Structure Chart containing designations. HR. Inventory/ Stores.) a. names. Details of top executives (MD/CEO/GM etc. Salient features. Other information (Such as Certifications. c. special techniques adopted.5 List of Figures – The list should use exactly the same captions as they appear below the figures in the text. Turnover e. d.2. Historical background of the group. Marketing & Sales. This chapter must include the following. Detailed Operations. b. Quality Policy b. d. The title page and Bonafide Certificate will not find a place among the items listed in the Table of Contents but should be given page numbers in lower case Roman letters. Markets served . hierarchy Study of functioning of all the departments (production. 2. Names and Location of group companies. Advertising/ Publicity. One and a half spacing should be adopted for typing the matter under this head.) g.

Sebastopol. You need to include the address of the website at which you viewed the work and the date on which you viewed it. 1-23. The reference material should be listed in the alphabetical order of the first author. e. if possible. Not more than 4 objectives are required. pp. scope of the study. (4) Findings.g. CA: Cisco Press Page 10 of 13 Pages . Roshan. P. data collection techniques (Do not copy from the book write what you have done) (3) Data Analysis and Interpretation  Along with graphical presentation also infer the data. Author Date of Publication Title Edition Place of Publication Publisher (ii) Electronic Books Electronic Books should be treated very similarly to print ones. sample unit. be taken from the title page and the back of the title page. New Delhi: Pearson Publishers Ltd. (2003) Financial Analysis. It is usually laid out like this: Kotler. sample size. J..8 References –The listing of references should be typed 4 spaces below the heading “REFERENCES” in alphabetical order in single spacing left – justified.SWOT Analysis of the Company (2) Objectives and Research Methodology  Write about the objectives of the study taken by you. & Leary. The name of the author/authors should be immediately followed by the year and other details. 12th Ed.  Research Methodology include information about research design. (2006) Marketing Management. Suggestions & Limitations 2. Reference Writing (Must be alphabetical) (i) Books (or reports) Information about a book should. P.

A biography of Leopold Paula Bloom. (2000). (2005). are usually called magazines but more academic publications are often known as journals. Business viewed on 11/03/2008] (iii) Journal Articles Publications that are published regularly with the same title and often a volume and/or part number are usually known as serials. bimonthly (every 2 months). B.g.g. quarterly (4 times per year). HR Magazine.html [viewed 11/07/2011]. weekly or daily. 50 (13). Popular serials e. 60-61. http://www. These are important but only required as evidence in the project paper. e. J. These could include publications published annually. ***** Page 11 of 13 . Annexure – All big tables and information like organization questionnaire etc can be placed as annexure.safaribooksonline. Barger. G. Changes ahead in health care management. The reference from journal should be laid out like this: Author Year Article Title Journal Title Kumar.robotwisdom. Volume Part/Issue Page Numbers (iv) Web Sites You should include the address of the web page and also include the date on which you viewed the page.[available at: http://proquest. 2.9.

SPECIMEN A Comparative Study of service provided by Public and Private sector banks in Tricity Submitted to CHITKARA BUSINESS SCHOOL in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of degree of Bachelor of Business Administration 2012-15 Submitted by: Supervised by: ABC Roll No. 10023 XYZ (Asstt.Professor) CHITKARA BUSINESS SCHOOL CHITKARA UNIVERSITY 2015 Page 12 of 13 .

This project is being submitted by him/her in the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Bachelor of Business Administration from Chitkara University. Name and designation _____________________________________________________________________ DECLARATION I. _______________________ (Student's Name & Signature) _______________________ (Roll No.____________________ (student name). data or work done by others and cited in the report has been given due acknowledgement and listed in the reference section. "________________________________”. S/o or D/o____________________ (Father’s Name) has been accomplished under my guidance & supervision as a duly registered BBA student of Chitkara University. hereby declare that the work presented herein is genuine work done originally by me and has not been published or submitted elsewhere./Ms.TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN (On the letter head of the respective organization) This is to certify that the project titled __________________________________ _____________________________ studied/carried out by Mr. Any literature.) Date: __________________ Page 13 of 13 .