Human Resources Policy of Reliance Infocomm (GSM Division

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Reliance Human Resources Policy
 Recruitment & Selection  Motivation  Wage and salary  Safety

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Floor Manager

Team leader

Call Operater Team Coach
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1.Line Manager 2.Floor managers 3.Team leaders 4.Team coaches 5.1000 Tele Operator are Selected From selection process. 6. There are three shifts. 7. Timings : 1st 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. 2nd 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. 3rd 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

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Recruitment & Selection
Alternative to recruitment

• • • • Internal Sources Internal Methods External Sources External methods

Human Resources planning
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Internal Sources Promotion Transfer Retired manager Recall from long leave Internal advertisement
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External Sources
Management consultant

Management institute

Deputation personnel
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Difference Between Recruit & Selection
Recruitment :
Recruitment is identifying and encouraging prospective employees to apply for a job. Selection : Selection is selecting the right candidate from the pool of applicants

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Selection Process

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Minimum Criteria for Tele Operator
 1. Graduation in faculty.(Science/Arts/Commerce)
 2. Good Communication Skill.  3. Command over a language. (English/Hindi/Gujarati)  4.Can Understand Above three languages.  5. Fresher and experienced candidate.

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      

Reliance give both financial as well as non financial motivator to there employee .what type of motivational tool given in reliance info comm.? Annual salary revision. Promotion Delegation & authority Telephone facility Bonus Quarter Reliance Share etc. Only to Higher Manager
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Wages & Salary
 Office wear allowance All levels Rs.30000/ Medical Rs.15000/- all levels  Fuel & Maintenance For all levels –

     

a. up to 1000 cc : Rs.111000/b. above 1000 cc : Rs.150000/Food coupons Rs.15600/- for all levels Gift vouchers Rs.5000/- for all levels LTA 2 month’s Basic pay for all levels HRA 50% of Basic pay CEA Rs.24000/CHA Rs.7200/A New Way of Life

 No Night Shift for Girls.
 Transportation Facility.  Security guard are provided.  Canteen for employees.  Refreshment area also provided to them.

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