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UCLA Community Programs Office

Writing Success Program
2015 - 2016 Academic Year Staff Application
Applications are due Friday, May 22nd, 2015 by 5:00 P.M. Submit a complete, time-stamped application to the front desk
of the Student Activities Center, Suite 105. Ask to leave your application in Layhannara Teps (the WSP Director) mailbox.
Late or incomplete applications will NOT be accepted.
Every WSP staff position is a unique hybrid of a leadership position and a job. WSP staff members will be paid to
counsel and to attend staff meetings. In addition, WSP staff members are expected to contribute voluntary hours to
leadership development, team development, programming, and community engagement.
There are mandatory unpaid summer responsibilities expected of each WSP staff member, including contribution to
the Academic Year Budget Proposal, planning for the academic year, participation at team retreats, staff socials, and
opportunities for community engagement.
There will several days of mandatory and paid WSP staff training in August and September.
Each position officially starts zero week of Fall Quarter 2015
All W SP Staff M embers are expected to meet Program expectations as set by the Director and take initiative to contribute
to the development of the program in new, creative ways. Please review the attached job descriptions (on pages 5-7) and then
check the position(s) for which you applying. If you are applying for more than one position, then please rank the positions
with #1 being your first preference:
_____ Writing & Creativity Counselor
_____ English Language Learners (ELL) Writing & Creativity Counselor
Name: __________________________________

_____ Administrative Assistant

_____ Assistant Director

Student ID: _______-_______-_______

Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________________________________

Permanent Phone: ___________________________
Email Address: ______________________________
If yes, which year? (1st or 2nd year transfer?)

Cell Phone: _______________________________

Year at UCLA: 1 2 3 4 5+


Transfer: Yes / No

Current UCLA GPA: _________

Major(s)/Minor(s): ____________________
Do you have work study? (Circle One) Yes / No

Do you plan to use work study with WSP? (Circle One) Yes / No

Do you currently have another job on campus? Yes/No If yes, where do you work? _________________________
How many hours a week do you work? _____
Will you have a second job (in addition to WSP, if hired), during the summer or at any time during the
2015-2016 Academic Year? Yes / No
If yes, how many hours a week do you plan on working? _____

In addition to the first page of this application, you must also submit the following:
1. Resume Your resume should include relevant academic, work, community and organizing experiences,
and any additional skills related to the position for which you are applying. Please include at least two
2. Short Answer Questions On a separate sheet, in 1 page single-spaced, answer the following
What do you think is the role of writing counseling (and the Writing Success Program) in
supporting student retention and empowerment at UCLA, especially in relation to non-traditional
What is the role of creativity and imagination in writing?
3. Personal Statement In 1-2 pages single-spaced answer the following questions:

Why do you want to be part of the Writing Success Program?

What do you hope to gain from your experience with the Writing Success Program?
What can you contribute to the development of the Writing Success Program and staff?
Discuss your skills, experience and potential related to counseling, writing, student retention, and
the Community Programs Office.
Feel free to include any relevant additional information that is not included in the other aspects of
your application.
4. Letter of Recommendation (OPTIONAL but preferred) Please submit a strong letter of
recommendation from a professional or academic reference (an Employer, Mentor, Teaching Assistant,
Professor, etc.)
5. Additional Skills Checklist (see pages 3-4)
6. Writing Sample: Please attach a sample of your writing (no more than 10 pages) to your application. This
should be a recent paper (or portion of a paper) that you feel reflects your strengths in academic writing.
For more information about the Writing Success Program positions, contact a WSP staff member or Layhannara Tep, WSP
Director, at . You will be contacted ASAP about the status of your application.

Statement of Truth
I certify, under penalty of perjury, that all of the information that I have provided in the application and the
supplementary materials are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, and all statements are my own.

Date: ___________________

* UCLA/CPO/WSP, in accordance with applicable Federal and State law and University Policy, does not discriminate on the
basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, medical condition, ancestry, marital status, citizenship, sexual
orientation or status as a Vietnam Veteran or special disabled Veteran. *

Additional Skills Checklist


Have you utilized WSP or other writing services on campus? If yes, please describe your experience.


Have you developed and/or facilitated workshops for students (of any age)?


If yes, in what capacity? What were the ages of the students with whom you worked?


Please describe your experience in coordinating or planning events.


Are you bilingual?





If yes, what languages do you speak: _______________________________________


Have you worked with students whose native Language is not English?



If yes, in what capacity?:

Do you have any experience with blogging (personally, for work, or for an organization)?





