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More than 10,000 undergraduate and graduate

degree programs at 95 public and private not-for-profit

universities and university-degree level colleges.

Deg rees fo low the bachelor/master/doctorate


programs, as well as professional designations,

certificate and diploma courses, and shorl careerfocused programs.

Cutting edge technology and research labs.

r Opporlunities for cooperative education and

internships, and international students can often
work while they study.
c Tuition fees range from C$8,000


Over 8,000 programs at 150 public institutions offering

credentials that are sanctioned by provincial and

. Offers

a variety of recognized credentials like certificates,

diplomas, university transfer programs, academic and
applied degrees, and post-graduate diplomas.

Programs with varying lengths of study from a few

months to four years.

r Practical programs designed with potential employers

that also offer work placements.

Tuition fees range from C$5,500 to C$15,000 per year

depending on the program.

. Boarding or homestay and living costs are estimated at

C$7,000 to C$13,000 per year.

to C$26,000 per

year depending on the program.

territorial governments.

system and are equivalent to those in the USA and

Commonwealth countries.

. Vast choice of undergraduate and post-graduate


Residence and living expenses are estimated at

C$7,000 to CSl3,000 per year.

Whatever your choices, you are guaranteed a quality

learning experience.

The right decision

For my higher education I was looking for a place that would expose me to a mix
of great quality education, culture & social policies and that is when I came across
Canada. All these factors were reaffirmed when I started my Engineering studies
in a beautiful and lush green campus at Carleton University located in the "silicon
Valley" of the east coast. My exposure to the Canadian environment allows me
today to professionally serve my diverse customer base in India and my education
in Canada allows me to stay on top of my work.

Amit Tacker

- lndia

D rector, AV Sa es. Tacker Techno ogies Pvt. Ltd.

Carleton Unrversty: Bachelor n Engineering (2002)




lt!rt,rrltl,:-rjr), 1.;lr . :::



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'1., a'-.

o Under the responsibility of a ministry or department of

education in each province and territory.

. Elementary schools are grades 1 to 6.

. Secondary schools are grades 7-12 in most provinces,
with the exception of Quebec where secondary school
runs from grades 7-11

. School

Canada is a bilingual country, a community of immigrants

and a world leader in English and French language training.
o Private schools and colleges dedicated to the teaching of

English and French, often exclusively to international

students and new immigrants.

Specialized language training is also available in subject

areas like business English, academic preparation,
industry-specific language training, etc.

Tuition fees for a general 4-week course range from

year runs from September to June.

. All schools must register with and meet the curriculum

and graduation requirements set by the Ministry of
Education of their province/territory.

. Canadian

CS1,000 to CS2,000.
o Homestays are also a popular option at a cost of

high school diplomas are recognized by

approximately C$1,000 per month.

colleges and universities worldwide.

Offer English as a Second Language (ESL) or French

as a Second Language (FSL) supporl to international


. Offer co-educational day programs.

. Home stay programs available for rnternational students.
. Tuition and homestay fees range from C$10,500 to
C$23,000 depending on the institution.

. lndependently funded.
. Co-educational, or boys only, or girls only.

I also travelled in Canada after my studies. Canada

is great not only for its quality of life and beautiful

surroundings but also for how welcoming Canadians are.

o Smaller class sizes and lower teacher-student ratio.

Full boarding or homestay programs available for

Giancarlo Mosciatti Egresado de Derecho - Chile

Canadian College

international students.

r Tuition and boarding fees range from C$25,000 to

C$45,000 depending on the institution.

Hands-on approach
I received so much guidance from the moment I enrolled to the time I arrived in Canada to my graduation.

especially appreciated that the classes were based on a

hands-on approach where you can actually experience
the theory and relate to what the employer or the market
might expect of you.
There was a great upbeat atmosphere that helped me
achieve my full potential.

Renata And6 de Freitas

- Brazil

Red River College: Business Admin stration Diploma (2008)


''r'15s:.t;:: ,,:' ii;':1.g1'

r.r,'ii\ l'.'. ,':.':-,1,": : ''

studied English as a second language for eight months

in Vancouver, Canada. All of my courses included conversation activities and there was a good balance between

theory and grammar. The language school offered many

extra-curricular activities such as sports, outdoor
expeditions, city tours, etc.


World-class language education


English Language (2009)


- Canadian credentials will open doors to your future
and benefit your career.


EDUCATION - Cost of living and

tuition fees for international students are generally
lower in Canada than in other countries.

- ,f

MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY - Canadians are known

for being friendly, open and tolerant and our country
welcomes students from more than 200 ethnic origins.



all of the freedoms which protect Canadians: respect
for human rights, equality, and a stable and peaceful

;flI 'I@



of French and English as first and second languages is
an integral part of Canada's education.


- From wired
libraries and Olympic-quality sports facilities, to
public concert halls and art galleries, Canada's postsecondary campuses offer you enormous possibilities
to combine learning and leisure.


OPPORTUNITIES - The education system in Canada
is grounded in a culture of research and development
with excellent research facilities.

