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Identify Changes of Internal and External Organizations is

Associated with Training What to do
1. Come in new employee in job placement
Training : Simulation
Example : Before the flight practice, a candidate pilot perform flight simulation before
operating the actual plane.
2. The newly recruited employees who often do not understand exactly how to do the job.
Training : a. Demonstration and example
for example, training in the use of industrial machines for the production part, the
training procedure of selling a product for the marketing department, and so forth in
accordance with the assignment of responsibilities of each.
b. Job Intruction Training
Example: Train employees to operate the machine and its stages.
3. The volume of activities is increase
Training : Sabbatical
Examlpe : The company give sabbatical to employees who have managed to win the
4. Attitudes and behavior of the members of the organization.
Training : Counseling
Example: When employees need our support because of a conflict with a client or often occur
absenteeism, then we should be wisely to position themselves. Employees need to mental up".
After the situation was under control now then we can give feedback. Feedback to the
employee required that he understood his mistake and can try to fix.
5. Changes in the organization do to match the existing needs.
Training : Lecture
Example : Employees who work in a foreign language agencies tasked to continue studying at
the University of Indonesia.
6. Process and if no suitable suggestions will make the organization through improved
Training : Laboratory Training

Example : Employees who work in a hospital as a nurse, analysts, pharmaceutical and others
make sharing on the responses of each person about themselves, so they can each improve
themselves for the future

1. Come in a new employee in the organization
Training : a. Apprenticeships
Example: A candidate new secretary were given training by the secretary who had
long been on the tasks that will be in her doing.
b. Coaching
Example: financial managers to guide new employees as where tasks and how the
2. Competition within the organization
Training : a. Job Rotation
Examlpe : In a beauty clinic, the employees who work as cashiers are trained in the
clinic how facial that anticipate a shortage of employees currently capable of
b. Seminar or workshop
Example : For example, a journalist who previously occupied in political rublik,
rotated to rublik economy, crime, education, and various other rublik, so the
journalist will have a lot of knowledge without having to be an expert in that field.
Similarly, in the promotion of the editorial office, to become Chief Editor, it must
first be a career from the ground began as a reporter, editor until coordinator
3. Science and technology development.
Training : Programing Learning
Example : Indomaret employees perform tests using a computer that has been programmed
specifically to find out how much they know their company.
4. Changes of Economic
Training : Case Study
Example : The employees of an insurance company to analyze the influence of rising dollar
problem for their company and are looking for solutions that do not give bad impact for the
5. Changes of Culture
Training : Video Presentation

Example : Employees assigned to study research to some companies abroad before he leaves
the necessary simulation of culture in these countries.
6. Preparing for promotion
Training : a. Self Study
Examlpe : Before doing the test to promoted, employees are trained with a given
module and tapes as the material for the test.
b. Role Playing
Example : Some employees act as manager and there is also a subordinate, and
in such cases the manager was giving advice to his subordinates. Then each
employee to comment on his role.