Address: Nilo Cairo street, 68 Ap 406 City: Curitiba-PR Zip Code: 80060-050. Coutry: Brazil Phone: +55 - 41 – 3308-0861 Mobile: +55 - 41 – 9255-7040 E-mail: Website: OBJECTIVE Work in TI area as a System Analyst or in the Projects Area as a Business Analyst. PROFESSIONAL PROFILE

I’m a dynamic, selfconfident person who likes challenges.
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2006/2007 – Rm Sistemas Santa Catarina. Employment: System and Business Analyst I’ve worked in the technology services and projects area analyzing all the customers processes, preparing the initial documentation to start the project, training users and implementing the enterprise resource planning CORPORE RM. 2005/2006 – Rm Sistemas Curitiba Employment: System Analyst I worked as a System Analyst in the implement area analyzing processes and implementing the software CORPORE RM. 2002/2005 – Rm Sistemas Pará. Employment: System and Business Analyst First I worked on the support and maintenance area, after I was promoted to the Projects area as a System and Business Analyst also helping the sales department on demonstrations to the prospects showing an overview of our ERP system and all its functions. Before the beginning of implementation I was supposed to train all users. 2000/2002 – Feedback Comunicações Ltda. Employment: Programmer and System Analyst My activity was based in developing systems to this communication company. In the year 2000 they were responsible for the mayor’s reelecting campaign so I was hired to develop the internal checking votes system and the public opinion research system witch was used on the marketing’s call center. After the results I was hired to develop a system to control all the supplies of hardware and software of the government’s secretaries. 1996/1997 – Tecmídia Ltda. Employment: Informatics Instructor I worked teaching Visual Basic’s basic and advanced programming, Windows operating system, Office operating and Introduction to Informatics. 1994/1996 – Assembléia Legislativa do Estado do Pará. Emplyment: Trainee During my trainee program I developed two programs in Visual Basic in the Data Center. ACADEMICIAN BACKGROUND 2005 – MBA in Enterprise Planning – Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ. 1997 – System Analysis Specialization – Universidade Federal do Pará – UFPA. 1996 – Degree in Computer Science- Universidade da Amazônia – UNAMA. LANGUAGES Fluency in English. ADDICTIONAL KNOWLEDGES Softwares: MS- Project, MS-Visio, MS-Office, OpenOffice. Operating Systems: Windows XP Home and Professional Edition /2000 and 2003 Server. Internet: email Access and configuration, searching and navigation. Programation / Data Modelling: Visual Basic, Pascal, C#, VB.Net. UML. Databases Administration and Maintenence: MS-Access, SQL Server and Oracle.