Gavin Newsom, Mayor

Recreation and Park Commission
April 5, 2007
President Martin called the regular meeting of the Recreation and Park Commission to order on Thursday, April 5, 2007 at 2:07 p.m. Roll Call Present Larry Martin Tom Harrison Jim Lazarus David Lee Gloria Bonilla Absent Meagan Levitan

GENERAL MANAGER’S REPORT General Manager, Yomi Agunbiade presented the update on the Audit. Nancy Wuerfel requested that the Efficiency Plan referred to in the General Manager’s report be put online and she recommended that the sections concerning Items 6 and 8 having to do with golf and the leases be implemented fully before this body considers changing the way the golf courses are handled. Isabel Wade believed progress was being made and suggested: 1) that once a month the Commission should get a report on a couple of the items, 2) staff make the report user friendly, 3) and on any item that says “report”, “protocol” or “policy” should be put on a list with the number – the Commission should then be given one of those hard products and that should be made available to the public. CONSENT CALENDAR On motion by Commissioner Lazarus and duly seconded, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted: RES. NO. 0704-001 RESOLVED, That this Commission does approve the minutes of the March 2007 meeting. RES. NO. 0704-002 RESOLVED, That this Commission does approve a request from Black Rock Arts Foundation for the temporary placement of “Pepe Ozan’s Dreamer”, an art installation, in the 14th Avenue East Meadow (west end) of Golden Gate Park for six months from June 2007 to December 2007. GENERAL CALENDAR PALACE OF FINE ARTS Staff Report The Carey and Company was closed through a Request for Qualifications for an Executive Preservation Architect to provide design services fro the Palace of Fine Arts Buildings, Lagoon and Ground Restoration. The original scope provided architectural design services for Phase IIA and IIB for the project. Phase IIA work consists of the Lagoon rehabilitation, the stabilization and reconstruction of the lagoon’s eastern edge, landscaping,

pathway and accessibility improvements on the eastern portion of the park. Phase IIB work consists of the seismic upgrade of the Rotunda and Colonnade, architectural restoration, landscaping, pathway and accessibility improvements on the western portion of the park. The additional services request includes the splitting up of Phase IIB into tow bid packages: Phase IIB Architectural/Structural and IIC (Landscape). In addition, developing further the North and South entrances, new lighting design for the landscape elements and coordination of pedestrian and building lighting schemes. Richard Fong discussed the seismic retrofit to the entire area of the colonnades and the rotunda. On motion by Commissioner Levitan and duly seconded, the following resolution was unanimously adopted: RES. NO. 0704-003 RESOLVED, That this Commission does approve a contract modification to the previously awarded professional services contract for Phase II (IIA, IIB and IIC) for the Palace of Fine Arts Buildings, Lagoon and Grounds Restoration Project to Carey & Company, Executive Preservation Architect from $1,095,197.90 to $1,107,362.90, an increase of $12,165. MIDTOWN TERRACE PLAYGROUND AND RESTROOMS RENOVATION PROJECT CONCEPTUAL PLAN Staff Report Midtown Terrace is a neighborhood park located at the intersection of Clarendon Avenue and Olympia Way. The park includes a clubhouse, playground informal lawn area, separate area with swings and slide, and picturesque natural landscaped hillside. The playground was last renovate in the 1980’s and the clubhouse restrooms are currently not accessible. In the spring of 2006, the City appropriated $1,510,927 to renovate the playgrounds, accessibility upgrades and provide accessible restrooms. The project includes the complete renovation of the main playground next tot eh clubhouse including expanding the play area, new play equipment, new rubber safety surfacing, benches, tables. A secondary play are with a swing set and a slide will be renovated for basketball based on the community’s input including the installation of two hoops and asphalt paving. A new accessible path will connect the main play area with the basketball area. The existing men’s and women’s restrooms in the clubhouse will be renovated for accessibility and to meet all current codes. Scope includes new fixtures, partitions, lighting, baby changing tables, new floor, new doors and windows. The design is based on the community’s and staff’s need to maximize the number of toilets and this was accomplished by providing a single use men’s room and the women’s room with three toilets for a total of four. The women’s room can ve access from both the exterior and from the clubhouse. A new drinking fountain will be installed attached to the clubhouse. Public Process 01/18/2007 02/07/2007 03/14/2007

