Gmail - Mother Convicted of Wrongfully Withholding Child From Father

4/24/15, 2:58 AM

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Mother Convicted of Wrongfully Withholding Child From Father
R C_Legal <>
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Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 2:56 AM

Ms. Catoe (7014 2870 0002 0679 0924)

This has gone on for over 6 years under Mr. Duncan, 10 years total with the Department. The very same people who
have protected and promoted the fraud and corruption (General Counsel's office, OCR, AAEU, Office of
Postsecondary, etc) are the same ones who could have correctly handled this case years ago. Please review the
Nov, 2014 letter to Obama and Holder. Mr. Duncan has known about this case for years, yet here we are.
This is now about justified retaliation. This is about retribution, revenge, vengeance, and an eye for an eye. Western
Seminary et al deserves to suffer, because punishment is just and even necessary to ‘right the wrong’ and restore the
moral balance.
Unlike the Atlanta school district educational fraud case; unlike the Corinthian Colleges fraud case; it is the United
States (DoJ and DoE) who has actually covered for Western Seminary, ATS, NWCCU because it is the United States
who is actually deeply involved with the fraud and corruption. I have not simply fought Western Seminary, I was
fighting the United States of America, covering for itself and the school and accreditors.
We are here because the very people at the DoE and DoJ have forced all of this, beating me to a pulp, destroying
everything in my life and including the destruction of my family, making known false and misleading statements to the
public and court, causing catastrophic personal damage not only to me, but also to my family.
As a result, Western Seminary and the people involved are going to suffer. Because the United States has chosen to
protect Western Seminary from punishment at the cost of my family and me, it is many of my family and friends now
working together to punish this school and the people there - this most of all includes me - as I intend to damage and
destroy them and their families, leaving them just as damaged or more so, as my family and me have been left.
There is a price to pay when you screw someone's life up to the point the United States, Western Seminary, ATS,
NWCCU has done. Arne Duncan could had dealt with this years ago, he could have refused to go along with the
Margaret Spellings, Kent Talbert, Cheryl Oldham, Diane Auer Jones, Chuck Mula, Nancy C. Regan, etc, fraud,
he could had taken a stand and led his Department from such misuse of power Margaret Spellings et al were
involved in but he refused and instead supported those in the Department covering for themselves and the school/
Western Seminary and the people at that school are going to pay dearly for what they have done.... and whatever
happens, it is going to be tied to Arne Duncan.


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