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PV Solutions Residential Rebate

Reservation Confirmation Form


Once a completed Reservation Confirmation Form has been received, a Reservation Confirmation Number will be issued. To receive a Reservation
Confirmation Number the “Purchaser Information” must be completed. If you have already selected an installer, please complete the “Installer
Information”. If you have not yet selected your installer, this area may be left blank.


Program Dates
The program begins January 1, and will terminate on December 31, 2010.* IID allots a yearly budget for PV funding. Once all funds have been
reserved to projects, the program is closed and no other reservations will be accepted.
*IID reserves the right to modify the program at anytime without prior notice. Please note that any construction done
prior to IID approval will void rebate eligibility.

Program Requirements
• The system must meet all IID guidelines as published in the Developer Energy Planning Guide found at
Planning-Guide-August-2-2007-1.pdf and the Electric Service and Meter Equipment Guide found at
• All flat plate modules and inverters must be on the State of California Energy Commission list of eligible equipment.
A list of approved PV modules can be found on the Web at
A list of approved PV inverters can be found on the Web at
• You must be a current and active customer of Imperial Irrigation District.
• Limit one rebate per service address.
• The system must be a minimum of 1000 watts AC.
• Rebates incentives cannot exceed 15kW.
• The system must come with a minimum five year warranty against breakdown or unusual degradation.
• The system must be installed by a licensed contractor class C-10 electrical or C-46 solar.
• The system must be installed in accordance with all applicable building and national electric codes.
• The system must be connected to the IID system and you will be switched to a net metering rate.
• The system must include a second meter to record generation for billing purposes.
• You must agree to future inspections of the equipment to verify PV system performance.
• You must operate and maintain your system for a minimum of five years in the area served by IID.
• If your system is more than 30 kW, please refer to IID’s Regulation 21 Guidelines.
• Your system must pass IID final inspection before your system has authorization for interconnection.

Steps to Receiving Your Rebate

• Complete and submit a Reservation Confirmation Form along with a $100 deposit to reserve funds for your rebate.
Your system must be installed within 6 months.
• Submit your One-line Diagram and Site Plan along with 2 original completed Net Metering and Interconnection Agreements
within 60 days of receiving your Reservation Confirmation number.
• IID will review your plans and, upon approval, send you the PV Solutions application.
• Construction of your system may begin. Any construction done prior to IID approval will void rebate eligibility.
• Complete and submit your application along with your final invoice and a signed building permit.
• IID will conduct a final inspection to verify installation meets program requirements. Any system energized before the final inspection will void
the rebate.
• IID will issue your rebate payment within 30 days of the final inspection and approval.
Please mail your completed form to:

Imperial Irrigation District

PV Processing
P.O. Box 937
Imperial, CA 92251
If you have any questions, please contact us at: (760) 339-9724
PV Solutions Residential Rebate
Reservation Confirmation Form

This form must be completed and submitted to IID along with a $100 deposit in order to reserve
a rebate for installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system under the IID PV Solutions Rebate Program.
Please refer to the instructions on the reverse side of this form.
Only fully-completed applications will be processed.
Name  Daytime Area Code and Phone No. IID Contract Account #
 (   )
 Address City State Zip Code

 Installation Address City State Zip Code

E-mail Address
Proposed System Size________________Watts PTC

INSTALLER information (if known)

Name  Daytime Area Code and Phone No.  Fax No.
 (   )  (   )
Address City State Zip Code

E-mail Address Contractor Class

License # Expires
Will installer provide a full five-year warranty? q Yes q No

PRIMARY CONTACT (please check one): q Customer q Installer

To receive your rebate: (1) the generating system must be installed and in service and (2) all applications and documentation must
be faxed or postmarked by the expiration date or the reservation is void. The $100 deposit is non-refundable for voided reservations.
The generating system must be sold to the purchaser and installed on the premises listed above and as submitted on the PV Solutions
Rebate Program Application. This reservation is non-transferable.
I hereby apply for a rebate from IID’s PV Solutions Program and have read, understand and agree to comply will all the requirements
and conditions of the Program. If I do not, I relinquish my claim to this rebate and forfeit the $100 deposit.
Customer Signature Date

confirmation of pv rebate reservation

IID has approved the above applicant and will reserve funds to pay an estimated* rebate of $_____________________ for the proposed
_________________Watt AC generating system to be installed at

Address of Installed Generating System

Provided the proposed system is installed and all program requirements are completed prior to ________________, IID will deny this
rebate after this date if these requirements are not met. Date

IID Authorized Representative Signature Print Name Date


*Exact rebate amount to be determined when a completed PV Solutions Rebate Application is received.