Community Meeting #1 Meeting with the Midtown Playground task force Community Meeting #2

11 community attendees 4 community attendees 9 community attendees

On motion by Commissioner Levitan and duly seconded, the following resolution was unanimously adopted: RES. NO. 0704-004 RESOLVED, That this Commission does approve the Conceptual Design of the Midtown Terrace Playground and Restrooms Renovation Project. GOLDEN GATE PARK - BERCUIT FIELD GOLDEN GATE PARK Staff Report These items were heard as one but voted on separately. During public comment the sponsor requested that the first item – the rodeo be removed from calendar. These items are a request by San Francisco Juneteenth to produce a gated event the San Francisco Juneteenth Invitational Black Rodeo at Bercut Field on Saturday, June 9, 2007 from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. land a request to

modify the sound policy and permit amplified sound from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The Juneteenth Rodeo is dedicated to all the Black cowboys and cowgirls of the past who helped shape the West and those of today who help to keep the spirit of the West alive. It will feature rodeo-type events that meet the requirements of the Animal Care & Welfare Commission. The Juneteenth is hosting this triathlon to provide children the opportunity to experience a local Youth Triathlon in hope of fostering an enthusiastic and lifelong passion for the sport while enjoying a peaceful competition with peer groups. This event is open to all youth. The request is to close the following roads on Saturday, June 9, 2007, on the Chain of Lakes West (41st Avenue) between MLK and JFK Drives. Eric Mills spoke of culture diversity, stated that he was a big fan of culture diversity but that when it crossed the line of animal abuse he would be on the picket line no matter. He stated that he believed there were no humane rodeo events. General Manager Agunbiade announced that the permit requestors would like to rescind their request for a permit for the rodeo so there will be no rodeo event. Pat McGinnis stated that the American Humane Association and the Humane Society of the United States had joined together to come out in a very strong statement expressing their dismay and objection to rodeos as causing pain and torment. Dexter Woods clarified that they were pulling the application for the rodeo because there was a conflict in the schedule with the arena contractor and their stock contractor. The contractors had to be at an event in Los Angeles and were unable to do both events. He also stated that he resented making a collation between slavery and Juneteenth Black Rodeo and what might happen to animals. Kevin Jefferson Program Manager for Juneteenth Committee, stated that he had been tasked with providing opportunities for youth to participate in the Juneteenth celebrations. They would like to have a triathlon that would include running and bike riding, but substitute a modified dribbling/shoot exhibit for swimming. They believed this would be a perfect opportunity for the children to learn about an event, to participate in an event, and, more importantly, to become more involved in positive things. Dr. Elliot Katz, read a statement from Danny McFall of Los Angeles. On motion by Commissioner Levitan and duly seconded, the following resolution was unanimously adopted: RES. NO. 0704-005 RESOLVED, That this Commission does approve a request by San Francisco Juneteenth to close the following road for the "San Francisco Juneteenth Youth Triathlon (Basket Dribble, Bike and Run) on Saturday, June 9, 2007, on Chain of Lakes West (41st Avenue) between MLK and JFK Drives. GOLDEN GATE PARK – SHARON MEADOW Staff Report This is a church-related event with various speakers and music. Tents and booths will be set up for vendors to give away or sell church related material and food. Set up will begin on August 10, 2007, starting at 8:00 a.m. There will be approximately 1,000 participants during this event. The Sharon Meadow Amplified Sound Policy will apply. The request is to produce a one-day worship and prayer event at Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate Park on Saturday, August 11, 2007, a request to permit amplified sound form 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. On motion by Commissioner Bonilla and duly seconded, the following resolution was adopted: RES.NO. 0704-006 RESOLVED, That this Commission does approve a request by Promised Land Fellowship to produce a one-day worship and prayer event at Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate Park on Saturday, August 11, 2007, a request to permit amplified sound from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. and a request to have food and non-alcoholic beverages. GOLDEN GATE PARK YOUTH SUMMER TENNIS CAMP Staff Report Since 1996, the Department has annually issued a permit to operate the Summer Youth Tennis Camp at the Golden Gate Park tennis complex (“Camp”). Up to six adjacent courts are made available for use by the Camp. Youth tennis instruction is given by qualified instructors under the guidance of the Permittee. The term of the permit is June 11 through August 24, 2007.

Staff issued an RFP in February requesting proposals from parties interested in operating the Camp in 2007. Proposals were to be evaluated upon the following scoring criterion (included in Commission packet): Experience, Plan of Operations and Marketing, Financial Ability and proposed Percentage of Revenue to the City. The RFP was advertised in the newspaper, on the City’s website and at the tennis complex, and an announcement was mailed to 60 tennis professionals and firms throughout the Bay Are. One party requested the RFP and submitted a proposal. A panel of three scored the proposal. The panel’s score is set out below: Experience (90 points) 79 Operations (60 points) 64 Marketing (30 points) 25 Finances (pass/fail) pass % of Revenue (90 points) 90 Total (300) 258

A. Currier

Proposer Anmarie Currier received a scoff of 258. Ms. Currier has been awarded this permit for the last six years. In that time, she has proven herself to be a successful operator of a quality youth tennis camp program. She has developed a core of loyal customers and increased the numbers of participants as well as revenues to the City every year that she has operated the Camp. Highlights of the Permit are: • Term of permit: June 11 through August 24, 2007 • Two Sessions: a 3-hour morning session ($200) and a 2-hour afternoon session ($145) • A maximum student to instructor ratio of six to one • Permit fee of 25% of all gross revenues to the Department • Security Deposit of $2,500 and $1,000,000 commercial general liability insurance naming City as additional insureds • Minimal staff involvement or expense. Fifteen tennis courts at the Complex are still available for general public tennis play while the Camp is in session • Permit allows for renewal for up to two additional summers at the discretion of the General Manager. Staff did not propose an increase in camp rates this year as the 3-hour morning session ($200) and the 2-hour afternoon session ($145) rates were both increased $10 by the Commission in 2005. These camp rates are slightly lower than similar camps run by other tennis facilities. On motion by Commissioner Harrison and duly seconded, the following resolution was unanimously adopted: RES. NO. 0704-007 RESOLVED, That this Commission does award the permit for the operation of the 2007 Golden Gate Park Youth Summer Tennis Camp to Anmarie Currier. RESIDENT GOLF CARD FEES Staff Report The Resident Golf Card was established in March, 1982 at a cost of $20 per year to offer the citizens and taxpayers of San Francisco discounted greens fees at the five City-maintained golf courses. Staff requested and was granted an increase to $40 in March, 2003, applying cumulative CPI since 1982. During that year's budget process, the Resident Golf Card fee was codified (Section 12.32 of the Park Code) and became eligible for annual CPI increases from that point forward. Fee increases were not applied again until the 2006-07FY, at which time applicable cumulative CPI was applied from March, 2003. The card was raised to its current annual rate of $42. When the Treasurer's Office (the "TTC") began issuing cards for our Department in 2003, a specific fee schedule consisting of their staffing, materials and overhead costs was attached to the Memorandum of Understanding between our two Departments. An overall basic cost for issuing a card was established and remained in effect until the beginning of 2006-07FY when they raised the cost to us approximately 18%. Their original fees were based on an estimate of time needed and various staffing levels to complete the task and did not at that time take into account unforeseen extraneous problems and the time needed to resolve them. Additionally, the following year we put in place a renew-bymail system which entailed slightly different staffing and procedural requirements from issuing new cards. Attached

