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Andy Ross

123 Fake Street

Columbus, OH 43201
Prof. Christa Teston
482 S. Front St.
Columbus, OH 43215
3 May 2015
Dear Hiring Representative:
I am applying for the writing position at your place of employment. I initially heard about this
opportunity during class-time. Due to my research experience, background in social media, and
knowledge of video editing software, I feel that I am a perfect fit for a place on your team.
During my time as a writing intern for the Columbus Literacy council, I spent extensive time
examining both primary and secondary sources for research purposes. This included reading academic
articles, government documents, and personal interaction with many literacy agencies around Ohio. My
time there also greatly enhanced my ability to write concisely and effectively. When prompted to compile
several months worth of research into just a few pages, I consolidated the information in the most logical
and readable format. Additionally, my experience at the Columbus Literacy Council, as well as my time on
the leadership council for Ohio States Humanities Scholars program and as a marketing intern for
CD102.5, have increased my exposure to a myriad of social media platforms. I have managed multiple
Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts simultaneously to consistently increase follower interaction.
An upper level course at Ohio State, Rhetoric and Community Service, called for storytelling in a variety of
mediums, including through film. During the class, I improved my video editing skills, as well as my
ability to think abstractly when constructing a narrative.
Along with this letter, I have included a resume that accurately depicts my skillset, qualifications,
and background. I hope that you will find it helpful in your hiring process.
I would love to meet for an interview regarding a position on the your team in the near future. I
can be contacted via phone at 937-344-3228 or email at Thank you for your time
and consideration.
Andy Ross

190 E. 13th Ave. Apt. C Columbus, OH, 43201 United States 937-344-3228

Andy Ross
190 E. 13th Avenue, Apartment C
Columbus, OH, 43201 United States

The Ohio State University
Bachelors of Arts in English
Minors: Professional Writing and Music, Media, & Enterprise
GPA: 3.7

Columbus, OH
Expected Graduation: May 2016

Columbus Literacy Council
Writing Intern
January 2015 April 2015
Manage multiple social media platforms to increase follower interaction
Research both primary and secondary sources
Conduct research-based writing for Council database
CD102.5: The Alternative Station, Columbus, OH
Marketing and Promotions Intern
Write advertising copy for broadcast
Design promotional recaps in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign

September 2014 - present

Promote brand through direct listener interaction at various local events

Research locally and nationally trending independent artists

Collaborate with management on social media campaigns and other promotional activities
Barnes & Noble College, Columbus, OH
August 2013 - present
Operate cash register

Communicate with customers online, in store, and over the phone

Process online textbook orders

Train new employees

8th Floor Improv
Executive Director
September 2013 - present
Perform in monthly comedy shows at the Ohio Union
Regularly perform in various comedy shows around Columbus
Assist in organization of Midwests largest comedy improv festival
Humanities Scholars
Leadership Council / Mentor
September 2012 - present
Plan events on campus and around Columbus for Humanities Scholars to attend
Write and organize monthly newsletter
Operate multiple social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Provide guidance to freshmen students throughout their first year at Ohio State

Computer: Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint; Adobe Photoshop, InDesign; Apple iMovie
190 E. 13th Ave. Apt. C Columbus, OH, 43201 United States 937-344-3228

Language: Spanish reading and writing

190 E. 13th Ave. Apt. C Columbus, OH, 43201 United States 937-344-3228