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LUL drafting in scabs...

SOLIDARITY WITH SIGNALS Aside from job cuts, this would create childcare problems as
Unanimous result!
Workers covered by the Signals Framework well as effectively ending any social/family life for fire-
Agreement have returned a brilliant, ‘unanimous’ vote fighters who remain as they’re expected to work hours such
for strike action and action short of strike. as 8am to 8pm.
Even LUL can't deny the result represents the Gerry's Scabs!
strength of feeling against the imposition of rosters, disregard Management understand this is an integral aspect of
and breaches of agreements and attempts to further outsource their overall plans which is why they're preparing a 12 week
work despite the disastrous experience of privatisation since budget to supply a scab agency force to break the strike.
the signing of the PPP contracts in 2003. Two thirds of the This isn't anything new to Gerry Duffy who has a history at
PPP collapsed in 2007 with the inglorious demise of GEC, Pitney Bowes and Burmah Oil. Gerry was recruited to
Metronet. This year we will almost certainly witness the LUL in 2004 to take us on and now we’re facing the
collapse of cash-strapped Tubelines marking the end of PPP. culmination of his strategy. Indeed, we know he's addressed
Management believe they can have workers work various HR personnel from banks and other employers.
whatever shifts they like, when they like. They want to force The collusion continues. Just as Royal Mail tried to
through changes aimed mainly at Monday to Friday workers. organise scab agency centres to cover the backlog of mail
Management believe they can have them work any during the postal strikes - Gerry's now attempting something
five shifts from seven (station electricians) and more similar with our strike. What he'd probably like is to move to
weekend and anti-social shift working (Technical Officers). the situation at BA where the bosses are almost certainly
Further, management make no bones about the fact directly funding a scab “union” called the “Professional
that they want to rip the Signals Framework Agreement to Cabin Crew Council” (PCCC) who are urging workers to
shreds reneging over the Signal Grade Progression aspect of vote no to undermine the cabin crew's current strike ballot
the agreement and refusing to honour the section regarding against changes similar to those we face.
overtime coverage in the Stations Power and Electricians
area. Solidarity can win
And, to add insult to injury, management want to Workers under the Signals Framework Agreement
outsource stations electrical call work to Giffens rather than are highly skilled and the withdrawal of their labour
use our own internal staff. necessarily raises safety issues for other grades, primarily for
Train Ops. Train Ops should invoke their right to refuse to
They want to impose rosters on us all! work under the grounds of health and safety.
Initially Gerry Duffy insisted all this only affected a It’s funny, when their side collaborates against us,
small number of staff (30). Now Phil Hufton, LU’s Chief it’s called “business”. When we act together, they call it
Maintenance Officer, has made it clear that: “We are “secondary action”. Across the Tracks , says bollocks, this
planning to introduce a roster covering 24 hours a day, is a fight for us all and we will organise solidarity wherever
seven days a week, to ensure planned engineering staff are we can to defeat the bosses.
always available”. That is, they’re planning to impose rosters
on us all! Strike Action: between 06.45 hours on Friday
It’s not just signals. We’re already aware of new
rosters set to be brought in on Track. It’s going to be case 5thFebruary and 06.45 hours on Saturday 6th
Then on Sunday 14thFebruary and 06.45 hours on
across the board, engineering, fleet, track, trains, stations. Get
workers working every minute of the day, 24hrs a day, 7
days a week to squeeze every ounce of work out of them. Monday 15thFebruary 2010. Exactly the same will then
Across the Tracks has explained elsewhere that we apply on every other Sunday morning into Monday
face a Company Plan, a re-structure, that aims to shrink the morning until further notice.
workforce through job losses, sackings and de-skilling our
jobs. The attempt to impose rosters is a necessary prelude to Overtime Ban: Members are also being asked not
this re-structure for management. This is similar to attacks to work any overtime between the same dates and times
fire-fighters in South Yorkshire face. There they’ve as given above when strike action has been called. This
announced strike action against management plans to change is not a continuous overtime ban. Overtime may be
worked as appropriate at any other times.
their shifts to 12 hour days and 12 hour nights.