as Exhibit A is a chart detailing the various charges for the duties performed by TTC. At the time these fees were raised, it was too late for us to increase the Resident Card fee to offset the increased costs to us, although we were able to identify and plan for the discrepancy in our final budget. To compensate for lower net revenue this current year and for next year, Staff is recommending the Resident Card for San Francisco residents be raised beyond this year's CPI (2.5%) to an annual charge of $45. At the same time, staff is requesting reducing the fee to Pacifica residents from $42 to $30, as Pacific residents only have access to Sharp Park at discounted rates. This would not be a substantial financial loss, since we have a small percentage of Pacifica residents who have cards (less than 2% of all cards currently issued). Positively, it would accomplish two things: (1) begin to equate the fee charged with available access, and (2) open the possibility of selling more Pacifica cards to people who would not otherwise purchase them due to the high cost vs. their limited access. Additionally, there are a number of people annually (15+%) who do not submit the correct information to the TTC for their renewals. Each one has to be returned to the customer with a letter detailing why it was rejected. As we are now being charged an additional amount for this task staff is recommending the $45 annual fee be raised to $50 ($35 for Pacifica residents) to enable us to recoup some of the additional cost to us. The Resident card offers the highest discount to Harding users and drives the success of the card. Although we, by far, charge the highest resident card fee in the area, the golfer does receive substantial discounts. (Refer to Exhibit B) There is currently no legislated fee for issuing replacement cards for those that have been lost. Staff proposes establishing that cost as the current fee charged to us for issuing a renewal, rounded up to the nearest dollar. In that way, the cost for the replacement would be tied directly to any future increases in the cost of producing the card. If approved, the cost for a replacement card for the 2007-08FY would be $15.00. Financial Impact: Approval of this request should result in an additional $50K in revenue for the 2007-08FY. Pros: We should be able to add an additional $50K in revenue from this increase. We would also be offering a more competitive card to the Pacifica residents. Cons: This makes ours an even higher-priced resident discount card, although the cardholders receive substantial discounts. Tom Weathered with Lincoln Park Golf Club stated that they think the fees are appropriate and acceptable. Reola Freeman felt the cost increase was hard on seniors. Isabel Wade didn’t see any reason to subsidize Sharp Park and asked if the Department had technology in terms of figuring out who is using the park. On motion by Commissioner Lazarus and duly seconded the following resolution was unanimously adopted: RES. NO. 0704-008 RESOLVED, That this Commission does approve the staff recommendation to change the fees for the Resident Golf Card and to establish a fee for issuing replacement cards as amended: 1) the proposed replacement card fee will increase from $15 to $25 and the proposed Pacifica fee only for Fiscal Year 2007-08. HARDING PARK GOLF COURSE – FEES Staff Report On April 19, 2002 when the Board of Supervisors approved the plan for the renovation of Harding Park they passed Ordinance #52-02, delegating authority to the Recreation and Park Commission to establish green fees at the Harding Park Golf Complex, within certain parameters, with any increases beyond these parameters requiring the approval of the Board of Supervisors. In addition, the Board of Supervisors delegated authority to the Recreation and Park Commission to set other fees at Harding Park. As part of the budget process, staff works with course managers to review rates and policies- each year. Last year with the Commission and Board's approval substantial increases and changes to the fee structure were implemented. This year to maximize revenue at Harding Park staff is proposing the following changes to our fees and policies:

