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!Firstly thank you for taking the time to read this. Patumahoe-Mauku Playcentre is a parent lead Early

Childhood Education Centre. We currently have 34 local families attending our centre, with 42 children
aged 0-6years old.

!We are granted some government funding but largely rely on fundraising to support our centre

Ginancially. For our major fundraiser for the year, we are making 500 recipe books to sell to other local
ECEs, schools and their families and Counties Association Playcentres. They will also be sold alongside
our baking stalls that we run locally and to families, networks and friends of our centre families. Our
recipe books will be reaching a wide range of people.

!I am asking that you support our centre by sponsoring a page, there are 3 options of sponsorship these
Sponsorship Amount

Size of advertisement


Logo included


14cm x 3cm

Black and White

Only text


half A5 page




full A5 page



This could be an advertisement for your company (if you are a business), an inspirational quote or
simply some words of wisdom.
!Here are a couple examples of what your sponsorship could look like if you choose the $20 option:
Patumahoe-Mauku Playcentre!
09 236 3902
Parent Led ECE (0-6 years old)

Like stuffing marshmallows into a

piggybank, its difficult, but not impossible!

!We really appreciate your sponsorship to enable us to educate our children and provide our centre
with well-equipped resources.
!Thanks so much in advance,
Parents, children and families of Patumahoe-Mauku Playcentre
Any questions please contact Simone Joe- President 0210543619,


!Payment Details for sponsorship:

Sponsorship Details:

Acc number- 38-9016-0772233-00

Please use your name and SPONSORSHIP as reference for your payment.
Cheques can be made out to: Patumahoe-Mauku Playcentre
Cash accepted for sponsorship if preferable.

!Details: - All sponsorships must be Ginalised and payment received by June 15th 2015.


-All half and full page advertisements please send to by June 15th

- $20 option Sponsorships can be up to 3 lines of text only, please print clearly below
!______________________________________________________________ Contact
!______________________________________________________________ Contact
Contact Email: