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I personally am not comfortable with subjects like the ones portrayed or

shown in the film but the story of the movie did sound interesting when I heard it
from some of the people who were able to watch during the film-viewing. I was not
able to show up during the said viewing so I searched up the movie in the internet
and read summaries, reviews and comments pertaining it and also watched trailers
and short clips of it. The following would be my opinion on the film and how I feel
about it.

First impressions on the movie may say that it is quite a twisted masterpiece
with three characters on three different generations interconnected with
emotional/sexual relations and feelings for each other. Along with this unusual
(abnormal for some) trait of the characters is another peculiarity among
relationships/couples wherein both parties are females. This is commonly known as
homosexuality which is one of the main oddity the viewers may notice or
specifically, may be bothered with since the main characters are the ones involved
in this kind of relationship although not fulfilled or just a one-sided one. Both Sheba
(Cate Blanchett) and Barbara (Judi Dench) are involved in perverse, awkward and
weird situations which are acknowledged as sinful or immoral such as lust, adultery,
unfaithfulness, homosexuality and exploitation.

Well, above are what one sees on the surface but somehow deep within every
character, one can see different stories and emotions leading to their actions
highlighted in the film. The two most elaborated characters state how they feel or
their view on life which hints to the audience as to how and why they have done, is
doing and will be doing the events on the film. The movie ends with Sheba being
back with her family but paying for her actions in jail for almost a year and Barbara
seemingly having another friend. With all that I have said, and despite the odd and
controversial theme of the movie, the film has received various compliments and
reviews from different websites and critics which leads me to think that people may
have liked the movie because it offers a type of entertainment which only comes a
few times in a number of movies/stories because they portray debated topics.

This just shows that we, humans, have this curiosity on the unusual and
controversial which may open a way for us to choose what we will believe. Having

said this, I deeply believe that we have the freedom to choose our actions on our
own without a higher entity pushing us to do this or that. It is up to us if we feel
guilt, if we follow or not, or if we do the right or the wrong. It is also up to us to set
our lives and minds on which is right or wrong and which we should do. God never
dictated us and will never dictate us either but in the end, it is He who will judge us.
Although I say this, I still believe that we, just like God, cannot dictate upon other
people what to believe, hence, the existence of respect for and among people.

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