1) Shotgun Tournament Rate: It is customary for courses to charge a premium for full shotgun tournaments. Presently tournaments are $115 on weekdays and $135 on weekends. Staff is recommending a per person shotgun tournament premium of $10 on the weekday and $15 on the weekends. This would apply to shotgun tournaments of 120 or more. With the proposed premiums, greens fees for a full field shotgun tournament will be $125 on weekdays and $150 on weekends. A full field shotgun tournament is one where the tournament group essentially takes over the course by starting 2 groups of four players at each hole. The groups rotate around the course until they have completed all 18 holes. A shotgun allows all players in the tournament to start and finish at approximately the same time. This closes the course to any other players and depending on the time of day that the shotgun is scheduled, it can impact play before the actual tournament as staff is required to clear the course. Financial Impact During the past year the course hosted 36 shotgun tournaments of 120 players or more. If at least as many shotguns are played this year, additional revenue will range from $43,200 to $77,760 Assumes all weekday shotguns of 120 players: 36 tournaments X 120 players x $10 = $43,200 Assumes all weekend full shotguns: 36 tournaments X 144 players x $15 = $77,760 Pros Opportunity for additional revenue. Cons Potential loss of price sensitive tournaments. 2) Golf Cart Fee Harding Park cart utilization rate is very low. The subtle slopes at Harding Park and Fleming have made them ideal walking courses. In addition, since the reopening of the courses, carts having been restricted to "cart paths only" to prevent damage to the newly renovated course. Currently carts are rented for $26 per cart (with two riders) and $18 for a single rider. Staff is proposing that carts are rented at a rate of $13 per rider. Staff is also proposing a new twilight/9 hole cart rate of $7 per rider. Financial Impact Assuming 2-5 more cart rentals per day, the increase in cart revenue would range from $5,110 to $23,725. 2 x $7 twilight cart rate x 365 days per year = $5,110 5 x $13 cart rate x 365 days per year = $23,725 Pros Potential to increase revenue through increase cart usage. Cons Presently our cart usage is very low, so there is little to no downside risk. 3) Chipping Area Fee The Harding Park chipping area has a fee for use of $5 per sleeve of balls. To date the chipping area has received little usage, resulting in total revenue for the past year of $5,920. The idea of fencing the area has proven to be infeasible and the alternative of assigning staff to the area to enforce fees is financially impractical. Staff is recommending elimination of this fee. Financial Impact Loss of $5,920 annually Pros

Golfers will enjoy this amenity at no cost. Staff can focus on providing service in other areas. Cons Loss of $5,920 annually. 4) Change in IVR Policies Presently, residents enjoy both exceptional rates and preferred access to tee times. To provide more access to the prime tee times (Sam-11 am) for all golfers who want to play Harding Park, staff recommends a change in policy which allows the course manager to release every other available tee time from the IVR system for players booking tee times 7 days out. The remaining tee times would be made available 6 days in advance. This method would only be utilized from November to March. A sample is attached as Exhibit B. In addition, Advance Reservations are taken up to 8 days in advance. The IVR system presently opens up at 7:00 PM to Residents 7 days in advance. Leaving a "gap". Staff recommends that the IVR system be available at 7:00 AM beginning 7 days in advance, that Residents and Non-residents receive the same access to any future online booking systems as they do to the IVR and that Advance Reservation be taken up until the IVR opens up for Non-residents 6 days in advance. Financial Impact Neutral as far as IVR fees. Pros This is an additional tool to increase non-resident play and improve the financial performance of the course. Cons Residents may prefer that non-residents have less access. 5) Cancellation policy The Commission has expressed interest in the past in implementing a cancellation policy. In preparation for implementation of the GEN software system for golf, staff proposes the following cancellation policy for reservations cancelled later than 24 hours for all courses. Penalty for Reservations cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. Non-Residents Residents cardholders $10 cancellation fee. After 3 incidents, loss of resident card privileges. Cards may be repurchased for $120 or at the regular rate after 1 year.

