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3600 Industrial and

Maintenance Section
Generator Set Engines Using D1stJIIate Fuels (All Rated rpm}

3600 Industrial and Generator Set Engines Using Distillate

Fuels (All Rated rpm)
NOTE For all general or maintenance actMbes. refer to
lho Generator and Control Panel OperaiJOn and
Malnlclliince Manual for your geoe<ator set
NOTE Ensure that thl. Sa1oty tnfonnallon, wammgs,
and lllstrucllons are read and i.JOde<'stood beforo
pc!lormng any operalon or maontenance ptoc:eoJ~Jre
Before oaCh consecutrve 1ntcrvaf rs performed. an of
tho marntonanco roqu~tamonts from the ptll\'IOOS
Interval must also bo Jl(Jife<mod

Uso fuel consumption. &tlfVICo t>ours, or calendar limo,

whichever occurs hrst lo dolcrrT'IIne marntenallC!l
Intervals Experience has shown that marntenance
rntcrvals 8fe most accurately 6ChediMld on the bas--s ol
luet ~ rathct than IICfV>Ce hOurs

Fuel Tank W ater and Sediment - Drain

Gauge Panels - lnspcci(Reod/Record Data
Generator- lnSp&Ct/Lubrrcatn
GovOfno</Actuator 011 Level- Check/Add
WalltAround lnspectoon

250 Service Hours or Si x Weeks

Engine Oil Sample (S O S) and Analysis- OblDIII

Cooling System Supplemental Coolant Addlllve
(SCA)- Tesi/Add
Air Starting Motor Screen (II Eqwpped) - Cloa11
Every 500 Service Hours or Three Months
GovOfno</ActuBIOf Fuel Control Unkago-

r J,,.


SCI>CdtAe IS bas'ld on an BpPIOVed rur til<)< sy!>tcm

and the use ot diStillate fuelS Relor to ()peraton and
Maintenance Manual. SEBU6965 for more nformaton
on specific ma1nlonance Ploceduras


When Required
Centrifugal Oil Allers - ln$p8C1(Ciea~
Engine Alr Cleaner Element - Clean/ReplaCe'
Engine Crankcase Breathers - Cfea'l'
Engine 011 and FiitOfS- Replace'
Fuel AnalySIS and Sample - Oblarn
011 Suction Screen - Clean'

Arst 1000 Service Hours or S i x Months (On

nj!W or reconditioned engines; repeat at Every
2 00 Service Hours or Yearly)
Crank shaft/Camshaft Timing -Check/Adjust
Engine Valve Bridge - Check/AOJUSl
Engine Valve lash - Cllllek/Adtust
Englne Valve Rotators - Che<:l-/AdJust
Unrt Injector (Fuel} Ttn~~ng and Synclln:nzallon


1000 Service Hours or Six Months

Cooling System Coolant Sample and AnalySIS

(S OS)- Obtain
Air Prelube Pump Lubricator Off Level (If EqUipped)
Air Staning Motor Lubricator 0.1 Level - 0>ec1- Add
Aor Tank Motsture and Sediment (If Eqwpped) Drain
Alarm Lamps - Test
Control Panel (If EqUipped) - lnspect/Read,'Recoro
Cooling System Level - Check/Add
Driven Equipment - Check/Lubroeate
Engine Air Filter Screens - Check
Engine Oil Level - Check/Add
Fuel System Primary Fil ters Water and SodunentDra1n

Electnc Prelube Pump (II Equipped) - Lubrrcate

Eng1ne Alr Cleaner Sarvk:e Indicator (If Equipped) Inspect

Eng:ne Orl Ftlters - Replace

Engme ProtectiVe Devices - Test
Fuel Filter Elements - CleanfRepace
Govemor/ActuatOf Fuel Control Unkage-

Magnetic f'lckups - Clean/Check
Manual Barnng Device - Lubctcate
'Perlorm thiS maintenance when the arr restnctlon
ptessure reaChes ~ I<!' a ( t 5 rnchos ol H,O)
'?erlorm thos ma;n!cnarrc!! as detenmned by S O S
ana!vss <esUts. or as recommended'" the R!!f.l
Capaoues and 011 Change Intervals. or "hen the ool
titer dlffereniJal pressure reaChes 103 <Pa ( 15 p51} woth
the !!!lQV'!8 f\11111lng at rared rpm and norma! ooerallll<J

'Perform th.s mamiPNince ~~ least at each 011 Change

'Perform thrs mamtenanco when fuel Is delivered

Maintenance Section
3600 Industrial and Generator Set Engines Using Distillate Fuels (All Rated rpm)

Every 2000 Service Hours or Yearly

Major Overhaul Between 36,000 and 44,000

Service Hours

Crankshaft{Camshaf t Tlmong- Cneck/AdJUSt

Engine Valve Bridge - Check/Adjust
Engtne Valve Lash -Check/AdJUst
Engine Valve Rotators - Che< 1Ad,ust
Unit InJector (Fuel) Timing and SynchrOOizatoon Check/Ad iUS!

