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Caliph Deposed!... The Khilafah has been destroyed!...

Tomorrow morning - 3rd March, 88 years ago the They manage to continue exploiting her and abusing
Khilafah will be abolished! On 4th March 1924, the her by misguiding from her sole source of safety,
Ummah of Rasulullah(S.A.W) will wake up to the protection and revival the comprehensive
Newspaper headline shown in Figure 1. At understanding and comprehensive implementation of
Constantinople (Istanbul), Wali (Governor) Dr. Adran the Shari'a of Allah (S.W.T)!
Bey, went to the Dolma Baghche Palace, home of the Her leaders conspire with the people of the dark to
Khalifah (Caliph) Abdul Mejid Effendi. He demanded call her to Democracy, knowing this is the only way to
to see the Khalifah (Caliph) in the Throne Room. subdue and enslave her. Through the rule by manWhen the Caliph arrived, the Wali ordered him to made laws that enable economic slavery through
ascend the throne, read the decision of the Grand legitimizing riba (interest), through legitimizing
National Assembly to him, ordered him to descend private ownership of resources created for the
the throne and pack his things. 14 days later on Ummah by Allah (S.W.T) like Oil (Somalia, Sudan,
Monday, 17th March 1924 at Angora, capital of Turkey, Saudia), Titanium (Kwale), Gold (Kenya, Uzbekistan),
the Grand National Assembly passed a bill providing Uranium (Somalia) and Gas (Egypt, Khazakhastan).
for the deposal of the Khalifah (Caliph)
Conspiring day and night, making every effort, that
(Pictured Fig 1. 1st from right), and the abolition of the she does not return to her Sharia embodied by and
Khilafah (Caliphate).
implemented in the Khilafah System.
Her leaders conspire with the
people of the dark to call her to
which ensures the Ummah will
never again be united. The
Great Game which began with
the signing of the Sykes-Picot
(deliberately kept out of your
history books by your colonial
masters!) divided Muslim lands
into over 50 slave states and
slave state-lets which NOT only
CANNOT defend themselves but
barely appear on a map!
The calls to Nationalism and
continuation of the Great
Game of socio-political
cannibalism by the vampire brothers in Kufr
Fig 1. Newspaper headline (Left)
(America, UK, France, Russia etc.), who are
The last Khalifah Abdul Mejid Effendi (Right) completely united when fighting Islam, but fight
The Ummah of Kheir, leading light of mankind has not amongst themselves thro' proxy wars of fitna when
seen a day of peace since...
sharing the spoils between themselves.
The Ummah was stunned at her loss. The betrayal cut The most recent and ongoing casualties of the
so deep into her heart that she knew not what to do vampires being the cannibalism of Sudan by (America
nor where to go. As, for over a millennium (1,292 and the UK) which was first split from from Masri
years) she had not been without her shield, the (Egypt) in 1914. In 2010 they successfully split
Imam, the Khalifah (English - Caliph) behind whom Muslim lands again with the declaration of South
she fought. For over a millennium she had not been Sudan's independence. They continue the geopolitical
without her state, the Khilafah under whose shade cannibalism as Darfur and Abyei are now incited to
she had sheltered, protected and nurtured her secede. They have ensured Somalia which had found
families. For over a millennium she had not been peace and stability in the Sharia of Allah (S.W.T) broke
without her Khilafah, that guaranteed her internal and down into chaos again. After successfully splitting
external tranquility, as an individual and as a society Somalia based on the call to asabiyya (clanism,
through the implementation of the Sacred Shari'ah of tribalism, nationalism), it has now split into five
Allah (S.W.T). For over a millennium she had not been countries with more to come. The current major ones
without her Khilafah, which was the institutional being Djibouti, Somaliland, Puntland, Islamic Emirate
manifestation of her Deen, Islam.
of Somalia and there is no end in sight as new groups
She, the Ummah, was at a total loss... The betrayal try to raise new nationalist flags in a bid to dominate
continues.. as her leaders and those entrusted with over others, Ximan & Xeeb, Sool Sanaag & Cayn,
her stewardship conspire with the people of the dark Galmudug, Aswj, Raas Casayr, Azania (Jubaland - area
to devour her, her children and her resources..
bordering Kenya ) are the latest. (See Fig. 2)