If approved, staff is proposing that the cancellation policy become effective at Harding Park with the implementation of the new software system and at the other 18 hole courses concurrent with implementation of the new software system or upon Board of Supervisors approval, which ever comes first. Financial Impact We are advised that when cancellation policies are implemented very few cancellation fees are actually collected and generally people become more responsible


The course will experience less no shows and more tee times will be available for people who really want to play. Cons San Francisco golfer enjoy the present lack of any penalty for missing a tee time. 6) Promotions: Off Season /Advance Reservations: To drive rounds for Bay Area residents during the slower months staff proposes that the golf course management be allowed to run promotional ads during the months of November to March. The offer would be for "free" advance reservation (a $10 value). A copy of the promotional ad would be required at time of check-in, which allows for the ability to track the success of the promotion as well as restrict its use. The impact to the advance reservation revenue would be minimal since the majority of advance reservations occur in the summer months. Any additional non resident bookings would more than offset any loss in advance reservation fees. Financial Impact The goal would be an increase of approximately 1400 rounds of non-resident play during the winter month which translates to approximately $50,000 incremental revenue. Pros Increases revenue during the winter by allowing non-residents an equal opportunity to reserve a portion of prime tee times. Cons Residents may perceive this as undercutting their preferred status, but. the course would still be subject to the 50-50 restrictions and the limits on advance reservations. Slow Hours: Kemper staff has identified three time periods where there is availability on our tee sheets: the first hour of the morning, the hour before Twilight and the hour before Super Twilight. During the winter, the first hour often goes unused. The hours before Twilight and Super Twilight often go unused as people tend to wait for the discounted rate. In order to drive rounds during slow time periods when the course might otherwise not receive any revenue from greens fees, Staff is proposing that the course management be allowed to discount available tee times during these hours only, by up to 20% The course would then be able to market these times via e-mail or internet sites, but only when necessitated by open tee times during these time slots. The discounted rate would fall somewhere between regular rates and the Twilight Rate and between the Twilight Rate and the Super Twilight Rate respectively. The rate would never be lower than either rate in which it falls between. These promotional discounts could not be offered more than 3 days out. A chart detailing the maximum discounts proposed is attached as Exhibit A. Financial Impact Assuming 6 tee times go unused per day during the five fall/winter months only. If we could increase rounds played by 6-12 per day, increased revenue would range from $44,998 to $89,996. Assumes an additional 2 rounds are sold at the resident senior rate during the first hour of the day, 2 rounds are sold prior to Twilight and an additional 2 rounds are sold prior to Super Twilight all at the Off Season Northern California Resident Rate: 151 days x 2 rounds x 24.80 - $7,490 151 days x 2 rounds x $69 = $20,838 151 days x 2 rounds x $55.20 = $16,670 Assumes an additional 4 rounds are sold during the first hour of the day at the resident rate, additional 4 rounds are sold prior to Twilight and an additional 4 rounds are sold prior to Super Twilight, all at the Off Season Northern California

