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1) Auto Collimator is used to check:
a) Roughness
b) Flatness
c) Angle
d) Automobile Balance
2) Ideal surface roughness as measured by the maximum height of unevenness, is
best achieved when the material is removed by
a) An end mill
b) A Grinding wheel
c) A ball mill
d) A tool with Zero Nose radius
3) In the specification of dimensions & fits:
a) Allowance is equal to bilateral tolerance
b) Allowance is equal to unilateral tolerance
c) Allowance is independent of tolerance
d) Allowance is equal to the difference between maximum & minimum
dimensions specified by the tolerance.
4) An IC Engine has Bore & Stroke of 2 units each. The maximum volume of the air
swept by this engine will be
a) 2
c) 4
d) 8
5) Bolts in the flanged ends of pressure vessel are pre tensioned. Indicate which is
a) Pre Tensioning helps to seal the pressure vessel
b) Pre Tensioning increases the fatigue life of the bolts
c) Pre Tensioning reduces the maximum tensile stress in the bolt.
d) Pre Tensioning helps to reduce the effect of pressure pulsations in the
pressure vessel
6) Which of the following materials require largest shrinkage allowance, while
making a pattern of casting
a) Aluminium
b) Brass
c) Cast Iron
d) Plain Carbon Steel
7) Choose the correct statement:

a) A fixture is used to guide the tool as well as to locate and clamp the work
b) A jig is used to guide the tool as well as to locate and clamp the work piece.
c) Jigs are used on CNC machines to locate and clamp the work piece and also
to guide the tool.
d) No arrangement to guide the tool is provided in a Jig.
8) A thin walled cylindrical vessel of thickness t and inside diameter d is filled with a
gas at pressure p. The maximum stress in the cylinder will be :
a) Pd/2t
b) Pd/t
c) Pd/4t
d) Pd/8t
9) The silencer of an IC Engine
a) Reduces Noise
b) Decreases brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC)
c) Increases BSFC
d) Has no effect on the efficiency
10)Abrasive material used in grinding wheel selected for grinding ferrous alloy is
a) Silicon Carbide
b) Diamond
c) Aluminium Oxide
d) Boron Carbide
11) Cast Steel Crank Shaft surface is hardened by
a) Nitriding
b) Normalising
c) Carburising
d) Induction Heating
12) Disposable patterns are made of
a) Wood
b) Rubber
c) Metal
d) Polystyrene
13) A fit is specified as 25H8/e8. The tolerance value for a nominal diameter 25mm
in IT8 is 33 microns and fundamental deviation for the shaft is -40 microns. The
maximum clearance of the fit in microns is
a) -7
b) 7
c) 73
d) 106

14)The area moment of Inertia of a square of size 1 unit about its diagonal is
a) 1/3
b) 1/4
c) 1/6
d) 1/12
15) A Static fluid can have
a) Non-zero normal and shear stress
b) Negative normal and zero shear stress
c) Positive normal and zero shear stress
d) zero normal stress and non-zero shear stress