Maungaturoto Matters

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Maungaturoto Matters

Trevor Dempsey

Jean Johnson Realty Ltd MREINZ
131 Hurndall Street
Office Ph 09 431 8410
Fax 09 431 8821

Sheree Hastings
Ph/Fax (09) 431-8888
Mob (027) 283-8039

Mob 027 309 5788
A/h 09 431 8849
P.O.Box 107


New homes

30 years experience
Quality workmanship
Phone Tony
(09) 431 6964 or
027 477 5340

Maungaturoto Matters


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Maungaturoto Matters

If it’s concrete we do it
Full preparation and pour by
experienced local team
Subfloors Sheds Driveways Patios
Also retainer walls and fences
1.6 Ton Digger Available & Light
Phil Keen Contractors
027 659 2376

Line Dancing
Infant, Child & Booster Seats Available
Long or short term hire
We also have for purchase Child Harnesses,
Locking Clips and Ext. Straps
For rental details Ph Karlene Storey
(09) 431 8890
Brand New Infant Seats Now Available for hire


1st Thursday of the Month
At the Plunket Rooms on Hurndall St in
Maungaturoto From 10am to Midday.
Please come along for a coffee and meet
other parents and caregivers.
Toys and books are available for the children.

For further details Ph Jennifer (09) 431 6343

At the Paparoa Hall
Thursday at 9.00am
This is a fun way to exercise both
body & mind
A great way to socialise

Tuesday at 10.30 am
Good all-round exercise
Another great way to socialise
and meet new people
Rose Plunkett (09) 431 7418

Maungaturoto Matters

Oh Drought!
I should have known. Right in the middle of editing and
what happens????? A conspiracy by the Rain Gods, to
yet again, foil my grand plans of great productions and all
that kind of rubbish.
Meantime...little did I know not so good things were going
on in the fishpond behind my house..I mean I should have
done something sooner about the living things that swam
in that pond that was once meant to be where our water
tank was going ..until they found out a spring was there that is. So, it became a fishpond and home to loads of
green kermit types hell bent on calling those lily pads their
own personal tropical resort until, that was, the Rain Gods
decided it was time to turn off the tap so to speak. And in
the doing I end up with a kitset graveyard in my fish pond.
Fish don't have legs but of course stupid here kept on
thinking they'd be fine...ermm nope they weren't.
An instruction given by the Mad Bush Farm Management
(with the bad attitude gleam) one boiling hot day ,to the
long suffering 12 year old worker to "Get the gumboots on
and check the water level in the pond”...or else all references to Twilight will be banned from this insane (poor
excuse for a..) farm. On pain of having the word "Twilight
Saga" removed from the vocabulary and a permanent ban
on cute furry creatures...said long suffering 12 year old
worker went stomping off in the heat with hot black gumboots, black t-shirt and short from with skinny legs hung
out of them. The management should not have asked...
The 12 year old worker sent the 11 year old worker to notify the Mad Bush Farm Management (with an even badder attitude gleam due to the heat) that the Grim Reaper
had come to pay a multitude of gold fish a personal
visit..hence..a do it yourself Kitset Graveyard ...and with
out the Resource consent at that...HOWEVER “all was not
lost” declared the 12 year old worker as she now clomped
around said silt laden murky pond in gumboots net in hand
fishing out....oh never don't want to know. All
was not lost..movement....and one fish was caught.
Meantime Grandma had shown up during all of this saga
and she decided she's come and lend a hand. Grandma
supervised while the 12 year old worker continued to relocate the kitset graveyard in the pond and net as many of
living gold fishy type souls as quickly as possible.. that
meant the Management had to stop the editing of the
grand production (our local town newspaper) shove on the
leaking gumboots...useful in summer as ventilation holes
but not in ponds...then decide what the heck to do with all
of these darned goldfish. Meantime the cats had found the
...kitset graveyard relocation... Solution? Swipe the old
bathtub from out of the tank paddock and use that for a
temporary fishpond... lucky we have a spare trough... the
survivors were grateful.
As for the 12 year old worker? She got her Twilight books
to read…
- Mad Bush Farm

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Federated Farmers drought line
Federated Farmers welcomes the Government’s rapid
response today to declare the Northland region to be in a
medium scale adverse event. The Federation has responded by reactivating its 0800 drought line (0800 376
“Federated Farmers had hoped that rain would come but
things have now come to a head. Farmers will be really
appreciative of the Minister’s action,” says Denis Anderson, Federated Farmers Northland provincial president.
“Anyone who has been through the province would have
noticed how dry it is. Just over a week ago our soil moisture deficit was 130mm, which is well over double what we
expect at this time of the year.
“The main benefit of this declaration is that it provides access to relief measures such as giving Inland Revenue
flexibility in treating farmers’ taxation commitments. The
Ministry of Social Development further helps families
whose income and essential living needs have been badly
“This declaration also offers grants to the Northland Rural
Support Trust so that it can offer practical support such as
financial advice and welfare support. At times like this,
there is a fair degree of psychological and social stress so
counselling services would be very welcome.
“Federated Farmers is making its drought line, 0800
DROUGHT (0800 376 844), available to all farmers. At
this time, we need to pull together.
“0800 DROUGHT is primarily a feed line that matches
farmers with surplus feed to those in need. I’m also contacting Federated Farmers Grain and Seed industry group
to ascertain feed stock availability. This provides a further
touch point with the Northland Rural Support Trust.
“I will send an advisory out to the Federation’s Northland
members shortly to alert them to the drought line and feed
“It would be great to see water storage come to the top of
the Government’s infrastructure list as climate variation
will likely cause an erratic weather pattern. Storing the
ample rainfall we normally get would future proof our region and the wider economy,” Mr Anderson concluded.

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Maungaturoto Matters

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