Resident Rate: 151 days x 4 rounds x $24.80 = $14,979 151 days x 4 rounds x $69 = $41,676 151 days x 4 rounds x $55.20 = $33,341 Pros Potential for additional revenue because these are unused times. Cons To date we have allowed no discounting. Tom Weathered stated that with regard to the proposed changes in the fee structure at Harding, the Club believed the fees were reasonable and that they don't have a negative impact on people who play golf in the city. Bill Cooper stated that he thought that the City was interested in changing the fees to generate more revenue, not for the convenience of the public. Reola Freeman spoke on her concerns of losing juniors learning to play golf because they can’t afford the fees. On motion by Commissioner Lazarus and duly seconded, the following resolution was unanimously adopted: RES. NO. 0704-009 RESOLVED, That this Commission does approve the fee and policy changes to maximize revenue at Harding Park Golf Course as recommend by staff with the amendment that there is a 15% fee for cancellations of less than 24 hours notice. GOLF POLICIES Staff Report As part of the budget process, staff works with course managers to review rates and policies each year. The Commission has the authority to set policies at all golf courses under its jurisdiction. Harding currently faces strong competition in the area of Twilight play. As noted in the NGF "Operational Review and Recommendations for City of San Francisco Golf Operations" dated February 2007, the Presidio Golf course is offering severely discounted rates during the Twilight hours. According to the NGF: "The daily fee facility that competes perhaps most directly with the San Francisco municipal golf courses (certainly Harding Park) is Presidio, which practices very aggressive yield management. In addition, the Presidio offers significant discounts to City/County residents (its resident rates are cheaper than at Harding Park on weekdays and highly competitive on weekends). Super twilight rates are only $25 weekdays and $30 weekends, with a discounted $12 cart. Additionally, the Presidio offers other ways for golfers to play very cheaply, including a "Twilight Player's Club" (pay $29 per month, and play anytime there is an opening while paying only the applicable cart fee), and the "Walk On" pass which offers unlimited play for an entire year, with no fee, whenever there is an opening. This pass costs $1,700 , which means a golfer playing only two times per week would effectively pay on $16.35 per round to play Presidio." We are recommending minor changes to our Twilight policy in order to be more "user friendly" and competitive at all courses. Currently "Twilight" is defined as 4.5 hours before sundown. The Twilight times are fluid, changing with the time of sunset. Super Twilight is defined as after 5:OOPM. This essentially makes this a seasonal rate, since during the winter months it is usually dark by 5:OOPM. Staff is recommending that the Super Twilight rate be available year round, with the goal of generating additional revenue during the slower times of the day. Staff is also recommending that the following set Twilight and Super Twilight tee time schedule be adopted and that authority be delegated to the General Manager of the Recreation and Park Department to make minor adjustments to these times at all the golf courses in the future. Set times will be easier to communicate to customers and easier to remember. Twilight and Super Twilight Tee Time Schedule

Dates in 2007 Jan 1st -Mar 11th

Twilight Times 12:00pm

Super Twilight Times 2:00pm

Comments Ends March 10th, or the date to coincide with the day Daylight Savings Time Begins. Starts the day Daylight Savings Time Begins Summer Months will remain unchanged Ends Nov 4th or the date to coincide with end of Daylight Savings Time. Starts the day after Daylight Savings Time ends.

Mar 11th -Apr 30th May 1st- Aug 3 1st Sepl s t -Nov4 t h

2: 00pm 3: 00pm 2: 00pm

4: 00pm 5:00pm 4: 00pm

Nov 5th -Dec 3 1st

12: 00pm


Financial Impact Minimal Pros: Set times are easier for course staff to administer and much easier for customers to remember. Cons: None known of. Tom Weathered stated that Lincoln Golf Club took the position that this is an appropriate change and a constructive one. Isabel Wade expressed her concerns in regard to public discussion around the issue of what to do with 400 acres of public land. On motion by Commissioner Levitan and duly seconded, the following resolution was unanimously adopted: RES. NO. 0704-010 RESOLVED, That this Commission does approve changes to the times designated for Twilight and Super Twilight rates at all courses. MONSTER PARK Staff Report On November 20, 2003, the Commission approved (Resolution #0311-009) for a permit to allow access across Lot 6 - Parcel 4977 by Monster Park. This permit is expiring on April 1, 2007 and now another developer is requesting use of the space for parking for contractor’s employees and staging of construction materials. The proposed commencement date of the new permit is May 1, 2007. This permit will generate a$12,000 per year, and will be for a duration of two years with an option for one additional year should construction be delayed. The permit allows for access to Lot 6, providing that there are no football games or special events in the stadium on those days. The permit also allows for storage and staging of construction materials for which Permittee will demolish and replace approximately 800 linear feet of the chain link fence and a gate along the West side of Jamestown Avenue. Permittee will assume all liability for any vehicles parked or items stored on the lot. Financial Impact: Department will receive $24,000 over the two year term of the permit in addition to new chain link fencing and a gate with an estimated value of $33,000. On motion by Commissioner Lazarus and duly seconded, the following resolution was unanimously adopted: RES. NO. 0704-011