3606 - Every 11 370 000 L (3.000.000 US go I) ot Fuel

3608 -Every i5t60000L(4000.000USgal)ofFuel
3612- E'e<:V 22 740000 L (6.000.000 US gal) of Fuel
3616- Every 30 320 000 L (8.000.000 US gnl) of Fuel

Every 4000 Service Hours

Air Prelube Pump Lubricator Bowt (II Equipped) Clean
Air Starting Motor Lubricator Bowt (If Equipped) Cl.,ar
Every 8000 Service Hours or Three Years
Aflercooter Core- lnspect/CI can
Alignment and Rear Gear Tratn TorsiOf\al Couplings
- Inspect/Check
Camshaft Roller Followers -Inspect
Cooling System COOlant (OEAC) Cli!3n1Fiush/Replace
COOling System Water Temperature RegulatorsReplace
Crankshaft and Damper - lnspect/Reoiace seals (II
Onven Equipment - lnspecVCI .. :J<
Engine Protecwe DeviCeS Cahbrauon - CNck
Exhaust Shields - lnspeci/Replace
Governor/Actuator 011- DraJnfReplacetCheck
Turbocharga{s)- tnspect/CIGanjCoec:.
Water Pumps- Inspect/Replace
Top End Overhaul Between 16,000 and 24,000
Service Hours
3606 3608 3612 3616 -

Every 5 685 000 L (1.500.000 US gal) of Foe;

Every 7 580 000 L (2,000 000 US gal) of Fuel
Every 11 370 000 L (3 000.000 US ga~ ol Fuel
Every 15 160000 _ (d 000.000 US gBJ) or Fue;

The maintenance ontervaiiS labeled Top End


l)ecause H involves removal, InspectiOn. and rework ol

the cylinder head comoonents This mamtenance
nterva IS dependent on toad sensrtJve r.ems
To monmtze downtime and oro>1de the lOwest cost and
highest value. Caterpillar recommends that the engme
be ovemauled before failure by scl>edulong an ovemail
wtth vour Caterplar deale:

Your Querpl!at dealer can provide these serVIces and

comoonents to your eng ne Th(o Caterptlar don~r can
iiJSO ensure lhalthe$8 flllglne5 are operatong W11~'"
theor app.op<.ate spoofocattOns. Have your Caterpollar
dealllr check these components for proper op<uallon
and correct setbngs The Caterpillar dealer can rebuild
or turnosh exchango c:anponents
These components snould be onspecled accordong to
tho onstruchons found In var10us Coterpollar rousablloty
publications Reier 10 tho "Index Of Pubhcatlons On
RllUS<Ib. tY 0' Salvage Ot Used Parts" sect100 ol !he
Guidehne For Reusable Parts and Salvage
Operations SE8F8029. to determne the reusahhly
publicatiOns needed for tnspectlon of pans
"'he Guldelone For Reusable Pans end 5alvage
Operations os par~ ol an es'.abl ,;hed Csterpo !at parts
reusablty program. These guodelones wefe developed
to BSSist Caterpllar dealers and customers reduce
costs by avo.dng unni!CI!SS8ly exoenddures for new
oarts ..nen I!XISbng carts can be uSed as IS rapaored


It your pans comply wotn the establoshed VISual,

dm"oei\SIOfllll. etc lnspectJon specllcations expressed In
L"le reusabie parts QUIC!elne then they snould be
reused Parts complying W1tn he speoi1C81oons
ouUned on tne reusat>le parts guiCfl>ne Will g1ve an
addotoonaJ serviCe hie

\'OTE If y= oarts are not "'''"'" specrl1C8tl01" tl'oen

:ney snou10 ba salvaged. tepaJted or repi8Ced FailUre
ro salvage, repa.r or replace out-of-specrfocaton parts
Will result on unscheduled doo.vntome ~ could also result
'" cosUy repa:s caused by potentoal damage to otner
er.gone parts
FurttJermOre.. ;ne use of out-of-specofiCallon pans can
reduce an eng,nes offocency and Increase luel
consumptJon Reduced engine eHCJency and
ncteasod rue consumptiOn translates nto h>Qher
operaung oos:s Thefefore. Csterp !at recommends
tnat out-ofspecrliCStiOn pans be salVaged, repaored, or