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Figure 2. Political Situation in Somali 10th February 2012
The Capitalist vampires America
and Britain in what has now
become a standard and easily
Operandi) use the WorldBank
and IMF to conspire with the
elites and leaders of your
society to implement policies
that enrich the collaborators,
populations and cause untold
poverty to the masses, creating
an environment of instability,
disharmony and disunity. They
then foment, stoke and incite
destruction. The socio-political
environment then becomes ripe
for insurrection and insurgency.
They now invite and fund
groups to call for secession and
independence (divide and rule).
The devilish genius of this entire
process is that it is politically
engineered to ensure they
continue to control and exploit
your resources as this chaos
unfolds around the unknowing
and innocent victim state. You
will watch the leaders on your
news media programs champion and sign Security Cooperation pacts and pass laws that enable
expatriation of citizens to be tortured by foreign security agencies (Extraordinary Rendition) and tried by
foreign courts, they celebrate signing Worldbank/IMF Loan agreements, glorify Public Utility (Infrastructure,
Energy, Water) Privatization and Investment programs and justify Oil/Mineral Exploration Concessions.
Abdulkadir Abdi Hashi, Minister of International Cooperation in Puntland, north-east Somali revealed a deal
with the kafir vampire Britain for BP to start oil extraction within the next 20-30days. Harvesting oil from the
seeds of chaos and anarchy it planted in Somalia over the last 20 years, and watered with the innocent
blood of Muslims, the sacred blood of Believers.
Any sincere and interested individual, who follows the news even with an untrained eye will give you a list of
countries that are currently mired in these Economic and Psychological Warfare Operations. These countries
have two or all three of these specific characteristics in common 1) immense natural resource e.g. Oil or Gas
2) political violence that has a morbidly unique signature 3) significant geo-strategic positioning e.g. vital
shipping lanes and waterways (Somalia, Mauritius), crossroad of empires (Afghanistan).
Nigeria which was once part of the Sokoto Caliphate established by Sheikh Uthman Dan Fodio in the 9th
Century was recently instructed by the IMF to lift its fuel subsidies. In a capitalist state whose government
delivers little to absolutely no public services, this subsidy was vital to the poor. This caused food prices to
quadruple immediately. This was built on top of the of the socio-economically destructive Structural
Adjustment Programs (SAPs) of the World Bank in the 1990's. Couple this with the ongoing meaningless
violence (which the vampires are no doubt behind!) it is only a matter of time before you start hearing calls
for secession and further division of Oil rich Muslims lands into a purported Muslim North and Christian
Pakistan which was part of the Sindh and Punjab regions along the Indus river, was opened to Islam in 711
A.D. by the military command of the Ummayad Miitary 'General Mohammed bin Qassim, directed by the Wali
(Governor) Al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf al-Thaqafi, Governor of Iraq to the then Ummayad Khalifah Al-Walid I.
The British in what was and still is their area of specialty divide and rule, fomented sectarian violence that
led to the division of the Sindh into India and Pakistan in 1947, also leaving an unsettled area of dispute that
caused the 1947 War of Jammu and Kashmir. This as always was not enough, they further split Pakistan into
West Pakistan and East Pakistan again in 1971 (East Pakistan today called Bangladesh). If the Ummah
assumes they are finished, then the Ummah has not learnt as they are now in the process of triggering
secession by the largest province of Pakistan called Baluchistan. India which is also a part of Muslim lands
ruled by the disbelievers, is also struggling with multiple secessionist movements.

