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Human Capital Management
Analysis of O net online
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Submitted to : Mr. Imran Akbar Saif
Assignment : 2

Analysis of website O net online

It is an American job basically provides workforce development professionals with
comprehensive occupational information tools. it is basically maintained by US department of
labor and it also provide most current and appropriate it basically very wellknown resource that provide appropriate occupational information. On their own data base they
basically provide information of many occupations along with description. And anyone can
access all that information even with no cost. And people can explore information on that
website with their compatibility. And this occupation information is developed under the
The description they have provided on their website explained all like what kind of job required
what kind of skills that is quite easy for the job seeker to match with skills with that job
description that they provided on that websites is a very helpful website where millions of mans
are searching job economy and job is good to keep ourselves up to date with latest
information technology also works as a guide like what kind of jobs are available now a
days and what kind of job you need like plumber, school teacher whatever you want to look for
you may easily. If there Is some job availability you will be able to find that on that website. And
even you can search jobs by their category. They can also provide complete report about the
certain job that means you can get the information about any segments with no cost.
They also provide tasks, tools and technology, knowledge skills; they provide skills and abilities
that we need to have if we are going to apply for some job. Work activities kind of interaction
and behaviors required for that occupation you searching for. Work context, job zone, education,
interests, carrier clusters job family, work styles, wages and many others. And if someones
needs any data about job description you can even download whole reports and
basically onet online is the ultimate resource for anyone looking for information about any type
of job that exist in world. And if you keep yourself up to date with this website you will never
find yourself left behind.
Usage of this site:
There are many persona related to many different department they use onnetonlie jobs for many
different purpose and why they use because with the help of this website site

They can develop effective job description very easily

They define employee and job specific success factor
They align organizational development with workplace

Refine well design recruitment and training goals

Design promotion system

And why job seekers use onnetonline because

They try to find out which job fit to their skill experience and interest.
They can even explore the growth carrier profile using the latest data that is available in
They research what it takes to get their compatible job.
Maximize earning and job potential
Alternate sites
There are many alternate sites that can guide job seekers to get benefit and even those
sites can lead job seekers towards right path. But this website you can a complete
package for every job seeks and even for human resource if anyone
wants to know anything about any job ONNETonline website is the most valuable tool
you will ever come across. You can learn anything about any job you want to know