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MARCH 2015


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Newsletter from Madagascar
“ As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” – John 20:21

PASSIONS actuated by the empty Grave
Dear friends – brothers and sisters in Christ,
We are happy again to be able to share with you moments or events from our
life, to give your heart and imagination
the opportunity to travel for a few
minutes in the African atmosphere from
the south of the Black Continent.
We would like to be able to
teleport you alongside us just for a half
of a day, far away from the speed
civilization, computers, and paved
streets, and being able to enjoy a bit of
the ground’s heath, slowness, cram, pungent odours and dust alongside an African
day. These are outstanding moments just as the ones from childhood: walking
barefoot on the streets of the village in which you were born, when, giving up the
crowded life of the city, you hurry to your home in order to hug your old and dear

Jesus is alive! – a reality which actuates polemics and passions
We gave it a good thought when we chose the title of this letter. I was
thinking about not being too discordant or defective for some of the people, but as
much as I searched, I wasn’t able to find only synonyms which were not clear enough
in order to suggest our intention of presenting the conflict which was present around
the empty Grave, but also the energies that were actuated between the both sides:
disciples and enemies. One thing is sure, that JESUS IS ALIVE, no matter how hard
some people may struggle to deny this truth.
Some, enemies, like Saul of Tarsus and the Jewish Synedrion had such a
MEAN PASSION in their hearts, that they tried to kill the disciples which were boldly
proclaiming the event that had marked their lives so deeply. But the course of history
of Christianity was not able to be stopped by the tens of persecutions started by the
enemies of the Life, regardless of their names.


Newsletter from Madagascar – Șaitiș Family – March 2015

PASSIONS actuated by the empty Grave
We write these words being saddened by the harsh realities in Africa, from around us,
from Kenia, where hundreds of young people, children or old people, pay for their faith with their
lives. But we are encouraged that there are
people which are still raising up our Lord’s Flag
full of courage. We are saddened because here in
Antsirabe, in the centre of the town, in the day in
which the Churches were proclaiming the risen
Christ, tens of tones of alcohol and bear were
being poured in glasses, and people were
crowding to forget the true meaning of Easter
and to worship Bacchus and his master, the

Oameni purtand sicriele cu cei 147 de studenti
crestini ucisi la Universitatea Garissa din Kenia

On the other side, we are thankful for the PASSION of the Lord’s disciples to proclaim
with boldness the Gospel, despite the hardships in order to do His holy works. We trust that our
Risen Christ is the conqueror, and that after death there is ETERNAL LIFE, for in the end, ”at the

name of Jesus every knee should bow.” – Philippians 2:10
This reality of our Saviour’s empty Grave around Easter, created new strengths in our
hearts and motivated us again to Proclaim the Gospel, and also to support the saints around us,
in order to strengthen and to anchor their faith in this reality of resurrection.

Spreading the news of the Resurrection for the hearts of the children
from Good News
Once with the coming of the sunny days and the end of the rains, our yard was invaded
again by children with whom we held periodical biblical courses. Thrilled because they can sing
together again the beautiful songs that we
thought them, because they can listen the
biblical lesson watching the flannelgraph, that
they are able to create crafts and to play in our
yard, children started to come in a big number.
At the last two meetings we had almost 50
children. The last lessons we thought them,
revolved around the death and the rise of our
pray for the hearts of these children to be marked by
the Truth of God, and lately we saw significant changes
in their lives. We were able to take some of them
together with us at the church, but we should anchor
this practice in their lives. Is just that Marcel often
drives to do the work of God in other cities and it is
quite difficult to take them all to church by walking,
because the church is quite far away and we need also their parents approval when we do this.
At the last meeting we prepared packages for them containing two clothes, and for some
of them also shoes. “You changed our lives completely since you came in our area.


Newsletter from Madagascar – Șaitiș Family – March 2015

PASSIONS actuated by the empty Grave
Is not just the thing that you talked with us about Jesus Christ, but you showed Him
through your lives and through what you did for us”, Remy was saying, one of the parents of
these children.
“When you came we were unclothed, living in misery and we had rats in our house, but
now we have clothes for changing, we are cleaner and healthier”, Fenosoa confessed. “We
learned beautiful songs about Jesus and we thought them to other children”, one day Zina, a 13
year old girl had told us. “We married after 8 years of living in sin and having 4 children, with
your help, when we understood that God likes Order in the family life”, confessed Rasoa full of
Pray for this ministry, for the children that are involved in it, for their parents and for us,
to have the wisdom to lead them to Christ in their own way of understanding.

