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Digitally signed by Joseph H Zernik DN: cn=Joseph H Zernik, o, ou, email=jz12345@ea rthlink.net, c=US Location: La Verne, California Date: 2010.02.05 04:51:24 -08'00'

10-02-05 The mysterious financials of the Los Angeles Superior Court
TO Presiding Judge Charles McCoy and Clerk of the Court John A Clarke; By fax: "John A Clarke- Clerk of the Court" 2136217952@metrofax.com , "Charles McCoy -Presiding Judge 2136177176@metrofax.com Response is kindly requested within 10 days. Dear Presiding Judge Charles McCoy and Clerk John Clarke: I am informed that the Court is facing a budge short-fall. Perhaps under such circumstances it would be advisable for the two of you to shed some light on the mysterious finances of the Court: 1) Already in 1999 the Washington-based "Insight Magazine" published a series of articles regarding shady corporations controlled by the judges of the LA Superior Court, which held substantial sums of money from unclear sources and for unclear purposes. The evidence showed that the judges continue to hold such corporations to this date. The questions are: a) For what purpose did the judges create such corporations? b) What is the source of the funds held by such corporations? c) What is the purpose of such funds? 2) The LA Superior Court, as a corporation/organization has not published an audited financial statements in years, or for that matter, any financial statement whatsoever. The annual reports do not include even a letter by an accountant/auditor. Charles McCoy, Presiding Judge, and John A Clarke, Clerk of the Court, refused requests for copies of such reports, if they ever existed. In contrast, similar courts, across the nation, publish audited financial statements in their annual reports. The question are: a) Why are the Presiding Judge and the Clerk of the Court refusing to publish any audited financial statements? b) Were the Court’s finances ever audited? 3) I have previously identified a series of cases where all fees were falsely designated as "Journal Entry", where in normal cases they were designated "Filing Fees", "Motion Fees", "Stipulation Fees". Accountancy textbooks consider false use of "Journal Entry" as a cardinal sign of financial fraud. Both Charles McCoy, Presiding Judge, and John A Clarke, Clerk of the Court refused to disclose the designation of funds that were collected as fees, but were falsely listed as "Journal Entry". The questions are: a) What were the reasons for the false designation of fees for court services in such cases as "Journal Entry"? b) What was the final destination such "Journal Entry" funds? Respectfully, Dated: February 05, 2010 La Verne, County of Los Angeles, California Joseph H Zernik, PhD

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