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Turkey and Iraq which are all Muslim lands opened with Muslim blood currently face the same fate in their
North. The struggle for an independent Kurdish state. Iraq (Mesopotamia) was opened under the reign of
Khalifah Umar ibn Khattab (ra) by the Military Generals Sa'ad ibn Abi Waqqas, Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah and
the Military Genius Khalid ibn Walid. Turkey was opened by Mohammad AlFathy in 1453 A.D.
In North Africa, Morocco faces secession with the south struggling to secede in the form of Western
The newspaper, Al-Masryoon, published revelations about a plan for the division of Egypt into 4 or more
countries and the presence of more than 150 CIA operatives interfering in its affairs and working in the US
These are all Muslim lands, and the list of secessionist movements is endless. New nationalist groups will
always rise in these divided states to call for Patriotism and Nation-statehood triggering further sub-division,
weakening the ummah more and more... on and on... without end...
Why is this?
Because the Patriotic Bond is a societal bond based on connection to land. It cannot therefore create a
cohesive society as, while society changes its demographic patterns as people move from place to place,
inter-marry, populate and de-populate, land does not. A bond based on connection to land (which is limited
and unchanging) cannot therefore respond to accommodate these changes and will always breed violence
as existing occupants endeavour to unite and protect against people seen as not being native to the land. It
is a savage and primitive bond that on close analysis will be seen to only appear when there is a perceived
external threat. You will notice exhortations to patriotism only appear when the society has a perceived
external threat, and the bond immediately disappears when the external threat is perceived to have
diminished. For instance all differences across all stratum (Religious, Political, Income, Tribe etc.) of Kenyan
society were set aside when Somalia and Somalis became the perceived external threat. Even Muslim
intellectuals are overwhelmed by this bond as the editorial of a popular Muslim weekly bulletin regularly
speaks of the problems of Somalia Muslims affecting Kenyan Muslims!? ! What is a Somali
Muslim!? The problems in Somalia are a MUSLIM PROBLEM! !Kenya, a society that is totally stratified
across tribal lines forgot instantly all the tribal hatred & political antipathy triggered by the Post-election
Violence (PEV) when they were presented with an external threat. As soon as the external threat
diminished, the patriotic bond evaporated and within a month of the new Patriotic Kenya, the President
had to read a speech to the same country to preempt a potential flare-up of tribal violence in the aftermath
of the ICC indictments.
This is the true nature of the patriotism bond. It is temporary, irrational, primitive and savage.
Nationalism on the other hand is a bond built on the need for dominance of others in the quest for control
over resources. Because it is built on the idea of dominance over others, it is prone to generate neverending conflicts of competition for dominance over resources. There is not a single state built on Patriotism
and Nationalism that has ever found internal peace and tranquility even after secession. The South
Sudanese are barely a year old in geo-political independent statehood and there are complaints of
dominance of the Dinka tribe over the rest. Kenya did not even make it to the decade mark after
independence before there was grumbling and even political unrest about the overt dominance of the
Kikuyu tribe over others. And the story is the same for all Nationalism-based states. The human
characteristic used to forge the nationalist bond, to divide and dominate may differ from place to place (i.e.
race, geography, tribe, clan), but the social and political instability it causes is the same. Somalia continues
to fracture, and after every fracture a new group rises calling for more fracture. In Europe the characteristic
used to divide and dominate is race, in Somalia it is clan, in South Africa it is literally colour (NOT race), in
Kenya it is tribe, in India it is tribe & caste (social class), in America it is race and wealth.. so on and so on..
So, even if these societies are the wealthiest in the world, they still have the highest rates of murder and
institutionalized crime in the world! As varying groups (gangs, cartels, corporations, lobbies) vie for
dominance over others.
This is the true nature of the nationalism bond.
It breeds vicious hatred, fear & never-ending conflicts of competition for dominance.
As the Imperial state Capitalist vampires encourage nationalism and secession-ism amongst Muslims, they
are all the while consolidating themselves into large super-states and resisting any calls to secession. Britain
fought a bloody war to subdue Ireland's attempt to secede (Britain vs the Irish Republican Army) and
centuries earlier fought Scotland in several wars to keep it under its domain. On 16 th February 2012 BBC
reported on United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron's trip to Scotland to plead with them NOT to
secede from the United Kingdom! China continues to apply pressure to re-unify with Taiwan after
successfully re-absorbing Hong Kong and cracking down on Tibetan nationalism violently. America fought a
terrible civil war against secession from 1861 to 1865. Over 20 states in America currently have groups
calling for secession from the U.S. Of A, but we do not hear Obama and the American political class waxing
lyrical about the secessionists right to self-determination!?
In fact, Muslims who call for peaceful re-unification of the Islamic lands thro' dialogue are called extremists
and the future leading light of mankind - the unified Islamic State (Khilafah) is called an evil empire!?
(George Bush, State of the Union address 2006) (See Figure 3. Geopolitical area of the coming Islamic State)

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Oh Muslim Brothers and Sisters!
Ya Umaati-Rasulullah !

