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Date; 11 /02 / 2009 This Technical Training applies to the following model # WALL OVEN SINGLE/RANGES MODELS: CPS/CPD/ECPS/ECPD/RSD/RSE/PGR/RSG/ERSD/ERD/ERDE. Product Description: Wall Ovens/Ranges Condition / Cause: Testing controllers control voltage from ERC/Clock Controller to Main Relay Board.

Cause: Solution/Answer: Do the following checks for (Blank Display/No Bake/Broil/Convection. Tools needed; Volt Meter, Burner tool for range models, 86007c The wiring harness diagram below is a picture of the low voltage harness that connects the ERC/Clock controller to the Main Relay Board. When looking at the picture of the Low voltage harness each wire in the harness is label. When programming a cooking function through the Membrane Touch Pad the ERC/Clock control send 24 VDC by way of the Low Voltage Harness to the Main Relay Board. Example: If the unit is program into a bake cooking mode the ERC/Clock control will send 24 VDC by way of the Low Voltage Harness thought wire # 5 to the main relay board to close the bake relay which supplies the (L2) side voltage to one side of the bake element. The ERC/Clock must then send 24VDC to close the DBL ( Double Line Relay) to send the ( L1) line supply down to the other side of the bake element which gives the element its 240VAC. T o test the 24VDC out of the ERC/Clock to the Main Relay Board use a voltage meter set the meter to read VDC insert the test leads into the back side of the Low Voltage Harness at wire # 1&5 for bake relay and 1&2 for DLB (Double Line Relay). The Low Voltage Harness is number 1-16 which is coming off the back side of the ERC/Clock and 1-14 is plug into the Main Relay Board. Please notice wires 14 & 15, these two wires are the supply voltage to power up the ERC/Clock control (24VAC) From the Main Relay Board.

NOTE : This test is not use on Models ER Range/Discovery Wall Ovens (EO/PO/MOH/V),Renaissance Wall Ovens (EOR/MOR)
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