LAND OF POSSIBILITIES - Canada's scenery is

spectacular and varied; an experience in itself.


students with Canadian credentials and Canadian work
experience may apply for permanent residency
without having to leave Canada. Visit
cec for more information.

An unforgettable experience
Spending more than five years at York University was completely unforgettable.
During the first year, I faced many challenges getting to know a different culture,
Iifestyle, and environment. Thanks to the supportive and united spirit of University
friends and staff, I became a confident student and handled all uncertainties
very smoothly.
I was also very impressed with the university infrastructures, with the cutting edge
technology, modern equipment, and by the easy and wide access to valuable printed
and electronic resources.

Anh Nguyet Nguyen

- Vietnam

York University: Current Student in the MBA Program

Becipient of the Outstanding Winning Prize Cenifrcate for Marketing Strateqy Course

For additional details about studying in Canada, consult these helpful online resources:

o Official

Study in Canada portal

lncludes a program finder, cost calculator, study permit information, and links to provincial, territorial
and individual school information.



Government of Canada Scholarships



Foreign Affirs, Trade & Development Canada (DFATD) gc.caleducation
he lnternational Education and Youth Division of DFATD is responsible for Canada's foreign policy in
the areas of knowledge, learning and the promotion of Canada as a study and research destination.

Citizenship and lmmigration Canada (ClC)

Offers information for international students considering Canada as a study destination, including
study permits, visa details and work permits,


Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC)
Provides leadership in education at the pan-Canadian and international levels and contributes to the
fulfilment of the constitutional responsibili for education conferred on provinces and territories.

Canadian lnformation Centre for lnternational Credentials (ClClC)
Provides the only Canadian online and authoritative directory of universities, colleges and schools
recognized and authorized by Canada's provinces and territories. This site includes information on
foreign credential evaluations and qualif ication recognition.


Colleges and lnstitutes Canada
Represents colleges and institutes to government, business and industry both in Canada and

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC)
Represents 97 Canadian public and private not-for-profit universities and universi-degree
level colleges.

Ganadian Association of Public Schools

lnternational (CAPS-I)

Represents 90 Canadian public school districts/boards that recruit international students at the
elementary and secondary levels.

Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE)

Dedicated to the promotion of Canada's international relations through international education.

Languages Canada




education system for the good,

comfortable and fun life I had there
starting when I was 16 years old, and
for the excellent edueation l receiVed
from high school, university and
post-graduate institutions. lt gave
\me confidene in everything I do,
gave me ample opportunities to
become a free thinker and made
me a more relaxed person.

Canadian language schools accredited under an internationally recognized quality-assurance

Prof. James Won-Ki Hong



Canadian Association of lndependent Schools (CAIS)
Represents 93 Canadian elementary and secondary independent schools from across Canada,
some of which offer boarding to international students.

\ -,,



"{il. :

and Dean of Graduate School for


University of Western Ontario:. BA in Computer Scionce

(19871 .University of Walerloo j PhD in Communications
in Distribted Sysiems ('l991)

The perfect study environment

Centered on the student and set on theoretical knowtredge and practical expertise, the
education system in Canada constitutes an excellent environment that allows the student,
not only to succeed but also to bloom, because the students gain from practical placements in industry and in governmental agencies.
Easy to integrate and strong due to its multiculturalism, Canada offers students a rewarding
life experience which will benefit them on a professional as well as on a personal level.

Kbir Ratnani- Morocco

Senlor V ce Presrdent lnTrastructure af d Constructiof . SNC Lavalln Afrlca
un versit Lava : Ivaster in B ochemlcal Engrneer ng (1 9BO) & Bachelor in chem cal Engineering



A Canadian scholarship

A land of possibilities

My Emerging Leaders in ihe Americas (ELAP) scholarship opened the door for me to study in a world-class
academic environment.

My "lnternational Studies" at the Universit de Montral

gave me a wide knowledge of the relations between
countries and cultures from a Canadian perspeciive.
I chose from a wide offering in order to learn more about
the political, economic and social systems in Canada and
in North America. Travelling from Nova Scotia in the East
to Qubec and to the Rocky Mountains in the Western
provinces, I discovered the amazing Canadian landscape.
For the first time in my life, I went winter camping,
dog-sledding and snowshoeing.

It was a unique opportunity that significantly enriched

my own learning experience and helped me to develop
policies on how to bridge the gap between the lab,
field, and society.

Damian K. Francis
Universtty of Ottawa University of the West Indtes
ELAP Awardee (2009-20'1 0)


A career springboard
remember fondly the enduring richness of my undergraduate life, the inclusive, open
culture of the university, and the vast Canadian wilderness.

Studying and living at the University of Alberta has instilled in me a lifelong interest in
learning, bridging cultures and serving the community. This has helped me in leading NTU,
Singapore's science and technology university, to greater heights.

Dr Su Guaning


Presldent, Narr1,3ng Technologica Un versity

A\,vardee of the Heu/-^y Br cks & Sons Go d Nledal
Un vers ty oT A beda: Bachelor n Electr ca Engineering li 9/l )

Sarah Larsen-Vefring

Un vers t de Montra


Semester n lnternational Stud es


(2009 20r 0)