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1st Part
Answer the questions below:
a. In the initial environment, there is a link called Course Presentation Describe what you
can find in this space? Paste at least 3 screenshots of the information found.

In this space the description of each of Apprenticeship environments such as found, Initial
Information, Knowledge Environment, Collaborative Environment, Practical Environment,
Evaluation and Monitoring, Management Environment.

b. Describe the process to read and send an e-mail in the course using screenshots images.
Para enviar un correo se debe ingresar por el link siguiente, ubicando previamente el link
de Mi correo

Liuego de escribe el parrafo o mensaje y se eligen el o los destinatarios, y se procede a dar clik en

Para leer un mensaje


Whats your tutors name? Whats your course directors name? Whats your collaborative
group number? How many participants are there in your collaborative group? What are
their names?

Mi tutor se llama Holmes Augusto Garcia.

El director de curso Leidy Diana Sanchez

Mi curso colaboratico es el 90021A-220

En mi grupo nos encontramos 5 estudiantes.

Los nombres son :

Edwin Alberto Yumayusa
Alejandro Castro
Wilson Bernardo Pulido
Wilson Giovanny Chaparro
Jorge Camacho

d. Which is your tutors Skype account? Which is your course Skype account? Which is your
course director Skype account?
La cuenta de mi tutor de skype es.
La cuneta de director
Mi cuenta es edwin.yumayusa1

e. How many academic units does this course have? Name the topics in each.
Este curso cuenta con 2 unidades,
La primera tiene los temas Modal Verbs, Comparatives Adjectives, The Verbs, Simple past.

La segunda unidad contiene los temas Adverbs of Frequency, Modals of possibility, Superlative
Adjectives, Likes and dislikes


Complete the chart:

Prezi presentations

In the environment

In the Link

And you can find

Learning networks
(Redes de
Integrative Activities

g. Design a semester calendar stating:

Opening and closing dates.
Evaluative weight.
h. What do you do if
Electrical power stops while you are presenting a quiz or an Error screen appears
at the end of any activity
The grades link or administrative information disappear

What are the steps to the present the Speaking assignment?

2nd Part
Paste a screenshot of your updated profile:

3rd Part
Answer the following questions completing the chart:

Is English important in your life? Why?

Is English important in your career?


Yes. English language is very important

because it is the universal language

Yes. English language is very important in

my career because many manuals be on this