Say ! from Najivunia kuwa Mkenya! Say

! from Somali First! Say ! from "And hold tight to the rope of Allah and be
Pwani si Kenya! Say ! from all Clanism!
not disunited" [TMQ, 3:103]
Say ! from all Tribalism! Say ! Let us hold tight to our Islamic identity, Islamic Values
from all Racism! Say ! from all and Islamic System. That is our only true saviour in
the Dunya and Akhira.
Nationalism! Say ! from all 'Asabiyyah!

Say ! from their riba, insurance & debtbased Capitalist economic system which has made us
slaves through pre-paid taxes, pre-paid rent, pre-paid

electricity, pre-paid water, pre-paid medical-bills, prepaid taxes, pre-paid food, pre-paid toilets! Say

"The believers are nothing else than brothers Khilafah is Fard! for implementation of an
(in Islmic religion). So make reconciliation entirely la-riba Islamic economic system which
between your brothers, and fear Allh that guarantees housing, food and energy for every citizen
(Muslim and Non-Muslim alike). Where every mineral
you may receive mercy." [TMQ 49:10]
resource is neither owned by government nor owned
And the Prophet (S.A.W) said:
by private companies, but is distributed to the public.

Say ! from their Kufr democratic political
"A Muslim is a brother of another Muslim"
system where man makes his own laws. Say
At the same time the Prophet warned us against the
Khilafah is Fard! for the comprehensive
bond of tribal and nationalist prejudice (asabiyyah)
implementation of Islam, the Sha'ria of Allah (S.W.T)
and fighting under its banner, he (S.A.W) said:
Say ! from their social system which fails to

protect and nurture women, encouraging their slavery
"Abandon it, for it stinks."
to the harsh Capitalist economic system by exploiting
And he (S.A.W) said:
them as sexual objects and slaves to men.


Say Khilafah is Fard! for the recognition of


women as special and different from men. The

Khilafah pays women a stipend for raising children,

"He, who invites for a call of Jahiliyyah, he is thus protecting their honour, nurturing and rewarding
a corpse of jahannam." a person asked: "O their role as the vital pillar of the family & society.
Messenger of Allah (saw), even if he were to Say ! from their judicial system which
pray and fast?" The Prophet (saw) said: protects the powerful and oppresses the weak. Say
"Even if he prayed and fasted. Invite to the Khilafah is Fard! for Kadhi's who judge on ALLl
call of Allah (swt) who named you as issues - social, economic and political according to
Muslimeen, Mumineen (and) servants of the Islamic Sharia. Which has perfect justice, as it is
from our Creator (S.W.T) who clearly knows us best.
Allah (swt)." (Fig. 3)
Say ! from the Kufr Parliamentary System
which makes Kufr laws that give freedom to insult
Allah (S.W.T), His (S.W.T) Messengers and Books,
freedom to legalize prostitution and homosexuality!
Say Khilafah is Fard! for the Majlis ul-Wilaya
which will represent the Ummah's interests under the
never-changing, ever-green Sha'ria of Allah(S.W.T)
and the Majlis ul-Ummah which will account and
advise the Khalifah.
Say ! from Presidents, Prime Ministers and
Republics. Say ! from Kings, Crown Princes
and Kingdoms. Say Khilafah is Fard! for a
Khalifah who will implement the Sharia upon you,
protect you and lead you in calling the world to the
shining light of Islam.
Allah (S.W.T) bestowed upon us the great Islamic
bond Islamic Brotherhood, He (S.W.T) said:

The Messenger of Allah said,

"The Imam is a shield behind whom the
people fight and are protected."
Stand with us, Hizb ut-Tahrir in our call to:

Islam first! Islam Second! Islam Only!


Khilafah is Fard for

Islam Socially! Islam Economically!

Islam Politically!

[Sahih Muslim]

Stand with us, Hizb ut-Tahrir in our declaration:

Democracy is Kufr! Demokrasia ni Ukafiri!
Nationalism is Haraam! Uzalendo ni Haraamu!

Khilafah is Fard!

Join our darsa inside the Masjid or invite us to your Masjid for a talk via the email or cell-phone below.

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