RESOLVED, That this Commission does approve a permit to allow parking for contractor’s employees and staging of construction materials at Lot 6 - Parcel 4977 by Monster Park. PUBLIC COMMENT Jeffrey Bowling, with the San Francisco Disc Golf Club thanked the Commission for the disc golf course in Golden Gate Park. He reported that the Club raised $55,000 for the course and there was no cost incurred by the City. He recognized Commissioner Levitan for all of her work and Marvin Yee. Felicia Zeiger commented on the Pacific Rod and Gun Club at Lake Merced and the noise generated from the Club. She requested that the Commission close the firing range. Mark Bittner relayed to the Commission his concerns of people feeding parrots at Ferry Park – the danger to the flock, people grabbing them and the health nuisance it creates. Ernestine Weiss thanked Dave Smith and Jim Coleman for the skateboard mitigation in Ferry Park. She also talked about the ballplayers in the park on Tuesdays and Thursdays playing without a permit. Mishwa Lee shared ideas and concerns with the Commission about Camp Mather. Charles Nordlinger appealed to the Commission to lift his ban at the Golden Gate tennis courts. Joan Giradot voiced her concerns about the financial feasibility to repay the loan on the Marina Yacht Harbor renovation and statements on this subject made by staff at the Board meeting that she did not believe were factual. Isabel Wade reported to the Commission the outcome of the meeting the PUC had in regard to the Lake Merced and the Boathouse. Unidentified speaker expressed hope that the Commission looked at not just the problem of feeding wild parrots but the bigger problem of leaving food in the park and feeding the animals. Public Comment on all matters pertaining to the closed session. Bill Wilson started his remarks by apologizing for any misinterpretation given by his notice of opportunity to comment pro or con in regard to the evaluation of the general manager. He explained that instead of sending the members of the Park, Recreation and Open Space Advisory Committee a three-page notice, he took the notice of the meeting, copied that, added the “If you can't attend in person, written comments should go to…” and then the address that appears on every agenda. He stated that he believed that the Department was doing less than a satisfactory job. He relayed to the Commission four specific examples in the last month that raised his awareness of the problem. Nancy Wuerfel stated that her comments were meant to identify areas needing improvement that could lead to more openness and transparency for this administration. She stated those areas she believed needed improvement were:1) a vision for the Department, 2) communication and openness with managers, staff, advisory groups to the Department and the public, and 3) provide appropriate balanced information on issues considered by the Commission. Isabel Wade noted that a performance review was an opportunity to highlight employee accomplishments as well as areas of work that need attention. She stated that because of the three minute time constraint she was going to skip the accomplishments, which she thought were considerable and listed those areas that she believed needed some additional attention: 1) the reporting structure of the Volunteer Program, 2) work plans 3) partnership agreements and policies, and 4) further strategic planning and public dialogue. Felicia Zieger stated that Nancy Wuerfel covered some of those things she was going to say and added that she would like to see the general manager make himself more available and do site visits. Joan Giradot.felt that there was a need for the general manager to listen and accommodate alternative points of view and to better manage resources. The Commission adjourned into closed session at 5:18 p.m. The Commission reconvened at 6:01 p.m. On motion by Commissioner Levitan and duly seconded, the following resolution was unanimously adopted; RES. NO. 0704-012 RESOLVED, That this Commission votes not to disclose any or all discussions held in closed session. (San Francisco Administrative Code Section 67.12 (a)). COMMISSIONERS’ MATTERS Commissioner Lazarus requested information in regard to removing the bus stop at Laurel Heights Playground cut back trees and bushes there. He also requested information on the plaque in the Japanese Tea Garden. Commissioner Lee notified the Commission that St. Mary’s and a number of other community groups in Chinatown have approached him about renaming the of the Chinese Recreation Center for Percy Chu and he would like to bring the item up at a future meeting.


The Regular meeting of the Recreation and Park Commission was adjourned in memory of Jane Johnson (Mrs. Walter Johnson) at 6:07 p.m. Respectfully submitted,

Margaret A. McArthur Commission Liaison