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Winning Hearts

Here are 11 pieces of advice to help you in winning others hearts. My pieces of advice are
O you who is in love with Allah (subhanahu wa ta ala) and your brothers in Islam, here are
And pray to Allah (subhanahu wa ta ala) to help you.
Smile :
It is the first arrow and the fastest of them all. It is like the salt for food. It is also
Be always the one who initiates greetings:
This arrow is the one that lets you to be in the innermost depths of the others hearts. Thi
The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said Do not ever waste your good deeds, even by m
The Presents:
It has a strange charming affection that captivates all senses. Hence, exchanging presents

Be silent .speak in what benefits.

Loud voice and chattering are bad merits. You have to be sweet-worded, tender in expressing
Here the Prophet s wife addresses the enemies saying Damn you and the Prophet (peace be u
The poet says also:
The pious Allah-fearing may keep silent, in spite of being eloquent.
Be a good listener:
It is to listen patiently and never interrupt the speaker, as the Prophet (peace be upon hi
Appearance and dressing well:
You have to be careful with your appearance so as to be neat, well dressed and sweet smell
Being in others favor and helping them:
Concerning this, the poet says:
Good treatment of the other is the only way of captivating his heart.
Good treatment you classifies you as an obedient, beloved slave of Allah as the Prophet (pe
The poet says also:
Be a dear friend to all, whom you know,
For all, you should be as freshening as iced pure water
I really wonder for that man who pays money to buy slaves, while he can buy those who are f
Being Generous :
Offering money is the key for most of the closed doors that hinder you from reaching others
. Some people behave stingily as if they see the ghost of poverty waiting to attack them on
To have a good opinion of others and to give them an excuse :
Keeping an eye on others behavior is a bad merit that blocks your way to their hearts. On t
Express your feelings instantly:
If you loved someone, or felt good feelings about him, don t wait, just tell him at once. R
The Prophet (peace be upon him) says A man is in the company of whom he loved. By this he
The pity is that people are always either cruelly and harshly treating each other or extrem
Sociability :
It is the art of being social. Here, a kind of misconception could exist between sociabilit
The Prophet (peace be upon him) s wife, Aisha said A man came to visit us, but to my surpr

Hence, being sociable for ill-mannered people is aiming to achieve two purposes:
Firstly, to avoid being mistreated by them.
Secondly, being good to them could be guidance for them to step the right way. Compliments
To be sociable, means to be tender, smiling, praising to the other, intending in the meanti