Visible fruits from the evangelizing ministry: 8 people made a
covenant with Christ through the waters of Baptism
This year we’ve been working quite a lot together with pastor Tina, in spreading the
Gospel on the streets or in houses in two places: in Tritriva area, 20 km away from Antsirabe and
in one of the city’s neighbourhoods, to a group of
deaf and blind people which welcomed us to visit
them weekly.
God made their hearts to bring fruit, so
that, before Easter, in the Church from South
Aboimena, together with pastor Tina, we were
given the grace and joy to baptise 8 people which
decided to follow Christ.

Joy could be felt in the Church and in the
hearts of these people, the joy of the one who
planted the seed and now sees the fruit in the
hearts. Marcel had the honour to preach about the
baptism with water and its significance. The
baptism took place in the church yard, in a pool,
and it was followed by a rich Malagasy lunch with
rice and loka. Together with us at this event was a
family of German missionaries, which came in Madagascar only for a period of time, but who
want to return for a longer one in our area.

A big project before the Resurrection of Christ: 500 packages for 400
The fire of the resurrection motivated us to dare for big things this year and through
them to be able to spread the Name of Jesus Christ. This way, when the Resurrection of
Christ was coming closer, we bought more bales of clothes which came from Europe and a
few sacks of shoes. We managed to dress approximately 400 children and for 100 of them
we also bought shoes. Without your help we wouldn’t have been able to do this.

Newsletter from Madagascar – Șaitiș Family – March 2015

PASSIONS actuated by the empty Grave
We thought about helping two schools with over 230 children, teachers’ children being
also included – La Promesse and Les Pigeons. We saw the children from the church from
Antanikatsaka bare foot, with their clothes ripped
and very dirty, and we went there having packages
with clothes and shoes for 45 children. The Biblical
School Good News, welcomed us with another 50
children, and in South Aboimena area, around the
church, there has been made a list with over 40
children. In the Literacy programme we have 8
children and their brothers and sisters, around 20
children in total. For the pastor’s families which live
in the area, we offered shoes and clothes, so a
number of another 30 people was added.
The process of preparing the packages was not easy. We selected the good clothes, we
washed them and put them in groups according
to different ages and we made packages with the
name of each child written on it. With the shoes
we did the same way. We received the lists with
the names, ages and the gender of the children,
boy or girl, as we asked them to do. This way we
were sure that every child will go home with a
package containing 2 or 3 clothes. It was an
enormous work, but Ioana worked with joy
praying for each child in the moment when she
was preparing their package.
Then, we started their distribution. We offered each package as a gift from our Lord
Jesus Christ and as a sign of love from the Romanian Evangelical Churches. Before giving them
the packages we had a
time of singing and
praying together and
also a divine service, at
that time being the
Holy Week, and we
thankfulness. After the
holydays we will have
to more meetings in
which we will give away
the rest of the clothes.
Our greatest joy
was to be able to
recognise the clothes
which were now worn
by the children from these churches and schools. A deep content and a thankfulness, hard to
describe, are in our hearts. We thank you because you were together with us and you sustained
this ministry. You have blessed hundreds of children.


Newsletter from Madagascar – Șaitiș Family – March 2015

PASSIONS actuated by the empty Grave
Christ is risen! This is our motivation for living and serving a fallen world!
Look at another small picture from our life. A fragment of what we are doing together, us
and you. But the foundation on which we are building is no other than the life, death and
resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is
the reason for our lives which are searching
for holiness, the engine and the passion
which pulls us on to action so far away
from home, among strangers. He makes
these rough and faraway places to slowly
become familiar and loved by us, but also
by you, which are far away with your
bodies, but close with your heart.
His resurrection is the reason for
your constant sacrifice together with us.
Even if you are not able to feel the love of the African sun physically, your prayers, your words
full of encouragement or the gifts that you dearly sent were made through hard work and the
burning sun from Romania which was harsh confronted with the burden of an ailing economy or
through sweating from the hard work in constructions or other tough works from Europe or
America of our days. You could have chosen not to care! But you choose to care for Africa! You
choose to feel for Madagascar!
We thank you because for His sake, and for His glory, for His Kingdome and for making
possible a meeting between these far away people with His Word. You still share your bread with
the African people, in a community which overpasses the borders and cultures. The blood that
was shed on Golgotha, makes us brothers, His resurrection brought us in the same House –
citizens of Heaven. Christ is risen!

With great love and cherish,
Saitis Marcel si Ioana, together with our children Alessia, Ruth si Filip