Running Away 1

SweetxFidelity and The-Moon

Chapter One: Through the Rain

Each drop of rain heavier then the last, my sneakers were soaked as I ran through the city streets. My socks were cold and starting to get wet, with Converse sneakers socks never really stayed dry. The night was cold and of course it was raining, not a star was visible due the thick clouds that filled the sky. My legs started to feel heavy but I had to keep going, if I stopped that would mean I¶m making room for regret that I would actually think about going back to a house that wasn¶t for me, that wasn¶t forgiving, or caring. Lying on each paper I get from the teachers, faking each parental signature I could with my step mother¶s name. The teachers questioned the signatures but I had friends on my side that could lie to them through a phone call faking that they were my stupid step-mother. The teachers fell for it each time, but with each call I got I felt guilty. I was letting my father down when it came to school, I would fail my class and each time the teachers would pull me aside and ask me what is going on. Lying to them each time was easy but my friends are actually to take notice. Once my father died I started slipping, falling into failure and sometimes not even going to school. My step mother never cared, and deep in my heart I hoped she would die whether it was by a car or by a cigarette. I know it sounds terrible but she¶s a terrible person, I have no idea what my dad was thinking when he married her. ³Running away again? What¶s with you?´ the voice echoed through my mind which was already stuff with problems. But everything seemed to stop when I heard his voice. ³Leave me alone.´ I said stopping. Stopping was the mistake I made when, I should have kept running, but I know he would caught up to me. ³Why should I leave you alone?´ he asked I swallowed hard ³Because you have no say in what I¶m doing.´ I responded the words stronger then my own voice. ³Really now, do you remember what I told you when I took you the hospital the last time this happened?´ he asked ³Shut up! You have no say in what I¶m doing. You have no authority over me!´ I snapped ³As someone who knows you more than anyone, yes I do have authority over you.´ His voice powerful I looked around and didn¶t see a figure in site, the voice sounded like we were face to face but he must be behind me. I felt him touch my neck, I jumped clenched my fist ready for a fight, I wiped around and faced him. I thought I had blocked him out but his face, his light skin, green eyes and height was all coming back to me. ³Jumpy, do you really wanna fight because I¶ll always win in the end.´ He said to me as a smirk came across his face

Running Away 2
SweetxFidelity and The-Moon

³Why don¶t you ever leave me alone? Why do you follow me?´ I asked He didn¶t respond to me, I raised up my right hand smacked him. He shook his head and smiled. ³You can never really hurt me.´ I got into a fighting stance and looked at him. ³Then bring it! If you think you are such a badass bring it!´ I snapped ³I¶m not going to fight a girl.´ He said ³Really?´ I asked. I went for his rib cage, he dodge it quickly and frowned. ³Is a fight what you really want?´ he asked I punched him in the face and didn¶t miss. ³Alright.´ He said ³But let¶s makes a wager. If I win you come to my house and settle in my house till everything is sorted out your home. If you win, you¶ll be free to runaway to any part of the city.´ He said ³My house will never be sorted out.´ I mumbled ³Then you can stay in my house then.´ He replied ³Alright.´ I nodded I went for a punch to his face, but he had caught my fist and quickly kicked my side. The pain quickly traveled through my body as I fell to the floor, I looked at him and jumped back up as if I felt nothing at all. I saw his punch aim for my shoulder but I side stepped quickly to the right and caught his bringing it to his back. I felt his body tighten, but he broke out of the lock since I wasn¶t strong enough. I went to punch him in the chest but he caught my fist again, and flipped me. My body fell to the ground, I felt the softness of the grass beneath me, but the pain didn¶t stop. I scream as I the surge of pain run through my body. ³I win.´ He said ³Fucking, bastard.´ I mumbled ³Say what you want but this time you¶re going to stay in my house, whether you want to or not.´ He picked me up gently From there all I saw was the street lights and the drops of rain get lighter and lighter. The night sky was starting to clear up. As my vision start to get blurry my memory did too, I couldn¶t remember his name nor could I remember why we were friends. But the only thing that worked was my brain telling me to trust him because he was helping me, if he wasn¶t helping me I would be kicking and screaming in his arms trying to gain the attention of the sleeping neighbors of the street I was running down.

