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Step 1
Make a new folder called Program in either C or E or whatever drive you use the mo
st, in that folder make another folder called Simcity and copy paste all the data
from the torrent file. (For example mine was C:/Program/Simcity).
Step 2
Copy all files in the "SimCity DRMLESS Beta Update 1.5" folder and paste it to t
he SimCity folder.
Step 3
Right click the new SimCity folder (now with all the torrent data in it) and go to
Properties , and then uncheck Readonly , when it asks if you want to apply this to su
bfolders click yes .
Step 4
Inside the Simcity folder go to the Extra folder and open the Electronic Arts, In
c CA.crt file, click Install Certificate then click next, then click the Place certi
ficates in the following store button, click Browse , Select Trusted Root Certificati
on Authorities and click Ok. Then just click next and finish. You should see a me
ssage appearing saying Import successful .
Step 5
In the Extra folder copy the Hosts file, then go to C:Windows/System32/Drivers/etc/
hosts , and delete the Hosts file there (back it up somewhere else if you want, you
will need it if you want to use Origin legitimately). And paste the torrent vers
ion of the Hosts file (might be slightly larger than the previous one).
Step 6
In the SimCity folder, make a desktop shortcut for Start.exe (you will need that f
ile to play the game), then run it. Click Start Server , it should say Everything so
unds good! . If your firewall asks if you want this software to access the interne
t, click Allow . Now on to the next step!, we are almost done. (If a message appear
s saying Dummy certificate is not installed , go to Step 3 and install the certific
ate again properly. And If message appears saying Private server cannot be starte
d , go to Step 2 and uncheck Read-only.)
Step 7
Back in the Extra folder, install Origin from the provided installed. Make sure
your old Origin installation is completely removed before you install this one.
Uncheck all the options, and then complete the installation. Now make sure the S
tart.exe server is running in the background, now run the freshly installed Orig
in. Enter a cool username (That will be the mayors name in the game) and enter a
nything as a password.
Step 8
Go to My Games in Origin, Click on SimCity and click Install. (It wont actually do
wnload anything from the internet, it will just extract the files you already do
wnloaded from the torrent, also it will install the game in the C drive, and it
will say that it needs like 12 GB of free space but in reality the game won t be b
igger than 2 0r 3 GB).
Step 9
Now when it finishes, click Play , It will run the game and update it, let it run (
will take like 5 minutes max), then click the Play button.
(If you are on something other than windows 7, clicking play wont make the game
run, if thats the case, from the server click Activate , and then click the Play bu
tton again, it will work this time).
Also if error message appears saying Could not login to game server , just click Ret
ry . It happens only once and then the game starts.
Step 10