If yes, in what capacity?:

Please check the programs which you feel skilled at using:

_____ Microsoft Word

_____ Adobe Photoshop

_____ Microsoft Powerpoint

_____ Adobe InDesign

_____ Microsoft Excel

_____ Adobe Illustrator

_____ Microsoft Publisher

_____ Wordpress (or another online blogging


8. If you have any questions about this position, please list them below:

Campus Retention Committee ~ Student Retention Center


The Writing Success Program

Staff Responsibilities: Writing & Creativity Peer Counselors
Writing & Creativity Peer Counselors spend most of their time asking purposeful questions and facilitating the
processes of creative and critical thinking in one-on-one counseling sessions. Counselors are also responsible for
the development and facilitation of workshops, presentations, and/or developing materials that are useful for staff














(, attend quarterly staff retreats, and assist with the management and evaluation of
the Writing Success Program. E.L.L./E.S.L. Writing Counselors have the same responsibilities as outlined
above, with the additional expectation of having experience working with English Language Learners, having taken
ESL/ESL Teaching & Applied Linguistics courses and/or have ESL Certification.
All WSP Counselors are committed to ensuring that their students voices are affirmed and supported
throughout the writing process. They are personable, patient, compassionate, strong leaders who value
focusing on the development of others through reflection, critical thinking and discussion.

Weekly Breakdown - Writing & Creativity Peer Counselor


Number of Hours Vary by Counselor and Based on the Time of the Quarter (12-16 hrs/wk)


One-on-one sessions with students & program outreach


Weekly staff meetings & individual meetings with the Director and/or Assistant Director


Preparation for sessions, workshops, programs, and fundraisers


Writing for the blog


Supporting Student Retention Center (SRC) & Student Initiated Access Center (SIOC)
projects events & components

Campus Retention Committee ~ Student Retention Center


Writing Success Program

Staff Responsibilities: Assistant Director
The Assistant Director works closely with the Director and is primarily responsible for assisting the director in
planning and supervising staff development. This typically occurs through scheduling individual meetings with
each staff member, researching and planning professional and personal development activities and writing
assignments, and planning and leading weekly staff meetings. The Assistant Director is also responsible for
counseling students (refer to the description of a WSP Writing & Creativity Peer Counselor), overseeing the WSP
Blog (, attending quarterly staff retreats, and assisting with the creation and
implementation of workshops, presentations, and/or developing materials that could be useful for staff and/or
The WSP Assistant Director must have strong leadership skills, feel equipped to effectively and professionally
manage inter-personal conflicts and take initiative on his/her own. The Assistant Director is someone who is
committed to assisting others in growing personally and professionally.

Weekly Breakdown - Assistant Director


Number of Hours Vary for the Assistant Director Based on the Time of the Quarter (14-18 hrs/wk)


One-to-one sessions with students


Planning and facilitating weekly staff meetings and attending the following: quarterly program
evaluation hearing with the Campus Retention Committee, weekly meetings with the WSP
Director, weekly WSP subcommittee meetings


Developing quarterly staff curriculum, writing blog posts and helping to design and maintain
the WSP Blog, preparation for sessions & workshops/programs, helping to plan and lead
quarterly retreats in partnership with the Director


One-on-one sessions with staff

Campus Retention Committee ~ Student Retention Center


Writing Success Program

Staff Responsibilities: Administrative Assistant
The Administrative Assistant works closely with the Director and is primarily responsible for assisting in data
collection, data entry and the management of students and sessions. The Administrative Assistant must be skillful
in using Microsoft Office (including Excel, Word and Powerpoint) and it is preferable for this person to also have
experience creating flyers and graphics. Although the Administrative Assistant does not schedule counseling
sessions, he/she may offer drop-in hours to gain experience with writing counseling. The Administrative Assistant
is also responsible for helping with the management and evaluation of WSP, writing essays and blog posts for the
WSP Blog (, attending quarterly retreats, and assisting with the creation and
implementation of workshops, presentations, and/or developing materials that could be useful for staff and/or
The Administrative Assistant is someone who is organized, responsible and can take initiative on his/her own.

Weekly Breakdown - Administrative Assistant


Hours Vary for the Administrative Assistant Based on the Time of the Quarter (10-15 hrs/wk)


Attending staff meetings & trainings and taking copious notes at each meeting


Creating & maintaining student & staff databases. Creating summaries of WSP
statistics for quarterly program evaluations.


Writing blog assignments and daily posts, maintaining the blog, creating & compiling
educational materials and organizing files.


Planning and facilitating WSP programs, workshops and fundraisers


Supporting SRC & SIOC projects events & programs