Running Away 3
SweetxFidelity and The-Moon

Chapter 2: So much better (Colin)

I couldn¶t wait any longer for this girl to wake up, the fight was brief but she should have been up by now. The nurses I hired stood up all night taking care of her while the guilt washed over me, no matter how many times they tried to tell she¶ll be okay I couldn¶t help but feel like my vision was going to come true. ³I¶m going to leave; I¶ll be back at night. Make sure she¶d tended to when she is awake.´ I said as I walked toward the front door. ³But sir, you can¶t leave.´ Grace told me as she blocked the door. My father had left his mansion to me when him and my mother had decided to go on an over extended business trip overseas. Along with the mansion came the help, even though I was never really home they were always here to help. ³Yes I can Grace, she is going to be fine. Plus it¶s wearing off. Now if I may.´ I said as I motioned for her to kindly step aside. ³Fine sir, but do be careful. She will be asking for you when she wakes up.´ Grace nodded and opened the door for me. As I exited the house I couldn¶t help but feel extremely guilty for leaving her, but my body was already starting to feel weak. ³Call me when she wakes up.´ I said to Grace as I left My body was already week, the energy had started wearing off last week, and I knew I should have gone to District last week when I had the chance. I started up my motorcycle and took one last look inside the house before I started the bike. In the back of my head I started to doubt she was going to pull through, I¶m still not sure of how strong my strength is but it couldn¶t have been that strong if I was weak. The drive wasn¶t that long since I had flashbacks to the fight we had last night. The dark streets weren¶t so crowded with people tonight; I guess it was too cold for them to even come outside during this hour of the night. Pulling up District I parked the motorcycle and looked at the guard, he nodded. ³I¶ll watch it sir. Amber is already inside and is quite upset.´ He said as I walked to the entrance. ³I figured as much.´ I replied The District was a club, maybe club is the wrong word but to the humans who gave themselves to the Dark ones I guess it¶s a club, to the vampires I guess they call it more of a building size snack bar with sexy ladies inside. Amber was one of the humans who I requested to keep once I realized she was someone I knew from my old middle school; turns out she had a crush on me for years. She even told me

Running Away 4
SweetxFidelity and The-Moon

why she started believing in Vampires. She said ³I always believed you were a weird person, of course I don¶t mean that in a bad way. But you just didn¶t seem like a normal human, you always seemed more laid back. I¶m glad I¶m right.´ ³There you are! Where the heck have you been?´ Amber asked as she grabbed my hand and laid me to the back room. To my surprise the place was almost empty, maybe ten or twelve people in the front. ³Sorry I¶ve been busy.´ I said trying to relax as my body grew tense. ³Sit down and tell me about your business.´ Amber said as she sat down Amber was probably one of those rare girls who have brains and a killer body. Of course she embraces her body more than she did her brain. When I started to come to District she always wore short skirts and tight black shirts exposing most of her chest. I never told her that I didn¶t like her; I thought she would figure it out but unfortunately that moment hasn¶t really come yet. I sat down next to her and looked at the room and felt more comfortable, the white lights and black room made everything seem more clam. ³Just stuff, you know.´ I was being more evasive about my work not really wanting to explain ³Visions,´ Amber asked me ³what about?´ ³I rather not say.´ I said getting a little tense. ³Sorry, so you¶re weak right? Then I¶m a little yours.´ Amber said with a smile as she tied her hair in a ponytail leaving her neck exposed, I saw eight bite marks on her neck, I always came to her each month. I kissed her neck and leaned in and bite her neck, she let out a gasp at first but she started to relax. She even put her arms around me, her blood was sweet just like always but it seemed like the other girls blood smelled sweeter then Amber¶s. She started to take over my mind, I kept thinking she wasn¶t going to pull through; I was started doubting it so much. Amber¶s blood was like a firework explosion in my mouth, it was amazing the first couple of minutes but it dies out quickly. I felt my phone vibrate in my black sweater pocket. I pulled away from Amber¶s neck and picked up my phone. ³She¶s up sir, but in a lot of pain. The medicine we gave her isn¶t working. The nurses are staying by her side but it seems like she¶s more determine to get out if and when she can.´ Grace said, her voice shaky and nervous ³Alright, I¶ll be right there.´ I said before I hung up my phone ³You¶re leaving?´ Amber asked ³Yeah, I have matters to attend to. I¶ll see you soon.´ I kissed her cheek gently and walked out of District, I know amber wanted more of an explanation but I couldn¶t give it to her. The night was still cool but nothing I couldn¶t handle I got on my black motorcycle and went straight to the house without any stops because if I didn¶t I know this girl would run away again, it was the only she could do at the moment.

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